What is Jezebel Spirit and How it Operates

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Without question, the nastiest, evil, most disgusting, cunning, and seductive spirit in Satan’s hierarchy has to be what many call the Jezebel spirit.

This evil spirit has been responsible for not only tearing down churches, pastors, and different Christian ministries, but it has also been responsible for breaking up many marriages, friendships, companies, along with getting many people to commit cold-blooded murders and suicides.

For those of you who have been hit and slimed by this evil spirit, or have encountered it in some way, you will know exactly what I am going to talk about in this article. It is without question, one of the most evil and vile things I have ever come across in my life. Like Satan, this type of spirit is simply pure evil.

Over the last 20 years or so, I have encountered this spirit myself at least 5 different times, with it being attached to a specific person each time I had encountered it. As a result of meeting this spirit head on a good five times, I have developed quite a bit of information and knowledge on how this spirit works and operates.

I believe the Lord allowed me to have access to these 5 people when I did so I could end up writing an article like this one so I could teach people how to spot one if they ever had one come into their midst, whether it be at home within their family, in the middle of a church or ministry, or even at their place of work.

What is a Jezebel Spirit?

What is the Jezebel spirit? The Jezebel spirit is not just one spirit like Satan is.

This is a “type” of evil spirit in Satan’s kingdom. There is only one devil, one Satan, but there are many spirits that would be considered a Jezebel type spirit, as they all have a particular type of personality and a specific way in which they like to operate.

The reason many deliverance ministers have used the term, “Jezebel spirit,” is because of the nature of its personality and the way it operates once it sets up shop within someone.

The word “Jezebel” is coming from the OT story of Queen Jezebel back in the days of Elijah. She was a ruling queen back at that time and she had cold-bloodedly killed many of God’s prophets back at the time she was ruling.

As we explained to you in our article titled, “The Different Kinds of Demonic Spirits,” demons have two different names. They have their created name given to them by God when they were first created, and they also have a function name, which will tell you what kind of spirit you are dealing with.

For example, some of the function names of demons would be spirits of lust, spirits of anger, spirits of murder, etc. The function name of the demon will tell you the nature of their personality and what they like to specialize in once they move in and attach to a person.

A spirit of anger will try to get a person to act out in fits of rage and anger. A spirit of murder will try and get someone to commit cold-blooded murder. A spirit of lust will try to get a person to commit fornication and/or adultery.

However, when you come across a Jezebel spirit, it is something quite different. Some people have called this a “master” type spirit. Not that it is a master spirit in the sense of being like God, but that it is much more intelligent and cunning than a lot of the other demons are.

Many believe that this type of spirit may be Satan’s smartest and most cunning and evil spirit he has, and he thus dispatches this kind of spirit on specific targets so he can get the most bang for his buck.

Simply put, a Jezebel spirit is one of Satan’s higher-ranking, more intelligent demons if not the smartest kind of demon he has in his kingdom.

And with it being much more intelligent than many of the other lower-ranking demons will be, this makes this type of spirit much more evil, cunning, and harder to deal with once it moves in and attaches to a person.

And with this kind of evil spirit being much more cunning, intelligent, and evil than some of the other lower-ranking demons will be, it will cause a lot more trouble and destruction if it is not quickly dealt with and cast out.

Looking back over my 5 encounters I have had with this spirit, the one thing I have noticed are two specific things:

One, this spirit operates in basically the same way every time it moves in on someone. As a result, it is actually easy to spot after a certain length of time. In other words, it keeps playing the same types of games every time it moves in on a person or a situation.

The second thing I noticed is that this spirit is much more intelligent, cunning, and seductive than many of the other types of demons will be. It will thus be capable of playing more than one type of game with you.

For example, a spirit of anger will only try to make you mad and angry, but a Jezebel spirit will play a number of different games with you as I will show you below when I start to describe the way it will operate and the different kinds of games it will use to try and bring you down.

As a result of this type of spirit being capable of playing more than one kind of game with you, this makes this kind of spirit much more deadly and destructive.

If this spirit is not properly exposed and dealt with within a reasonable length of time, it can totally destroy and completely bring down a marriage, church, ministry, company, or an individual’s life.

The Bible tells us in Matthew 12:43 that there are levels of wickedness in Satan’s kingdom. And if there are levels of wickedness in his kingdom where some demons are actually more evil than some of the other ones will be, then I believe there may different levels of intelligence among the demons as well.

The Jezebel spirit, since it is much more intelligent than some of the lower ranking demons will be, is very good at playing head games with people. It is a total control freak, and it is also very good at manipulation and getting people to do its evil bidding.

Over the years, I have developed quite a bit of information on this type of evil spirit and how it operates, and I now want to share it with all of you so you will be able to spot one if it ever moves into your circle of influence – whether it be in your marriage, in your church, at your place of employment, or in between any of your personal friendships, as this evil spirit loves to break up good and godly relationships.

In part 2, I will show you How the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate.

Table of Contents:
1. What is Jezebel Spirit
2. The Ways in Which the Jezebel Spirit Will Operate
3. How to Handle a Jezebel Spirit


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  1. If you are dating a person with this kind of evil spirit on them, they will try and get you to marry them. And until you do, it will be playing good cop with you the whole time so it can continue to lure and draw you into its web. But once you end up marrying this person, that is when the bad cop will emerge, and that is when all hell will literally break out in your life.
    This is exactly what happened to me. I know God hates divorce but she left the house and I was scared she would scratch herself and tell the police I did it.
    I cant believe this teaching its the best teaching i found because it was so real. Like you said in your article she even had it in her eyes and face I thought i was imagining things though. But I filed for divorce since she left the house, and I have been told by pastors that, that is a valid reason for divorce. Could you give me please a better idea of what to do.

  2. To Sharron.

    Bless you for those lovely comments, you are doing much to help me too. I would be very keen to tell my story but the prime issue is so delicate that I’m inhibited from writing publicly. Doing ‘no contact’ with the person would have been quite easy long ago but there are others who are also caught in this web, to whom I am only able to give limited help. I am at my natural end and only God can do the rest. Your comment is so right that when the truth dawns, one can only be repelled. There may be times when you doubt and have to remind yourself of the full horror of it all. Writing it down may help to relieve your mind of thinking about it. God Bless. Adrian.

    • Wow! Thank you for sharing. I think we have a lot in common. I would LOVE to speak with you. I’m in the midst and feel so alone and broken hearted. Just starting to see the light. It’s robbed me of 3 years of my life.

  3. to AP2…
    Thank you so very much for your very valued advice and prayers. The prayers must be working as for the first time in 9 years I was able to look past the charm, the acting of victim, the child, the seducing and my attraction for him and feel absolutely nothing. I could actually see it for what it was, I could actually see the falsness, I could see what was there… and to tell the truth, I couldnt get away fast enough. I have finalised the relationship for the last time and I feel sadness but relief.
    Sad that the promises were never said to be kept. Sad that the he (or it) felt satisfaction in my pain no matter how much dispair. Sad that I was that blind that he (it) was just a thin line away from totally destroying me and ending my life. Thanks be to God my life was saved, Thanks be to God I am able to repent and ask for forgiveness, Thanks be to God I was directed to this site. Thanks be to God you answered my post and passed on a site that will prove invaluable to me now and in the future. Praise God for your powerful prayers and having a beautiful Soul.
    I pray that the prayersfor you are being answered and truth is being revealed… I am not able to know all the details of your dilema which is bringing much sorrow, disappointment and pain but do know that my prayers are still going out for you which in time will bring out the truth that is so desperately needed. May God Bless you and keep you safe.

  4. I am so very sorry to hear how things are progressing for you Sharron. You are so right to attack the need of anyone for self importance. There are notable examples of those who truly had the Spirit of Elijah, the obvious being John the Baptist. What a really lovely man he must have been and look what happened to him. He cared not at all about his own self by was sold out to spreading the Kingdom at any cost. His words were confession and repentance. Jezebels words are ‘self worship’ which is at total opposition to the Kingdom of God. You have being with Jesus, {the one who truly loves you} to look forward to for all eternity. I think the pastor is trying to encourage your friend to surrender to the God’s ways, telling him about God’s plan for his life. As you perceive the danger is that this spirit of self gets fed with the prospect of importance. How can Jezebel and Elijah reside in the same temple? Sounds explosive to me! Nine years has been such a large part of your life too! It creates a dilemma no one can resolve in an instance. Google Dr George Simon’s description of the “Slot machine Syndrome” It may bring some relief to know that your position is not uncommon and is understood. Keep yourself close to reliable Christian friends. Will pray for you. Blessings.

  5. Just wanted to let you know what a complete an utter fool I have been. I thought going to church together, praying together etc., wanting to do this with me was showing me S was coming back… we are not having an initmate relationship (my call) until all this was over and a committment made. No doubt he thought I would reneg he if was accomadating enough.
    We went to Church last night and he was prayed over, the pastor told him he has the spirit of Elijah and has a calliing, but also the spirit of the Jezebel was causing problems. (S was also told he had the Spirit of Elijah from an American Evangulist so now twice this has been told to him).. problem is now the Jezebel has come out in full swing… he is feeling pretty powerful now that he has been told he has the spirit of Elijah and has used the spirit of the Jezebel as a crutch for his indescrepencies in the Philipeans as well as his abusive behaviour. I went over to his home today to do some reading together and by the time I was ready to leave he became his usual mocking self even to the point of mimicking me while crying and smiling . I have never seen anyone so heartless…though in saying this I would have and have just blocked from memory due to the manipulation done in the past. You know what he looked like…. he looked like the cat that had just got the canery… Heaven only knows what he is going to do now that his foot is in the door… so in short… I have managed to dodge a bullet but majorly scathed in the process and its going to take along time to heal… but as much as I dont know how to get rid of the pain, the cruelty and the rejection that is causing physical pain right now because it hurts so badly… he was not able to kill me and that is what he has been doing to me very slowly over 9 years… NO MORE… I have just sold my house (Jesus works in mysterious ways, I cant believe the timing) and obviously will be changing my Parish sooner than later.. which is a pity as there are some lovely people there … the wolf in sheeps clothing has just gained access by his self importance of having the spirit of Elijeh… or does he? hmmmmmm. I have seen him cold and seen him using emotional abuse but I have never seen him mocking me with a smirk.. Thank you for listening.

  6. Thank you AP2. Your response has helped me to understand what is happening.
    It is and has been a constant battle for him. Made worse by a manipulating friend (his) and psychics. Without my knowledge he was seeking answers from psychics in relation to me due to the seed being planted by his friend. This apparently has been going on for a couple of years now. How this has come about was by pure chance (correction, an example of how the Lord works in mysterious ways), S was on the computer looking for answers to what he had seen 9 years ago in my home (he was at the counter with his back towards the hallway, when he felt heat rush from his spine to the back of his neck causing a horrible sensation of someone standing behind him. He turned around and standing behind him was a dark figure that of a man staring at him and in S’s words “it looked like he was staring straight into my soul”, this went on for a couple of minutes, then the figure turned his head then his body and walked over to the wall and disappeared. I remember this clearly as S was absolutely terrified.. oddly enough 9 years later he goes onto the computer trying to find out what it might have been and comes to this site that recommends the book “The Seer” by Jim W.Goll and so he went out and ordered and bought the book for the two of us. Our Heavenly Father has provided so many answers to us through this book and whilst discussing the book all this has come out about the psychics and what information they had been feeding him. In one of those sessions he was adamently told “she is here to tell him that under no circumstances is he to go near me, it is completely over”…meanwhile I am completely oblivious to this… now that he is praying and going to church with me he is being bombarded with visitations in his dream state by satan as well as his demons as well as being woken up through the night by a presence that feels very dark. He has been held down with a loud male voice shouting Malichi.. why, I dont know? We had a beautiful night the othernight probably one of the nicest we have had in a long time. When we parted and went home I was attacked by a severe feeling of oppression whereby I was sobbing uncontrollably on the floor, it was so bad I contemplated calling the suicide line, instead I cried for Our Lord to help me, went and read my Bible and it disappeared and I fell asleep. Next morning S phoned me explaining that he had fallen asleep but was woken by shocking visions in his dream state involving everyone close to him.
    Rewinding our relationship.. from the very first time we met, we have had everyone around us trying to keep us apart. I am fifty years old and I have NEVER encountered this its been very bizaar to say the least.
    In saying all of this, when I am with him I ask for protection from Our Lord and ask to send the Holy Spirit so I may have the gift of discernment and of late I feel S is now coming back, though not without both of us being attacked on a regular basis. But then whilst I am away from him, the seeds of doubt start flowing in. Is S playing me and still being driven by the jezebel demon or have we both been played with by that demon. I am praying for answers and I know it will come and I do take heed in your advice not to become to immeshed in the relationship as emotionally I still wait for the sudden turnaround from S turning a 180 degree turn from a loving partner to a very cold and very nasty personality.
    Moving on from me… I will be praying for you also and for the people around you who have been bewitched (couldnt think of another word apt enough to describe what the jezebel demon does to those around her) by the demon .. and I hope that you are able to keep your strength up, emotionally and physically by protection received by the Holy Spirit. Its a continual battle to the psyche and to your spirit and it is very difficult to stay strong. But you will, because thanks be to God, you were able to discern when others havent. I know that you dont need me to tell you that you are one step ahead though it doesnt make the battle an easy one… May God Bless you my brother.

  7. A short answer is: I do not think a Jezebel Spirit comes howling out of a person at deliverance, other spirits may. Jezebel is ingrained into the person and they have to deal with it on a daily basis as they rely upon God to change these traits. It is a behaviour which has been learned and become habit and is kept embedded by this evil spirit. The victim has the hardest job to truly repent of it and then resist it as they allow the Holy Spirit to change them.

    • It is a mental illness and its called borderline personality disorder. Just look it up. It fits exactly. Other jezebels may be sociopaths or psychopaths but it all comes down to behavior emotions, people, manipulation, issues with relationships with others.

  8. Every blessing to you Sharron. The ‘hold’ that this demon has had over you is indirect, you are not submitted to it yourself but you can identify the influence by the emotional soul ties a person has established with you. I am going through exactly the same sort of pain but in my case it is not as a result of a romantic relationship, which I truly admit would have been worse, but none the less I have often wept before the Lord and those whom I love. It really hurts. I long to see the person set free.
    You were able to discern that there is something unreal about the repentance and deliverance in the case of your friend. Most people would say, God tells you these things for a reason. But what if you are wrong? You are about to destroy some of the delicate work that the Holy Spirit has been doing on the individual’s life. Besides we believe that there is nothing that God cannot do. The best I can offer you is to seek help with dealing with the emotional bond, preferably through members of the Body of Christ. Some will lack the patience to listen to your hurts but some will inevitably come out on top. I find listening to Joyce Meyer on the TV gives me a lift. You can continue to pray for this person trusting that God will do the work. Isn’t this why we have been placed on this earth anyway? However, your contact with the person needs to be light, you can show that you really care but be ready to back off on a temporary basis if you feel you are being sucked in or abused further. If it is impossible to operate on that level you may have to go off for a while and receive the healing you need for yourself. I would love to tell you my story but I am not confident enough to publish it for all to read as it contains some difficult issues. Hope this helps you. Nothing is impossible with God. Continue with the struggle to make Him your whole answer. Blessings.

  9. ..Just an update.. and a question.
    In regards to the man I have been seeing. I prayed for guidance and direction. Long story short, my prayer was answered and both S (the man I have been seeing) and I ended up seeing in the pastors office, (the parish is the one S was going to about 10 years ago, it was he who actually rang him and arranged to see him). The pastor picked up that the Jezebel demon had something to do with the problems we were having. Explained everything to us both (legal rites etc), asked S if he was willing to forsake the demon and the path he had been on. S said “yes” he was. Then deliverance was done by the Pastor with S. It was wonderful while we were there. But I do not think it is gone and this worries me. It was like he just gave the Pastor the answers he wanted to hear… but wouldnt the demon be extremely uncomfortable through the deliverance…. or does it take more people ..Is anybody able to offer me some guidance with this because I just dont know what else to do. I will continue to pray to Our Lord for guidance ..

  10. I just wanted to thank you for this Information I have just realized for 30 years of my marriage and Ministry I have lost everything due to a wife who carries this spirit I cannot express the things she has done and how she still manipulates not hundreds but thousands of people ,I definately will stand up and take my place ,This spirit is real and I will tell you most people it will not come after except for those who hold position and status thank you once again

  11. Upon reading everybodys thoughts and experiences once again .. as well as my own.. it still amazes me how we have all experienced the same thing.. including some of us feeling like family, friends, clergy etc., are just humouring us.. which makes even us question it.. but only for a second. What astounds me even more (speaking of myself here) is how easily I am manipulated and played with by this man and while he is doing this I am totally in his power until I am alone… and thats when I know..because I am silent enough to listen to my Lord. I literually feel sick to know that he (it) has been able to trick me AGAIN this way.. I actually thought for a couple of days there that I had him interested again in walking the path of God by reading parts of the Bible out to him.. by saying our prayers together, even over the phone before we said goodnight (covering ourselves with the Blood of our Lord and Saviour, The Our Father prayer, St. Michaels prayer. I’d even told him that I would not be sexually intimate with him until we were married and he said we can only try. He even organised a meeting with his Paster in a few days time (whether it would actually eventuate I dont know).. and then tonight it showed itself. The smirk, the mocking and not a sound of remorse for the hurt it caused. I sit here and I wonder why I was even surprised..
    I will be getting onto the prayers I need to say and I will be asking my Lord for armour to keep me strong. I’m ready now… as God as brought me the support in human form that i needed to remind me that I am not alone. Reading all your experiences sounds all to familiar to me and I hope that you all feel the same in the fact that just knowing that other people out there are being tormented (as well as have been tormented and have come out the otherside stronger and wiser ) that you are supported and thought of and understood. This is not in just in our minds, we are not going crazy. It is happening and it is real and with Gods help we will survive. Yes we (I went through the same thing at work EXACTLY as June Barnett and AP) are ridiculed and feel totally unsupported and alone especially since we can we so clearly the games the and distruction that is caused by this demon.. yet everybody else seems so oblivious to it.. I ended up having to leave my work place as I was getting ill to the point that I was completely drained of all energy and felt sick.. not as in nauscious but so depleted that I felt ill and could barely function.. then once I realised what was going on I started covering myself for protection.. this helped but I think the damage had already started happening between the one at work and “S”. Once she had done all the damage she set out to do and destroy certain people.. I was on the attack list but was able to survive it . We had some confrontations but never conquered me ..with Gods help I never showed fear and always calm.. then one day she just upt and left. A week later my ex husband died unexpectantly, then my mother had numerious small strokes, then I found out some news from my childhood that made me question my whole belief system, it just seemed to be ongoing.. then the attempted suicide.
    But I’m still here.. I started crumbling into a heap and feeling totally disgusted with myself for being played once again and feeling totally rejected (I’m 50 = 20 yr old Asian girls).. went to finish an order I was doing on the computer and on my emails it showed there had been some activity on this website..so I had a look and another read.. Thank you God for guiding me back here at the moment I needed it…and for the people here on this site who also give me the reassurance I need.. God Bless all of you.

    • My dear sharron, I will always advice that whenever a true believer meets a person they are interested in you should go to the Lord and ask him if it is his will for you to be with that person. He will tell you yes or no. It will save us all these heartaches and abuse I’ve read here from different people. Even when you hear a yes and you start that relationship and things go a different route always remember what is good does not come easily and the devil will focus there because it is the will of God. What is beautiful is the Lord started it so he will finish no matter how bad the situation gets because remember part of those trials are to build you up and to test your faith so you can fully possess what he has for you. Please always ask the Father about a person once you start getting interested in them because they might look all perfect but are wolves in sheep clothing.

    • oh, Sharon, I hope you are alright today. You reminded me of when I acted like my feelings were a god. I had very special direction from God to “have no other gods before me” many years ago – and caught myself more than once ACTING like my feelings were a god. I finally understand this and have put my feelings and attractions and attachments all UNDER God. Needless to say, it is not always easy because I was convinced that it was best to “follow your heart” and I practiced that for many years. Today I believe listening to feelings is okay – but to follow God, and not make gods out of feelings or other people, places and things.
      I was “in love with” a man several years ago who was a sociopath or psychopath or Jezebel spirit – whatever you want to call him. It was a very horrible experience and I felt like I was losing MY mind being around him. He got drunk and was using drugs – and moved out – and then I would not let him move back in. I told him (at the direction of wise Alanon women) that I would not consider taking him back until he was sober for a year. He stalked me and threatened my life. A man in one of my groups often remarked that whatever came between him and God had to go. Period. God was first in his life. And I finally broke my emotional ties with that abuser – 100% – and it was heartbreaking at the time. I felt like I would die. I healed after a year or so of very hard work and many prayers. That man was never sober for a year. He died after several accidents and his last years in a nursing home. One gal who knew I had been involved with him asked if I wanted to go visit him on his deathbed. No, I did not. I did not hate him. I had forgiven him. But, like I said, I broke my spiritual and emotional ties with him. I was free!
      Best wishes and blessings to you. I hope you get free, if you are not already!

  12. Very helpful and informative. The ‘attacks’ as described are far too structured just to be haphazard or coincidental. I believe there is a wicked and cunning spirit behind these traits and actions. I have much sympathy for AP who clearly has experienced the might of this enemy. Knowing who we are in Christ has to be sufficient and knowing that greater is He who is within you. It does not make any of us feel less pain when we are in such conflict but it gives the answer for us and the confidence to know that we will eventually emerge as more than conquerers. What I struggle with most as the writer makes so clear: I can talk to even many of my Christian friends and family that the attack is from the same kind of spirit which afflicted Jezebel, (knowing that it is so identifiable by its consistent traits, attitudes and actions), yet I am humoured and feel I am not believed.

  13. Just a short note from my previous writings..we do not live together as I will not have him around my children. Alot of his frustrations were caused by my protectiveness over my children. With any other man he would have been gone in a heart beat… but as much as I hated what he would say never ever allowed him to plant any seed of doubt when it came to my children.. I still stayed with him… that in itself confuses me.. my mother would say to me in exasberation.. what kind of hold does this man have on you? I would like to point out that the night my mum met him she was left in a hurry, I ran after her and asked her what the problem was and her response “I am not able to stay another second in the same room as that man”.. yet he had been polite and had done nothing. My mum obviously sensed what I was totally oblivious to.

  14. Thank you thank you thank you. I have at last received an answer to my prayers. I have been searching now for 7 years.
    I met a man who in my eyes was perfect for me. When he held me I felt like I was “home” and “complete”. When we kissed it was magical. I was the happiest I have ever been (from memory). I thought I had found “the one”.
    I have been brought up a Christian and my Heavenly Father and Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ have always been a big part of my life.
    Unfortunately, i discovered the tarot and started doing Tarot Readings.. I asked for protection before hand but then found that my 17 year old daughter was also playing around with them. How I found out: it was the middle of summer and about 1am, she walked up to me and said she was freezing, her mouth was pale and her room was icy. She said something woke her and held her down then when it finally let her up she came out to me. Problem is that was the night something took over my daughter. She was not the same. She became seductive over night. She told me that in one of her dreams she was walking along the beach with her Angel and when she looked around she saw a very handsome man behind bars pointing to her and telling her that he cant get her now but he will get her! Thus he has .. she is now in the States modelling.. not nude but near enough and obviously the photos would be used for one thing and one thing only.. I have pointed this out so now I am estranged from my daughter who wants nothing to do with me.
    The man I met is/was (apparantly a man of God) was at my home (my daughter at this time was not living with me)and said he would stay and do the dishes whilst I visited my mum. When I came back he was walking out the door as he was petrified. He then explained that while doing the dishes he suddenly got this electrifying heat go up his spine to the top of his head and felt all the hairs raise on his body. He then turned around to see this dark man just standing there staring through him.. not at him but through him.. then turned his whole body to the left and disappeared through the wall. Nobody was able to give us an explanation as to what it was that he saw. As we had only been seeing each other for a few months I dont know if it was co-incidence or if he does have a borderline personality disorder.. its so confusing.. He can be so warm and romantic, charming but then (esp. if there is somebody around) turn icy cold and demeaning towards me and make me look like I am a total idiot or crazy. But then when we are along again he loves me so much, Im the most beautiful woman and desires nobody else, yet all he wants seems to be just sex from me because everything is revolved around sex. He is so nice to my children to their faces but so nasty behind their backs and I mean as nasty and vulgar as you can possibly get. His jealousy over everyone close to me is beyond description.. we have had physical fights because the confusion and mixed messages he gives me makes me feel like Im going crazy and I lash out but so does he (I am 5ft 1 and he is 6ft 2). He loves me that much that he would marry me tomorrow but for the children blah blah blah…When we went to one of his mates houses that I had met for the first time.. all I could see was blackness.. not with my physical eyes .. but I could just see it. When we left (his friend wanted us to stay so he wasnt happy about us leaving) we were driving along the freeway and to the right of us we saw a black shadowy thing speeding across the freeway towards our car then BANG!! the kids woke up from the noise and we thought for sure we had hit something.. stopped the car.. nothing.. no dent .. nothing!
    Anyway long story short, I have been trying to break off this relationship for the last 9 years and I just cant seem to keep away.. He will ring and straight away I just want to be in his arms. My mental health and physical health was deteriating after years of emotional abuse and confusion .. does he love me doesnt he love me… we got engaged 3 times.. but I new they meant nothing because they were always just words.. in the end I started disassociating and becoming really depressed. In one of my disassociative episodes I finalised our relationship then I went home that night (children werent home) and tried to commit suicide. My mum ended up coming over and found me, called the ambulance and I ended up being hospitalised for 5 weeks. When finally out of the hospital, I was actually progressing, then one day I saw “him” but I couldnt see his face, I just knew it was him because of the body shape and in my mind his name shone up like a beacon.. it was weird.. did I see him or didnt I… so because I was confused i couldnt get him out of my mind (it wasnt him, as he was in the Phillipeans paying for hookers and enjoying his holiday).. so 5 months after my suicide attempt I was felt a desperation (to where I felt sick) to call him. I phoned and he answered. I asked him if he had found anybody he answered no I asked him if he had been with anybody whereupon he advised he had been in Asia and had had two hookers. It killed me… but guess what..unbelievable… I still wanted to work it out with him so long as he wanted to work on our relationship.. since as he pointed out, it was me that broke up the relationship and he was single when he was in Asia. Its been two months now and its making a mess of me.. He wants me but I always stress him out which affects him physically so he also wants the Phillipeans (not the girls just the place :-/) as it is so relaxing and carefree… so I shouldnt stress him so much.. I stress him because Im asking him WHAT DOES HE WANT!! anyway tonight I finally realised after speaking with him on the phone .. HE ACTUALLY DOES NOT SEE ANYTHING WRONG WITH GOING TO ASIA WITH HIS MATES AND PAYING FOR SEX!!! because he was single, and because he was lonely and just wanted company and hes not a player like the other guys who have more than 2 or 3 at a time. I COULDNT BELIEVE ME EARS… then he said why do I bring this up because he was single and its stressing him out and that its me who calls him all the time not the other way around… so I said I wont be calling anymore you’ve got my number, and I decided that any man that cannot see how wrong it is to do what he has done whether single or not is lacking hugely in morality so decided that I cant do this anymore with someone like that. But guess what!! he never phones back after a disagreement or argument.. but he did tonight and he was as sweet as ever… so SUCKED IN!… I will be praying to our Lord to give me the strength to say Goodbye once and for all and to protect me from this person, being, entity? Please pray for me! and if you have any answers, advice I would love to hear what anyone has to say.

    • I was in a relationship with a man very similar to the one. You are describing. I finally went to a therapist to help me from ever going back to him. It worked, but I have since been with 5 narcissistic/Jezabels since. The last one was nearly a gift. I had had enough. I asked God for help & although I know you may call again, he hasn’t in nearly two months now, I am certain that it was God who blocked his hand from calling my number. He helped me avoid the temptation of letting him back in by. Removing the temptation. This man created havoc with. My values, morals, & most important, my sense of self. If you can’t do it alone, get some help. If you do not, you probably just aren’t ready to remove the angst of the period. Look inside and look at your part. My intention is not lecture only to share with what has worked to me. I was worn out & sick & tired of being sick & tired.

    • life choices are hard, really hard at times, but you know what, temptation is terrible but still a life choice!..Jesus was tempted by satan in the wilderness but he didnt give in to temptation. the devil will tempt you with what ever he wants to and in your case Love…but its your choice at the end of it all…I feel that I am living with a jezabel spirit and have been for a long time but like you just learning what defines this spirit but now I know…. I have been underminded, co-dependent, listening to crap for years, been chealted on and lied to for years and nearly lost my daughter through it all. However, im closer to God than ever, forgiven him and hes ill… He may live many more years, he may not, but I have a choice and so do you…I can wait for hiim to die and start a new life of freedom, or put up and shut up but try and deliver him with the Holy-spirit if hes willing and if not carry on regardless…. I guess what im trying to say is, you can love and put up with this very difficult spirit in this man or move on and ask the Holy spirit to help you, either way its your choice and it wont be easy…but it wasnt easy for Jesus either but he still went to that cross and that wasnt for you to be held in bondage or be unequally yolked…as for me..im reclaiming my independance back slowly and looking for some where to live and once I have enough to put down on a home, im off, providing my husbands health hasnt deteriotated and I dont have to make a choice any more, but Im not wishing that on him but I can see a silver lining one way or another… May God protect you always..

  15. I searched for something about the Jezebel spirit because just a day ago, I was warned about a woman in our group, whom he described as having it and I knew next to nothing about what the Jezebel spirit was. When I started reading the pieces on the net, including this wonderfully enlightening one, a fear gripped me. I began to understand why this woman was described as having the Jezebel spirit and why she was mercilessly and viciously attacking the Senior Pastor. I can tell that she wants him out of the church and she is close to achieving it. She heads the prayer ministry and is wife of someone with a lot of influence as he is in the church board. Everyone listens to her because she is seen as being very spiritual but some of the vicious statements she has made has sometimes frightened me. I am on the verge of quitting from the board because she has won over all the more spiritual members on the board over to her side. They too agree that the senior pastor must go. Fighting them is just too tough. What is tough about being in the situation is that other than my wife, there is practically no one else to whom I can go to and say that I think this board member’s wife is in the clutches of a Jezebel spirit. In fact, I think I post because I can’t talk to anyone about it. If you do read my post, please pray for me. You don’t need to know who I am, God does.

    • MY brother, all you can do is pray for her and ask God to release her of this negative spirit that is causing her to speak the things she does about the senior Pastor. God bless you and keep you.

  16. Hi Mike, This is interesting. Not very familiar with this one but would each of those traits typically manifest through the host or not? Thanks!

  17. Attention moderator: comment 11 should go away, as a quick read thru of 12 should indicate! And if you are the same party responsible for the aforementioned brilliant communique, keep up the GREAT work. the flock needs wise shepherds so we don’t eat dirt in rough terrain! thanx…

  18. Brilliantly written exposition for the naive and/or ignorant in our midst who would otherwise be completely blindsided thru the enemy’s mindbending trickery. Indeed! Things are getting curiouser and curiouser on this fallen sphere (to quote Carroll’s Disneyfied womanchild by way of CS Lewis?!) and why not/who cares/whatever works to open YOUR eyes, ears, and mind! Cause all is fair when love’s at war to save souls bound by foolish hate. So many are pointing fingers everywhere but not in the mirror where it all begins, and this one mistake is the only piece missing from the puzzle. Overcome oneself to truly join the ranks of freedom fighters; suffer the sweet sting of humility for the cause of our Lord Yeshua. Passionate battles can be messy (especially in your own house) but mercy and grace from on high will protect those who trust like little children in a loving Father’s care. I speak from one hell of an experience, endured through faith alone. Jezebel is no phantom, but God provides all we need to WIN!!!!

    • i TOTALLY needed this and know WITHOUT doubt it is a word from God in response to my above previous posts/responses. Thank you very much warriorpriestess for sharing!

  19. I’ve often been branded as “trouble maker”. I have challenged leaders to “step up” in their teachings, and stop assuming that their members are always “infants” and should be given baby food. I have questions, I have suggestions, I have other ideas which the leader(s) see as different from what they have for the group. I have been vocal in my desire that leaders should run the race the way they want to get the price. Do I have the jezebel spirit? I hope not. I love GOD with all my heart and all I wanted was to get others to richly walk in their Christian lives, and stop short-changing GOD of what they can give HIM, considering we’ve been given everything we need to fulfill the task HE has given us.

    • The fact that you are even questioning if you have the spirit makes it highly unlikely you do!!! Jezebels will NOT ever be that introspective nor admit to ANY wrongdoing!!!

      • Thanks Cindy. I really needed that answer. God bless u.x

      • Cindy,
        I was sitting here trying to assess and see whether I have it. I have no idea what I am in a house with someone with Jezebel spirit for. The crazy part is God is blessing me through them, but I watch this spirit play on all of them and would be foolish to assume it isnt going to try to get at me. I would venture to say I am flat out paranoid it will get on me or influence things in my life without me knowing, which would be a nightmare. Thing is, I just feel like I left a nightmare behind. Perhaps this is the Lord showing me what I was dealing with, now that I can see it operating clearly, and I see it operating not in my bubble. I see it hopping from one person in the house to the next. It is an experience! It likes the kids and it likes to make the woman of the house feel very powerful and Godly.

    • I think you may be flirting with a prideful spirit. We know from scripture that we should honor those that God has put in leadership, not undermine them and cause “trouble” and chaos. Satan uses this type of frustration to get leaders and other members discouraged. Carefully check yourself…are you really trying to help and support the leaders or do you pridefully believe that your ideas are truly better than the ideas God has given to those in leadership? I would suggest that you humble yourself, go to each leader and apologize and either submit to their leadership and authority or leave.

    • Hope you have found a place where you are fed and challenged.
      Some congregations crave more and some are difficult to feed.

  20. I need prayer support I feel, I am an evangelist, new leadership position in my church
    we have new pastors,and I know this foul spirit is in someone ( one I know of) in my
    church. I feel the sting on my body after contact, tiredness, sadness, lethagy, like what is
    the point of it all. I know the stings of witchcraft. I don’t know what to do but
    go to the Lord, as I always do. I need prayer support. I can’t say anymore here.

    • June,
      Good evening. I am making a choice to pray for you right now and I dont know whether I am quite sure why. I have selfishly considered that if I pray for you that perhaps it will be helpful with the situation I am currently in, in the house I live. I am a graduate student, near graduation. I am living with a family from a church in this area who is overcome with the Jezebel spirit. It is extremely difficult living here, and since I dont know what to do I can empathize with what you said. I am currently working in my internship, however, it is an unpaid internship. I need help, and its their help that is giving me a place to stay – despite the toxicity and zap from being around it all, I have also been blessed a lot. I pray sincerely and in hope that my prayers for your safe keeping and freedom from Jezebel and witchcraft bless you. I can hear something in the tone of this, even though it was from 2012. Also, hopefully they help me to know better how to pray to God for myself and those in the house I live too. May Abba Father preserve and protect us from the grimey slime and drain of energy and we thank Him for it because HIS WORD is infalliable in Jesus Christ mighty name. Amen. Thank you, God!

  21. Marilyn,

    As we have said in the above article, you have to go direct to the Lord in prayer and get His direct advice on how to handle it, esepcially if it is someone in your immediate family who has this spirit on them. If you ask the Lord, He will start to direct your steps on this.


    • I agree , my own two daughters and my own sister was just coming at me and I couldn’t take it no more so I talked to my other sister and she gave me this website and told me about this sprit

      • Natasha I have a daughter and mother-in-law that are verbally and emotionally abusive towards me. It’s a genetic curse and I truly believe they are cursed with the Jezebel Spirit. All we can do is pray for them that God AWAKENS their conscience and performs a miracle upon them!!! They are definitely under a curse I believe and although it’s very hard, I’ve had to no longer be in any contact with these 2 people in my family for my own health and happiness. God is in control in my life and I’m so thankful for the gift of the Holy Spirit. Mentally I was close to a breakdown trying to figure them out. They lie, belittle, talk to you like your a child and make you feel like they are better than you (always have to say something to “one-up you”) doubting your own mind, which then KILLS your self esteem. At least that’s they way I have felt. I believe it is genetic, which to me is another name for generational sins, actually! This type of personality trait or Jezebel Spirit gets passed down within the family unit! Stay in prayer and keep a very close relationship with God and only allow healthy, Christian people into your life. I’ll pray for you. If it’s meant to be, perhaps God will bring us together through this Christian website to help one another. Love, Hugs and Prayers, Take Care and God Bless

  22. Oh Lord, Thank you! for your mercies endure forever!
    as I read this article (am not even done reading as I write this!) attributes listed are so much like my ex boyfriend, very handsome to the eyes of the innocent, charming, can talk the talk, oh my! once you are in his web, the ugly comes out, I lived with him and it all came out, the manipulation, making you think that you are the one whose crazy, making you feel like its only him you can depend on no other, I cant even list all he did to me,he had temper issues, you never know when it will come out,addicted to porn which obviously meant masturbation, I literally felt dirty when we did it, it was disgusting, I lost most of my friends because of being with him, he thought my going to church( I started going church somewhere along the r/ship) and he used to accuse me of seeing someone in church, his ex galfriend had taken her life, I had thoughts of doing it, I was at rock bottom, the funny bit is that you want to get out but you just cant, something just holds you back,the friends that stuck on with me would ask me whats so difficult in walking out of this r/ship, Note: before this I would never tolerate any man coming on to me, never! so this one I dont know how I let my guard down, but one day I cried to God and told him that I want to walk out of that r/ship for good and that I recognised that the only way I would walk out is to move far away from him, and Thank God for He hears the cries of his children, I lost my job (which my ex was happy about inwardly as that would mean total contol of me, me being dependant of him) but 2weeks later I got a very good job which forced me to move to another town miles away, I knew then that if I didnt get out of that r/ship, I was doomed, I even say thank God he never proposed, I feel like I would have said yes out of manipulation, but living with him, he wanted children he used to claim that him wanting children is enough to show commitement,it literally felt like I was in prison, I was miserable to the point that strangers would tell me that I should smile a little bit. Thank God I did manage to leave he verbally insulted me, and now I have found a true God-fearing man, my spiritual life has been ignited! I am a new creature,I have sought forgiveness from God, from everything even the sexual sins, I feel pity on my ex, I pray one day he realises whats behind him, oh I also had this photo of his in my purse after breaking up I took it out and Lo and Behold! the picture staring back at me was so so evil oh my days! the eyes! the eyes were evil! oh my gosh!!! I cant explain evil stared right back at me it wasnt him there.. Oh Lord now I get the shivers!! Thank you Lord for getting me out of that trap!!

    • You’re not the only one in this mess, as so many so-called Christian ladies find themselves in the same trap when they fail to live by the Bible, and in their sinful lifestyles of especially fornication, open doors in their lives for all kinds and types of demons to torment them for a long time.

  23. I’ve had the misfortune of having to deal with 5 Jezebel’s so far in life and I’m wondering if anyone else has observed a phenomenon I’m noticing, the older a rampant Jezebel get’s, the more crone like they become?

    It seems the ugly, nasty nature inside, becomes who they are on the outside.

    I’ve witnessed premature aging, deep, deep facial wrinkles too early in life, permanent scowls and glaring, constant health issues, drug and alcohol abuse, self medicating, uncontrollable eating habits.

    Raging temper tantrums, they don’t seem to age gracefully and it isn’t a pretty thing.

    • So this is what kids are going through.they can pick this spirit up in schools from other children or teachers or any person visiting.o my i just read all info above.it was god that led me here.im into spiritual warfare now but several yrs back marry a man in.ninety four.looking back that spirit set up camp through my daughter and husband against me it terrible not knowing what was going on.the spirit is spreading.

    • So are you making the statement of these physical issues are somehow evidence of one being subdued by the jezebel spirit?

    • Yes. I have personally witnessed spirits manifest itself in physical outward appearances over stressing the body it’s taken. The spirits of this world know the time is limited and Christ is approaching. Give thanks that you have been given the gift of discernment and the ability to protect yourself using all of the armor of God. God taught us how to protect ourselves from spiritual warfare. He also taught us how to protect our households not just our hearts. In the Name and through the Blood of Christ is The most powerful term that you can use in your heart to rebuke spirits. I still have a lot to learn and feel that I am at the beginning of this quest of knowledge to understand how to protect my heart and the heart of my children from this evil. God bless you all

    • Michelle, I believe I’m realizing and accepting the fact that I have lived with a jezebel spirit for a very long time. When you asked about health issues, I can tell you that I have had 20 brain surgeries for hydrocephalus where they’ve had to replace a broken shunt. I’ve lived with enormous pride and discovered this in the past few years. If anyone wouldn’t mind, pray for me and I will seek help as well. Thank you

  24. I think God led me to this website. I’ve been studying spiritual warfare over the last few days and I realized that an acquaintance of mine undoubtedly has the Jezebel spirit. He is a renowned cardiac surgeon on the east coast, boasting many accolades. He is highly intelligent, considered a genius via IQ testing, he’s incredibly good looking, with woman fawning over him everywhere he goes. And yes, he claims to be quite spiritual, praising God but denounces all concepts of “organized religion”. He also does free online counseling to help uplift, encourage and ultimately prevent suicide. I’ve seen him praised by so many, a charming personality that demands attention like a Histronic personality type. But he has a dark side, extremely cruel. He would seek after those closest to him and try to stir up their emotions. The line that struck me in this article was, “The spirit will play the people around it like a puppet on a string.” When I confronted him about attacking a friend of mine, he said those exact words to me, and told me he does it for control and his own amusement. He also seduced a very upright, devout and Godly friend of mine, then tried to smear this person publicly online. Again, his victims are his closest friends. He’s even attempted to attack me a few times, acting as though he accidentally slipped a hurtful secret about the man I love. This article has him down to a ‘T’. And I’m praying right now for God to defeat this enemy before this filth can hurt anyone else.

    • It’s true many false prophets and false teachers have been working with Jezebel spirit. I know a Christian man on Facebook very intelligent and handsome n he claims to preach the gospel and help people. But 90% are women following him with flirtatious words on his pics that he often changes. He would demean me I had mental illness as I exposed whoredom on some of those women fans he had. He said they preached the gospel of Jesus Christ and to be honest, there is hardly any scriptures to encourage others n he only uses Jesus pics and most women followers give him adulation of his look. There is Jezebel personality and he tried to hide it using mask of religious spirit. He knows nothing about gifts of Holy Spirit as I said God gave me gift of discernment. This is dangerous and they are involved in fornication in spirit. Jezebel spirit will lure you to immorality and idolatry. They don’t praise Jesus Christ but that false prophet

      • I was like a lamb to the slaughter in my family of origin. When I was so vulnerable a met a lady who helped me remember about codependancy and the Jezebel spirit. She was a false prophet! This stuff is so insidious! When people play their games and when I am looking for human approval, I say get out satan. Jesus is Lord!

      • It quite interesting you brought that up because I have a Friend whose very nice etc etc but I notice he tries very hard to get me to understand his creator.. He knows I’m a Christian I love God I worship God etc etc God, His Son & The Holy Spirit but for some reason he won’t let me be.. Everytime I will bring up God or I will say some psalms and scriptures aloud I notice how he blocks it… and start talking about his “Creator” now don’t get me wrong I’m all for people with their own beliefs because My God says “Judge ye not then you won’t be judged but I notice it never fails he’ll do it right when I’m sad and vulnerable.. He’ll do it when I’m talking about God-Jesus Christ etc etc he’ll just bomb rush the conversation all at once speaking negativity about My God telling me ways his “Creator” should be praised then he’ll throw in that I’m praising a White God he’ll always throw that in for some reason I feel like that’s very odd and strange… And another thing he’ll throw jokes about him and his mom are gypsies but then he’ll be laughing as if he’s making jokes etc etc wow but see I didn’t know anything such as this.. I knew about false prophets someone trying to make things seem one way or another but truly in reality it’s not that way and their are some real people like that out there that’s prophets but majority of them…Fake

        • Shantoria, I think with friends like that, u don’t need enemies. Maybe the creator he is referring to is satan.

        • Read exodus in the bible may God be with with and his family I know the sovereign Lord delivered me by godly hands and can the same for him and them just as you welcome no evil in your homes especially in your body meaning fornication or drinking or drugs. Keep a sober mind and gain your right mind and anything that is good is of god. Our thoughts are of God they are god the good ones always do the right thin we are human made of God just as the trees that breath life in us oxygen thank god for it all praise him and his holy spirit will rise.. he’s there just as he is here.
          Revelation 7:12
          Praise and glory
          And wisdom and thanks and honor
          And power and strength
          Be to our God forever and ever.

    • That isn’t a Jezebel spirit just a man that needs instructions and Higher godly spiritual leadership. Jezebel spirit is more cunning then this vile hideous if you are not in the hierarchy of prayer you will be victims like many before us. It will overcome you seduced you. The spirit is not someone you want in your circle.

      • Amen. I’ve had the experience with a man that still has that spirit upon him. So glad I removed him from my life. I prayed to God, to show me that man’s true intentions, it was revealed in my dreams. So glad I paid attention. I agree, that spirit is NO JOKE, nothing to play with.

        • Agreed and Amen! I had a friend who God allowed me to see this Spirit operating in her. She attends a church with this spirit just to be a low key, sneaky, and a busybody in other people’s matter in the church, with wrong motives and constant confusion with others and her Pastor regarding, his relationship with God and how he is overseeing his church God has ordained. This Spirit is something to deal with when it is exposed
          and no deliverance is desired.
          I ended this friendship with no regrets.

  25. I just read an article online about the Jezebel Spirit. I have familar with this demon for many years as a born again believer. I am now living at a homeless ministry in Tempe Arizona . Because I am well grounded in the Lord I have been moved with my three cats into a house and have my own room. Which is a blessing. The problem is that the female house manager has a major Jezebel spirit and Im not giving into her attacks but ,I brought it to the attention of the shelter director who is well aware that this women has this spirit but continues to allow her to be in leadership along with her husband. Please pray that the Lord will give direction and that this women will be deliveded from this.

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