The Gifts of Healings

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Per the article we just did titled, “The Great Commission – Save, Heal, Deliver and Disciple,” one of the things that Jesus is wanting all of us to do for Him to is pray for the sick.

And if we do, then many of the times they will “recover,” which means that He is going to heal them. So it should come as no surprise that we have the gift of healing as one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

What this means is that at anytime the Holy Spirit can manifest this special gift through any believer so He can then heal someone of any kind of disease, illness, or sickness.

You do not have to have the gift of healing as any kind of a full time ministry to be able to have the Holy Spirit do this through you. Again, this can literally happen to any single believer at anytime with the Lord.

As such, this is another gift that you will definitely want to try and stir up with the Lord, because there are just so many people who need some kind of healing due to the fact that we still have to deal with all kinds of diseases, sicknesses, and illnesses on a regular basis as a result of the Adamic curse that is still in full operation on this earth.

Not only can the Holy Spirit directly heal you with your own personal prayers to the Lord, but He can also use you as an anointed vessel to manifest His healing power through to help heal someone else – if you will only have the courage to speak out what He wants you to say to that person, and then lay hands on that person for the healing power to be transmitted into their body to the affected body part that will need the healing.

Also notice that the wording being used in this verse is that this is the “gifts” of healing. The word “gifts” is plural, which means there are different kinds of healings the Lord will want to do.

What people who walk with this kind of anointing on a regular basis have found out is that some people will be more gifted and anointed in some areas than they will be in other areas.

For instance, some people may have more success with healing bad back cases, where another may have a stronger anointing to heal cancer cases. In other words, the Lord will sometimes specialize on the kinds of healings He will want to do through an individual believer.

Your part is to just tell the Lord that you would like to have a big part in this special gift, and then let Him decide as to how He will want to use you in this area and what areas you will be stronger in than other areas.

In the Spiritual Warfare section of our site, we have an article titled, “Healing Verses of the Bible.” In this article are 89 of the best healing verses in all of the Bible.

If you would like the Lord to use you in this specific area, it would be our recommendation that you study and meditate on the verses that are in this article, as it will show you that both God the Father in the OT and Jesus Christ in the NT were constantly healing people on a regular basis.

And if God does not change, and He is the same today as He was yesterday, then that means He will still want to continue His healing ministry in this day and age, and thus will anoint His believers with His healing power through the Holy Spirit from time to time when they will either need it for themselves or someone else they may be praying for.


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  1. Thank you. “Healing bad backs” in this article resonated with me. This seems to be one of my given gifts from the Lord. I have had several successful healings for people with this condition, but because it wasn”t approppriate to touch them directly (sometimes in the workplace), I just put my hands near them on either side of their backs when praying for them. I have found that the power of the Holy Spirit works without us physically touching the recipient. Praise you Jesus!!

  2. Thanks for the teaching. I have prayed to God to heal me from some sicknesses, but still no difference. If I can’t heal myself, how will I be able to heal other people.

    • Pray in faith. Just say a simple prayer or a thank you Lord for removing this pain or whatever it may be. God has removed my headaches before. God has used me and I had to step out on faith and be obedient to God and lay my hand on a guy who was in my chorus class. As soon as I touched him and prayed God healed him and removed the intense pain from his chest. Im I’m just a vessel God be given all the glory. Amen. If I didn’t obey it wouldn’t have happened. We have to obey. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

  3. Thank you so much for delivering this message. I was writing a Christian fiction book on spiritual warfare during 2018. I visited often. Now I’m writing one for the teens on the same subject. You’ve helped me to understand the gifts of the Spirit much better.

  4. Thank you for the good Teaching.i have been prophesied to that i will have all 9 gifts. i was trying to learn more on how to use them.i know God tells us in his word that he will teach us all things.

  5. Thanks for sharing, educating and enlightening us with a balanced revelational word of God on This whole article could pass for a a worth millions, Thanks again, God bless.

  6. Thanks for the information on gift of healing,I realized now that the Holy Spirit has anionted me with gift of healing and it need to be activate.The scripts on healing are just awesome and helpful.I am excited that God want use me in area of healing ,than you and God bless you.

  7. Really great article to keep our minds aware of the true gifts. We need to open our eyes to the amazing gifts He gives us 🙂

  8. Thank you for the information, I understand more better the “gift of the holy spirit and the fruit of the holy spirit”It is indeed more than a torpedo ,it is an atomic bomb. The bibles verses of healing u gave on the article are indeed an eye opening. I Will study to get myself approve a work man be not a shame but right divinding the word of truth healing those that are afflicted in Jesus name.

  9. Thank you for this article, it is really an eye opener for me. The gifts of healing have been manifesting in my life through dreams time without number, but I didn’t take it serious, now I can understand it better. Many occasions I saw myself praying for mad people in my dreams commanding the evil spirits out of their lives in the name of Jesus, and they were healed. At some times, I commanded blind people to see and their eyes were opened at mentioning of the name of Jesus. And many more instances of healing like these, but I didn’t recognise that the Holy Spirit is manifesting his gift in me, I always count it as ordinary dreams. But now I know better that God wants to use me in the area of healing. Thank you for this great illumination, God bless you.

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