The Discerning of Spirits

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This next gift is one that is really needed in the dangerous and perilous times that we are now living in.

The first thing to notice about this gift is that the “s” in the word “spirits” is with a small “s.” This means that it is not referring to the Holy Spirit. The only other spirits that are out there that this gift is referring to are the following three kinds of spirits:

  1. Demonic spirits
  2. God’s angels
  3. Human spirits

What happens in this gift is that the Holy Spirit will give you supernatural discernment, insight, and knowledge involving these three kinds of spirits. Many of the times, this gift will be be used to fully expose what is really going on and operating behind the scenes with someone.

Here is how this gift will come into play with each one of these kinds of spirits.

A) Demonic Spirits – with demonic spirits still being allowed to roam in the air and interact with us to some degree in this life, we really need this gift in full operation today just to handle this one type of bad evil spirit.

As you know, many times demons can literally enter into a person’s body if they have the appropriate legal rights to be able to do so. But once they are in someone’s body, they will then try and hide and not show themselves.

They know if they get caught and exposed on the inside of that person’s’ body, they risk that person either finding Jesus if they are not saved yet, or if it is a Christian, that this person will then seek out a deliverance from another believer.

Since some demons are very good at hiding on the inside of someone once they enter in, God needs to activate this gift through some of His own so they can detect when a demon is on the inside of someone and expose its presence.

Once the demon has been exposed, then you can set the person up for a deliverance. But the first thing to be able to do is to discern and detect that the demons are already on the inside of that person in the first place.

There are several ways that this type of discernment can work in this realm.

First, the people who have this gift in operation from the Holy Spirit will sometimes be able to “see” the demons manifest through a person’s eyes. Sometimes the demons just cannot help themselves and they sometimes will rise up and show themselves through a person’s eyes. They will literally be looking directly at you through this person’s eyes.

When you see this kind of a manifestation happen, what you will see is pure hate and pure evil looking at you. You will be able to tell that this is not the person they are residing in. This kind of a look can also be caught on camera quite a bit, as demons sometimes like to show themselves when that person is getting their picture taken.

Again, you do need this gift of discerning of spirits from the Holy Spirit to be able to see this when it happens, but it is very easily seen by the people who do have this gift in full operation from the Holy Spirit.

Another way that the Holy Spirit will help you discern and sense demons in someone is through either a sense of smell or a sense of feeling. Some people will get a real sick feeling in their stomach, like they want to vomit when they either see or get around someone who has a demon on the inside of them.

I have a friend who has this special gifting on the inside of her from the Holy Spirit, and this is always one of her tells when she knows that she is sensing a demon on the inside of someone.

Other people will be able to literally smell their presence, and their smell is extremely noxious and toxic. The people who have this kind of gifting say it is the worse smell they have ever smelled.

What the Holy Spirit is doing with this kind of gift is pulling back the curtains in the spiritual realm and allowing you to either see, feel, or smell the demons in the person they are residing in.

Then once the demons have been exposed as being on the inside of that person, then you can move in to set that person up for a deliverance if they will be open to it.

Another way you can pick up a demon being on the inside of someone is just through a strong inner knowing or a strong sensing from the Holy Spirit.

You may not be able to see them in the person’s eyes when they do come up and manifest, or feel them or smell them, but you can get a strong inner knowing or a strong sensing from the Holy Spirit that this person does have demons on the inside of them.

B) God’s Angels – The Bible tells us that God’s angels are also spirit beings. They are ministering spirits.

Throughout history God’s angels have appeared to people many times. The Bible is full of these kinds of stories from the Virgin Mary, to Daniel, to the apostle John in the Book of Revelation.

However, the Bible also warns us that Satan and his demons can appear to us as angels of light. As a result, you will need proper discernment from the Holy Spirit if an angel were to ever appear to you.

The false religions of Islam and Mormonism are two perfect examples of demons appearing as angels of light to the two people who started these two false religions.

If those two people would have known how to properly test a spirit appearing to them, those two demon angels could have easily been stopped dead in their tracks and those two false religions could have easily been prevented from ever having started up.

If an angel were all of a sudden to ever appear to you, the first thing you will need to do is properly test it out. 1 John tells us exactly how to do this. Here is the verse:

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, BUT TEST THE SPIRITS, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God.

And this is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.” (1 John 4:1-4)

What this means is that you directly ask the angel to identify who his Lord and Master is. He better say that it is Jesus Christ. Then you ask him to confess to you that Jesus Christ has come to our earth in the flesh.

If the angel cannot make this direct confession to you that Jesus Christ has already come to our earth in the flesh, then you are dealing with a real, live, demonic spirit masquerading as an angel of light.

At this point, you should command the demon to now leave you in the name of Jesus Christ.

In addition to the above test, you could also receive a strong discerning of spirits direct from the Holy Spirit. You will immediately sense that something is not right with this angel, and you will then pick up with a strong inner knowing that this is not an angel from God.

If it is an angel from God, you should feel a sense of peace and comfort coming in from the Holy Spirit, as He should be bearing witness that this is one of God’s angels.

C) Human Spirits – in addition to angels and demonic spirits, the third kind of spirit this gift is referring to is just our own human spirits. For instance, someone could have a bad spirit of pride on them.

It will not be a demonic spirit giving this person this kind of bad pride, it will just be his own natural spirit, as we are all totally capable of having bad kinds of spirits build up in our systems without the help of any kind of demonic spirits, since we have already been born into this world as corrupt sinners.

Where this gift will really come into play is on discerning some of the real bad apples that are out there, especially those of the criminal type such as money scammers and swindlers. Pedophiles are especially good at seducing some of the family members so they can then work themselves into getting closer to some of their younger children.

That is why parents especially have to keep a sharp eye on any new people who come into their immediate circle of influence.

Just realize that this is a gift that the Holy Spirit can manifest for you and to always keep yourself open and sensitive to anything that the Holy Spirit may want to transmit your way if you ever do come across a few bad apples such as these types.

God the Father is very protective over His own, and He will not hesitate to have His Holy Spirit give you major warning signals if you ever start to cross paths with a bad and evil apple who is either targeting you, or any of your close friends or family members for some kind of an evil act.


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  1. My name is Lulu and I thank you for posting this because I come in contact with people everyday and I can see demons manifesting in their face and eyes. I just didn’t know if the demons know that I am a woman of God and feel His presence when I’m around and they can’t help manifesting or if the demons are just trying to scare me which they don’t by any means but this is on a daily. God also reveals to me the type of demon they have…for example a lust demon or a hateful demon all kinds of things I don’t really know how to explain it. I also can discern witches…and there’s lots of them. I am so happy to be the daughter of the Most High God…King Jesus I love You Lord!

    • Hi Lulu, I have recently had these same experiences. Can you email me? Maybe we can encourage eachother. It can be frightening but since I’ve been delivered from a spirit of fear, I no longer fear the evil I see in the faces. It’s almost like a pronounced exaggerated face that feels like it’s right in your face and it staring at you. Sometimes terror is present, sometimes vanity, deceit, hatered… I can’t explain it.

  2. I’m not quite sure what it is that I experience. I’m a saved christian I’m not in any witchcraft or nothing. But I noticed that at night especially when I lay down to sleep that after awhile its like my ears go off. My ears start picking up sounds? For example when you are around someone presence you can sense that person you turn around and you see them. Well I sense that but only there’s no one there at least not visible. Sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it doesn’t. If what I’m sensing makes me feel uncomfortable, then that is when I plead the blood of JESUS! I also then ask God to put a high ranking warrior angle in my room. Then I fall asleep.

  3. I’m 18, I’m not for sure if I have this gift or not but I think I do.. I’ve seen heard and felt the presence of evil and demons since I was 6 years old. After reading this article, the things I’ve seen are a little different I dont see them manifest anyone but I can see them just as if they are walking around. I can see them in the daylight and in the pitch black. To me they are black figures with horns and razor sharp nails or claws of some sort, their eyes are an evil glowing yellow or red. I can hear them talk, when I was younger they couldn’t move. As I got older they could move their arms and turn their head. But about a year ago they acted as if they were running towards me but like they were trapped behind this aura. Then couple months after that , they were able to move fully I was laying in bed asleep one night and i look over and i see this demonic figure standing in the corner and it just stares at me and it raises its arm and points. I pull the blanket up over my face because I was scared and when I lower the blanket it had actually moved and it was hovering over the edge of the bed where my husband was sleeping and its face was right there in front of mine. It takes its arm and tries to swipe it at me… then I prayed to God to rid this demon, because I dont condemn them myself. And it was gone. Then I hear the demons talk about me or other people… I dont know if this is the gift of discerning of spirits but if it is I dont know what I should do. I’m not as scared anymore as I use to be. My mom has a gift as well but she gets visions to see into the future. She gets a sense of when bad things will happen. If this is a gift I just want to learn what God plan is for the ones he granted these gifts. Because I’m sure the ones he has chosen he chose for a good reason and I’d like to serve my God to my fullest ability. Any help would be great

    • those are demons, are you saved? if not, give your life to christ and attend a christian church. repeat after me. Father I accept you as my Lord and savior. I repent of my sins. wash my sins with your precious blood. write my name in the book of life. amen. If you happen to be saved. start searching for God in prayer every day and attend a church. blessings

  4. Wow, these comments were interesting. I had a very intense experience in the streets last year then in prison about a month ago… I have told a lot of people about it, but most don’t believe me, it’s a lot. I feel isolated in regards to this TRUTH, even with mature Christians. I don’t feel like going through it all right now, but I am looking for someone who has this gift and walks securely in love using it, ministering the TRUTH of the gospel of Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected as part of the HOLY TRINITY, THE FATHER, SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT. I would like to find someone who is eager in sharing common experiences with God The Father and The Holy Spirit and has time to spend to help me understand more of my gift and to help me develop more if that’s what God’s will is. Please pray before responding to align with God’s will about this as I will do the same.

  5. From a very young age I sometimes felt someone was with me and whilst I never felt evil it did scare me as I didn’t know what it was. As I grew up I realised I could sometimes sense a presence. It wasn’t always nice but there were times I felt a calming presence. I think some people would have called me psychic and I could find no other reason for what I felt. I was raised Catholic and always believed in God and I remember crying over a picture of Jesus on the cross. I was about 7 then and didn’t understand. I have had many experiences of sensing something more evil and the more I read the more I am beginning to think I have the gift of discerning spirits. Last year I gave my life to my beloved Lord Jesus Christ and was baptised in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. I have prayed for confirmation of this gift but I am still unsure though my feelings are that I have been blessed with this gift. I can kind of feel even through forums ( Christian) and the like if someone is being truthful or not and that kind of thing. I’m hoping maybe someone can advice me please

    • Yes that is discernment of the spirits. I would fast maybe as god to show you what he wants you to so with it! I would find a mentor in deliverance minstery to help you.

    • I can sense good and evil. Evil I rebuke. I also saw a black shadow come out the wall and speed fast across the room. I see red in people eyes. 1 time that I felt a presence as I rebuked it I saw a heat wave exit out of my ceiling. Sometimes when walk into a room I feel negative energy. I stop and dont enter. I sensed a good presence in this lady house, but one day it was a dark presence that I felt and all her family pictures were faced down. She told my boss that I did it. All I know is I’m not afraid, because I know how to rebuke the evil and make them flee.

    • I was attached to by a malevolent negative spirit (demon) and it lived in me for over twenty years, and eventually began to possess me fully. Although I was a devout Catholic, it was a psychotherapist who identified it within me and had the insight to send me to a spiritual healer, a woman who removed it from me entirely over a period of days. When the demon was removed she told me I had very strong spiritual gifts, that i was a healer, a seer, and a spiritual warrior.

      As I recovered from the decimation within my soul that had been caused by this demon, I began to realize strong powers of discernment, healing light, deliverance, ability to speak with the dead, see into the future, and to travel outside of my body. My faith was replaced by firsthand knowledge of God’s presence in all our lives.

      Armed with this faith and with the gifts God has given me, I now walk unafraid of any demonic spirit. I am vengeful and righteous towards them for the years that I was possessed, and now through the grace of God, I posses the power to first discern their presence in others, then cast them out, and then with Gods pure white light, immolate them.

      This article appears to me as authentic, and likely based on first hand knowledge of dealing with actual malevolent conscious entities AKA demons.

  6. Have no fear brothers and sisters. I’ve been through these and understand your experiences. I don’t know if this is the right advice from me: do not run away when faced with these trash. They should be the one running away from us in Jesus name. I’ve never back off. It’s always them in Jesus name. Met demon in the flesh before as well alone and it backed off as always. Look through Psalm 91 and have faith.

    God bless

  7. Well, I have seen demons a lot of times, as a matter of fact, I see them just I see another human being, I even shake hands with one, of course I didn’t know who he was, but the next day I told the lady whom he told was his wife, that he wasn’t her husband, it was her great-great grandfather, whom, naturally was into Vodoo, I also saw another one, sent by the same female, he stood in front of me, in a freaking bicicle, in shorts with no shirt and a lot of vodoo necklaces, and just laughed at me, I went to confront him, but he got away, one hour later, I was in a hospital, I was almost killed for a parking space, even when I gave the parking space up. I feel angels, I also can feel who is talking about me, even if it is good or bad. But the reality is that if you tell someone about this, they will say you are crazy. I would love for someone to tell me what to do or where to go, because, knowledge HURTS, I am always sad because I can’t tell anyone what I have seen, thanks.

    • Jesus Abreu…I know how it feels to be different as I have had all kinds of weird experiences since I was 11 years old. I even almost shook hands with a demon who was inhabiting someone in church. But as I stretched my hand out, I realized what it was. I pulled my hand back and the demon smirked at me. It watched me the entire service. I was actually scared but had to keep praying for God to allay my fears. Remember 2Timothy 1:7 “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” I had to go to a pastor that God sent me to after I cried out to Him for help. Don’t just go to any and any body. Ask God to send you to someone.
      The pastor prayed with me and after he did, my mind was at ease and I could sleep safely in my bed. I was not afraid anymore. Plus, I try to talk to people who have had similar experiences. That way I’m not the only one and therefore not weird. It’s frightening to see and know things others don’t, but don’t let that fear consume you. You have a powerful ally that can stand against anything the enemy throws at you…even voodo. I’m from Jamaica where a lot of people practise Obeah. Remember, Greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world and that NO WEAPON formed against you shall prosper. Pray for Christ to cover you with His blood. Be at peace.

    • Go to church to find a community of people who have relationships with Jesus.. A true relationship.. Ask a seasoned elder; or just someone older than you. You are not crazy. Pray to Jesus for mentor

    • I know exactly how you feel!!! I see the demons in like hallow form like a hallagram. That would be so hard to see them in full form though wow that is crazy. I see them over people’s heads like biting on their light. Its really hard for me too. I just been able to start seeing though. I even see them on me sometimes it’s really hard. You just have to keep praying and praying god will answer you. Remember he always in control. I would try fasting to for a day or two.

    • I know what you mean. Don’t be sad because a genuine believer, in the Bible will believe you. I met a witch who could changer her appearance very easily. These things are very real. Plead the blood over yourself and family.

  8. 5 weeks ago today after a great two days with my girlfriend on Saturday night i could not sleep woke up twice very uneasy at about 6am she got up and walk pass me and i saw her in a dead color grey which scared me as i was watching mass on tv when she came back from bath room with no gown like she never got up with one but still had her grayish look and her loving way turned into pure hate she broke up for no reason walk out and everything has gone bad since that no contact nothing.I’m praying for her to have God protect her what do you think I’m a believer of Our Lord

  9. I wasn’t sure if I had this gift or not, however I have had many demonic experiences. I’m a double orphan. My guardian has symptoms of narcissism. She became extremely angry that I hadn’t told her information regarding my long distance relationship and that she didn’t deserve to not buy my house for 600 dollars a month for twenty more years after taking advantage of living there for 7 years when the premise was buying the house and putting the money in a trust. Anyway, she became furious that I didn’t keep her in the loop and her eyes were like a reptile but half way slit. Her eye became an upside down tear drop, black. This lasted five minutes. She DOES NOT seem to want deliverance and will not apologize for the abuse in my home. I was later kicked out of my church for “idolising a relationship”. There were seven confirmations of control and witchcraft spirits through people and dreams when I left. It’s more complicated than that. It was a mess and I am to blame for part. Please pray for me. I’m exhausted and confused all the time.

    • Sister Ashley,
      you are not alone. Jehovah God is on your side. This is only a test that you are going through. This battle is not yours, but the Lord’s. He wants a chance to prove to your and the enemy that He is God. Fear not my sister He is with you to the very end.

  10. Some people think that seeing demons is not the gift of discerning of spirits, but it is. The gift of discerning of spirits allows you to identify when a spirit is of God or when a spirit is of the devil. Demons are minions of the devil and are not corporal, they are spirits. We wrestle against principalities and powers and rulers…with an “s” of the darkness of this world. The gift of discerning spirits allows you to see that so you can know an therefore not be deceived.

    People see them in different ways but I see them through the eyes. If you have the gift of discernment, demons know when you see them. I was at a prayer meeting and as a woman was coming through the door, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and the Holy Spirit told me to repeat a particular phrase over and over. I did that. Throughout the prayer meeting, she kept shouting, “Hallelujah! Praise the Lord” and the people of the church would join in with her. At one point she turned around and spoke to the two women on either side of me but she could not look at me. When it was testimony time, she went up and said she was mad and walking on the street naked a few months prior but God had delivered her. People started praising God and all the while I knew she was still possessed.

    This is an example of discernment…It allows the people of God to know when they are being deceived. I can understand the comment about feeling like this gift is a thorn in the flesh. It’s a gift that I got when I was 11 years old (I’m 40+) and it has been hard because demons even come in my dreams. The good thing is though, so do angels and I thank God for that. Angels and demons cannot be confused if you have the gift of discernment as no matter how hard they try to deceive you the Holy Spirit will reveal it to you. No demon is going to be up to any good, giving you messages of hope and comfort and love. They are as their master…deceptive and acrimonious causing nothing but grief and strife.

    If you have this gift and feel it is a thorn as I did for a long time, ask God for strength. His grace is sufficient for you…Oh and a last note… don’t try to cast out a demon if you haven’t been given the authority by Christ. I tried it once and it went badly. I spoke to it and commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and the demon railed up and started roaring. It got aggressive and hostile. Someone to whom that authority was given had to cast it out…I’ll never make THAT mistake again!

    • That was something I needed to hear I’m not scared i feel blessed but i know not to call it out i did say the lord rebukes you Satan and it said leave me alone like I’m not bothering you don’t bother me

    • we *all have that authority in Christ over *all the power of the enemy.
      Read the great commission.

      You can forbid the kind of power displays they use to cause fear.

      Its a TRUTH encounter that matters.
      What does His Word say? Do you believe it?

  11. This gift should be use with love. People shouldn’t blasphemy and call it witchcraft,devil etc when someone tells is from holy spirit. This gift should be taken seriously because it literally call for a spiritual battle.

    • Yes so true I’m experiencing something like this as I am writing this passage! Please continue to pray for tyrone Wilson I believe one day he shall be delivered and set free from these demonic spirits in Jesus Name!!. We all need Jesus cause Jesus saves Amen!!

  12. I have a Question, what does it mean if you are a obedient Christian and actively walking with Father God, you have decernment of spirits but you see a demon on yourself in a photo?

    • Hi Donna,

      You need to ask yourself is that coming from the Lord. as it said above. you need to test the spirit. Do not doubt the Love God has for you. I believe the enemy is trying to deceive you to think you are not good enough for the Lord.

      Don’t believe the lies the enemy is telling you

    • If other members of your family have discernment as well it then means someone in your family line opened the door to the demonic by practicing witchcraft, etc. You then need to sanctify your discernment with God because it’s coming from the enemy originally. My adopted daughter was being oppressed by a demon until she prayed and gave the gift to God she didn’t want it if it was from the enemy. Ever since she did this she is not being attacked physically or mentally.

    • Sister Gail,
      You have power over the enemy -this includes demons! Psalm 91 says 1000 may fall at your side and 10,000 at your right hand…forHe shall give His angles charge over you to keep you in all your ways. So be steong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Put on the whole armour of God.

    • Well sister Donna,
      I believe that satan has desired you that you may be sifted like wheat. But know that the Lord has already prayed for you that your faith will not fail. Our God Jehovah has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Stand on the promises of God from Genesis through the Revelation of John and rebuke it in the mighty name of Jeses.

  13. Wow, sounds Exactly like me. What you described sounds like something i wrote about in regards to my life and experiences. Im speechless.

  14. And in the spirit of humor – if anyone who grew up in the 80’s – remembers the movie “The Lost Boys”. The grandpa in the end has a quote that reminds me of exactly how I now feel about demons. He says so matter of fact as if they are nothing but a mere annoyance.

    “One thing about living in Santa Carla I never could stomach. All the —- vampires.”

    I know they are there and they do disgust me but they are just pesky. They have no authority over me or my family or my home.

    • What do you do when it feels like they follow you everywhere.No matter how happy the time is,where you are what your doing.Someome is always there to crush it.Theres always someone that messes with me.Im so angry all the time I walk around with fists balled.I don’t want to live like that.Its apparent I’ll never be left alone.And happiness is far away.I feel like a monster when I get mad.

  15. Once you enter a direct relationship with God and Jesus Christ and commit to living in their will, you gain discernment of spiritual things – good and bad. I have had supernatural experiences coming from the spirit of God and I have had those coming from the spirit of the enemy. It takes a while to get used to this. I was led to do some reading to help me with this. I think the main take away is to rebuke anything you perceive may be a spirit of evil – but only in the name of of the father and the son and the holy spirit. They have authority over these evil spirits but we as humans do not. I think I made a mistake at first addressing them directly as if I had authority to rebuke them. I don’t think that worked and it didn’t give me a good feeling either. If you call on the power and support of the father and the son and the holy spirit, there is nothing to fear. No matter what the outcome.

  16. My husband died 3 months ago. He has the energy to possess the body of his sister. He does no harm, he just want to give his message that he loves us and he will never leave us. Until one time we met an accident, his spirit comes again telling me to take care and he was at the accident site.

  17. No elect believer in Christ has ever been possessed by a demon. I encourage you to show me the passages in scripture where a person who is actively a believer being in dwelt with a demon.

    • Agreed. I believe the wording should be “on” in stead of “in”. There have been plenty of times I’ve dealt with spirits ON a hardcore Christ follower, but no darkness can stay where the Holy Spirit resides and He lives IN us.

    • A believer can be oppressed but no possessed. you are right.

  18. I have had one run in with a demon possessed man at a 7/11 a few months ago.

    This was right after I was filled with the Holy Spirit so I was just thinking that I wasn’t sure if I should give all my money away, maybe I love stuff too much, etc.?

    This man at the store looked at me and told me he wanted my car for his, and he repeated his request a second time. How did he know what I was thinking 5 minutes earlier???

    I totally left, drove home immediately, and prayed for what I was supposed to do. Was I to give him my car, but all I felt was that he was possessed. I know I was miles away but I called on the name of Jesus to rebuke the demons in him.

    Two days later, God wanted me to go back to the same 7/11 after work. There was an older woman who was upset. The bus drove right by her and she was to be late to her doctor’s appointment. I drove her to the clinic and thanked her for the opportunity, and she thought I was weird. I praised God all the way home.

    He loves us, and evidently its okay for me to keep my car for now.

  19. I’ve seen ghosts, demons, and flashes of light in my lifetime. I have also felt the presence of ghosts and demons. I feel a wave of peace when I pray sometimes. I wonder if this gift will grow stronger, and what I should do if/when it does. I’ve thought about finding others with this and talking to them, but I don’t know who. I have really lucid dreams and I can’t tell if they are real. Dreams of the apocalypse, demons, and ghosts. I also saw my dead uncle in one of these dreams and I sometimes even use telekinesis in the dreams. I remember one particular dream in which I held a journal full of Arabic words that I couldn’t read, while standing in the desert with four Arab men. I do feel a small amount of fear sometimes while thinking about this, but God has helped me feel much more at peace than when I first started seeing demons. He also made them stay away from me like I asked. I prayed for answers, but I don’t know what I should trust other than the Bible, God, and Jesus.

    • Hi Cass,

      When I was young as 3 years old I was able to see things in my natural eyes. dead spirits. As I got older I could see visions and see into the future. specifically, my future. in my 20’s it developed more. I accepted the Lord at my 15 yrs of age. In my 20’s I backslide, but one summer night I had a vision of me wearing the Armour of God. Head to toe. I looked Zena the Warrior Princess. In this vision, the Lord showed me a gigantic demon. So ugly it was a cross between a reptile, dinosaur with so many spikes and ugly looking. It reminded me of Godzilla but really ugly. The Demon saw me and started to come towards me. I tried to fight it with my sword, but nothing seems to be affecting him. Well, long story short this demon was not for me but for my ex-husband. Since then now I’m in 30’s I continually have visions and dreams and each time it’s an upgrade. I have not seen demons in my natural eye but I have sensed them. I have the sense when there are angels. Just remember you have the Authority in the name of Jesus Christ to fight these demonic spirits. They cannot do anything to you cause they are scared of the Lord. You speak the Lord’s name Jesus Christ and they get weak or run away. The enemy will constantly use his minions to scare God’s creation or even manipulate us. But be on guard we are more than a conqueror in the Name of Jesus Christ.

    • Cass,
      What you feel when you pray is the holy spirit. also if it makes you feel uneasy or scared that is definitely a demon. That’s called the gift of discernment. Having dreams that are about things is called a seer. Sometimes its for your church sometimes its for someone it just depends. I used to feel now I see and it’s crazy hahaaa. What gets you through it is prayer and finding a mentor with similar gifts because it can be rough alone let me tell you. Just pray for strength and what god wants you to do with it. I am stubborn I just rededicated back to Christ and this started happening.

  20. You left out seeing demonic spirits that are outside of people. There are many different types of demons and someone can encounter a demonic spirit that is not ‘attached’ to anyone. Though it is not advised, as they can be really aggressive. There is also a demonic language. It is rare, but some people can interpret and speak it just like others can interpret and speak angelic tongs. If i could give some advice to anyone longing for this ‘gift’ don’t! for me it has been more of a curse then anything. Yes, it came from God, yes I know that without this ability i probably would never have come to know God. But it is very isolating, many church goers don’t understand how intense it can be and throw around the words ‘spiritual warfare’ like it is nothing. I have ended up covered in bruises and strangle marks from demons, it drove me to the brink of sanity and i almost lost my life more then once. For 4 years leading up to my conversion i was possessed and have battled with them ever since. Not to mention see a demon following me for a month leading up to my mid term miscarriage among other encounters. I have seen angelic beings too. They are awesome and majestic, i had 4 angelic being guard my family for a number of years and can see when someone has been touched by one. I know all gifts are to bring glory to God and I do glorify him, but this one, for me has been more of a thorn in my side.

    • Am sorry for wat happened to you.but i dont think what happened to you is not the result of this kind of Gift.God would never give something of useful to His kingdom and body of christ which can be a thorn of have to know that you have the authority over the devil and its angels ,satan can Never harm you if you stand and know your to have the relationship with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit first. Focus on Jesus.he will activate the gift whenever there is a need.pursue spiritual armer. Use the authority given by you through tha Name above all names that Jesus Christ.
      Be courages
      In christ

      • I totally agree with Elcan. God will never give a gift he knows you cannot handle. He will always give you the support and the guidance on how to use the gift.
        Seek Jesus Christ and what He has given you and the gift he has given you.

  21. When you see a demon manifest, you will see slits like snake eyes. They will project on top of the humans regular eyes and they will be so extremely mezmorizing that you are drawn into an unbreakable stare. Your body could easily flood with dread, and you will get the sense that the demon is mocking you and knows you can see it. They may ask you to allow them in and will try too get you by yourself. I know, I have truly seen them, but the feeling is more powerful. It can suck the happiness from you. If you experienced that, you have the gift of discernment for sure. I just now began talking about it about a year ago. I never told anyone, mostly because I thought they would think me crazy. But it is real, I tried to shut it out, because it can be frightening, but I must have this gift for a reason, I don’t think I should hide it anymore. I know their are other signs of discernment too. You may have day visions, prophetic dreams, premonitions. But I really need to learn more about this. I wouldn’t say that I can do any of this upon will, it just happens whenever it happens.

    • Well its now 2018. You accurately described what I saw in my now ex-husband as we were physically fighting, along with grunts, deep throated growls, his cold dead slitted serpent eyes! Now I know I wasn’t imagining this.

  22. I tell the demonic spirit to leave in the name of Jesus Christ but they don’t. I believe its attached, even when it doesn’t confess to me that Jesus Christ has come to our earth in the flesh, and it doesn’t. I have been saved, and I am a very strong christian. 2 years ago I went to mexico for a allstar soccer game and I went into what I thought was a church, I went into this one room and I seen a women in this corner and the room was very dark but I could still see her, when I was about 3 feet from her I seen that it was almost if she was in a transe, and then this relay big felling of hatred hit me it made it hard to breath and made me very dizzy, I decided that at that piont to leave there fast.

  23. I tell the demonic spirit to leave in the name of Jesus Christ but they don’t. I believe its attached, even when it doesn’t confess to me that Jesus Christ has come to our earth in the flesh, and it doesn’t. I have been saved, and I am a very strong christian.

  24. Thank you for this I am a firm believer and I feel that there are evil demonic spirits in my house and possibly in my sons father. I use to be addicted to drugs and alcohol and so was my sons father and just recently I feel that the demons that left us have came back and are attacking him and I. We were going to get married and my boyfriend just cheated on me and I have had a spirit of depression and anger since… I am confused and want the bad spirits to leave us so we can get married as planned. Please pray for my family

  25. How do you know your not being deceived by familiar spirits? In Mark it said there will be false signs and wonders! That we should test the spirits before assuming everything supernatural is from God.
    If their doctrine does not match up with scripture or lines up with the bible.
    It even said if you resist the devil that he will flee from you. The devil and his minions won’t mess with you if your living holy.

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