The Discerning of Spirits

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This next gift is one that is really needed in the dangerous and perilous times that we are now living in.

The first thing to notice about this gift is that the “s” in the word “spirits” is with a small “s.” This means that it is not referring to the Holy Spirit. The only other spirits that are out there that this gift is referring to are the following three kinds of spirits:

  1. Demonic spirits
  2. God’s angels
  3. Human spirits

What happens in this gift is that the Holy Spirit will give you supernatural discernment, insight, and knowledge involving these three kinds of spirits. Many of the times, this gift will be be used to fully expose what is really going on and operating behind the scenes with someone.

Here is how this gift will come into play with each one of these kinds of spirits.

A) Demonic Spirits – with demonic spirits still being allowed to roam in the air and interact with us to some degree in this life, we really need this gift in full operation today just to handle this one type of bad evil spirit.

As you know, many times demons can literally enter into a person’s body if they have the appropriate legal rights to be able to do so. But once they are in someone’s body, they will then try and hide and not show themselves.

They know if they get caught and exposed on the inside of that person’s’ body, they risk that person either finding Jesus if they are not saved yet, or if it is a Christian, that this person will then seek out a deliverance from another believer.

Since some demons are very good at hiding on the inside of someone once they enter in, God needs to activate this gift through some of His own so they can detect when a demon is on the inside of someone and expose its presence.

Once the demon has been exposed, then you can set the person up for a deliverance. But the first thing to be able to do is to discern and detect that the demons are already on the inside of that person in the first place.

There are several ways that this type of discernment can work in this realm.

First, the people who have this gift in operation from the Holy Spirit will sometimes be able to “see” the demons manifest through a person’s eyes. Sometimes the demons just cannot help themselves and they sometimes will rise up and show themselves through a person’s eyes. They will literally be looking directly at you through this person’s eyes.

When you see this kind of a manifestation happen, what you will see is pure hate and pure evil looking at you. You will be able to tell that this is not the person they are residing in. This kind of a look can also be caught on camera quite a bit, as demons sometimes like to show themselves when that person is getting their picture taken.

Again, you do need this gift of discerning of spirits from the Holy Spirit to be able to see this when it happens, but it is very easily seen by the people who do have this gift in full operation from the Holy Spirit.

Another way that the Holy Spirit will help you discern and sense demons in someone is through either a sense of smell or a sense of feeling. Some people will get a real sick feeling in their stomach, like they want to vomit when they either see or get around someone who has a demon on the inside of them.

I have a friend who has this special gifting on the inside of her from the Holy Spirit, and this is always one of her tells when she knows that she is sensing a demon on the inside of someone.

Other people will be able to literally smell their presence, and their smell is extremely noxious and toxic. The people who have this kind of gifting say it is the worse smell they have ever smelled.

What the Holy Spirit is doing with this kind of gift is pulling back the curtains in the spiritual realm and allowing you to either see, feel, or smell the demons in the person they are residing in.

Then once the demons have been exposed as being on the inside of that person, then you can move in to set that person up for a deliverance if they will be open to it.

Another way you can pick up a demon being on the inside of someone is just through a strong inner knowing or a strong sensing from the Holy Spirit.

You may not be able to see them in the person’s eyes when they do come up and manifest, or feel them or smell them, but you can get a strong inner knowing or a strong sensing from the Holy Spirit that this person does have demons on the inside of them.

B) God’s Angels – The Bible tells us that God’s angels are also spirit beings. They are ministering spirits.

Throughout history God’s angels have appeared to people many times. The Bible is full of these kinds of stories from the Virgin Mary, to Daniel, to the apostle John in the Book of Revelation.

However, the Bible also warns us that Satan and his demons can appear to us as angels of light. As a result, you will need proper discernment from the Holy Spirit if an angel were to ever appear to you.

The false religions of Islam and Mormonism are two perfect examples of demons appearing as angels of light to the two people who started these two false religions.

If those two people would have known how to properly test a spirit appearing to them, those two demon angels could have easily been stopped dead in their tracks and those two false religions could have easily been prevented from ever having started up.

If an angel were all of a sudden to ever appear to you, the first thing you will need to do is properly test it out. 1 John tells us exactly how to do this. Here is the verse:

“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, BUT TEST THE SPIRITS, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

By this you know the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God.

And this is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard was coming, and is now already in the world.” (1 John 4:1-4)

What this means is that you directly ask the angel to identify who his Lord and Master is. He better say that it is Jesus Christ. Then you ask him to confess to you that Jesus Christ has come to our earth in the flesh.

If the angel cannot make this direct confession to you that Jesus Christ has already come to our earth in the flesh, then you are dealing with a real, live, demonic spirit masquerading as an angel of light.

At this point, you should command the demon to now leave you in the name of Jesus Christ.

In addition to the above test, you could also receive a strong discerning of spirits direct from the Holy Spirit. You will immediately sense that something is not right with this angel, and you will then pick up with a strong inner knowing that this is not an angel from God.

If it is an angel from God, you should feel a sense of peace and comfort coming in from the Holy Spirit, as He should be bearing witness that this is one of God’s angels.

C) Human Spirits – in addition to angels and demonic spirits, the third kind of spirit this gift is referring to is just our own human spirits. For instance, someone could have a bad spirit of pride on them.

It will not be a demonic spirit giving this person this kind of bad pride, it will just be his own natural spirit, as we are all totally capable of having bad kinds of spirits build up in our systems without the help of any kind of demonic spirits, since we have already been born into this world as corrupt sinners.

Where this gift will really come into play is on discerning some of the real bad apples that are out there, especially those of the criminal type such as money scammers and swindlers. Pedophiles are especially good at seducing some of the family members so they can then work themselves into getting closer to some of their younger children.

That is why parents especially have to keep a sharp eye on any new people who come into their immediate circle of influence.

Just realize that this is a gift that the Holy Spirit can manifest for you and to always keep yourself open and sensitive to anything that the Holy Spirit may want to transmit your way if you ever do come across a few bad apples such as these types.

God the Father is very protective over His own, and He will not hesitate to have His Holy Spirit give you major warning signals if you ever start to cross paths with a bad and evil apple who is either targeting you, or any of your close friends or family members for some kind of an evil act.


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  1. I have experienced or witnessed several things. In 2013, I heard trumpeting from the sky and I have seen three different infestations two different types of flies and worms. I’ve smelled the scent of spikenard inexplicably in the air. I can also see demons in some people’s eyes/evil face smirks grins. I have been hated, disliked, and attacked by many people for no reason despite the fact that I have never said anything cross word to them or hurt them in any way. People always want to fire me from my jobs. My mom is an abusive narcissistic that demons use to hurt me.

    People always seem to ask me for help but I always feel it’s God’s Angels in disguise or I will stop to help someone and always just feel it’s God’s testing me. I’ve prophesied several births before they happened and one death of my dad. Spiritual gifts are scary at first because you’re aware the spirit realm really exists and that it’s a huge God given responsibility you might be reluctant about like why me God? I also have a phenomenon that people think they know me when we’ve never met before. I get it all the time. I’m sure that’s something spiritual.

    The smelling demons thing just happened to me two days ago. They smell like rotten eggs. I just started a new job. Demons in people always make there presence known to me. I first smelled the rotten eggs smell off my new boss and I saw the demon through her eyes. Then I went into the HR lady’s office and it reeked of rotten eggs as soon I entered it, it was very pungent. Hours later the HR lady came to my desk and she was reeking of that rotten egg smell like from her office. But I realized (God put it in my spirit ) it was demon scent. It wasn’t just on the HR lady. That rotten eggs smell came up again on the receptionist but I had smelled it on her prior to that earlier. It was just see and I left in the office and she was about 8 feet away from me telling me she was going to smoke a cigarette. She suddenly reeked of rotten eggs. Deep down I knew it was demon scent. I’ve also smelled that rotten eggs scent at a relatives house in hindsight. Plus the demons were working in them people because they were misleading me and confusing me about a test. I was sad and frustrated so I spoke to God. Then God told me to bless a small bottle of olive oil I had and anoint my new workplace and pray, so I did.

    Yesterday, before I got out of my car, I prayed by the building that all demons be bind in the name of Yeshua/Jesus. Then I commenced to anoint my new desk and objects. I discreetly anointed my peers cubicles or chairs, the bathroom, kitchen, boss’ cubical etc…Monday I’m going to anoint the front desk and HR lady’s office. Then I said a pray during the day to ask that anything else that needed binding would be in Jesus name. After experiencing so much, at first I had no idea what I was experiencing until God slowly opened my eyes. Once I began to see the physical world with God’s spiritual eyes I now understand what I’m going through.

    • Oh wow, it was reading something i wrote in regards to myself and my life when i read your post. It is the worst being a good hearted person who for no reason gets treated like the worst human being on the planet by others. Especially your own mother. Mine built me to love her and then used that against me to control me my entire life. I never even thought, to consider that about my mum. You think/assume that your mum really loves you and says nice things about you, but she’s jelouse, she wreaks every good moment you have, mine wreaked my wedding. So many ‘friends’ turn out to just do something crazy, make up a story and then blame me for whatever reason than ends up being for proif and facts – false. Jobs, my bosses all hate me for no reason, when i was younger a state manager took me aside, i didn’t even know her, she started getting stuck into me about my hair, (that if I’m going to have blonde hair i need to make sure i dont have roots?!) Which by the way, hers were way worse than mine! But she personally attacked me on a huge scale then fired me. I am a great employee i am successful at what i do. But again even my last work, my bosses husband hated me, my boss and i became really close friends over the years i worked with her. Her husband turned out to have 2 different sides of him so to speak. So i walked out when he was verbally abusive to me saying i was undermining my boss (his wife who was my dear friend) yeah, life sux big time always due to nothing we have even done. But we’re still standing. Because of God. And only because of him, we are living proof of that. He always brings us out stronger, the miracles Jesus has done in my life and my childrens is just awesome. Im not ever going to give up, no matter how hard the devil attacks. It just makes me more determined to shine God’s light and love. My mother is a hard one. I cant have her back in my life. She only wishes to destroy it and any happiness i have, she cant be trusted. Especially around my children. She would suck me back in somehow and i wont go through that again with her. I refuse to communicate with her again. But it’s very difficult at times but not as hard as i thought it was going to be, back before when she had me in her control, i remember thinking ‘mum would never leave me alone for good, i will never be able to get her out of my life’. But God helped me. I widh you all the very best on your journey. Xx

      • Your mom is NOT your enemy.

        Our struggle is NOT against flesh and blood

        She might be a POW…but she is not your enemy.

  2. How can a demon possess a Christian? Can the Holy Spirit and a demon reside within a believer at the same time? I doubt it. Demons may be a room or a particular area such as a territorial spirit or a spiritual stronghold. The gift of discernment picks up on the demonic activity in that place. Consider Eliphaz when a spirit spoke to him at night and the hair on the back of his neck stood up. The word brought to him by this spirit was not from God (Job 4:12-21). Also consider the inference of territorial spirits in the Book of Daniel when an angel comes to Daniel after a lengthy fast (Daniel 10:12-14). I am concerned the discernment of evil spirits is only being relegated to demon possession, neglecting harassment and occupation of territories.

    • As matter of fact and scriptures, a born again Christian cannot be possessed by evil spirits, but can be oppressed by them if he/she does not get familiar with the word. The problem with many Christians is many are church goers, not yet really embrace the new life in Christ. And many that do always seek for short cut to get their problem solved. The only way to be victorious in this world is through the word.

  3. A question from the newbie as of April 2013! After coming to revelation, I have recently, November 2015, started working for a psychiatric hospital for children. Often times I come to work, I “feel” things. I feel this “rush” like in my head, like I could faint. I feel this in a couple of doorways coming into the center and in the elevator. I have felt this emotion from parents and guardians. Never have I felt this emotion on the locked unit WITH a child or co-workers. I have never experienced anything like this. Quite honestly, at first I thought it was perhaps a gas leak and had people help looking for “it,” until I realized that I was the only one that was experiencing it. Can someone help me with this? Direct me to some reading and learning material?

    • Blessings Tiffany, I believe you may be coming under attack from the spirit of confusion. The Word of God says, “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” {Matthew 18v.18}. Bind this demon in the Name of Jesus Christ, give it to Almighty God and loose the spirit of clarity and peace. I also recommend you pray for a hedge of protection and anoint yourself with oil before your work shift starts. While anointing, declare and decree the Word of God, {Luke 10 v.19; 2 Thessalonians 3 v.3; Psalm 18 v.39; 1 Corinthians 15 v.57}. The Holy Spirit is our teacher {John 14 v.26}. He will lead and guide you into all truth {John 16 v.13}. Lean on Him. God Bless You.

  4. The 9 spiritual gifts that Apostle Paul mentions in Corinthians 12. 1.) Prophecy, 2.) Gift of Healing. 3.) Working of Miracles, 4.) Speaking in Tongues, 5). Interpretation of Tongues 6) Word of Knowledge. 7). Word of Wisdom. 8). Spirit of Faith and last of all 9). Discerning of Spirits.

    The gift of discernment is having an intutition of knowing something is wrong with, they feel it in their stomachs. They can feel that a plane is going to crash so they don’t board the plane etc.

    Just because you can see demons on people does not mean you have a spiritual gift. You do know some hallucinations are caused by mental illness and other disease such as cancer. Others have experienced hallucinations from brain disorders. For example, the person might suffer from a brain tumor. I had a friend that suffered from cancer. She claimed that she can see demons on people. I spoke to God and asked him why she has this gift and not me and he told me she has cancer and her drugs from her cancer treatment caused her to see demons on people. She was being tricked by the devil into thinking she can see into the spiritual world.

    Satan is very clever and counterfeit God’s spiritual gifts. The gift of prophecy could be done by psychic mediums. Even Shamans can impersonate the gift of healing,Knowledge and Prophecy etc. The Shamans can see demons as well but don’t claim themselves as having the same spiritual gifts as Jesus or arch angels. The don’t charge a penny for their spiritual gifts of prophecy, casting demons out and the gift of healing not like some false profits that charge you for their service.

    You might want to read your book and not trust in man!!! Man will always mislead you!!! That is why you need to bow down and pray to God for the answers and not take a man’s words.

    • There is no such thing as the gift of discernment. It is called discerning of spirits. People get that mixed up and they are not the same thing. Many times what people call “the gift of discernment” is really the word of knowledge in operation. People know things by the Spirit of God and mistakenly call it “discernment”. Discerning is not mind reading. Discerning of spirits reveals the kind of spirit behind a supernatural manifestation-whether evil or good, from God or Satan.

      • Hi! I totally agree with you, Bill!

        As for Laura, we do need to get on our knees and pray for the right answers to come to us from the Lord.. However, don’t you agree we can’t always trust the words of a woman, either? 🙂

        God Bless!

        • I never said to follow me. I said r read the bible and pray to God for answers and not this man writing this article or your pastor! A lot of people follow their own imaginations or believe in their own thinking or beliefs are way better than God’s thoughts or his ways! There is bible verse that saids we should not depend on our own interinterruption but rely on the bible for answers and not man to teach us! This man wrote an article about focusing on the spiritual world but these are his own beliefs what the spiritual world looks like! It does not mean his visions of the spirit world is right. This does not come from God but out of his own thoughts and what is ideals of the spiritual world looks like!

          The bible saids that God’s children are protected from the enemy. The bible saids if you live by the commandments that the devil and his minions won’t harm you! That the devil will flee from you if you living a holy life. They won’t show up in your dreams or in the spirit world. I have never seen demons in the spirit world! You talking about demons in the spirit world is glorifying the devil. The devil loves it when you talk about the demons and Satan. The bible saids the angels will fight your battle against the enemy. No where in the bible it saids to rebuke the enemy out loud and challenge Satan or his minions to come after you. Thou shall not tempt the Lord in vain. I rather have the arc angels fight these demons than me facing some 9 ft to 12 feet creature rebuking it in its face.

          If you seeing demons all the time that means you are underfluence of the devil or have a medical condition that needs to be look at by your doctor. The devil can counterfeit gifts and has even impersonated the angels and your dead ancestors too! How do we know what they saw in the spirit world is the truth? Their ideals of the spirit world could be made up for financial gain. They could be having haullications from their percription drugs that they take daily.
          That is why we should never take man’s advice but discuss it with God first.

          How do we know if these so called men and woman on the internet are not deceived by Satan? The dreams and visions of the spirit world could be coming from the Devil himself!

          • Laura sorry you are so wrong – after I got saved immediately Satan started tormenting me in my dreams and told me I belonged to him and laughed at me took me down to hell in total darkness . His eyes are Red fire! It happened repeatedly til I would dread night was coming – many disciples from church prayed with me said it was spiritual warfare. One of the spiritual gifts I prayed for was discernment as years have gone by I have always been able to read people and know all about them by first meeting. My husband bears witness to that! I feel evil in certain people . Recently I saw a demon with red eyes glare back at me in this chick I met – I couldn’t believe it was very uncomfortable in her presence as I gave her a ride. The next day she said she could do a free Reiki session on me and talked to me about her out of body experiences- then that was a confirmation for me. I have seeked the Lord intently praying and reading my bible and listening to many sermons . Removed all sinfulness in my life now I have seen the demons in my dreams at night that are tormenting certain people in my family . So you can be a Christian and Satan or demons can come into your dreams!!! I know the Bible says people can sometimes see angels. So I did a search about Christians seeing and experiencing demons and it led me straight to this link and now I am soo happy I can fully say I have the gift of discerning evil spirits!!!

    • Laura,
      I know this is over a year later but I cannot help but to tell you ,my experience for anyone else that may read this. For starters, God is not the author of confusion. I was delivered from legions of demons in the flesh. Almost immediately after I kept telling the elders it was trying to come back in the flesh because I was feeling those same choking feelings. I was told this gift was what I had. I began to understand it, and like some others, I honestly didn’t particularly like it at first because it is scary. I have had them manifest themselves to me, but mostly it is a feeling of instant nervousness when I come in close contact with people. Some I see a vision in my head of different spirits, some worse than others when I look at people. Pictures of people always affect me greatly if they carry spirt in the flesh. In person, they try to hide with emotions and one thing I have noticed is they won’t look me in the eyes. They may,but will very quickly look away. Now, you believe what you want about the mental illness. I have worked in the health care system and from my experience the people that are are or meet them DSM V criteria to be diagnosed schizophrenic have almost this gray cloud or dust around them. (I say a Lionus from Charlie Brown dust cloud is almost how they appear to me) That part is not from God, but just my own personal observation. Almost all with spirit in the flesh are completely oblivious to what’s going on within. While I do not have the authority to cast them out, I know who does. And that’s the Holy Ghost. I have taken a few people to meet the man that the Lord used to deliver me. If you have seen what I’ve seen, felt what I’ve felt you would have no doubts either.

  5. I read so many things about everyone’s gift and it makes me happy that so many are blessed and so many well help the world someday. Though i just am sad i have only seen a few things in my life but i have been attacked all my life by things. I have learned i do have the gift but it is bound because i have a curse. It just hurts i could never be free or at peace with myself or my gift or to help people. It hurts the demons choose when i see or hear them it hurts being controlled. I do not know why such things happen but its for a purpose i know. Though it hurts but i know in the long run i will help God and others with things i have went through.
    God bless you all

    • You must take it to the creator and call Him by His name. You must use the power of His name. Know right from wrong like when you were a child and always do right so they cannot trick you. You must fight with the prayer on earth as it is in heaven. It can be tiresome but you must ask for forgiveness everyday. Get education as that will help you fight because when your mind is strong you are stronger.

    • You need to forgive yourself and love yourself. Believe in yourself and have faith in yourself God dose. If he didn’t you wouldn’t be here. One creater. Now about the devil allowing you to see them is a lie. It is God who is in control of that. Anytime you have a neg. Thought about yourself you need to speak truth to that lie. The truth about you is found in god. God so loved the world he sent Jesus to die for us. Believe that speak that. God loves me and I love him. I’m a child of the most high god. Jesus is my savor. I love Jesus and Jesus loves me. This is you speaking your shield of faith to the devil and it’s the truth which is your sword you sever the ties the devil has on you. Now there are battles where you can’t even speak but use all your strength to at least get the word Jesus out. If you can, tell the devil over and over you love Jesus until he leaves. It really works!!!! Hasn’t failed me yet nor will it ever. It’s the name of jesus!!!!!

  6. The gifts are given by God. When God desires, and how God desires. (Sovereignty). All the gifts given are freely given of Gods grace, in Gods perfect time. Gifts cannot be bought, or earned. Scripture tells us to desire, and seek after the spiritual gifts. That we come to God in a spiritual aspect. God is a Spirit (John Chapter 4 Verse 24). And they that worship God must in spirit, and in truth. Gifts they come and go when needed, as does the presence of God in our life, for the building of our faith. Apart from faith it is impossible to please God. I dont base my love for God on what gifts I can get, or get mad when I dont get a gift. Its Gods desire, and Gods ways. I trust in Gods love for me. This is the foundation of my faith in Christ.God so loved me. I could boast on the gifts God has given me, visions, dreams, healing, wisdom, discerning, tongues, but I glory in the grace of God that abounds in my life. What are all the gifts apart from love. In the name of Jesus Christ.

  7. Since i was a child, i had many experiences with what i have now come to know is the gift of discernment. I seen and spoken to angels in my dreams,as an adult recently i have experienced feeling nausea, cold sweating when a young lady sat next to me in a taxi. That morning as usual i had a healthy breakfast and am not a diabetic. But when my eyes made contact with her this feeling came, it remained even after she got out the taxi, i was with a friend that morning and she had to help me to a seat when we arrived at the mall to get myself together. I have had many dreams as well being confronted with demons looking like humans but their eyes are always a give away, intensely evil and always try to stop me from calling on the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you for confirming this gift and i will commit it to Jesus to use it at his will. especially in these last days.

  8. Leah – Thank you so much for your comments. I now know that this gift is mine as well. The article was so incredible. It was like electricity in my spirit confirming what I have been experiencing. I am now certain that I have clearly seen two demons in my life. I have smelled another, and I have saved my son from a pedophile. It is just how the article said. I am in awe! I see Gods’ angels, which are clearly Gods’ and I can confirm that the ones masquerading as Gods’ can be revealed as such. I have seen one of those. I knew something was off, and it was confirmed and if I told you how, you would laugh… Seeing the unseen is both wonderful and scarey, but now that I am sure of what I am dealing with, I can rest in Gods’ hands and pray that he will tell me what he wants me to do with this gift.

  9. I’m sorry but this is not a spiritual gift from heaven. This is a tool the devil uses separate and divide the church. We are not gods in any sense! We are not suspose to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge! We are not spiritual Gods, we are not allowed to see demons on people! People who believe in these teaching are in a occult. God will allow you to see into the spirit world but not if the gift returns no fruit. If the spiritual gift does not bring people to the Lord, it was not sent by God but the devil himself!

    I used to know young man who was involved in the Catholic church, claim he seen demons in me! He said he was psychic medium and has visions from God. He told me his gift was to send messages from the dead to the living, another words, he speaks to ghost and demons. He ask for my help to stop the demons from speaking to him. I told him the ghost are real demons and were not sent to speak to him. I told him to get rid of your Catholic rosary and statues! I told him to burn the Catholic bible! I showed him websites about the Catholics being pagan. I explained to him that the Catholics have pagan rituals and traditions in their religion. He claims that these civil war ghosts follow and speak to him!

    This man followed my advice and burn his Catholic bible and statues. He took off his rosary and burn in the fire as well. My friend said the bible hissed at him while it was burning in the fire. It sound like someone was screaming, he said! As soon he did that, those ghost and demons stop talking to him. These civil war ghost tried to come up and speak but couldn’t because the giant arc giant told them to go back! These demons and ghost no longer had the authority to speak to him. Then he saw a bright light! This bright light turn into an angel. He said the angle is Michael! That the Arc angel spoke to him and said “The truth will set you free!”.
    I ask his for weeks after this spiritual enlightenment if he seen any more demons around me or speaks to ghost, he said no. He included that God healed him of certain physical diseases that he suffered for years! I asked him if he could see demons on me or others, he said no. In Corinthians 12: 1-11 it does not mention any gift of seeing demons on people! We have 5 gifts and these are tools we used to bring people to God. These people who slander and bad mouth your brothers and sisters in christ because they claim they can see demons on everybody but themselves, were not sent by God. If they read their bibles, they would know this gift is from the devil!

    • I’m not Catholic, but if the Catholic church is so bad, then why is that the church that Christ Himself started through Peter? Peter was the first Pope. And the Catholic church has done many great things. Some awful things as well.

      Just don’t be so quick to cast stones at people who are in fact your brothers and sisters in Christ.

      • You should check out videos on YouTube about the Catholic church being pagan. There is a lot of them!! There is a lot of blogs about the Catholic church practicing witchcraft. The book of Jeremiah and Ezekiel explains why the Catholic church practices wicca by attending Catholic mass and building pagan alters like the grotto. As matter of fact, Santeria and Wicca have very similar traditions and rituals that copied the Catholic church.

        If you read your Catholic bible and compare it to the King James bible it is not the same!!! I been around Catholics all my life and never seen one Catholic open their bible during the weekday!! They will only read the bible during Catholic mass!! Most the time the priest are reading the bible to the audience during mass!! The priests discourage any Catholics from reading their bible. If they read the Catholic bible they would know the truth about the Catholic church!!

        Everytime you kneel in front of a statue,l your practicing idolatry. In Isaiah 42 : 17. 17. They shall be turned back, they shall be greatly ashamed, that trust in graven images, that say to the molten images, Ye are our gods. 18 Hear, ye deaf; and loe. Matthew it talks about repetitive prayers and how God will not listen to vain talk. Matthew 6:7. But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. Catholic practices using the Rosary in their prayers.

        The apostle Paul even mention how Satan can impersonate angels and even Jesus Christ himself!! That the elect will be deceived by the Antichrist in the last days!! Because of these false miracles and signs and not using their eyes or hears to detect the lies that Satan spreads in the church.

        There is video on YouTube by a guy name DangerDolan about a UFO being seen at the time when the 3 kids saw the Virgin Mary in the sky.

        There is other documents from different priests were they told to lie about seeing false miracles of crying Mary statutes. Another words, the statutes were made to create false tears and blood to make the statue to create a illusion of a false miracle. Just so they can bring revenue into the Catholic church!

        Why is it only Catholics experience stigmata? There is even YouTube videos about certain Catholics suffering from stigmata and it turn out that these individuals never had these experiences and created false stigmata to bring popularity to the Catholic church.

        Go read a King James bible and you will find the truth that the Catholic church that Peter never found this church. What church besides the Catholics that drinks from a golden cup during communion? What other Protestants church have their pastors dress up in purple and scarlet colour? People are saying that America is the Whore of Babylon!! False!! The statue of liberty is not sitting on a several mountains. Revelations 17: 9. And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth. America and the statue of liberty is not a church!! The American flag is red white and blue and not purple and scarlet color.

        Revelation s 2: 19-21
        I know thy works, and charity, and service and faith, and thy works; and last to be more than the first.

        20 Notwithstanding I have a few things thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication and to eat things sacrificed unto idols.

        Does not the Catholic church do communion in front of the Virgin Mary statue?

        Please read the story about Semurisis the Babylonian queen that married Noah’s great grandson Nimrod. Why we celebrate Christmas on her son’s birthday not Jesus’s birthday!

        Anyway, God bless you sister!


        • I happen to agree here and worry when people pray to anyone other than God. The enemy can disguise himself, and God gave us a direct line to Him when the veil was torn at Christ’s final breath. I pray to God, not Mary, not another human, and certainly not nature, the universe, or any statue or animal. Only God…

    • Hi there! I just wanted to say that I was raised Catholic and now am a part of a nondenominational church. The one thing that really caught my attention in your post was that you told your friend to burn the Catholic bible, and he did it. Let me say, there is no “Catholic bible”. The Holy Bible that Catholics use is the same Holy Bible that all Christians use. If you told your friend to burn his Catholic bible and his rosary and he did it, then you have advised and persuaded another person to burn the Holy Bible and his Holy crucifix. If what you say is in fact true and the spirits had actually left him, the only thing I could think has happened would be that God seeing no fruit of the spirit manifest in your friends life from his gift and therefore it has been taken back. If you don’t use your “talents” to further His glory (he did in fact the opposite, per your advice), then even what you think you have will be taken. One more thing, I have the gift of discernment given to me by the Holy Spirit. I can see when demons are looking back at me with someone else’s eyes. I have seen human spirits. I have even actually seen when the Holy Spirit is falling on someone else during worship. I know that I saw the Holy Spirit due to the immediate reaction of the person I saw it happen to. I have also seen the spirit of perversion on a middle aged woman who was then caught having an affair with a young man from her bible study group. I know that it is a real gift and to be honest most of those who have it slightly, have no idea that it’s there yet, while those who have it on an extreme level think they are absolutely loosing their minds due to trying to use it or control it themselves, not allowing God to control it. I also know that once human spirits know you can see or hear them, they do try to talk to you and get you to do things. The key to that is to pray God helps them and they leave you alone. It’s very real and if you don’t give it to God then it can be often troublesome. I feel you may have been hurt or offended by a Catholic at some point or maybe even just freaked out by them. God doesn’t want you to hold onto that. He doesn’t want you to view Catholics in that light any longer. God wants you to love all others and especially those who love Him. Catholics do love God. They know Jesus is lord and they allow Jesus to be lord of their lives. They just have a different way of doing it than you probably do. Repent of your judgement and it will be fine. May God bless you!!!

      • I never said the God loves the Catholic less than Protestant.
        I’m saying Satan brings in Occult doctrines into the church. Satan sends many demons into churchs as well as people homes. Satan job is to deceive many people into hell.

        Go to YouTube and do search on the Catholic church. You will surprise what you learn about the new pope to the history of the church that was suppress by the media.

        There is even churches in the Protestant faith that bring in occult doctrines that don’t line up with scriptures in the bible.

        It said in Timothy 4:2. that many will leave the faith behind and follow false doctrines. It also goes on that many people have itching ear and only want to hear what they believe and not what the bible saids. The blind will lead the blind to hell.

        It said in Matthew that miracles will happen and it will not come from God but Satan. This is found in Matthew 24:24 inthe King James bible. Many will be deceived by false preachers and some are occultists disguised as God’s children. You should test the spirits if they are lining up with scriptures and not by your thoughts or emotions. The scriptures tell you if person speaks truth and is from God and not man’s opinion. If someone saids a certain doctrines and can’t be found in the bible that person spoke from their own imagination not from God.

        It saids in Matthew 14: 34 &35
        All these things spoke Jesus unto the multitude in parables; and without a parable spake he not unto them.

        35. That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world.

        Mark 13:22. false Christ’s shall sew signs and wonders.
        It means, don’t assume every supernatural wonder or sign is from God but test the spirits if they are scriptural and not man made doctrine

        • Ok so I have to jump in on this conversation about Catholics. Laura Urbin, sounds like you know the Word quite well so I don’t need to remind you that judgement is God’s alone. I was baptized Catholic, raised Jehovah’s Witness and confirmed Catholic when I married a Catholic man. Although I turned from religion after I was of legal age due to being raised by my mom who suffered from mental illness and blaming it on our religion since they were so judgmental and called themselves “the truth” while sin and evil was apparent in the church. I felt like it was a lie and my mom was promoting it. Eventually God led me to faith filled Catholic practicing man that I in turn married. Although there are some things I never fully embraced like statues of saints and praying to Mary it set the stage for me wanting to read my Bible again, yes the Catholic version since that’s all I had and I did start to finish which I just finished recently after 2 years. Going to Catholic church led to my desire to seek God my own way. We have that ability. I see religion as a loose compass. Jesus is much greater than religion. He detested self righteous and I could quote a whole bunch of scripture validating this. God knows our hearts. There are many roads to Jesus. If we truly want to know Him, He pursues us relentlessly. I only pray to God through Jesus and now He is working in my life in ways I could have never imagined. This past November I was filled with the Holy Spirit and now know without a doubt the Kingdom on earth is within US. We have to prepare our temple, our body for this to take effect. Once we do this it makes room for His Spirit to dwell in us, guide us give us gifts of The Spirit at His will so we can bring this light to others not by condeming or shunning others. Have the eyes of a child. God bless you in your spiritual journey in Jesus name.

      • I will share my short personal testimony and leave the rest to God. I was raised Catholic, was an altar boy, and attended Catholic grade-school(1st-8th). Went to church almost every week until I was about 32. Started sensing I needed more, hungering for what I didn’t know, but church just wasn’t cutting it. Someone at work started talking about God and Jesus in a different way than I was used to, but didn’t really want to hear it. I thought I was fine because I was Catholic. That man gave me a new Testament Bible, a Gospel of John, and Josh McDowell’s book, Christianity: Hoax or History when he left our company. Did nothing with them for about a year. At 35 years of age, one night I felt convicted to check out the Gospel of John. In the front, it shared the gospel message and how to personally ask Christ for forgiveness and to come into my life and take control. Got on my knees in my apartment and prayed that prayer. All I know is that God did something special that night. Over the next few years I came to understand by the Spirit of God working in me that in my Catholic religion(reaching out to God in my way) I was still DEAD IN MY SINS, separated from God. But now, I was saved by the grace of God through FAITH(God reached out to me through Jesus) and had a personal relationship with Him. I am now BORN-AGAIN! The Bible says we MUST BE BORN-AGAIN to enter the Kingdom of Heaven! JESUS is why I am saved and have eternal life! Going to church, reading a bible, doing good works, praying could NEVER save me! I do these things now BECAUSE I AM SAVED out of love for what Jesus did for me! As a Catholic I always felt chained to rules and regulations, and HOPED that I would be good enough for God to accept me. Now I KNOW that I’m accepted! Instead of just having an intellectual knowledge ABOUT God, I now KNOW GOD!!!…I thank God that I was raised in the Catholic church, because it led me to the Ultimate Church, Christ’s Church, CHRIST IN ME the hope of glory!!!

    • I believe he did hear the Catholic bible hiss at him when he burned it because it is from the corrupt Alexandrian text (Latin Vulgate) which originated from the occultist Origen. It is not the same as the King James Version Holy Bible which is from the Textus Receptus (not sure of spelling but see Gail Riplinger’s study and Dr. Kent Hovind’s youtube video King James Version Bible VS other translations – the other translations are also corrupt because they have used the same manuscripts the Roman Catholic Church used). The Catholic Bible is not the same – it is corrupt and of Satan! He heard the hissing sound because the Catholic Bible is a corrupt book designed to deceive the multitudes. If you have a Catholic bible you should burn it. The only Bible that is the pure Word of God is the King James Version Bible. The others have all removed scriptures and words, added scriptures and changed the words. Buy an authorized King James Version Holy Bible.

    • could you please tell me that JESUS CHRIST is your Lord and Savior and that he came down to earth in the flesh as GOD! Also, doesn’t satan’s evil spirits (demons) roam the earth like a lion looking to devour any souls they can find. You’ll find your way. Try to be more tolerant with the judgement. GOD loves you dearly. I hope to meet you upstairs someday. My name is Laurie Remember to use your gifts to help others. You will find wonderful rewards and experience Christ’s love. It’s better to give love than to receive love. Take care sweet heart.

    • Yes, who you’re talking about is obviously witchcraft. You can’t serve two masters but in his case he was serving the same master saying he was psychic and a Catholic. So if smelling malicious spirits was of the devil why would satan give a person a warning system to notifying of his demons presence? satan’s purpose is to fool and trick God’s people not to warn them when his agents are present. Yeshua aka knew demons on sight and they knew Him. So, man I disagree with you. The devil is not going to warn us to what he wants us to be deceived by. So the friend you spoke about was either oppressed or possessed but everyone here is received warnings from malicious spirits. They want to hide and deceive that is God’s fruit proof this warning system is from God not satan.

      • god bless – good job
        the devil doesn’t create nor protect it’s children – God protects and provides gifts of discerning Spirits etc,,

  10. I pray for the Lord’s peace and wisdom for you all. I have been able to see spirit all my life but that is very different from the Gift of Discerning Spirits. I received that after asking the Holy Spirit for it. Please brothers and sisters remain in the Holy Spirit’s tangable presence–where you can hear Him lead you. Fight from here via prayer. Pray for those who are called to fight face to face with the Enemy. It is much more difficult to deal with the enemy than people realize. It is very difficult being unable to cast out a demon due to lack of prayer and fasting(a problem the disciples had in the Gospels).

  11. The Gifts are given when needed, by God. A sovereign God. The creator. The greatest of all gifts is love. Perfect love cast out all fear.
    With this said please understand who is in control. Who has already won the victory. If you have gifts, or have seen demons in people, as I have seen plenty of this in my life. Let your focus remain solid on Christ, and this love. Not the desire of gifts, nor blessings. Gifts, and blessings come, and go, but love is eternal. If God has given you a gift? Would he not also give you wisdom, and understanding of the gift? The power is in the name of Jesus Christ. If you have the gift to discern. Discern always first yourself to Gods word. I promise you that is where his focus is. On you. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

    • Thank you this really helped me i guess i do have a problem with myself i have always been jealous or depressed over myself or the things i saw or anything of that sort. Then i would get jealous of people who could sing or do so many amazing and beautiful things that just tore my heart out that i could never be as good as them. I know i should not feel that way because a gift is to help others and not my self image of myself but now reading this you are right i just hope one day i can be at peace with myself God bless.

  12. This nauseating demonic spirit that You are speaking about..even for some years i have been allowed by God to get that sense..earlier i used to take it very lightly..i knew that it was some kind of an evil spirit..i used to casually pray and bind it and then leave it. Recently i discovered that this same evil spirit would most of the time cause some havoc either through some-other person …(remember one thing not a hair of ours can be touched without the Father’s permission). This havoc would happen sometimes immediately or after a few days since i last sensed that strange kind of odour. I spoke to en elderly Godly person about this and was advised to bind the spirit every time i got that smell…it was a gift given by don’t take it lightly. Use it for His glory and at the same time..cleanse Your lives and give no room to sin …so that this spirit would have no dominion over you !!

  13. I have the gift of discerning spirits, honestly I tried to run from it. I was afraid of spiritual war fare. How do you seek to use this gift? I stopped seeking because of fear, can I get a mentors who has this gift. A Godly mentor, because everything I do should glorify our Lord Jesus Christ.

    • We are not to be afraid of them. God chose you for something special. Yes it’s scary but pray to get over the fear. God has you, He would not have chosen you if you didn’t belong to Him. Be of good courage.

  14. I’m grateful to have found this article because I’ve been praying about this one distinctively nauseating demonic spirit. I’m not sure if I’m discerning it thru smell because it’s trying to hide in this particular person or is God letting me know as a warning that this spirit is in my midst. Here’s my dilemma, with the gift of The Discerning of Spirits; God will reveal it to you so technically it can’t hide from you and if it’s a warning then I want to know what spirit it is so that I can know its name in order to address it and or pray for the Holy Spirit to cleanse this person of it. Could someone please help me clarify this? Thanks in Advance,

  15. I myself have have had number of times that I have been face to face with demonic forces. I know that I have been lead and allowed by God’s will to be in these battles for a greater purpose. One of the most important things I had discovered while in these battles is that I had no fear at all. God does not give use the spirit of fear. Understandinding who we are in Christ, that we can do nothing without him, and that Christ already has victory is important to understand. In essence, the battle is already won. The most intence feeling I felt in these battles is that there are no words that can discribe the feeling of pure eveil that is about you. But likewise, there are no words that can discribe peace of the Lord that is upon you. I can assure you of this, during this time in my life I saw many miracles. I had the closest relationship with the Lord than I had ever had up to that point in my life and I learned more of God’s will and the understanding of his word than I could have ever imagined. I went through so much I constantly prayed and ask God why am I going through this and what is it He wanted me to learn. One thing was clear. For one person to go through as much as I did, it was not meant for me alone but to help others I thank God for leading me through this for His Glory.

  16. How does demon have a legal right to some one’s life (Christian)? Can one pray for a gift of discerning spirit or is it given just uniquely to a few indvidual believers?
    To me, it is a crucial gift that each believer needs to possess the gift of discernment in order to walk right as well as to minister to others.

  17. thanks for all the testimonies, especially about cleansing your house. it’s very important to annoint your residents and body with olive oil, casting out evil spirits from your house, especially if i have an encounter with an evil energy in my house, i cleanse and annoit the house,declaring the evil spirits gone…there’s peace after that.people must realize that the war we wage isn’t against flesh and blood, so speaking the word of God while going around your house with olive oil might sound absurd, but it’s power in the unseen world does wonders. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there’s freedom. Hallelujah to the Lamb of God!!

    • God is just and willing to forgive but also have to forgive yourself. I struggled with jealous and depression also. But that is where the devil wants to keep you. Don’t allow him to keep you ask God to deliver you in the name of JESUS.

  18. I have had one experience with a demon and it was the most frightening time of my life. I also have had several experiences where I meet someone and when I touch them I get feelings about them (if they are a bad spirit/possessed). I will first get the chills, then nausea and a great sense of fear. Once it was a preacher that is supposedly a very good person but after that exp I never went back to that church. It gets to the point to where my senses are so overwhelmed with bad spirits I have to leave or just not go out anymore.

  19. One thing I’ve learned from discerning spirits is once you have seen/recognized them they come for you hard until they destroy you. I have this gift and I have yet to learn how to use it. These spirits recognize it and because I don’t feel as if I’m strong if enough I run every time I come up against one. Spirits usually recognize you before you recognize them. Its scary having this gift. I’ve seen them and I’ve felt them and its not a game its serious but people who don’t know/understand will judge you. There are some things that can be taught but when your born with this gift its hard to understand and nobody understands you. I would love to learn more. All my life I’ve been able to see them but as I get older my gifts get stronger. Since I was little I’ve also have visions/dreams and now I can hear God’s voice loud and clearly but the devil attempts to play with my mind to the extreme because he knows. He knows my gifts and my uncertainty of what my purpose is makes me weak and vulnerable to the devils tricks. This article has helped me understand more than what I knew but I would love to know more so that I can be a blessing to myself and others.

    • I totally understand what you are going through, having this gift is called sight the same as Seer or se er. The prophets were once called seers meaning to see.
      Demons are extremely afraid of anyone of this gift, I had them show up in my room after I was saved and the gifting grew large, where normal people would manifest right before my eyes even in churches. One night it got bad and the Lord said do not insult me by being afraid of them, after that I would raise my bible in the night watch when they showed and starting hitting, I then realized how scared they really are. remember they said to the Holy one, have you come to torment us before the time? The dumd downed infantile
      ways of keeping children of God from growing is demons way of keeping the authority of Christ from being loose in the earthly realm. Demons cast out is the first on the list of the kingdom of God. when anyone has this gift it is like the tip of the spear in the bushes causing what is hidden to be flushed out. Unfortunately believers and Christians are two different things and believers are running the show in leadership etc and there is a stink of unbelief of the spiritual realm, one sure thing that keeps demons from having a hayday with Christians who do know but are taught to just dumbdown what is hidden from the natural eye. they who are spiritual judges all things with clarity yet is not rightly judged by mere anyone since the things of God can only be spiritually discerned including the things that is an abomination to him also.

    • I believe if you have that gift & u believe in God & Jesus u already r strong enough.the devil cant win ever against the Lord the devil is already beat. He tries to put the notion that ur weak n not strong enough because he knows already that he is beat. Pray! in the bible it says if u ask in Jesus name Jesus promises to answer ur prayer also it says if u believe that Jesus came & died for our sins & then rose up three days later God promises to answer ur prayers. Ask God to give u the confidence u need to know u r strong with this gift he has given u. U r lucky God picked u for this gift so obviously he knew u were the right person for the job. God & Jesus are perfect they dont lie or make mistakes they are the same yesterday today & tmrw.they do not falter. If u ask & believe it will b given .If u pray n ask in Jesus name then kno u hav been answered all u have to do from there is believe & know u are the one the Big Guy upstairs chose for this so start to believe u r strong n powerful with Jesus & God n get ready to kick some devil looser spirits. With God & Jesus on ur side you have already won!! Did u ever hear this song i learnt it in Sunday school. I can run through a troop and leap over a wall hallelujah hallelujah I got my rock and my shield I can conquer all hallelujah hallelujah Jesus Christ is my Foundation Jesus is The Rock he’s my salvation I can run through a troop and leap over a wall hallelujah hallelujah. And you you’re lucky you have one more defense on your side the gift that God gave you I hope I helped you a little bit God bless you PS maybe when this happens to you you can also ask for God to put a white light of protection around you protect you and guide you and keep you safe from harm evil and danger and please remember there is nothing stronger smarter or better than our Lord and savior

      • I think when people write articles against other Christains and their forms of worship you might be treading on evil ground. God loves everyone despite what they believe! And everyone makes mistakes and He still gives everyone the grace needed to move forward. Judgment in any form is evil! Let love lead the way… Let’s not criticize any religion or person!

        • There is difference between righteous judging and judging critically.
          No one is critizing someone’s religion.
          They are telling you what they learn from their experience. You can believe them or discard what they said.

          Yweah saids to follow my commandments and not man’s ways.

          We should go by what the bible saids about seeing into the spirit world.
          Many in the last days will be deceived by Philosophers and Theoligist in the end time. They will not follow sound doctrines but will have itching ears.
          They will only listen to the message if it concerns what they believe in.

          I put my faith in Yeweah and not a pastor that has bible college degree! We have to discern by using Yweah’ s Holy Words not what men think of what their believe what the spiritual world looks like. Or how your feelings or sight determines if someone has a good or bad spirit. That is judging someone base on your emotions!
          Does that make them a bad person because you can see demons on them?

          This is called critically judging someone without testing their fruit and words against the bible.

          Even if an angel gave you a message, it is your responsibility to weave out if the message came from Yeshua or Satan!
          We can’t depend on a man, woman or our feelings base on a supernatural encounter! We must test the spirit if their message is lining up with Yweah’s or Yeshua’s words. Not test the spirit by using feelings or your spiritual eyes. The Holy Bible is your guide and not an angel or what your feeling at the time.
          If an angel tells you a message and it contradicts Yweah’s words, we are commanded to void their teachings.
          We can’t use our feeling or spiritual eyes as guides.

          Go mingle with Christians that played around with the occult in their past, they will tell you they were mislead by fallen angels, spirit guides and a Master Jesus. They will tell you how beautiful these fallen angels look like in the spirit realm. They didn’t see demons on these angels either! They will explain the feelings they received from the angels.
          They believe the spirits could be trusted on their sight and feelings alone.
          Then they will say the angel started using foul language or started assaulting them few months or years after their first encounter with them.
          I wouldn’t trust my spiritual gifts.
          You will never go wrong with the bible.
          The Bible was written by men through Yweah. Yes, some men added and subtracted the bible but Yweah warns us about who these men were.
          The Bible is your guide not the enemy.

    • God has not given you the spirit of fear…. but if power, love, and a sound mind. the enemy REALKY tries to attacks people who are evolving into their gifts and calling. If he can stop your ministry before it starts, then he can effect EVERYYONE you would have reached, delivered, and set free through your gifts. The devil had to get permission from God to touch Job. Demons can’t do anything with you unless God allows it, and he NEVER allows anything that will lead to our destruction when we are in HIS will. SPEAK against the spirit of fear. And ask God for clarity. Increase your intimate time with God and he will reveal things to you, that no man could ever teach.

    • WOW, I really understand what you had wrote because I have experienced it too. I am 41 years and I have noticed different signs of discerning the spirits throughout my life. I really dislike conflict so I have been running from many strenuous situations.
      I want to learn how to conquer this God giving gift to help myself so I can help others too. I wonder have you learned more about your gift since you wrote the last statement. I am still trying to figure out what to do with this gift. I would like to share more with you.

    • Oh wow…. what you have written, EXACTLY describes me and where i am at right now with my Gift from God. I need to learn more on how to get rid of them like jesus did. I am strong in God and i love jesus and the holy spirit with all my heart. But this is really hard. To see what i see in peoples eyes. Some people who are my family, ones i love. Their spitits dont like the ligjt in me. My boyfriend has a friend and his demon is very strong and nasty. I am not scared, not all the time at least. Im trying so hard to work in god to develop this gift because i have a strong feeling im going to need to use it in his almigjty name. God bless and best of luck to you.

    • Sister I know what you mean I used to be scared now I know I have the power of Christ and his authority in me just like you have . See yourself as Christ sees yourself strong and of good courage tell them I cast you out in the name of Jesus don’t come back your not allowed in my home . They will flee fast. There more scared of you then anything read in your bible how God said he has given us power over the enemy. Fear is from the devil cast it out in the name of Jesus . You have got to take back your authority . Christ is right there he sees what’s going on. But he gave you his power to get rid of them demons.

    • Dear Leah
      Your gift is so simple, yet so profound at the same time.
      When you sense or see a demon, Tell on it! Bring information of its presence to the Light of God,
      And let him do all the work. You see, you tell.
      Imagine if someone has been struggling and not understanding where it all comes from. Well, knowing the problem is more than half the problem solved.
      And if someone won’t listen, then You ask God directly to remedy the situation and save the person/s.
      God bless you

  20. I have had experiences with demons while I was going thru a divorce from my ex husband. He was deeply involved with pornography. I thought to myself, boy the devil doesn’t want him saved. When he no longer came into the house, I cleansed it and the demons went; however, I have on occasion had a few other experiences with demons.

    • God bless you my sister I know exactly what you’re talking about I feel the same way and same thing you went through that Holy Spirit keep telling me that something is not right and my feelings are that no one else can see and I cannot shake this feeling please pray for me that the S
      pirit will lead me into the truth behind the situation

  21. while in Christendom there are many who are not ready to believe that devil and his evil army exist ..there are also extremist people who are afraid of devil…its wrong on both sides…As Children of God, devil cannot pluck a single hair from our head without the permission of God. We are secure in Our Creator’s hand if if if if if ‘ we cling on to Him, and trust and obey Him’. Now I believe and have numerous times experienced evil spirits and many times can smell them…earlier I never had the wisdom to resist them in such cases..nowadays whenever I get this unusual smell which is something ‘evil’, I pray to God to bind the evil one and since I many times don’t know why I am getting it , I ask God to help me and pray to the Holy Spirit as He is a Helper in such times. Thank You for this article ….it is very useful and edifying.

  22. this was really very helpful to me I thank God for this gift, by which I can pull out the evil spirit out with help of the Holy Spirit and save some body’s life and put them on right path(not by power, not might,but by the Spirit says the Lord) all glory to our Savior Jesus Christ.

  23. What’s wrong with you when your picking up on negative things and the people that are suppose to be like family (church folk) start putting you down because you weren’t’ t born in that area. They start putting you down because of where you are from. You find out something bad you do what you have to do and end up at another church and they tell you forget everything that you where taught and stop reading your bible and you and your child have to be separated because this is what God said. Then you start feeling uneasy and everybody tells you you’re not where you are suppose to be spiritually and you start fighting against what they’re teaching do you have the demonic are do they have the demonic spirit.

    • It sounds to me like they have the improper affiliation. Not you.

      • Sounds like the spirit of God is working on the inside of you. You already know what to do.

    • If they don’t love you unconditionally and back up their messages with scripture you should be next looking for the fruits of the Holy Spirit. If they are not operating in the fruits of the Spirit, then I would find another church. As Christians we are to walk in Lionel and forgiveness, and God Himselfs caustions us not to judge less we be judge. Always go back to your Bible and see what Jesus said. The problem could be a lack of spiritual knowledge, but if your going to a church to fight and defend yourself, you are in the wrong church.

    • You are fighting a religious spirit. That’s why the enemy is using them to discourage you. Pray about what you’re to do including finding like minded believers. Bless you I hope that helps

    • Any church that tells you to stop reading your Bible, and wants to separate you from your child is not of God. One of the devil’s main strategies is to divide and conquer; spirit of antichrist might be at work here ?

    • Yes the spirit filled people will not tell you to stop reading the Bible as the is the sword of truth and it will reveal all those that are not His. They sense they are about to be busted for who they really are and have to project onto you and bring you down. Stay strong in the Creator of all things and the word of God and find a church that is noble based and does not worship Apollo the sun god or Ra on Sunday.

    • Yes the spirit filled people will not tell you to stop reading the Bible as the is the sword of truth and it will reveal all those that are not His. They sense they are about to be busted for who they really are and have to project onto you and bring you down. Stay strong in the Creator of all things and the word of God and find a church that is noble based and does not worship Apollo the sun god or Ra on Sunday.

      As the text states, He who confesses the name of Jesus is of God, He who does not xonfess the name of Christ is not of God.

    • If you love the Lord and do his bidding then you are in the right. Christians are not Christians anymore. Do you remember the saying “they came out of us, but they are not from us?” Demons are in our churches. Fear not for Jesus is coming soon 🙂

    • Leave. You are the only one that controls who is allowed to come into your circle. Just because they are church goers, means nothing. Keep looking for a church family; it’s not about the building, it’s about the people. And remember, it’s full of broken, hurting sinners.

  24. To God be the glory forever amen…………….. Discerning spirit should be needed for every God’s people,then only we can identify the spirit-filled people and flesh-filled people.

  25. The more you discern, the more they will hunt you. be prepared

    • Amen amen amen and amen !!!!

      • What do you do when you start smelling noxious evil smell. It comes and go at different places and time
        I pray and ask that spirit to leave, but it keeps coming back. What should I do please.

        • Sounds like possibly a familiar spirit? may need to break generational curses etc… Have you spiritually cleaned your home out of anything tied to ungodly soul ties? and other things that may have pagan roots that you may not be aware of? I think a spiritual clean would be the first thing to do, repent/renounce of anything the Lord shows you to throw out and ask him to break any curses/ungodly soul ties from you, that is linked between you and that person/object, then do the reverse as well, ask God to also break curses/soul ties from that person/object to you, so your free from your end and from their end if that makes sense. Pray against any backlash as well when you go through these prayers and burn(Or if you cant, just break those objects) any objects you have to release from. Even things we keep from dead relatives/family members is an open door to familiar/bad spirits, we must throw them out. I would also look at what other doors these spirits are coming from if you have already done the above, say things like ….secular music, movies, friends of the world, astrology, zodiac readying, and anything else that are not from the Kingdom of God, just some ideas, the list goes on, but this is a great start. I will ask God how you can execute these demons from your life, through prayer. I hope this helps, it can be a journey trying to find where the open doors are, but pray and fast for answers, the above is a great place for all of us to begin to start closing doors to the enemy. Yahweh bless you

        • Order it to leave in the name of Jesus Christ and by his Holy Blood and Water he spilt from his heart at Calvary.and go to the foot of the Cross to be nailed and go peacefully now.
          It’s worked every time, if u r not sure if demonic or human trying to contact you. Make it clear say if demonic,. If human again order it to the light peaceful and forgetting you and the HSE. It works ihave portals,I know. Good luck and don’t be scared if you believe in Jesus your be ok.

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