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Prayer Secrets

Introduction to the Prayer Secrets

The next set of articles I will have listed in this section is what I call Prayer Secrets.

These are not really secrets, but I call them secrets because many Christians have not spent a lot of time studying Scripture as to what some of these basic principles are all about. And when you do study the Bible, these basic prayer principles are scattered throughout the Bible so you do not really get the full effect of what God is trying to tell you until you put all of them together like we have done with these articles.

Prayer Secrets

What I have done is to pull out many of the specific Scripture verses relating to prayer, and then put them into an appropriate order so people can fully understand what God the Father has to say on this matter. You will really feel the power on these basic prayer principles once you start reading them in some kind of structured order.

Everyone wants to learn how to get God to answer more of their personal prayers. The Bible lays out specific conditions that must be met before God will answer some of your prayers. Knowledge is the key! Knowledge as to what those specific conditions are is what will get God to move on your behalf to answer more of your personal prayers!

I will do an article on each one of these basic prayer secrets, as they all deserve their own special article due to the extreme power that is on each one of these basic principles. I will label them Prayer Secret #1, Prayer Secret #2 and so on.

One last word on the power of prayer. In my opinion, when you go into a prayer mode with God the Father, this is very serious business! When you go into prayer mode with God the Father, you are approaching Him with a petition or request for something very specific. You are going to try to get God to do something specific for either yourself or someone else that you may be praying for.

You have to have good, basic, working knowledge as to what the ground rules are before you can really approach God the Father with your requests so as to increase your chances of getting more of your prayers answered by Him. Knowledge is the key that will open up this prayer door for you in order for you to be able to properly approach God the Father with your specific prayer requests.

God loves to answer your prayers! You just have to learn how to properly approach Him when putting your prayer requests on His altar – and the Bible very explicitly and very clearly lays out all the specifics on how to properly approach God to get more of your personal prayers answered by Him.

You can really get deep with this subject, but I will keep these articles basic and straight to the point to start out with. I hope you will enjoy what you are about to read.

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Kent Urbine

Monday 2nd of April 2018

Thank you for putting together these treasures. Prayer is serious business and to get the father to answer them it is key that you do have the knowledge to know what will make the Father answer them or not answer them.


Angelo Gonzalez

Monday 28th of January 2013

Dear Sirs

I'll start my note by telling you that worldly things require a procedure implying techniques, strategies and so forth. For God's prayer it is a must to be tactful,meticulous and procedural. (I must be honest in telling that for me it is new, as I used to start praying as if I were talking to any human being, without cleansing the heart and predisposing my mind towards a righteous actitude. Therefore it has been a valuable instrument to changing my praying life and to be able to please God.