Not By Bread Alone

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Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. Matthew 4:4. This is the truth of the word of God. We need much more than the physical bread for our survival on planet earth.

The bread that we eat is to nourish our body, to make us to grow and to give us physical strength, thus anyone that feeds only on the physical food can be healthy physically; looking robust, and fresh, but the physical body is not the only thing that makes up a man.

Man is made up of three entities, which are spirit, soul, and body, I Thess. 5:23.

The physical food that we eat can only nourish the body and do no more, feeding only our body with no regard for the remaining two entities will leave us poor and destitute, in fact more destitute than those hunger stricken, and malnourished children we see on Television in the time of war.

The physical body is needed here on earth, without it, living down here, and relating with the physical environment will be practically impossible, but our spirit is the part of us that can relate, and communicate with God. Primarily we are spirits, because we are created in the image and the likeness of God Almighty, Genesis 1:26.

Thus we can conclude here that we are spirit beings having souls, and inside the flesh.

Many people, including Christians do not know this truth, hence they have neglected their spirit and concentrated on caring for the flesh or the physical body alone, Jesus is trying to remind us of this very important truth in this bible passage.

He was trying to build His spiritual strength when He fasted for 40 days and night, and after the fasting, the devil came and tempted Him to turn stone to bread referring Him to the flesh or the physical body, but Jesus reminded Him that man need much more than the physical bread for survival.

What is the food for our spirit? The word of God.

You can always feed your spirit with the word of God if you want your spirit man to grow. The word of God is quick and powerful sharper than any two edged sword, Hebrew 4:12.

Jeremiah said in chapter 15 verse 16, “When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, O Lord God Almighty.”.

How Can We Feed Upon The Word of God?

By Reading It

Reading the word of God should be a daily affair, by reading we will acquaint ourselves with what God had said in His words for us, this will help us not to forget the word of God, although this is not enough really, but it will give us a general understanding of what God want us to do, and it will also help us to know where what is written in the bible.

By Studying It

Studying the word of God will take us deeper in the word, it will help us to concentrate and focus on a particular part of the word for a better understanding, which is what we actually need.

We will be able to have a complete view of a particular subject, or issue by comparing various parts of the scripture where they are mentioned, so that we can get enough light about the issue.

Without studying the bible, we can just take a part of the bible out of context and start to act on it, without knowing what other parts are saying about the same issue. This is wrong and totally unacceptable to God. II Timothy 2:15.

By Meditating On It

Meditation is still going further and digging deeper in the word, you can just take a verse or subject on where it is mentioned in the bible and begin to ponder on it over and over in your heart. The Spirit of God inside of you will then help you to shed light on that subject you are ruminating on, and you will begin to get understanding on it.

This is a very powerful tool that you must never allow anything to deprive you of. If you are troubled over a particular issue, you can just start pondering over what God had said on that issue, and you will see how the Holy Spirit will help you in the matter. Joshua 1:8

By Memorizing It

You can commit the scripture into memory, so that when occasions demands you will have the right thing to say to have victory over the enemy. In the passage above, Jesus knew, and quoted the scriptures, and He was able to defeat the devil.

He expects us to do the same whenever we are faced with situations upon which we want to have victory. You will discover that for each scripture that Jesus quoted, the devil did not have an answer. That is the secret; Rev. 12:11.

You need to start by doing these things; read, study, meditate, and memorize, and you will see that you will grow in the knowledge and the love of God.


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  1. This article has created a great awareness to me on the important of eating the word of GOD for my spirit and soul. I will share it with other christians. Stay blessed.

    • Amen to that. What we feed the most will be the strongest and what we feed the less will be the weakest. And what we don’t feed will die

  2. Thanks I for knowing that knowledge of the Words of God is sovereign and I will be blessed with a blessed day and thankful to God my Lord for being my great Almighty Savior. I know that I’m thankful for the blessings, being confident that without the Holy Spirit’s encouragement on a daily bible reading my day is getting me started in the morning for the right direction for the blessings of God being my great comfort and loving Lord and being thankful for all blessings. Amen

  3. I’m so thankful that He doesn’t walk away from us, He’s always there waiting. I got away from the church and my daily reading. I can’t really explain why, but Jesus knows why.I got to the point of not wanting to live anymore. I would wake up every day and pled with Him to let me die for a long long time. I had no joy in my life at all, I had to listen to this person( that don’t believe or I would of got kicked out with no friends in this area.But God is So faithful, I finally got away and now I read and pray every day, I once again have the joy of life. He also gave me the ability to minimize some verses most likely the ones I need. God bless all of you that does His work. I do come here for my daily reading as I haven’t been able to get mine bible back. I’m so grateful for God always looking out for me;Bless you God for loving me first!

  4. It truly is a spiritual food that we need daily that nourish our spiritual growth and maturity. The Word is why we exist and to live is truly a spiritual blessings from Heaven. Thanks be to the Lord Almighty.

  5. Chris Bradley in my quest into the scripture, this message you just layed here is the most powerful, fruitful revelation and treasure for any God fearing man or woman to know and follow for victory over the devil.

    Thanks and many thanks.

  6. this is wonderful am blessed by the massage. I can say I have found the answer I was looking for please keep it up and continue to minister in the same way thank you and God bless you..

    • I am so happy right now for this message I have read. I have read that verse I didn’t really understand it, now you made me to understand through the power of the holy spirit. Thank you so much, God bless you.

      • Maka
        It’s a joy to know that I’m not the only one to feel this way
        My God peace and blessings be upon you forever

  7. Thanks a lot for the sharing of this message, well explained and understood. We do need to strengthen the inner man and in order to do so we need that spiritual food, not bread alone

  8. Thank you, so much on this message. I have a better understanding on man shall not live on bread alone. but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Meaning, I have to always feed the spiritual man, and recognize the spiritual man. The spiritual man ,have to be fed as well. I will
    continually to study on this message. Because I want to remind myself ,that the spiritual man have to be fed daily. Matthew chapter 4 ,verse 4, Will be explained to my children and family. God bless you ,and your family.

  9. It’s true that the spiritman needs to be fed oftenly lest it gets weak or even goes off, and thereby causing termination to a good relationship and communication between man & God. thanks for the message, keep on doing this. God bless you.

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