Star Falling From Heaven: History of Satan

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An Introduction to the History of Satan

Satan is mentioned in numerous passages in Scripture (this is virtually uncontested), but few know exactly who Satan is or his history (his origin, his beginning). Sure, many Christians have heard the legendary story about Satan’s beginning, but few have truly turned to Scripture to examine the legend to see if it holds up to the scrutiny of Scripture.

Scripture provides more information as we dig deeper into it, and the New Testament brings more revelation than what we understand in the Old Testament (Genesis gives some details but Revelation fleshes out some details we didn’t understand when reading Genesis). So, this study will seem a bit odd because instead of starting with the first book of the Bible, Genesis, we will start with the last book of the Bible, Revelation.

The reason we’re starting at the end of the Bible instead of the beginning is because the events of Genesis as they pertain to the history of Satan only make sense if we examine Revelation first. It will become apparent that Revelation is the best place to start once we dig deeper into it. At the same time, the history of Satan works similarly to the history of any person or being: there is a beginning, a start, the middle (what has been going on in the present and recent times) and the end, for there will be an end to history as we know it. Satan has an end as well, and we will examine Satan’s end as part of his history.

With that said, let’s get started with Part 1, Star Falling From Heaven: Satan as Dragon and Angel.

Keep in mind that all passages will be quoted from the New American Standard Bible (NASB) unless otherwise stated.


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  1. lam beginning to love your approach of starting the history of Satan from New Testament. Praise God!Ayeni

  2. Thank you for sharing.. We should never be destroyed for lack of knowledge.. and must know our enemy.. Put on the whole armor of God to defeat him..

    God Bless

  3. about satan is very helpful. I see people who do blame God when death happens a lady where I live lost her daughter 38 yrs old with 2 children to colon cancer. and she her mother is still blaming God.I lost my son 57 3 yrs ago, he was driving and hit a brick wall head on. after it was over the ifs started. I thought am I going to go the rest of my life with the ifs, when I remembered what a minister had said on tv and I said God I am giving him to you he is in your family now and when I said that I felt a lightness in my chest that I never felt before. and I knew that he was with God I never cried a tear or grieved after that because I knew and I say my son I know you are with God and in his Family now.

    • Jay
      September 15,2019
      I am thankful for the time you have put into this study. I am experiencing this spirit in a male at my church. When he started coming
      He appeared to be overly friendly. too too
      Hugging the ladies asking personal information. I felt this was something to watch
      I became reserved with his conduct and he moved on thru the congregation with other females. His wife acted unconcern, but I always keep a distance.
      I strongly believe my pastor does not know
      How to deal with this person. He says God has called him. He is in the pulpit he prays over the Bible class. He is aware of my distance.
      Thanks Again
      Leader should study spiritual warfare!!!

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