The Dangers Of Hypnotism

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Awhile back ago, I told a friend l this story. It bears repeating because there are many Christians who are not aware of the dangers of engaging in this practice. This all took place about 8 years ago.

One of my typists by the name of Georgia started working with me about 8 years ago. She is a very Spirit-filled, godly, Christian woman. She had one vice that she was trying to get rid of and that vice was smoking.

A year before we had met and started working together, she had gone to a hypnotist one time to try and help her quit smoking.

She was warned by her own mother and a few of her close friends not to do this, as they did not think that God would approve of her doing this.

She went against both the advice of her friends and her own gut feeling not to do this and went for just the one visit.

The hypnotist put her “under” in the one session they had. When she got out and went home that night, she found herself starting to lose her memory ability.

In other words, she was starting to lose her ability to retain and remember things – both short term and long term. Within just a couple of days, she literally lost 50% of her ability to remember things. She could not retain and remember things the way she used to.

This loss with her memory ability stayed with her for one solid year before she came to work for me and told me about it. She was already working another part time job when she started working with me part time. She was afraid that she was going to get fired on her other part time job because her memory for detail that she needed on this other job was so bad.

I then explained to her that under no circumstances are Christians ever to blank their minds out in order for someone else to be able to plant suggestions in their own minds – even if those suggestions are positive types of suggestions.

This also applies for techniques such as transcendental meditation where you are told to try and blank your mind out and keep reciting mantras, which are basic one and two syllable words.

The goal of these techniques is supposed to help you find inner peace and relaxation – but they are major door openers to the dark side and demons can come in on you if you try to engage in these types of meditation techniques.

The Holy Spirit works with an active mind, not a passive one. When the Bible says to meditate on God’s word, it means to think about, to chew on, to try and figure out what the different Scripture verses mean.

It does not mean to totally blank your mind out waiting for illumination from God. God works best when you are in an active and seeking mode with Him, not when you are in a passive, robotic, zombie-like state.

The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. One of the ways that He will do this is by guiding your thoughts into what the correct answers are as you are trying to figure something out. He will also communicate to you through the inner knowing.

But these inner knowings will either come in on you while you are thinking about what you are trying to figure out, or while you may be thinking about something else entirely different.

The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 10:5 that we are to bring every thought into captivity to the obedience of Jesus. This means that we are directly responsible for what we choose to think about and dwell on.

This right does not belong to anyone else, including any hypnotist who may want to plant their thoughts and suggestions into your mind.

As she was telling me the story, I was tapping in to see what the Holy Spirit would give me. I immediately picked up from Him that a demon had come in on her and had attached himself to that part of the brain that had to do with her memory abilities. The demon was not on the inside of her.

She was already Spirit-filled and the Holy Spirit had protected her from allowing the demon to get in on the inside of her. The demon was basically resting on her shoulder so to speak. I picked up exactly what she was supposed to do to get the demon off her and have her memory ability fully restored.

The other reason that I knew it was a demon on her was that no one all of a sudden loses 50% of their memory ability within 24 hours.

There is no physical or chemical damage that could have occurred to her brain during the hypnotism session that could have caused something like this to occur so quickly – so the only other logical explanation to explain this rapid of a memory loss in such a short period of time was that it had to be demonic.

Here is what I told her she would have to do in order to get God to fully restore her memory abilities back to her:

  1. She had to go before God the Father in prayer and confess this activity as a sin and ask for His forgiveness.
  2. She then had to renounce this sin and activity before God the Father. She had to tell God that she would never do it again. Whenever you engage in something that draws demons in on you such as this type of activity, you have to both confess and renounce it before God. Confess it as a sin, and then renounce it by telling God that you will never, ever go back to this type of activity again.
  3. Once the above 2 steps have been done, you have then taken away the legal right for that demon to be able stay attached to her. At this point, you have to verbally speak out loud to the demon and tell him that he now has to leave you and that he no longer has any more legal right to stay attached to you since the sin has now been fully confessed and fully renounced before God the Father.

I then gave her the following battle command on engaging with the demon after she had already confessed and renounced this sin before God the Father.

The Battle Command

“I am now speaking to any and all demons who may have become attached to me as a result of my involvement in hypnotism. I have now fully confessed this activity as a sin before my God the Father.

I have now fully renounced this sin before my God and I will never, ever do it again. Demons, you no longer have any legal right to stay attached to me.

Demons, I now command you, in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to leave me now – and to never, ever come back on me again!

I repeat, each and everyone of you is to leave me right now in the name of Jesus Christ and you are to never, ever come back on me again!

I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against any and all demons who have become attached to me over this last year as a result of my involvement in hypnotism. Go now, in the name of Jesus Christ! I repeat, go now in the name of Jesus Christ!”


This was the basic gist of the battle command. She did it before she went to bed that night. When she got up the next day, she started to notice an immediate return of her memory.

However, her memory ability did not return all at once. It improved little by little on a daily basis over a period of two months. After two months, she had regained all of her memory ability back!

This is what you call a progressive type healing as versus a sudden and quick type of healing. God could have given her an immediate healing of her memory loss, but I think He took the slower and more progressive approach in order to teach her a lesson and to make sure that she would never, ever consider doing it again.

She then told me you really do not realize how important your memory is for everyday living until you actually lose part of it.

And the great thing about this story was that when her memory was fully restored back to her by God, she said her memory is even better now than what it was before she lost it due to going to the hypnotist. God, in His loving mercy, decided to bless her with a little bit better memory ability than what she had before.

I thanked God that He allowed me to have access to her story because it really helped to show me that Christians are not allowed to engage in this type of activity. Her story may be able to help warn others of the risks and dangers associated with hypnotism.

As a postscript to the above story, I recently ran across someone else who got in trouble after being hypnotized several times. She was an artist and she had lost all of her artistic abilities as a result of being hypnotized several times by her then boyfriend.

She had no idea that being hypnotized could have done all of this. I then gave her the above 3-step process to get deliverance from this demonic attack and she too started to gradually get her artistic talents and abilities restored back to her after going through the above 3 step process.


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  1. I’m a Psychiatrist who has led many studies with the National Institutes of Health and I can assure everyone reading this article that the claims here about a person losing his memory due to a hypnotherapy visit can not be true. this sounds to me like a made up story to scare and manipulate people. Hypnotherapy can not erase a persons memory in any way, it’s simply impossible. This is fake story to scare people. Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool for self-help.

    • You missed the entire point of this article. He didn’t say the hypnosis caused loss of memory but a demon.

      • I saw a hypnotist show last night and I am telling you, it was not good. These people did things that were immoral while hypnotised. It was against their nature. And a few had their eyes rolling around as if possessed. Really, just don’t do it. It wasn’t good.

        • You have walked on dangerous ground my friend. I suspect that by going to watch a show gives credence to the idea that it is ok. Perhaps you need to do as in the article- just in case.

    • I completely disagree with Dr. Mercers comments regarding the article. I was also hypnotized several years ago to help me quit smoking. I have asked myself many times what was wrong with me because I can’t seem to remember anything. Friends are constantly talking about things that we have done in the past and I don’t remember a lot of the stories they tell me.
      I also have several other things that occur in my life that I couldn’t explain that started occurring after I was hypnotized. I become very angry over the smallest problems sometimes to the point of exploding on someone. I have tried for a long time to figure out what my problem was and I could never figure out what had occurred in my life to make me act this way now. I used to be very happy and nothing bothered me, now I think everything bothers me and I can only attribute it to the time I was hypnotized.

    • Good Doctor. I’am in the great army of God.. I telling you the truth the demons are real more than you image.. The first task of the demon is to control your mind.. And when your mind is in control your body follows.. The main task of the demonic kingdom is to kill,steal and destroy…. The main reason why they do hypnosis is they want to make first blood to win the battle.. I am telling you the Truth behind bars.. The world know the name of Lord Jesus..

  2. I was victim of black magic in 2013 some one did black magic and demonic possession to me and I was possessed and I was a student and without knowing iti gone to soul transfer healer to remove demon and it is a big sin in God eyes of yeshusa and he removed demon which I was possessed but my body is still is controlled by soul transfer healer and I get sexual thoughts and images in my mind more when I sleep in bed and I am hindhuism past i accepted Jesus Christ as my savior fullyin 2016after accept Lord Jesus and there are too much temptations to me and there are financial block ,good luck block ,no Girl friends,my body becoming week dayby day and there is no luck in Job and many people has negative attitude towards me even through I am Good boy I hope some one plzz pray me that I would get healed fully by Jesus Christ get removed by soul controller …:(

  3. I honestly have been considering hypnosis and tried to schedule an appointment which the hypnotist cancelled twice. I don’t know what else to do. I go to “Christians” and they tell me pray read your Bible and go home. They don’t truly care. They are too busy and nobody is willing to help me it seems. I went to a healing ceremony and a lady I was talking to an assistant went to tell the healer to talk to me and she said she would not it was closed meanwhile she was performing on others. I am almost eighteen and my whole life I have had one mental illness after another. The worst thing that happened to me is severe OCD. I have vague memories of it since I was little. It started as obsession with always getting the last word and revenge. Eventually it became exaggerated over crumbs saliva touching certain words etc. I got OCD on specific people. Especially my younger brother. I cannot live in my house. It has become a severe addiction that I can’t seem to stop. Awhile ago it got just a bit better and then it came back full force. I have tried everything. Medications hospitals therapists and counselors homeopathic medicine over 15 pscych medicine praying for years screaming begging good till my mouth bled. I don’t understand. Is this demons? I have tried to cast them out since no one else wants to. Nothing. Maybe I should get surgery. It’s so much pain nobody understands how much I want to die and tried and keep failing. Can somebody please pray for me? Is there anything I can do spiritually? Sometimes I think once I turn 18 in a month I will run to the wilderness and fast until I die begging God as at least then my death wouldn’t be a sin. I can’t tell if there is bondage or something.

    • I pray that you would get healing and deliverance.

      What i see in our ministry is that other churches dont have time to help those in emotional need.

      I am currently studying emotional inner healing and deliverance. A one year course that deals with your inner healing. In the past 6 months i have seen God throught the holy spirit change my inner being. This is where the healing happens.

      First we start with the bloodlines. Cutting lose soul, blood, spirit ties between out ancestors after we repent any sin they may have done that offended God. See God will visit until the 3rd and 4th generation. If your ancestors died with sin. That sin could now be on you.

      Second we go into the mothers womb. We Ask the Holy spirit to reveal. A baby that experienced Trauma, rejection in the mothers womb can be a big root that can cause rejection fear etc. Example my father wanted me to be a girl because i have 2 other brothers. For many years i could not understand the rejection but the holy spirit revealed that rejection i felt in my mothers womb. I then had to cut myself loose from that rejection.

      3rd forgiveness and repentance is key to healing. Take an example: a person with road rage. One actual root is unfairness he / she experienced by being bullied. And made a vow that i will never let anyone bully me again. When a person drives in front of you the actual trigger is caused with unfairness. The vow kicks in. So the goal is to see if you have people that we need to forgive. Vows we made to cope needs to be broken. It is a process but i can give you very good material to be delivered and emotionally healed.

      For example: take the top 10 richest people in the world. Give all their money to the poor. In one year those 10% will have it back. Our mindsets needs to change.

      All the trauma, fear, rejection, rebellion we went through we need to take out.

      God bless and trust. I believe God came to bring deliverance and to set the captives free.

    • Marcella, are you still there? God loves you. I know you have probably heard that alot. But God loves YOU. My daughter is fighting a fight much like yours. I never thought I would find that anyone is dealing with anything remotely close to her struggles. Not so much OCD but 24 hour anxiety and panic for years. I do not want her to lose faith. I do not want you to lose faith. Keep searching the Bible and ask God for what you are to do next. Don’t stop asking God. Use Jesus’ name in your prayers, demons hate it because they know he is King and will win your battle.

    • Hellow… sure this is demon playing with you…don’t give up and no use of prayers when you don’t have faith in the blood of jesus ..he died for u and and he paid your price ..u have to belive this strongly … more than prayers you have to surrender your life to jesus…and you have to be faithful to god… once holy spirit start working in your life no enemy can touch u … u need faith marcella… read bible but ask wisdom to holy spirit to understand god words… and spend more and more time with god he has power and authority to heal you..don’t think that u will die or anything..jesus died on the cross for you and now we dont need to die … he gaves eternal life… just increase faith… faith is not that what u feel or what is the situation… faith is the based on truth… and truth is only jesus ..what he did on the cross is the truth… attend regular beliver church ..there many false preacher be aware about that find good one ask to holy spirit to lead for this… and i m sure that god will lead you.. you will testify soon… your story will change from today .. you will never be the same .. your days of darkness is over man of god I declair this word upon your life….

    • Marcella. I am so sorry to hear what you have been through and the rejection you have faced. When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, the demons will flee! A healer is not what you need…but someone with a healing ministry who lays hands upon the sick in the name of Jesus. Perhaps these “healers” you have seen before were not filled with the Holy Spirit themselves or were afraid of casting out demons. You need to find someone who is not afraid…someone like John Mellor. Look him up online and find out when he will next be in your area…or better yet go to wherever he is or find out who in your area has the same ministry. They MUST however be healing in the name of Jesus. I pray that you receive the deliverance you are so desperate for.

    • Im 50 sweetie and even tho our pain is different ….Its still pain. I have chronic depression and chronic physical pain. I get fired at every job I work at. Usually its two to six weeks. My bf has anger problems and ive dealt with abuse my whole life since a child. Ive been on medicine for depression, went to worldly counselors and two church counselors who gave up on me. I have done drugs and alcohol…makes depression worse. I’ve been with the holy spirit….i do spiritual battles constantly every day. So i know exactly how you feel. That’s what im trying to say. I wish i could lay hands on you and heal you. I would do that over healing myself. Your too young and i don’t want you to have to live a horrid life like i have. God be with you and in the mighty name of Jesus i bind the spirit that torments you!

    • Yes i am praying for you. You are stronger than you know.

    • I will pray for you. I understand that some people have not been healed or received deliverance but it is true that Jesus Christ alone can fully and permanently heal someone of their illnesses in this way. The one piece of advice missing is that you should receive the Sacrament of Confession and if necessary, an exorcist to help you. Yes, fasting and prayer is important too and, in combination with the above, a powerful weapon. Surrender completely to the Love of God in Jesus Christ.

    • Marcella,
      I am a Christian who after much study became a Certified Hypnotherapist. While it is true that Post-hypnotic suggestions can be given, “All hypnosis is self hypnosis”. As with any therapist you must discern the reputability of the practitioner. There are immoral doctors, dentists, counselors, etc. and hypnosis is no different.

      • Thank you so much for your comment! This article seems a little “out there” to me, despite my Christian background. My autistic teenage son (high functioning) told me yesterday that he was talking earnestly to God about his problems and how to fix them when suddenly he couldn’t stop thinking about hypnosis seemingly out of nowhere. Later, I was watching a TV episode and the backdrop of the episode was very centered around hypnosis, and I couldn’t help but feel as though perhaps God was giving us an option. My son has a vast array of pervasive behaviors from aggression to binge eating to anxiety and PTSD from being molested by another child in a psych hospital when he was only six to now highly sexualized thoughts and behaviors to task refusal and avoidance of necessary things such as schoolwork and participation at school. There are just so, so many problems. He’s been medicated since he was four with regular psychiatry appointments, had two in-patient psychiatric hospitalizations, behavioral services in the home since he was four, therapy with a psychologist and our pastor a bit, and goes to a private school. I am running out of options. At this point, feeling like God might be guiding us by presenting this possibility, I began looking at nearby providers and reading reviews. Then, to double-check my belief that God was directing this thought process, I looked up ‘would God condone hypnosis’. Let me assure you that I got mixed results on this answer. Personally, the most logical and factually based article that I read was suggesting that it is a viable tool that should be used with great caution in regards to the provider and their level of training and their respect for your beliefs and your level of trust in regards to them. This article however, was very negativistic with no genuine knowledge or showing of both sides, and frankly, sounded (as previously stated) more than a little bit “out there”. Do I believe that Satan could use this un-guarding of your mind negatively if you’re not careful? Of course I do; he is manipulative and evil. But do I also believe that we, through hypnosis, could possibly open our minds further to the influence and healing that the Holy Spirit offers us? Absolutely. Prayer, itself, I believe to be a form of meditation to become more attuned to God. Why, if you struggle with this, would it not be considered reasonable or acceptable to have (appropriate) help and guidance to reach this level of connection? As a Christian, I believe that the Holy Spirit convicts people of sin individually, on a case-by-case basis. So, if you feel strongly against hypnosis, perhaps you are somehow more vulnerable to Satan’s influence under hypnosis and should therefore avoid it. In that case, I strongly advise you not to undergo hypnosis. However, if you do not feel at all convicted of the Holy Spirit about hypnosis, I don’t feel that you should be scolded for treating it as a viable option. I, myself, feel strongly convicted that the Holy Spirit is trying to give me a glimmer of hope for my very lost child in a situation that doesn’t generally leave a lot of room for hope in cases such as his. I will always hope in God and my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. However, many times He requires a step of faith, a move in the direction He is telling us to take. And I’m sorry if I offend anyone here, but I’ll take my chances being led by the Holy Spirit with conviction over your condemnation any day. The Holy Spirit leads with conviction. The enemy leads us astray with condemnation. And honestly, this man’s very specific wording and direction in “focusing” these so-called prayers seem more suggestively hypnotic and misleading than to search for a reliable Christian hypnotherapist. We see doctors and take pharmaceuticals ALL THE TIME without most laypeople having any real concept of the ramifications that antipsychotic medications have on the brain and the way it functions. Personally, I feel this is probably much safer as long as you’re well-informed and seek an appropriate provider. That all being said, I wish I knew how and where to find a well-trained Christian hypnotherapist who also held a psychology degree… Perhaps the Holy Spirit will intercede for me in this regard as well.

        • I do not believe God would suggest hypnosis. If u are seeing it on tv or backdrops everywhere then that is Satan because right now he rules the earth, look around! Jesus defeated him on the cross and he wants every soul possible. Hypnoses destroyed my friend and now it’s too late because she will not even think of God. Don’t do it please!

    • you have the power in christ jesus to heal yourself this was truly made clear to me at the church i went to i was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees the church everyone raise your hands to jesus and ask for the healing you they said it is your belief that jesus has healed you that will set you free dont wait till you feel something claim your healing and believe no matter what you feel at first i was like this isnt gona work then i thought to myself im am a child of the .ost high god and i believe jesus is right here right now and it is not his will i suffer i totally believed he had healed me thats was 2 years ago arthritis gone.
      If you have accepted Jesus in to your life it 8s your faith in him and you speak that heals you.
      At the same church I had a friend who was born with a twisted spine he was in his 50s and had always walked with crutches he also had a son who was autistic wen i seen him at that church he no longer had a twisted spine and his son was no longer autistic i asked how that happened he had done the same thing i did and he and his son were healed

    • I think figuring out what is in your life right now would help you. First, what is a part of your regular diet? Second, what kind of routine are you following? And Third, how often are you exercising as your body needs?

      Just as there are emotional mental problems and solutions, there are influences in the simplest things of your life and every action you take to the rate of how well you yourself function fully.

      There is a reason people back in the day did not move around by easier means. There is a reason why they didn’t farm their entire plots of land. There is a reason why the first peoples of each area learned to live off of what was around them as they went from place to place.
      Such problems as the heavy dead struggling sludge that we have let our bodies become nowadays, is due to not taking responsibility for our own health. As the Bible says in some verse, “…I beat my body into submission…”
      Or something like that…

      Anyway, begin by trying to look at what is around you right now where you are, even if it’s so obvious and not something you would normally think about so seriously.

      For example, I find myself having it tough when doing my chores and being on time or earlier. That in turn causing me unneeded stresses that do not help me, and it being rooted to the fact of my not having a good set routine that I follow. (which I am working on, by the way)

      Another example: Whenever someone eats junk food like candy chips sodas whatnot, they feel their throat and mouth collect a bad taste, right? Thus, they eat more soas to chase that feeling away while trying to enjoy bliss, such food not feeding their bodies what it needs. And with such foods containing so many chemicals, it’s no wonder that their skin breaks out and their teeth get cavities. Because such foods that contain chemicals, preservatives, sugars, flours, dairies… you get the picture. It all comes back to bite you in the but.

      My mother has taken herself off of these types of food group categories, and she literally can feel her body getting lighter and easier and better in health for both her body and her mind.

      Plus, when we don’t let ourselves work out exercise and sweat and burn our bodies out, and not do such refining of what’s in our bodies, the body itself will literally begin to have muscle degeneration due to neglect…

      Forgive this choppy reply to your post, as it is the middle of the night where I am right now, and thus I am making incoherent thoughts that have slight pauses in between them while I formulate them into “thought solidity”…

      I hope and pray for your recovery.
      If you would like to talk again with me further on such details, please go right ahead.


      Julianna May

  4. Thank you for this article.. I went to a “hypnotherapist” when I was in my 20’s (I’m now 55) before I was a Christian (can’t fully remember why I went now – possibly for confidence issues) and I recalled a painful memory from when I was a 4 year old. The “therapist” recognised the trauma I was experiencing and encouraged me to override the painful memory with a positive one but I didn’t have a positive one to override it with. I always felt this was unfinished business and rather than gaining confidence I lost even more and found it difficult to trust others and myself. Having also experienced bouts of anxiety and panic attacks throughout my life I strongly believe now that the root of my problems stems from this hypnosis and has enabled demonic activity to attach itself to me. When I gave my life to Jesus 30 years ago I knew he had called me to minister to people in the area of mental health. I have studied psychology and counselling and know how the subconscious part of us is a God given sacred place that is not meant to be tampered with and is in place for our protection and only when God directs it for His purposes should those memories ever be brought to our conscious awareness. Well for me yesterday – Sun 23rd Sept 2018 – (35 years after the event) was the day God highlighted this sin as the root of my problems and has shown me it needs to be dealt with once and for all. So after writing this message I will be confessing and renouncing and casting out the demons that have controlled me … praise Jesus.
    Please let this serve as a warning don’t dabble in things that you don’t understand and don’t let the devil get a foothold in your mind because you could end up like me being a prisoner to mental ill health for the next 35 years.
    And if you have experienced hypnosis in any form then know that you can do something about it. As you hold onto hope know that God loves you and has put all things in place for your protection not to harm you but to set you free.
    It is the liar and the accuser who entices us and tries to lure us into his web of lies because his only motive is to rob, kill and destroy. He robs us of health, joy, confidence, peace etc, he kills our hope and destroys our relationships.
    BUT GOD HAS THE VICTORY the enemy is DEFEATED and he knows it.

  5. This is a surprisingly shortsighted view of hypnosis. In hypnosis, the subject remains aware and can choose to awake from hypnosis at any time. Second, I don’t believe that demons can attach themselves to believers in the way that you suggest, not do I see any indication that hypnosis leaves one spiritually vulnerable. If you provided Verses proving that hypnosis was a sin or that show that it requires the relinquishment of spiritual control, then I would agree, but I see no such evidence here.

    • I agree with you. I feel God has blessed us with all types of therapists. Hypnotherapy done right can be very helpful. It’s not like you’re going to a terot card reader or something. It’s tapping into your subconscious and helping you determine what’s rational and irrational. I’m sorry but I find this article a bit out there. EMDR therapy, CBT therapy all are a blessing from God. He can use anything to help us through our prayers. It’s not a sin or you don’t have to feel guilty going to therapy. Christ lives in us if you are born again. You can not be demon possessed. God is good!

    • Kevin, I agree with you! Unfortunately, lots of people have a misguided Christian perspective… Hypnosis is a natural state of human mind… and God created us in His image! Have you ever daydreamed? That is an example of when you were in a form of hypnosis when that occurred. Many people don’t realize that when they attend church, they are in differing levels of hypnosis throughout the service. Can you think of a movie you enjoyed so much that you actually felt like you were there, in that movie? How you felt once you realized you had been drawn into the story? If you ever experienced it, then, matter of fact, you had actually been hypnotized. Did you ever pay attention the way people are acting as they exit movie theaters? When coming out of a comedy movie, they are laughing and smiling… When exiting a horror movie, their all are nervous, stressed out and jumpy… It is because our subconscious mind doesn’t understand the difference between reality and imagination as they hold the same value.

      Opponents of hypnosis turn to Deuteronomy 18:9-13. As the Israelites are entering into the Promised Land God gives them a warning not to enter into the practices in the pagan lands ahead. God said: “let there be found no wanted sacrifices his child in the fire; stay away from those who practice divination and sorcery, engaging witchcraft; cast spells… Opponents focus on the Hebrew term “cast spells” as being the same as hypnosis. Their interpretation is really a stretch. Roman Catholics, the Anglican Church and Lutherans actively support and utilize hypnosis in helping people. On the other hand, the Church of Christ, the Seventh-day Adventists, the evangelical church, fundamentalists and charismatics tend to preach and teach against it. Most churches and groups are in the middle where hypnosis is really not an issue.

      Hypnosis can tap the resources within us to help heal our hurts, cure unwanted or unhealthy behaviors and enhance our well-being. It can give a person the power to use what he or she already possesses, but has not been able to access or control. During hypnosis many people gain control over bad habits, fears, phobias, and anxiety— just to mention a few areas. Hypnosis is all about intense focus which removes distractions, we may use it as a tool for Christian meditation which is helpful in allowing us to experience the person and character of Christ. Did you read book “Experiencing The Depths Of Jesus Christ,” by a 15th century, fourteen-year-old French girl named Madam Guyon? Catholic Leaders of her time demanded that she recant the teachings of the book because her basic premise was that anyone, at any time, could come into contact with the living God. She teaches us how to quiet our minds and move into deep meditation focusing on a Bible story, event, person, verse or phrase. What she’s really doing is teaching us how we can experience Christ through the art of deep meditation, or what might be described as self-hypnosis.

      I am a Christian and in the process of receiving a certification in hypnosis… First and most important thing is to get a proper diagnosis, if needed, before proceeding with hypnosis… For example, if you want hypnosis practitioner to help you with pain, it has to be diagnosed. Second, the hypnosis practitioner must be appropriately trained and is someone who you trust. I believe it is important to make sure that the hypnosis practitioner’s character and values line up with yours. In this regard, if I am a Christian, I would certainly opt more towards a Christian therapist. However, just because someone is a Christian does not mean that they are best to the exclusion of all others. In other words, a well-trained and experienced non-Christian therapist might be much more effective than a poor-quality-Christian therapist.

  6. Thank you for making this. I was listening to subliminal videos with binaural beats and frequencies. I felt very negative last Saturday morning and felt it was due to these videos. I had not changed anything else in my life. I did as you mentioned in this message
    I am erasing all my subliminal videos now. I hope to have a better life through reading the Bible. in Jesus name Amen.

    • I tried subliminal messaging and I noticed within two days I was more confident and happy. it helped me. if it helps me why wouldn’t it you. listen o it again for a week and I gaurtee your negativity will go away. this lady probably thinks rock music is demonic has well. is science wrong just because it’s not biblical?

  7. A hypnotist can’t plant an idea in your head if you didn’t want to. They just heighten your desire to achieve something like lose weight or quit smoking. Hypnotists work to help people like psychiatrists. There is nothing evil or anti-God about it if they treat patients with good intention. Going to church is for the mind, like going to the gym is for the body, but if there is an assistant like a church minister(or body trainer in the gym) you get a better result, and it’s more effective if you also have a nutritionist to help with your foods, this is where the hypnotist comes in. Hypnotic is a compliment to a mental treatment, not a 1,2,3 fix it. Just chill!

    • I researched this on YouTube. Credit to Human Givens.
      Modern myths about hypnosis:
      Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation and concentration with a heightened awareness induced by suggestion.

      Hypnotherapy is safe with no unpleasant side affects.

      You will hear everything being said.

      Hypnosis has nothing to do with sleep, it is just an extremely relaxed state.

      A hypnotist cannot influence you to do anything against your will

      Your own moral code will prevent you from doing anything against your best interests.

      Make sure your info is correct. The idea that you cannot be hypnotized to do something against your will was only tested once by the mythbusters. One time is not enough to confirm that myth. Hypnosis is not what it seems.

  8. I had to leave one more comment here on this. Why am I leaving so many today? Well, because I believe very strongly in the dangers of Hypnosis.

    I have done quite a bit of research on it, written several articles, and even preached more than a few sermons on it.

    The subconscience is something we know very little about. I believe that the subconscience is the door to the spiritual realm. For now, this door is intended to be closed. God closed it himself, probably in the Garden when Adam and Eve sinned and were thrown out.

    Hypnosis opens this door and allows it to be manipulated. Weather that manipulation is done by the Hypnotherapist, or the person being that undergoing the hypnosis, is a matter of speculation and in my opinion, irrelevant.

    Any opening of this door through hypnotism, tarot cards, zodiac signs, mediums, Readings, physics, and any of the other forms is sin.

    Just a few scriptures on this for you reading pleasure.

    Galatians 5:22-23
    Romans 6:16-23
    1 Corinthians 6:9-12
    James 4:6-7
    1 Peter 5:8
    Hebrews 12:2
    Romans 7:18
    Romans 8:2

    These scriptures basically say that we are to only allow God control of us, not any man or woman including ourselves.
    Also to not let sin to be a part of your life.

    Finally, hypnotism is promoted as a way to re-shape, or change things in your life that you dont like, or dont want. Weight loss has been a big selling point lately. Also there are others like giving up smoking and other bad habits in your life.

    Hypnotism is a quick fix. A magic pill if you will. Among the other things that I have done and studied in my life is weight loss. Lots of people that want to loose weight and say they cant do it, so they look for a “Magic Pill” to do it for them.

    Most, if not all, (around 90% or more depending on who you get your statics from) that lose weight this way will gain it back, and often it comes back with a vengeance.

    The reason is simple. If weight was lost this way, it was too easy. The person that took the magic pill did not have to change their lifestyle or do any work to get that weight off. Once they stop taking the pills, since they have not done anything to change their eating habits, or their lifestyle, all the weight comes back. Usually they not only gain all they had lost back, but they gain even more.

    Its like Matthew 12:43-45. An impure spirit, in this case gluttony, comes out of a person. But since no work was done, no lifestyle change was done, and therefore nothing was put in the spirits place, the spirit comes right back and brings friends.

    Hypnotherapy is also a Magic Pill. Or at least we think it is.

    • If you’re struggling with weight loss, read this.

      There is a simple explanation why hypnotism doesn’t work with weight loss over the long-term. It’s the same reason that most diets end up failing. Dr. Joel Wallach identified the problem with his patients and called it, “feedlot syndrome.”

      In the cattle industry, if you want to fatten up a cow you give it food that’s high in calories but deficient in an essential amino acid (essential here means that you can only get it from diet, the body cannot produce it). This tricks the cows into thinking they’re always hungry and they’ll eat non-stop.

      Ironically, fat people are slowly starving to death. Not of calories, but of nutrition. The body has a God-given wisdom of it’s own and when it’s lacking a vital nutrient it gives you signals called cravings. Well, you eat food that’s nutritionally void and you get the calories but not the vitamins, minerals, EFA’s, etc that your body needs and so the cravings continue. The cure? Find out (via your Doc) what vitamins, minerals (there are 91 essential minerals!), essential fatty acids you’re lacking in your diet, and supplement. If your doctor says you don’t need to supplement or take vitamins, then find a better Doctor because he’s not informed. It takes a long time (usually a year of eating right) but once you get nutrified, you’ll feel better and start to return to your natural healthy body weight without all the cravings.

      Now if you’re actually addicted to food, then you could have a spiritual problem as well. God does not want you to be in bondage and afflicted. He sent Jesus to rescue us from such things. When the Apostles couldn’t help a certain person, Jesus said, “But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting.” (Matthew 17:21).

      Let me explain. When I was addicted to cigarettes, I fasted one day and prayed for the spirit of addiction to be removed from me. I haven’t had a cigarette OR a craving for cigarettes since that fast. I strongly believe you can do the same thing for food addictions. Follow Jesus’ advice, ask for God’s help and start a fast (it doesn’t have to be more than a couple meals), give fast offerings (what you would have spent on the food for those 2 or 3 meals, give to the poor) and ask God to remove the addiction from you. I hope that you too can have a miracle in your life!
      With Love,

      • The VERY BEST comment about hypnosis and addiction – thank you for sharing!

    • Hypnotherapy isn’t leaving your mind open, under hypnosis people remain aware and choose to accept or deny any suggestions given, although sometimes you don’t remember what happened. You’re aware the whole time, it’s not handing the steering wheel over to someone else.

      • Kevin agree 100%. Many people do not know what hypnosis is… In spiritual warfare it’s important to remember that every area of our lives not under the direct care and influence of the Holy Spirit is open to control by a demonic spirit. Notice the difference between control and influence. God intends for us to be free to make our own decisions. He will never take control of our minds. He influences us by the Spirit who lives within us. On the other hand, Satan desires to take control of our minds. That’s why Paul warns us to take every thought captive: “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ” (2 Corinthians 10:5). Paul says that we must be careful to guard what goes into our minds lest we open up an unprotected area where Satan can gain control. Then the question is, “Can hypnosis open my mind in any way that might allow Satan to get control of my thinking?” Unexpectedly for many people, the truth is that during hypnosis we often have more control over our minds than ever before. Just because we may be more susceptible to suggestions in no way means that we lose control of our minds and do things that we never intended to do.

    • But the verses you listed don’t mean automatically mean that hypnosis is a sin if they don’t call it out by name. One must prove that something really does cause a loss of control, and THEN said something can be denounced as a sin in accordance to those verses.

      One of the things I’ve read about hypnosis is that as we drift off to sleep each night, our minds briefly slip into a state that is very similar – if not identical – to a hypnotic trance. God would have created the human mind with an awfully big liability if hypnosis does allow demons to influence us. If that were the case, demons could wait by a person’s bedside and pounce at just the right moment – no deliberate hypnotic induction needed.

      I understand that hypnosis can be and is used for sinful “spiritual” purposes. But God’s the one who create the human mind with the capacity to have it’s subconscious part accessed. The fact that occultists are apparently the ones who figured out how to harness that ability doesn’t make it sinful. If it does, well, then we can be thankful Nikola Tesla wasn’t a Satanist – otherwise, it would be a sin for industries to use induction motors despite the fact that God Himself created the electrons and laws of magnetism that make induction motors possible. At that point we could only hope that the people who invented shaft-powered machines that run on steam didn’t practice any sinful lifestyles like that.

  9. You know, I have been a student of people all my life. Why we do certain things and dont do certain things. I find it very very interesting how some believe some things while others believe others.

    A case in point in Star Wars. In the movie, there are 2 sides. The dark side and the force. Both sides though believe they are on the side is right. Both are willing to defend their side, their point of view and even die for it.

    We see this very same thing play out in real life. Terrorist believe they are right and will die for that believe. Christians and America believe that we are right and will fight and die to that belief.

    It seems to come down to where you were raised and how you were raised. Those that grew up in Muslim families believe that they are correct and will defend it to the death. We do the same with Christianity. I suspect the same is true of people that support Hypnotism and those that oppose it.

    I oppose it based on how I was raised, horror stories I have read from people that have undergone it, and research I have done. There are many many people out there that have had hypnotism done that would seem to have benefited by it. I watched the movie “God is not dead” many times because I like it so very much.

    In the movie, Dean Cain (I think that is the actors name) is not a nice guy at all. In fact, he is down right mean. He goes to meet his mom in the hospital. His mom as Alzheimer’s. He, thinking she cant hear him, says; You are the nicest person I know. You never did a single bad thing all of her life and where did that get you? Now you can remember anything, even who I am.” “I am the meanest person I know. But I have a perfect life full of success and wealth. Explain that to me?”

    His mom comes to conscienceless ans says: “Sometimes the devil allows wealth, fame and what seems to be happiness. He does this because he does not want you to see the real condition of your life and find God. All the while you seem to have a good life, you are really in a jail cell with the door wide open. But you dont want to leave the cell because it is comfortable and seems to give you all your want. Eventually the door is going to close and you will die in your sins”

    I think this applies here. Now I am not going to go as far as to say that going to see a Hypnotherapist will cause you to die in your sins. I wont go that far, as we all have sin in our life that God forgives continually. What I will say is that Hypnotism, just like other things, Hypnotherapy seems to do good things for a time in our lives, even if that time is a lifetime.

    But God tells us in the Word not to do it. Sure its not spelled out by name, but the Word does say in many places that its dangerous and to not go there. There are arguments for Hypnotism that can be supported, but for me, Id rather not take the chance that its a jail cell.

    • Where in the Bible does it say not to be hypnotized? What about Christian hypnotherapists?

  10. Hi all,

    This has become a very interesting thread to be sure. Hypnotism is a very curious practice. It has been around for a long long time. The pendulum of whether is a good practice or a bad one has swung wildly in the past few hundred years.

    For much of history, the Church has held the position that it is dangerous. There are a lot of Christians that still see it as very bad, but there is a growing trend in the Church that its ok and should be practiced.

    The truth is that no one really knows for sure. One way of looking at it would be; If God wanted us to play around with our subconsciousness, he would make this a common thing and give us access to it. Well, he has through the use of Hypnotherapist.

    This argument of; if God had meant us to do this, he would give it to us, is a similar argument to; If God has wanted us to fly, he would have given us wings. A similar argument would be those that think that God will heal them, but refuse to go to the doctor. God gave healing knowledge to doctors, so through them, he has provided healing.

    So to not go to a doctor is silly. Why cant this same logic be applied to Hypnotherapist? Well, it would seem logical except for the nature of Hypnotism and the results of it. One person that responded here made the argument for Hypnotism by saying it’s a natural process that we also get in sleep, with books and other things like this.

    As for sleep, this is something that God created and controls. So if, and I use “If” lightly here because I don’t think it to be the case, sleep is some sort of state of Hypnotism, its God that created it, implemented it and manipulates us through it.

    A hypnotherapist is attempting to delve into the subconsciousness to do things that he or she knows nothing about and rewire the brain in ways that he or she, or the subject thinks it should be rewired. Now, one could argue that the physician is doing the same thing when working on the human body.

    The difference is that human anatomy is childs play compared to the brain and mind. A physician is simply making repairs to the body that he completely understands. Simple things that repair the damage that our fallen world, sin, exposure to chemicals, disease and illicit substances has done.

    Very very little is known about the brain, how it functions, how and why we do the things we do, and what the consequences will be if changes are made to it . Allowing someone to go in and play around with it, or allowing you or I the power to do this, is like letting someone that runs a flower store and knows nothing about your car, do mechanical work on your car.

    That person will go into your car and manipulate things that he or she knows nothing about in the hopes that they will make your car run the way they think it should operate. There are many other arguments to not allow hypnotherapy in your life, but I think this is one of the stronger ones. The others can be argued against depending on your point of view.

  11. I am sure this article was well intended, but it is seriously flawed on accurate information. It reflects the general decades old portrayal of the MYTHICAL Holloywood movie and TV hypnotist. When I see an article like this, I try to run to ground where the author got their information. In most instances, they have never spoken to a professional hypnotist, reviewed the medical science concerning hypnosis, relied on misinterpretation of Leviticus and Deuteronomy trying to say a hypnotist is a medium which is absolutely false, believed the hollywood mythical storyline hypnotist or just believed the words of someone who did the things I just mentioned.
    If hypnosis is a sin, you need to immediately stop sleeping because the moments right before you go to sleep and wake up, you are in a state of natural hypnosis. Yep, and you also, need to give up reading a good book, watching a movie or tv, driving and several more activities as everyone goes in and out of hypnosis at some level naturally all the time. Daydreaming is an hypnotic state.
    As a consulting hypnotist and Christian, I can tell you that a hypnotist cannot make you accept any suggestion you do not want to accept and you will not do anything while in hypnosis that you would not do while not in hypnosis. You will not go against your moral beliefs. While you are in hypnotic awareness, you are fully aware of everything going on around you, in fact more aware than when you are not in hypnosis. Your mind and thoughts are not blank. At any moment during a session a person can get up and leave for any reason if they so choose. A person has to accept or reject every suggestion based on their desire and beliefs.
    The truth is, not everyone is a candidate for hypnosis. Those with mental conditions or who are taking psychotropic medications must be avaluated carefully before proceeding with hypnosis. Based on the short information included in this article, the lady was not a candidate for hypnosis in all probability. In extremely rare cases, a person can have an abnormal reaction to the process. When that happens, an experienced professional hypnotist can neutralize that situation by just saying a few very carefully crafted words to end the reaction.
    What you are probably not aware of, is that most of the major cancer treatment centers and the most recognized medical diagnostic institution in American use the tool hypnosis in thier daily health care programs.
    God created the universe and everything in it. He created in man a subconscious mind which he endowed with incredible abilities of healing among other gifts.
    And finally, BEFORE a person enters hypnosis, the hypnotist and the client are in agreement on what the suggestions are going to be. The CLIENT gives the hypnotist the suggestions he will use during the session.
    A thought just crossed my mind on having a blank mind. The only time that actually does occur is when you are under chemical anesthesia like during surgery. I know we are all biased based on what we have been taught. The information I have put forth here is accurate and true. I hope you will publish my comments.
    Blessings ….. Mike

    • Thank you Mike,
      I am a Christian and a hypnotherapist myself. I appreciate your comments. You are 100% correct. Everyone goes into trance many times per day. It is not a sin.
      While people are in trance watching TV, advertisers use subliminal messages to make people want their products.
      Satan uses subliminal suggestions all the time to draw souls away from God.
      Why can’t we use hypnosis to draw souls closer to God?
      I believe hypnosis could be used to help increase and deepen a soul’s love and devotion for Christ. If hypnosis is used in the service of Christ, then it is good, not evil.
      The first Commandment says to love the Lord thy God with all your heart and soul. Jesus Christ our Lord, tells us to “seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else shall be added unto you.” If a soul truly loves our Lord with all their heart, everything else will fall into place for them.
      Hypnosis is a powerful tool that could help a soul attain this precious, divine goal.

  12. As of today, I am now a believer in Christ. It’s a very new journey for myself, so lot of changes will come. I am also studying Hypnotherapy and was sure on if I would be able to use it and follow Christ, but logic and reason took over. How can it “not” be okay or how is it “unbiblical to practice such therapies. I mean you have people do nothing but watch movies and the news, taking medications, eating tainted foods; basically poisoning their bodies.?.?.? How is that biblical, but to help humanity is unbiblical? I wonder which Jesus/God would recommend, taking medications, depression meds, pain medication, eat poison, stay depressed, etc.. Or take responsibility and action and seek out the better methods? Sure, prayer is very important and powerful. Think about it? It’s a gift from God. I think it’s more unbiblical to go to the freezer aisle in the grocery store, grab a prepackaged diner that contains carcinogens, GMOs because God created plants, veggies and wild life for the benefit of humanity. It’s obvious and common sense to know that fresh food, God’s gift to us has many healing and preventative properties. Again, how can you say that Hypnotherapy is against scriptures while you warm up you cancer causing foods in the microwave to feed yourself and possible your kids? God does want us to take care of ourselves because the body is a temple, right? With that being said, God does leave us responsibilities for self care, am I right or am I wrong? Again… We are told to pray, God is the power of all, the creator of everything.. Just because we are suppose to pray about things does not mean he wants us to sit down and do nothing about it..

    We can pray for peace in our communities, maybe God will work that miracle, maybe God will give us the strength and inspiration to make that change, maybe he wants us to get up and go make that change happen. “Love thy neighbor.” To me that’s showing care, compassion and actually going out to love others, help other and to support others. We can pray all day about “Loving thy neighbor”, but how can we actually love another if we don’t do something?

  13. Solution focused hypnotherapy is not a demonic techique, anyone commanding another person to do something is the one in the wrong I.e. do this battle command cause God told me being passive is wrong?? Sorry I am very confused as I am passive when I prayer, I quiet my mind and prayer for thanks for all that I have, all that I am and am grateful for the health the safety and the contentment of all my family and the people I love.
    There are many types of therapists and it is a shame if any of you reading this have gone to a hypnotherapist who is not properly registered or insured. Contact the national council of hypnotherapist if you feel a therapist has not treated you properly. I am a solution focused hypnotherapist and I want you to know that this means that the client is in control in what they want from the therapy and the therapist guides the client into a relaxed state so that the subconscious part of the mind hears the positive language patterns that is said. This is a more effective and quicker way than our usual method of repeat repeat repeat as in school learning our times tables or picking a pen up and learning to write your name. People making hypnotherapy into something it is not I.e like on t.v or films make it into something that is feared. Don’t misinform people if you have no expertise in the subject. You would not believe how many people have benefited from hypnotherapy, when other means of treatment have failed such as post traumatic disorder, ocd, symptoms of severe depression, panic attacks, stress related skin disorders, high blood pressure, anxiety disorder, IBS and many more. The very first thing we do as solution focused hypnotherapist is explain how the brain works in relation to the symptoms of anxiety, depression, anger and emotional related problems. This is usually a free consultation with a free relaxation CD, which is no different to laying down or chilling out to a nice piece of music. It can be done in your own home. We go into self hypnosis ourselves all the time. I.e when we are engrossed in a good book, even when we are driving and wander how we got to a certain point. Hypnosis is when the mind narrows it’s focus, something we all do.

  14. Wow! I had no idea that hypnotism was so spiritually dangerous. I myself, as a spirit filled Christian, have also used hypnotism, but to help me relax and sleep better at night. I could not figure out why I sometimes fell under demonic attack while asleep. Now I know why and what to do about it. Thanks for sharing your story

  15. Hello,

    I’ve had a traumatic experience with on line hypnotism. It started as my partner had said that I was ashamed of my body since I had gained weight. I found a hypnotism on body confidence and being able to sleep undressed. I thought it was silly at first and then tried more on various subjects.

    I became obsessed with it after a while because I felt so relaxed after the recordings were over. The hypnosis recordings would train you to go deep, very deep. The hypnotist in the recording kept saying to surrender free will and follow doors in a long hall go in and submit to him and be his mindless slave.

    At this time it was like a game and was in my imagination. He placed an imaginary collar on me in the session and said I was his property.

    In one trance he said I would remain in trance even when awake. Sometimes I would think the recordings so ridiculous that I’d stop it and go to the next not really being hypnotized.

    The recording entitled slippery slope was the last session I listened to. It was aggressive and required head phones. It had me go deep into hypnosis and this time i felt very deep in trance. I was to be undressed. I went through a door and he wanted me to push out my conscious mind and let it sleep in the room and go to another room where my submissive personality was kept in my mind. I was to go in and merge with it. As I walked over to it, it was smiling blankly. I started to feel a warm tingling as tried to merge with me. A flash so a demonic face went through my mind and I screamed no and pushed it back out in the name of Jesus. I opened my eyes and forwarded to the part of the recording where it had me wake my conscious mind. Let it play out as in bringing me out of hypnosis.

    I realize that this is satanic and a demon tried to merge with me. I asked God for forgiveness and help with this.

    I read you article and went through the steps listed above but have for two days felt a tingling and burning in my feet where the presence started to try to enter me. I have lost my appetite, can’t think about anything else apart from this experience and have a head ache and my mind is foggy and distracted.

    What can I do about this?? Can I be helped?? I have prayed and prayed constantly.

    These recordings are on YouTube and were the ultra hypnosis sessions. The thing is that any man woman or child can get these without any restrictions. Please don’t anybody listed to them, they are evil. Not even as a joke. They need to be taken down.

    I did some research with ultra hypnosis and possession and found that these videos originate in Islam and have radical Islamic videos grouped with them. I believe it is a way of recruiting followers through possession and mind control.

    Spread the word not to be hypnotized in any form.

    Is there a priest that I can meet with near memphis to be physically evaluated and delivered?

    Thanks for any help.


  16. Jason where do you Pastor? I agree this is a common practice

    • My regular church is in Portland. Currently, I am living as a missionary in Montana.

  17. Hello friends,

    I just wantet to let you know what just happened, but before that I tell you a bit of my story.

    I had some sort of depression for 4 years and in my despair I also visited a hypnothist. Now I am a believer in Christ for about a half year and my depression got better, but they weren’t fully gone. Anyway today I was looking up, if hypnosis is demonic and I came on this site. As I was reading and came to the prayer, I asked myself “maybe I should pray again, that demons get out of me”. So I prayed a prayer and continued reading. Then I came to the point where the woman confessed her sin of doing hypnosis and I suddenly realized, I never confessed this particular sin before God. So I started praying to God again, explaining why I did it and asked for forgiveness. Then I read the rest of the prayer and I thought, I really should pray in a strong and determined way and I started to make up my own prayer (Please consider that I am German, so I had to translate the prayer and made my own. I didn’t copied it 100%.) From that I went on to praying to Jesus, to cleanse me and take all the demons out, I said it over and over again, more and more intense. When I said Amen it was like a “BOOM”!
    A warm feeling came from the center of my body and went to my feet and to my head. Man I tell you, that felt great.

    I tell you this only to glorify Jesus. He is so awesome! I thank him so much, he is my Kind and my Lord, what an awesome Friend I have.

    It just happened so I don’t know what will really improve, but I know something will improve.


  18. I am a marketer by profession and have been for more than 20 years. I thought it interesting that no one ever mentions how marketers are responsible for luring customers into purchasing things they really don’t need. The difference between clinical hypnosis and subliminal messages through advertising, is in clinical hypnosis the customer is in control, but if you are watching television on a regular bases, you are not in control of the messages put before you and it is likely that you will make a purchase based on messages you’ve been exposed too within a 24 hour period–and that’s just messages via tv. It happens all the time, everywhere–in casual conversation– and it works. There’s a reason why people (a lot of them are Christians) who are in debt, obese, smokers, …the list goes on, but there is no protest. What it comes down to is you don’t have to be hypnosis to be in a trance or be in a zombie-like state to do things you would not do. Think about it.

    • Good point. Marketing is subliminal or advertising that much of which works on the subconscious level.

      There are good reasons why in advertising they keep showing people (often women) eating hamburgers and keep repeating certain words.

      It works and works well.

      Not sure Id go as far as to say its hypnosis though.

  19. I’m sorry, but your story is just silly at best- Harmful at worst.
    How did the woman quantify 50% loss of memory?
    How do you justify an anecdotal story as proof or evidence of truth?
    If I and 4 others retell a story of someone being freed from demons through the steps found in hypnosis does that make it so? You would say of course not! Because belief devoutly held does not make it true- all devoutly held beliefs are self validating – such as; “I believe the Holy Spirit speaks to me- therefore when I quiet my mind and wait for an idea to pop into my head then it MUST be the Holy Spirit.” Other explanations are discounted, ignored, or discarded, as an anomaly.
    It is clear that your claim of authority on the matter does not make you an authority. Do you know anything about hypnosis beyond what you fear? Do you think that the fictional character of Svengali in the Novel “Trilby” is somehow real or accurate? It’s not. It’s fiction.
    The reason and motivation for my response was peaked as I noticed in your explanation of how the woman freed herself from the “demon” you used several steps utilized in hypnosis itself- let me explain.
    Here are several principles of hypnosis- see for yourself.
    1. the establishment of authority in the matter (yours in this case- and the claim of being tied to the authority of the Holy Spirit- which is akin to someone saying “I know a doctor who says…”)
    2. the principle of repetition to realize an idea. (literally; repetition. Look at what you instruct the woman to do.)
    3. the principle of compounding effect- to get the person to repeat the idea in several different ways- repeat after me, pray about it, confess and renounce it, etc…)
    4. the principle of the “yes- set”- Getting the person to agree with you on several points that are so simple as to not be denied, then add in your suggestion. (this is compounded by the Authority principle and the others.)
    5. the principle of dominant effect- tying the suggestion to an already dominant belief or emotion ties the suggestion to the existing resources of the client. (Or in your case, your followers.) You assure her with the idea of the demon not being in her and validate her existing belief system, then suggest the demon is on her- which engages a motivation based on fear and a desire to avoid God’s judgment. Responsible hypnotists avoid aversion practices- understanding it reinforces fear in the clients life instead of validating more productive resources.
    6. The Imagination principle- by suggesting the demon was not inside of her gave her relief in her current belief system, then adding the idea that the demon was on her shoulder- now her fully engaged imagination is being led along by your suggestions. (this utilizes the the principle of dominant effect also.)Anyone could imagine themselves looking with darting eyes at their shoulder, fearfully glancing for sight of the demon now imagined as perched on her shoulder.
    7. The principle of social proof- which in your case means that because you have an existing belief and others agree, then it MUST be true. Of course, you must also know that if an entire nation says it is OK to kill Jews, it does not make it so, yet the principle of social proof stands strong in the church.
    Of course there are more general principle of hypnosis, but you use most of them without thinking- like how you lower your voice to communicate certain ideas, or even speak slower… the other principles are about how to communicate, not what.
    All in all, it seems that YOU are actually a hypnotist- just not a very honest one.
    I am a pastor and a therapist. I wonder if anything in the world could convince you to study the facts of something before you pass on your judgment against it? (especially if you claim it’s God’s judgment.)
    In fact, I feel a deep sense of sorrow for your followers who go to you for “truth” only to receive your small mindedness and ignorance wrapped in the authority of your version of scriptural interpretation. (yes, I’m sure there is a long tradition to this teaching too.)
    Tap into the Holy Spirit all you want. The Spirit of Truth does not teach people to fear what they do not understand- and it certainly doesn’t condemn people when a subjective opinion is claimed to be objective. Let all men be liars…
    Every single church I have visited or attended use some form of hypnosis. (What hypnosis really is, not your version- which does not even exist in the real world.)
    Whether Catholic, many different forms of Protestantism, and specifically Pentecostalism – they all use hypnosis although only some realize it, or admit it.

    I have to ask, and even beg you- Educate yourself with more than what has been whispered in your ear over the years. You may actually have cause to humble yourself. Otherwise, you will only keep the ignorant and fearful from learning and gaining freedom.


    • AMEN AMEN AMEN!!!! End times with false prophets going on a rampage!!! Thank you for taking the time to bring clarity and wisdom to this matter.

  20. Diana,

    My heart goes out to you and I’m very sorry for your experiences. Unfortunately, for the past four months I did six hypnosis sessions and they gave me tapes of each session. I grew up Catholic and I didn’t always go to church like I should but I never denied Jesus Christ, God, or the Bible and I went there to try to fix procrastination and organization habits I had and for some reason I never related it to something like a psychic and I didn’t even think about it. I don’t know what I was thinking. After the first two times I thought maybe I felt weird but he assured me that it was the “procrastinator” “unorganized” me that the world subconciously created in my head that was shedding it’s old ways and I was going to finally become who I really was. I really just thought I was going to be soo super organized and more efficient. I know that seems weak but I just thought it would help me stay more on top of things. Now I know it was a bad mistake.

    I started feeling different and telling everyone I knew that I felt different and something “important” was happening to me. They would ask why and I would tell them I didn’t know but that I was never going to be the same again. Honestly, I don’t even know what the hell I was talking about looking back and I feel like I wasn’t really even there because who I normally am before and *sort of* kind of am now can’t even relate to the thought process I had at that time. It was only about three weeks ago that I noticed the difference and I didn’t know what to think and I honestly don’t know what I really was thinking then anymore. I started to tell people that everything we ever learned was a lie, that everything we learned about God and life has all been a lie. I told people there are probably really aliens and that we have been in this world more often than we thought and I was very passionate and confident about what I was saying and I can look back now and sort of remember these things (I wrote a lot down immediately after I realized what was going on because I am beginning to forget the whole experience … it feels like it was a dream now) I can’t remember what could have possibly been going on in my head to think this.

    I started telling my friends and some actually agreed and some just wanted to know my proof and I tell them that it just came to me but there are more people than me that are experiencing this because I found all this information after I realized it on the internet and that it was called a spiritual awakening. It is so weird looking back on this experience now, luckily it was only four months for me, but even four months longer than I wish I had spent time doing that. Things started getting weird and I was getting weird and then by some serious GRACE of GOD I had a thought, what do christians think about hypnotism? and I read sort of in terror and I started thinking back about the whole experience and it was like the whole world came crashing down in front of my eyes.

    Here are things he kept saying –
    – You were asleep before but now you are going to awaken to who you really are
    -All of those things your parents embedded in your head is not true
    -I want you to go back to the womb, to your previous life (I never really felt like this worked so I would just tell him whatever story came to my head and then he would try to investigate and ask me “Who was it?” and I would say I don’t know and he would say “Do you think it’s your spiritual mother?”
    -“I suggest that you don’t tell people you are doing this kind of work because they won’t understand or agree with what you are doing?”
    -People don’t understand you because you are different

    That’s all I can remember right now but that lead to this after:
    -thinking we have been here for many lives before this one and that we were meant to come and live the divine human experience
    -I was having a spiritual awakening and when I tried to figure out who I could talk to I somehow related it to the hypnotist and when I asked him if he could help me he said, “you are actually getting into the bigger side of what I really do” come talk and this is spiritual guidance so it’s of no charge
    -Talks to me about how all this confusion I am going through is just me changing and it’s part of the process
    -“Coincidentally” has all the same beliefs I do
    -I am pretty fidgety at times and he would give me tea to help me relax he claimed, I always thought it was weird … the whole experience gives me the chills
    -Told me he would be my spiritual guide and that I needed to formally ask him but I was so sucked into it then I did
    -I was so consumed by it that I couldn’t stop looking up information about it, talking about it, preaching about it, thinking about it, it was like taking over me
    -Next time I went he asked if I was ready to be a mystic … I wasn’t really sure what the description of this was and he said “seeker of the truth” I said sure the truth sounds good
    -He said if I went through with this that I would get all these new skills and abilities that I didn’t have before and that as my spiritual guide he would instruct me on how to adapt through these stages
    -Gave me more tea and then initiated me into the “Sufi Order”
    -Was still believing it over the entire weekend and then Monday came and for some reason I looked up the Christian perspective on hypnotism and every single thing raced through my mind and everything finally made sense … I was hearing white noise everywhere from my television randomly out of nowhere, my phone, my car AFTER it was already turned off but he was making me believe I would talk to good spirits and NORMALLY I WOULD NEVER BELIEVE THAT BS
    -So, to sum up my story … I joined a CULT!! 🙁 I couldn’t believe it but I remember him telling me that, “I was probably going to leave my friends and family behind because they wouldn’t understand me anymore, but new people would come into my life and they would love me”

    -It seriously gives me the chills to think about this … it hasn’t happened as much yesterday and today so I hope I am completely snapping out of it but every day I kept getting stuck in these trance like states and I was really sad. I felt so violated like he had raped my mind of every belief and value and that he took me personality and turned me into someone I didn’t even know and would never, ever agree with and it lasted pretty much throughout the whole time from start to finish. It all seems like a blur now.

    I deleted an old email I had and it wasn’t even because of the hypnotist, it was before that but I guess he was going to send me another letter that assured me that not feeling like i know who i am, being confused, and sometimes even sad was totally normal and how I should feel. This mean I am making “progress” and getting closer to becoming my true self.

    He encouraged me to go to a group meeting at his home that he had once a month and it was like 8 hours long or something where I would meet some people who I would really like and that were awake like I was. We were awake and he directed me that I wasn’t allowed to wake up anyone who was asleep. I kept telling him that everyone needed to understand it and I wanted to tell everyone so they could be awakened too and he would tell me that he knows I want to but they will think I am crazy so I can’t because they are ignorant and asleep.

    (Seriously dude, I wouldn’t believe this if it didn’t happen to me – I don’t know where the normal me was through all of this but I don’t feel like this could’ve possibly really happened but it did)

    He would always sit a little too close and it made me feel a little uncomfortable but I told myself not to be silly and he was a really nice old guy and his wife was there too and they wouldn’t be weird. He looked me right in the eyes (kinda freaky once) and said “Would you believe it if I told you that I knew you before?” and I don’t know … at the time in my head I was thinking, “Maybe?” – oh and he meant before this lifetime by the way but I just said yes cause it was a little weird.

    Another time before I left he put his hand over my forehead and bent down so he was eye level with me and stared me straight in the eyes (it was a little awkard) and said “you are going to be okay, you are going to be okay, you are going to be okay”

    I don’t even know … so much craziness I don’t even want to write anymore to think about it. I hate it, I am forgetting a lot but I wonder maybe if it was traumatic for me to have someone get into my head and manipulate my mind, thoughts, beliefs, everything … even personality and turn it into something else. How SERIOUSLY is that possible? I can’t understand it and I can’t wrap my head around it and I don’t know what the hell I was thinking … literally! How is it possible? I never thought I would try to get more organized and more efficient and somehow, OUT OF THAT, end up blindly joining a cult and NOT even knowing it?

    I am SURE I would know this if I was in my normal state of mind but I definitely couldn’t have been and the whole thing is starting to seem like a fuzzy dream I am trying to remember. I am sad some things before seem distant and fuzzy and I don’t want to stop remembering :*( I am only 29 and I have a 9 year old son and I feel so sad that I almost got involved in this. It breaks my heart, literally … I have never felt so violated in my entire life. I don’t even know who I was then.

    Once I realized it, I went to everyone I talked to and told them not to listen to one word I said and the whole story and how I got initiated into a cult. I told them to stay away from mediation, hypnosis, psychics, horoscopes, tarot card readers … ANY of them. It is the devil’s work and I promise you it is evil. This guy claimed to talk to spirits and said I probably would be able to soon.

    I snapped out of it enough to know it wasn’t right and then I was under some sort of serious mind control or something. He tried to send an email to my deleted email account and it bounced back (day after I realized) and called my cell phone but I didn’t answer. Then I had messages at my work (it was like filling information for a doctor’s office before I ever got hypnotized) and one of the messages from him saying that he tried to send me an email and it bounced back and to let him know what was going on (Really? I didn’t realize my email account being gone was so dramatic that he needed to call for an explanation right away) again, I didn’t return his call … he called the entire week except for today (THANK GOD). He has my address and doesn’t live far so I hope he doesn’t go as far as to come to my house. I don’t know, I am really scared for some reason … I don’t even want to listen to my voicemails because I don’t even want to hear his voice) … he is freaky and I will never, ever again in my life dabble in anything I shouldn’t. I called a Christian pastor I met after it happened and told him what happened and he prayed for me and invited me to attend a Bible study and to start coming to church and BELIEVE ME I AM!!! NEVER, EVER AGAIN … don’t let anyone get into your head like that. They may talk to spirits but they are demonic and NOT good! Please don’t ever put yourself in this weird position.

    Diana, I will most definitely pray for you. I will never stray away from God, ever again in my life. We are not our own saviors and neither is any hypnotist, we must trust in God that he will help us and bring us good things in life. All of the self-help books, “The Secret”, psychics, card readers, hypnotists … they are providing these temporary “reliefs” that are manipulating people and opening them up to bad, evil things they never thought possible. They are not good, stay far far far away!

  21. Brilliant article.

    I have read almost every article on your website and it has helped me in major ways. I grew up and was raised a Jehovahs Witness and grew up with almost my whole family been involved in freemasonery. This site helped me 3 years ago to get my life to be so that God is the centre peace. I was very very involved with hypnotism and I can testify to the effects of it.
    NEVER EVER go to a hypnotist in your life regardless of how gloomy things seem, you will be left with nothing in your life. After I became a christian I re-fell back into the trap just once or twice and its only in the recent 3 months that I have managed to come right. A major thing that was mentioned in the 4 types of demonic attack was bringing in a cursed object.
    I bought a sword many years ago, put it under my bed and forgot about it, recently I found it again as I still remained under attack but didn’t know why. It turned out to be a freemason sword, I called a pastor to pray over the house and we prayed over the sword and threw it in the sea, within a day my life did a 180 degree turn.
    Also in regards to hypnotism, I did it a while ago (before I found the sword) and I did one that is meant to “attract” what you desire to you. It works wonders and I was meeting women left right and centre (that is what I want, to get married) and it even attracted a “christian” girl who lives and dies at the church who has been through alot of physical, sexual and mental abuse. I could literally feel when she was near, it was a clear voice saying “”””””””” is close”.
    My warning and moral of the story is this, hypnotism is a demonic activity and they will even fake it to bring you “christian” people, which turn out to have their own demons attached to them…….

    NEVER EVER do it. (this also includes ANY subliminal audio or video)

    I pray for that girl, as we don’t talk any more,that she will find her peace and eventually get rid of her demonic attachment, as she is not even aware of it.

    God bless, great site.

  22. Thanks for sharing this experience and above all thanks for also presenting steps to undo what the enemy must have done. I gave my lie and became a bliever in the Lord Jesus.
    I have a question about other a therapy I took a while ago and wonder if it falls in this same category of hynotism. This was a water therapy used for enemal in a clinic. The device was set up such that the enemal was being administered by the patience themself-this gave me time and privacy to pray -binding and casting out any evil spirit that maybe associated to it and covered the system with the blood of jesus. That was the best of prayer my spirit led me to untill I discovered how the Blood of Jesus is Pled from this site.I had a good release of waste but as I was done cleaning out myself to leave -something happened-the plumbing has broken and spill of the waste was all over the foor in the clinic -Thank God it did not soil my shoes and other personal item I had inside there-I called the technician who came and appolgised about the incidedent and told me not o bother she would take care of it-the constipation issue I had did not get better either except that there was a great releif that day after I emptied my bowel-I went for amost a week with no bowel movement-Not any better than it was though-I have been wondering if I entered the territory of the enemy? Recently a servant of God carried out deliverance for my family because to break the evil pattern we have been afflicted with from our birth.
    About six years ago I was rushed into the emergency room for constipation and I have been struggling to deal with this ever since-Can you help me with specific way to address this in prayer?

    Thanks Much and Blessings

  23. I want to thank you for posting this. I made the mistake of undergoing hypnotism a few days ago. After doing so I have found that I have felt different, gloomy and distraught. I have been struggling with sin for some time and well, I gave in to something I knew I shouldn’t in order to escape. I feel like I was meant to read this article; I know God has a plan for me and I keep pulling away from Him. I have a tendency to act very independently and God wants us to be the exact opposite; He wants us to be dependent on Him. Praise God for providing you with the stated Battle Command, it was something I greatly need to read.

  24. I very good article. I have to admit that I was almost sucked into looking into this. Why? Out of desperation. I have been suffering as an Avoidant Personality for 50 years with no sign of help or relief.

    The arguments on both sides seem convincing. That plus the promise that I might finally find freedom from my plight.

    One of the biggest downfalls of us humans is that we can rationalize anything and make anything fit if we try hard enough. But the bottom line in researching things like this is the fruit. God says that you can tell them by their fruit.

    If you really want to see their fruits, and therefore tell who they are really working for, go into a Hypnotherapists office. Look around and ask questions. Hypnotherapists will say that they are spiritual. But is it the Spirit of God that they are serving and shows up in their office, decor and speech? Or is it the spirit (small p) of evil, necromancers, fortune tellers, divination, mediums, those who speak with the dead etc… Deuteronomy 18:9-13

  25. Hello,

    I was hipnotized several times and participated in many tarot/palm readings, physic phone line, metaphysic, new age, Silva mind control, seances, and many other things that were an abomination to God before I became a Christ follower in 1995.

    I had asked God for forgiveness a long time ago; but in desperation I was seeking more help when I came accross your website and found “hipnotism.” I completely forgot that I practiced this 3-4 sessions many years ago. I again asked God for forginess for everything I had practiced, included hipnotism and followed this time with cuting ALL silver cord lines with each witch individually or with each practice (Silva mind control, etc.)

    Since I became a Christ follower, I have been set free from many things and healed from different things; however, I continued to be plagued with confusion, distraction, and a rapid memory decline. This memory decline forced me to retire early (50) due to disability in the year 2000. I was “helped” retire in this manner. This has been the most embarrassing and painful moment in my life. I was divorced and had no idea how I was going to financially make it.

    I just remembered that I also had married a man in 1971 who practices spiritism (espiritista cristiano) devoted and his mother also practices this abomination to God.

    I travelled from Miami to Cuba with my 2 year old son from this marriage in 1977 to be baptized through this religion. They assigned me and my son a guide and an indian and said the names of the guide and indian to each one of us (which I will also cut the silver cord line as soon as I can).

    I also have a daughter through this marriage and I KNOW that although she did not go on this trip, she was assigned an indian and a guide. I was so naive/ignorant (in love) that I married him regardless that he told me that he had an insane aunt and cousin (same religion) institutionalized in his country. You can guess how this marriage went with all of these demons going around within the home and the ones that I brought through my involvement with the occult, and my own generational curses from both of my parents (nervousness, anxiety, anger, rage, poverty, singleness, deppresion). God must have a bigger purpose for my life….because although I feel that I am going to die…I am still alive!!!

    I later learned when my son and daughter were 9 and 11 through my very own mother’s mouth came a dark horrible secret, that my father’s father died insane. There is mental illness through my father’s side. I am the middle child out of two other sibblings. I was the person that inherited 99% of my parents curses (especially from my father), contributing more damage to my children and grandchildren. My brother and sister and their children and grandchildren are highly intelligent, wealthy, and happy.

    Through a SPECT brain test performed in 2006 at Brain Matters Imaging Center, Denver, CO. my brain came out to be a disaster. I was diagnosed with ADD, and depression, inflammation, and many other symptoms. Through a conference call with my syster in CT, myself in Florida, and Brain Matters, Denver, CO, we were told that I needed to be represented. So far NO ONE has represented me for one reason or another. I did a lot of research (not easy for me…cried a lot)and found out that due to the symptoms of the brain scan of 2006 I was going straight for AD.

    I was losing my mind very rapidly since 2006. A different brain scan (MRI) was performed in 2010 in Florida, and the following symptom was found: chronic microvascular ischemic disease. I researched the reasons why your brain gets like that and I identified with two of them: They are AD mother/aunt mother’s side and father’s side – aunt with AD) and exogenous material. The doctor in Miami told me I had dementia, mixed with AD. Just recently I also found out through the Internet that through a viral infection that I contracted in 1985 (had divorced and before a Christ follower)it affects your brain with inflammation leading to AD, especially if you are in no treatment for this viral infection.

    I take no medications ($$$) and I have been relying completely on God. I lost friends, I cannot meet new friends, I am so lonely, without a home (renting rooms since 2008…lost paid off condo due to consequence of 2 major hurricanes). I feel very ill and have contracted even more illness due to a broken heart/soul. Worst of all, I am sinning and can’t help it. I am sooooo bitter and hurt because I continue to be highly rejected in churches. I have two damaged hearing nerves to even understand what my daughter or grand-daughter say, or phone conversations.

    I know the Lord loves me and the Holy Spirit comes to minister my heart where He is allowed.

    I could not afford the room rentals in Miami and have moved further up to Melbourne, FL to stay momentarily with my daughter (bondage) and 13 year old grand-daughter (bondage) in her tiny apartment (floor). Here in Melbourne there is NO outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I have felt many times His Presence when I am in fellowship with God; but not the ministration that I receive back in Miami when I am in a Holy Spirit church…..where the Shikanah glory is. This is very highly important to me.

    I write to you to see if you can direct me for help, for prayer, to have my very own home that I can afford in a safe/happy/interesting place for me, for a heavy duty anointed church.

    Thanks so much for reading this very long message. I hope you can help me.

    Thanks much.

    • Have you read Apostle Eckhardt book called unshakable? I would suggest reading it. Bless you Woman of God

    • I just read what you said Diane and please know the lord will not ever leave your side but there comes a time when we must ask for forgiveness by repenting our sins plus rebuking the devil in the name of jesus. Remember as long as you have faith as big as a mustard seed our lord will move a mountain for you. Just believe, keep faith in all you do and mostly pray during the good and bad. See, the Lord sees and hears everything so pray and tell him everything cause your prayers will be answered but only when the Lord see it fit. Find positive people and places to surround yourself with and research churches and visit as many needed until you find one that feels like home. Diane, we all go through test to be able to learn and gain wisdom so when tested all that matters is you passing the test with understanding, new knowledge, moving forward positively, and the ability to use what you learn to succeed without having to be retested for the same situation that caused this test to formed in the beginning. Remember, we cannot change the past but we can change the way we do things in the present. I hope this helps you and would write more but kinda hard writing with a ad covering text area and letters being pushed standing out and marking slow but again I rebuke the devil in the name of Jesus and that this message gets to u and helps you. Blessings

    • Diana – you need a good medical doctor.

      Spiritual diagnosis and treatment in the church today is subject to ignorance, Biblical illiteracy and professional negligence due mostly to false doctrines and subjective opinion. It is about as reliable as shooting dice in Vegas. How has Christian advice been working for you so far? Bad good or indifferent?

      Case in point is your testimony of spiritual afflictions common to all Christians; sin, followed by repentance, followed by a sense of forgiveness, followed by repeated sin, followed by repentance, followed by forgiveness and so on – round and round you go. It’s a vicious cycle for which the church has no effective answer, none whatsoever BECAUSE the church has lost the power of true religion. It is nothing more than slogans and religious buzz words. It is not reliable.

      Again….you need to seek professional medical diagnosis, treatment, and probably long term therapy. According to your testimony your problems are mostly physical – dealing with the body.

      On the spiritual side, I recommend you seek out true Christians that are willing and able to assist you with medical treatment and therapy – long term. They DO exist and by their presence they will provide the comfort and hope that Christ Himself gives in plenty. How do you find such people?

      Go to a church and ask for money. If they give it to you then you will know that the people you need for non-financial support are part of the group. If they don’t – spit on the ground in front of them and turn your back on them.

      and that’s me, hollering from the choir loft…

    • dont worry about all these labels, and this “insanity” in the family.
      labels are curses and all insanity is some form of demonic affliction including bands of evil, bondage s etc and can be got rid of. Be strong.dont even accept chrsitians telling you youre nuts oe the likes.

      look get yourself to aslans place. i think its in cali, its Very Good.

      you will be 100% all right. read scriptures, listen to scriptures 24/7 even have them on low when sleeping. you need a thorough deliverance that goes through all this stuff rather than running around from a to z getting bits done. get to aslans.

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