This is a collection of personal prophecies that different people have received from the Lord, with some of them being from close personal friends and others being from other solid men and women of God. We also have some general articles about prophecies.

Prophecy Secret Place

My brother Chris just faxed me over two prophecies that he has just received from his friend Andrea. Andrea is another godly, Spirit-filled, Christian woman who really knows the Word and is very close to the Lord in her own personal walk with Him. You will each have to use your own discernment on both […]

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Eagle Prophecy

On 9/15/98, a girl who I used to work with had a prophecy come in on her right in the middle of work. The amazing part about this prophecy was the amount of Scripture that was in it. She had just come to the Lord about 8 months earlier. She had read parts of the […]

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The Survival Prophecy

Personal Prophecy – Chris The following prophecy was given to my brother Chris on 5/27/03 by his friend Andrea. I have emailed several other prophecies that Andrea has received from the Lord. I personally believe this woman truly hears from God and that all of the prophecies that we have received from her were really […]

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