Is Being Slain In The Spirit Coming From God?

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Most of you have seen this phenomena occur in the charismatic churches. This is where you see pastors or ministers laying hands on people, usually on their foreheads, and then they fall backwards.

The charismatics have named this phenomena as being “Slain in the Spirit.” Some people call it “Falling in the Spirit” or “Resting in the Spirit.”

Is this a real phenomenon? If it is – is it really God operating through the power of the Holy Spirit, or is it demonic spirits trying to masquerade as the power of Holy Spirit coming onto someone? There are many Christians and Christian groups who are really attacking this phenomena.

I will go ahead and give you the main Scripture verses where this phenomena is coming from. I will then give you some of the main arguments of those Christians who are against this phenomena, and I will then end this article with my own personal opinion as to why I think this phenomena is a true manifestation from the Lord.

The Scripture Verses

Here are the main verses from Scripture showing people falling to the ground whenever God would manifest His presence to different people. The first verse is from the Original King James Version of the Bible, the rest are from the New King James Version.

  • “… that then the house was filled with a cloud, even the house of the Lord; so that the priests could not stand to minister by reason of the cloud; for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of God.” (2 Chronicles 5:14)
  • Jesus said to them, “I am He.” And Judas, who betrayed Him, also stood with them. Then when He said to them. “I am He,” – they drew back and fell to the ground.” (John 18:6)
  • And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me, “Do not be afraid; I am the First and the Last.” (Revelation 1:17)
  • “And when the disciples heard it, they fell on their faces and were greatly afraid.” But Jesus came and touched them and said, “Arise, and do not be afraid.” (Matthew 17:6)
  • “And as he journeyed he came near Damascus, and suddenly a light shone around him from heaven. Then he fell to the ground, and heard a voice saying to him, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting Me?” (Acts 9:3-4)
  • “So I arose and went out into the plain, and behold, the glory of the Lord stood there, like the glory which I saw by the River Chebar; and I fell on my face.” (Ezekiel 3:23)
  • “Then the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes, and he saw the Angel of the Lord standing in the way with His drawn sword in His hand; and he bowed his head and fell flat on his face.” (Numbers 22:31)
  • “And behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the way of the east. His voice was like the sound of many waters; and the earth shone with His glory. It was like the appearance of the vision which I saw – like the vision which I saw when I came to destroy the city. The visions were like the vision which I saw by the River Chebar; and I fell on my face.” (Ezekiel 43:2-3)
  • “Then He brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple; so I looked, and behold, the glory of the Lord filled the house of the Lord; and I fell on my face.” (Ezekiel 44:4)

Now I will give you some of the arguments being made by those who are against this phenomena, and then some of my own arguments as to why I believe this a real manifestation from the Lord.

Arguments Against Being Slain in the Spirit

The Christians who argue against this phenomena really being from the Lord base their arguments on the following reasons:

  • Every time people fell when the presence of God would manifest, they would always fall on their faces, not fall backward.
  • Nowhere in the Bible do the prophets, the apostles, or Jesus Himself ever lay hands on someone and then the power of God comes through their hands to knock them backward.
  • The only time people fell in the presence of God was when God was rendering some type of judgment.

Now to some arguments that will counter some of the above arguments if you should ever need them in any kind of debate.

Arguments For Being Slain in the Spirit

I will take each one of the above arguments and see if I can give you an opposing point of view in order to try and defend this phenomena as being from the Lord.

1.  The First Argument – people always falling face down rather than falling backwards. Granted, 5 of the above 9 verses specifically state that these people had fallen on their faces rather than falling backward.

However, the other 4 verses say they simply “fell to the ground,” or that they “could not stand” when the presence of God would manifest.

Who is to say that when these people fell to the ground, they could not have been falling backwards. These verses do not say if they fell forward or backward, so I believe this means they could have fallen either way – thus showing that there was the possibility of falling backwards when the presence of God would manifest.

The first verse says that the priests “could not stand” when the manifest presence of God would enter into the temple. Again, they could have easily as been falling backwards as well as falling forward.

Since Scripture does not specifically say in which direction they were falling, I believe we are on safe ground making the assumption that these 4 other verses give us the possibility of people falling backwards whenever the presence of God would manifest.

2.  The Second Argument – stating that at no time did Jesus or the apostles ever lay hands on people causing them fall backwards.

Though I could not find any actual Scripture verses that did show this phenomena occurring as it does today by the laying on of hands, I feel the key argument for the possibility of this phenomena occurring is the following argument:

Sometimes when the presence of God would manifest like described in the above verses, people did fall to the ground. No question about it. However, there were other times God would manifest His presence and people would not fall to the ground.

This thus was a manifestation that was completely controlled by God. He, and He alone, would decide when people would get knocked to the ground and when they would not whenever He would manifest His presence.

I think the key point to really grab a hold of is that this phenomena can occur when God does decide to manifest His presence in this particular way. And sometimes God will manifest His presence through the hands of a pastor or minister.

And if He does decide to manifest His presence through the hands of a minister, then I believe it is only logical to conclude that God can knock people down to the ground like He did back in the Bible days if He should choose to do so.

There is no question that the manifest presence of God is coming through a pastor or minister when hands are being laid on someone for a healing. The manifest presence and power of God will literally flow through the hands of the pastor or minister and flow right into the person’s body, and then the Holy Spirit Himself will do the healing once inside the person’s body.

If “healing power” can come through a minister’s hands, then why not “knockdown power?”

God can either knock someone over with a direct hit Himself, or through the hands of someone who is operating under His anointing at any given moment. I believe God can and does go either way with this particular manifestation.

3.  The Third Argument – God only knocked people down when rendering some type of judgment on them. Look closely at the above 9 verses.

It was only on the apostle Paul that God was rendering judgment on when He knocked him to the ground. The others were priests of the temple, prophets like Ezekiel and John the Revelator, or the apostles themselves. None of them were under any kind of direct judgment when this phenomena was occurring.

Conclusion To Why I Believe Being Slain In the Spirit Is From The Lord

1. Being slain in the Spirit is simply when the presence and power of God comes directly at you causing you to either fall forward or backward.

This power can either come directly through the hands of someone operating under the Lord’s anointing at any given moment, or directly at you by God Himself, such as when you see people falling to the ground while just sitting in their seats with no one laying a hand on them.

This manifestation of God’s power can either come directly at you very lightly where you just start to lose your balance and then proceed to fall.

Or it can come at you very strongly to the point where you cannot resist it and you are literally blown to the ground.

When this happens, it looks like a cannonball is hitting someone right in the stomach and they fall backwards with a fair amount of force.

God decides how strong He will manifest this kind of power when He does decide to manifest it on someone.

Granted, there will always be some people in a church service who will be falling backwards out of their own flesh. The power of God is not causing them to fall backward.

They just want to be part of the crowd and they will fall backwards all on their own.

However, you cannot throw out the baby with the bathwater on this manifestation just because some people will always choose to act out of their flesh.

2. So what happens when people are slain in the Spirit? Sometimes just a nice, restful, peaceful, relaxed feeling will come over the person. Sometimes people can receive inner and/or outer healings while resting in the Spirit.

Some people can receive visions, instructions, or advice from the Lord on a situation that He may want to deal with them on. People can rest anywhere in the Spirit from 1-2 minutes or as long as 4-6 hours if God would choose to go that long with a particular individual.

For those of you who would like additional information on this phenomenon – there is a book titled “Overcome by the Spirit” by Francis MacNutt.

Francis MacNutt is an ex-Catholic priest who received a very powerful healing ministry from the Lord. He noticed that this phenomenon would occur quite often whenever he would lay hands on people for their healings.

He interviewed many people after they had fallen in the Spirit to find out what their reactions were, and exactly what had happened to them while they were resting in the Spirit. There are many direct quotes from the people he interviewed and it was all very positive.

He came to the conclusion that being slain in the Spirit was a very real manifestation of God that was occurring because of all the good fruit it produced in the people who had experienced this phenomena.

He said some of the actual healings that came through his ministry occurred when people were resting in the Spirit after he had initially laid hands on them.

This man, in my opinion, is a true servant of God. He explored this phenomenon with complete objectivity back in the 1970’s. He covers, in this most informative book, all of the things that he saw happen when this manifestation would occur.

Short Story

I will leave you with a short story on this manifestation occurring to someone I used to work with. I will never forget this testimony as long as I live. It was very touching and I felt like God allowed this story to come my way when it did to help confirm that this particular manifestation was really coming from Him.

About 20 years ago, I worked with a man who was a very devout Catholic. He was married with 2 girls, ages 8 and 11. There was a priest from Chicago who had come down for the Sunday service.

I cannot recall the name of the priest, but he had a healing ministry and he did a lot of traveling with the healing gift that God had given him. He too found that people would fall backwards whenever he would lay hands on them.

On the Sunday this event occurred, this man, his wife and his two girls all went to see this priest. When this priest then made the call for anyone to come up and have hands laid on them, all four of them went up just to see if God would do anything with any of them.

My friend said that absolutely nothing happened to either him, his wife, or his older 11-year-old daughter. They felt no power come against them and none of them fell backwards in the Spirit.

However, his youngest daughter, who was 8 years of age, was hit hard! He said she went down like a ton of bricks. He said it looked like a cannonball or bowling ball hit her right in the stomach blowing her backwards with great force. There obviously was a catcher behind her when she fell backward.

He said the minute she hit the ground, she started bawling profusely. He said she was crying as hard as she could. My friend initially thought there was something wrong with her because she was crying so hard. He then started to go over to see what was wrong with her, but he received an immediate check from the Holy Spirit that he was not to go near her, that God was doing something very special with her.

He said that she laid on the ground crying as hard as she could for a good 10-15 minutes.

After the 10-15 minutes, she all of a sudden quit crying and stood up. He immediately went over to her and started to walk with her outside. When they got outside, he turned to her and asked her why she had been crying so hard after she had been slain in the Spirit.

I will never forget these words as long as I live. This little 8-year-old girl turned to her daddy and said with a real big smile on her face:

“Daddy, Daddy, He felt so good, He felt so good!”

God was obviously manifesting His loving presence all over this little girl for the 10-15 minutes that she was “resting in the Spirit” to the point that she was crying as hard as she could. She obviously was in the manifest presence of God and He was allowing her to literally feel His love for her.

As I was driving home from work that day after hearing the above story, I then tapped in and asked God what had happened and was that really Him that did all of that.

These three words immediately came up out of my spirit and again, I will never forget these three words. The three words were – “I touched her” – with an emphasis on the word “touch.”

I then immediately started to laugh. He touched her, but she went down like a ton of bricks! I really felt like God was telling me two things with these three specific words:

  1. That it was His manifest presence that blew her backwards causing her to fall like she did, and that it was His manifest presence stirring on the inside of her causing her to cry as hard as she did.
  2. The fact that she told her dad that “He felt so good” – showed that God had to be literally manifesting His love to her where she could physically feel it all over her body.

You will each have to come to your own conclusions as to whether or not you feel this is a true manifestation from God.

For those of you who do believe that this is a real manifestation from the Lord, the above Scripture verses, and arguments off those Scripture verses, can give you some ammunition should you ever find yourself in a heated debate with another Christian over this topic.

As for myself, I really do believe this phenomenon is a true and powerful manifestation from the Lord when it really is Him doing it. But as with all of the other manifestations from God, there are always demons out there who will try and counterfeit some of His manifestations, along with other people just acting out and pretending God is manifesting on them when He is really not doing so.

These people are either operating under the power of suggestion, or they simply want to be part of the crowd if they see other people truly falling under the power of God.

But do not let counterfeit activity from the dark side, or some people acting out of their flesh prejudice you against what I feel is a very powerful and wonderful manifestation from the Lord when He does decide to do it on someone.

For those of you who have been truly slain in the Spirit, you know exactly what I am talking about since you have had this real experience. For those of you who have not – I challenge you to go direct to God the Father in prayer and ask Him to personally show you if this manifestation is something that is really coming from Him or not.

God loves it when you start to press in and ask Him specific questions on anything you may really want an answer on.

Ask, and you may just receive His direct answer on this topic!

Testimony on Being Slain in the Spirit

Since we have put up this article, we have received quite a few emails from people who have received this experience from the Lord. One in particular has really caught our attention. This one came in just a few weeks after publishing the article and this person has given us permission to release his testimony on our site.

This person is 55 years old right now and he personally had this experience with the Lord when he was a sophomore in high school. As you will see when reading his testimony, he initially went up there to see if he could possibly disprove that this manifestation was really coming from the Lord.

Here is this man’s word-for-word testimony on exactly what had occurred to him that day when he went up there to see if this experience was really from the Lord or not. I will then point out a few key things that had occurred to him both during and after he had this experience with the Lord.

I am two months away from age 56 and have been a Christian since a very young age. My relationship with God has at times, been rocky and rebellious.

Yet, He has always been there. I was Slain in the Spirit in high school and want to relate my experience. It is much like the little 8 year old girl you cited as an example.

I was about a Sophomore and going through a very rebellious period. I was doubting the very existence of God. I was attending Monte Vista Christian High School in Watsonville, CA and had gone with many from the school to a revival meeting at a local church. I do not recall the name of the traveling pastor but it was a healing service.

While sitting there in church, listening to the preacher describe those in the congregation that God wanted to heal if they simply had faith enough to come forward, I was undergoing a spiritual battle.

My explanation of what was going on is crude but it is the only way I know in which to describe same. It was as if I had a small little satan on one shoulder and a small Jesus or Angel on the other shoulder.

One was speaking to me telling me that what I was witnessing (Slain in the Spirit, healings) was BS and a fake. The other was telling me that God wanted me to come forward, that He wanted to bless me and let me know He was real. This spiritual battle continued for quite some time. Finally I decided to call out God.

I said to myself something to the effect of – ‘Ok, I will go up there and if I learn You (God) are not real, that this is all fake, and if I conclude you do not exist, this is all fake, I will immediately stand up after being knocked down and I will shout out that what is going on (Slain in the Spirit) is fake. I will expose this as being phony and You (God) do not exist.’

I went up front and stood in a line with others. The Pastor was approaching from my right (moving right to left). The air about me was palable, as if you could touch the air, or chew the air. It was as if the air had a physical substance.

I began to cry and was not sure why. The Pastor was two people right of me and had simply been saying, “In the name of Jesus” as he touched their foreheads.

I knew the Pastor had uttered such words and moved to his right, thus approaching me. I heard him utter the same words to the person second from me on my right. I began to cry harder. The Pastor then stepped in front of the person to my immediate right and uttered the same words. I began crying profusely. At this time, I simply do not recall if I had any thought at all.

I do not recall the Pastor stepping in front of me. I do not recall the Pastor saying anything to me or touching me. After he uttered the words “In the name of Jesus” to the person on my immediate right, my next recollection was a voice in my head while I laid on my back crying. The voice said something to the effect of ‘you thought this was fake, go ahead and get up’. At first I did not know if I had heard anything or what to think. I realized I was on my back, crying profusely.

The voice uttered the same message to me a second time. I think I had the conscience thought that I had been sitting in the audience, undergoing a spiritual battle and I had decided to call out God. I had decided to ascertain if this Slain in the Spirit thing was real or fake and it was my intention to expose the fake… if it was fake.

With that realization, I knew I had to get up so as to expose the lie…… I could not move. I was paralyzed!

As soon as I realized I could not move, literally, I could not move anything other than my mouth, the voice said to me, “I am God, I love you. Do not ever doubt me.” (As I am typing this to you, I am fighting tears. 40 years later, this is powerful).

With the above comments being made to me, by whom I believe from God, the floodgates opened. I thought I had been crying profusely before, but I was now crying more and harder than I had ever before or since cried. I began praising Jesus and thanking Jesus. I was speaking out loud and praising Jesus and thanking Him.

I do not have any idea how long I was on the ground in this state but I continued to cry and praise the Lord until I again heard God speak to me. He said something to the effect of, ‘It’s ok, you can get up now.’

Again, I was lost in emotion and praise and initially was not sure I had heard anything but was aware that I may have heard something. The voice spoke again and gave me the same message…. it was ok, I could get up now.

Realizing I was being told to get up, I tried to move and to my amazement, I simply stopped crying and got up. I remember saying something like thank you and again being told never to doubt God.

I walked back to my seat, emotionally spent. I was tired, but very much at peace and very much happy. (While I have no idea how long I was on the floor, those with me at the time said I was on the floor 2-3 times longer than anyone else. The average amount of time I recall those who were Slain in the Spirit lying on the floor was from a minimun of about 3-5 minutes to a maximum of about 10-15 minutes.)

I have no doubt God was trying to give me a message that He is real, does exist, created me and has power and authority over me. While my relationship over the years has at times been rebellious, I have never doubted I am saved by and through the blood of Jesus. Since being Slain in the Spirit, I have never doubted the existence of God and I have never doubted His love for me.

To this day, about 40 (+) years later, I still get chills and tears well up in my eyes as I recall those events. I was Slain in the Spirit only the one time… but that was God.

God bless. Let me know how it goes.


Notice several key things on this man’s testimony:

1. He initially went up to try and disprove this experience. I know a lot of people think that some Christians are under the power of suggestion when they go up to receive this kind of supernatural experience from the Lord. But this man had just the opposite attitude. He was going to try and disprove it if nothing would have happened to him.

2. Then notice what happens next. Before he actually receives this manifestation from the Lord, he starts to profusely cry. He had no reason to all of a sudden start crying. I believe the intense crying he was experiencing was coming direct from the Holy Spirit. I believe the Holy Spirit was moving on this man to help prepare him to receive this holy experience from the Lord.

3. Then notice what God does next after he actually gets slain by the Holy Spirit. He literally could not move an inch as he was lying under the power of the Holy Spirit, once more proving to him that he was really having this supernatural experience from the Lord.

4. And last but not least, notice the fruit it ended up producing in this man. He has never forgotten this incredible experience many years later and even to this day, he still wells up in tears just recalling everything that had occurred to him that day. This supernatural experience also help prove to him that our God really does exist and that He does truly love all of us.

As we had said in the testimony of the 8 year old girl in our article on this topic, this man was also truly “touched” by the Lord in a most powerful and intimate way that day.

In my opinion, I believe this man had a true, holy, supernatural experience with the Lord that day by the fruit it ended up producing in him, and the fact that he was not under any type of suggestion when he initially went up there to see if this experience was the real thing or not.


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  1. But God never used a third party to show his power.
    Disciples and others encountered spirit bcz of some reasons …
    This is just like a third party /(exactly like a Trojan) forcefully throwing here and there…some are laughing madly like hell..

    If you believe jesus is risen and still alive,he’s willing to answer your prayer then why you are worried about every Tom,dick and harry.

    Pray to Jesus for holyspirit…

    Christ already mentioned that it is fake …( Mathew 24 ) read it very carefully…. Repeat and understand

    The claimed evidences based on scriptures are right,but either some people had an encounter ‘directly’ with God or Jesus.

    exactly encouter bcz of some reason.

    This is spirit of” fallen angel’.

    Once he was in Lord’s ministry.
    He was the worship leader.. That’s why the slain of spirit use main leaders of worship and ministry to reach everyone….

    Jesus claims (Mathew 24) they will do miracles,healing,claims his (Jesus) name….

    These leaders use phrase such as,, ” in the name of Jesus”,fire, power…

    Who knows they may command bad spirit in Jesus name to hit on people…

    I heard that these leaders first ask are you ready?those who agrees ,then it would be more better to Dominion over you…

    Let’s look scriptures..

    God strongly commanded not to mix up with other people in the world
    Bcz you may worship other Lord in the world
    (Written in old testament)

    In these centuries, everyone welcomes mixed culture,tradition and worship

    ..that is

    Choosen people are mixed with charismatic

    ( now I am leaving upto you….)

    I am sorry to say that my English is extremely poor…try to understand

    Read Bible more and more,maintain a personal relationship with God

    May Lord Jesus give you Abundance of life

    • I know there are counterfeits as God has warned of them. I also know that there are also authentic Christians still.

      This article is not talking about demonic spirit. It is talking about the Holy Spirit (which is God) and about the human spirit.

      Slain in spirit is a state, not an actual demon.
      Demons hate Christan prayer and worship of God. Demons want to stay inside a person, not get kicked out. Demons don’t want people to be near God. People under strong demonic influence, can’t even enjoy church.

      I have experience it myself, a dislike of church in my early days. I’ve seen same experience in other troubled people. And as our lives are set right, doors of sin closes, low level demons leave. Higher level ones must be commanded out. The person experience a loss of their dislike and can actually enjoy God’s presence.

      Christians obedient to Christ is not 3rd party. They are the body of Christ on Earth. I.E. the extension of Jesus.

      If we continue in Jesus we are His disciples.

      Jesus commanded His disciples to cast out demons, heal the sick, preach the good news, feed the poor, etc.

  2. I am sure that being slain in the Spirit is real. On several occasions, i have been slain in the Spirit during a dream. Here are a few examples:

    I have experienced the sensation of falling backwards after seeing the glory of the Lord. Jesus was behind me in the dream and caught me on the way down. He held my hands.

    In another dream, I was encouraging a lady to lay hands on someone. She then touched my lips and i spoke in tounges before falling to the ground.

    It is a wonderful experience. Ask the Lord to give you the gift of the Holy Spirit and to experience some of the supernatural. He gives abundently! One day i will experience it in the flesh…

  3. I have know of people being overcomed and falling or passing out from fear or emotional overload and in a act of homage or worship fall to the ground the first involluntary and the second an intentional act of the individual the bible shows both.

  4. I had an experience where I felt I was dying helplessly in a dark place. It was a complete feeling of darkness present while crying and laying flat in bed. It was not hopelessness but rather a resignation I was at my end of my being. I fell asleep. When I awoke the next morning my previous emotional problems had totally subsided. My emotions and emotional reactions had become much less although I cannot say I was happy or at peace. I felt it as a relief which I still experience since then.

  5. I’ve only recently found out about “slain in the spirit” and right away it made me suspicious of the whole thing, because in my stupidity I’ve messed with the kundalini but fortunately It didn’t open my third eye (I know it is not part of the awakening process but it can happen because of kundalini), anyway I had some beginning of energy raising and I got worried so I stopped and I started to question the whole thing. Then I read a lot about dangers of opening to spirit world through meditation and prayer is a kind of meditation, even saints who prayed a lot had demonic possessions like for example Saint Mariam Baouardy.

    When Jesus sent Holy Spirit onto the Apostles, they received tangible gifts out of it, like for example the knowledge of foreign languages so they could spread the Gospel. Apart from something so profound like this I tried to find anything what people get from their encounter with Holy Spirit in “slain in the spirit” experience but there is nothing. I think making people who received it better, meaning more good to praise God’s glory would be not unreasonable. And as lillyanne March 29, 2014 at 1:56 pm said she had not notice any difference in people who received it.

    I personally would not want this to happen to me, unless it happened on its own when I prayed, without anyone “doing it to me”. I have to say that people who had NDE are the ones who really receive gifts from God and really do change for the better, most of the time they change their lives totally to be selfless and helping.

  6. Nancy. I attended a service with a huge auditorium in St. Louis of Evangelicals praising and worshiping Jesus Christ. After the service the audience was informed if they wanted/needed pray there were “pray warriors” in other rooms. I was facing surgery for breast cancer two days later, so I went for pray. When I entered a large room with a mature woman standing there. She asked me if I believed in the Holy Spirit and ofcourse I said I did! I was always close to Jesus from early childhood. I was raised Catholic and wanted to be a Nun! As soon as she asked me the afore mentioned question tears ran down my face and I fell backwards. Actually I floated backwards and never felt the floor. I did a lot of sobbing/emotional cleansing! When I got up I felt elated and healed! I was definitely in the healing presence of the Holy Spirit. When I was being wheeled back to my hospital room I was praising God. The nurse was Ethopian and Very Beautiful dressed all in white. I asked her what her name was. Saleem she said! Her name meant Peace. I had been supporting a Ehopian little girl in Africa who years later became a nurse! The power and grace of God Almighty exits! How blessed we are if we are believers!

    • Nancy, my sister in faith and Spirit. God’s power and love, unstoppable and never changing will always reveal itself. Thanks for posting your encounter with the Holy Spirit. Our Bible study group is presently studying the “Forgotten God” by Franchis Chan and I am the facilitator. I will include your testimony in our next meeting if you don’t mind. Thanks again. To the King belongs the glory!

  7. I have been a Born-Again Christian for over 40 years and I would sometimes see this happen on TV. To be honest, I always thought it was not real. Last Friday night that all changed for me, I was at a service and I knew some of the people and it was definitely without a doubt real and happening. I did not go up but I found it quite interesting, I love this church but never expected a guest pastor to have people come up for a deeper knowledge of the Holy Spirit and His vision for us. Over 75 people were “slain in the spirit”. Prior to this we were worshipping with music and it was powerful. I left with a feeling of what just happened?

    The Bible is an awesome and amazing book. When referring to Bible verses from it to help understand this practice, I must say sometimes with the Bible we are given some information in various Bible verses on different topics but we are not necessarily given all the details. This happens occasionally and we are required to pray about it and trust in the Lord. We know to “test the Spirit” and that night it was definitely the “Spirit of Truth” and “Love” so it was definitely the Holy Spirit speaking to each individual in my opinion.

    I went home and said I was enjoying the worship, music and service before this “slaying in the Spirit” so why did they have to do this? After meditating and praying to the Lord to show me, I just came to this realization. Many Christians today lack the power of the Holy Spirit. They are Christians in name sake and they have no knowledge of the power that our God possesses. Perhaps this would be a light to others to put them in AWE of our AMAZING GOD and the deep down driven desire to want more of His Holy Spirit which speaks in truth and love! The important thing is not the details but to grow in love and truth of our mighty God, our El Elyon most High God!!!

    I am in AWE and blessed to have witnessed this experience with others. It has taught me so much. The questions we can save for our Lord one day when we get to Heaven but for now, I am challenged to fulfill my mission here on earth!

    Love to you all, IN CHRIST!

  8. I was caught up in the Spirit on Sunday after the pastor had all married couples read a decree over our marriages for 2016. Between the unison in speaking, the force and boldness we had in speaking forth the decrees, the music in the background and the wails of joy from the saints, I fell to my knees and cried. I fell on my face, essentially. I cried for all I’ve been through in my marriage for the past two years and thanked God in my mind for all he’s done. I couldn’t get up and when I did, I was exhausted. I was exhausted for the next hour. But, I know it was God and I felt lighter as the load of the strongholds on my marriage have been removed and the chains broken. The enemy tried to make me feel ashamed for this experience but I rebuke that in the name of Jesus! I believe in being slain in the Spirit and I thank the Lord for his manifestation in our lives to show himself to his children.

  9. So a few verses with Jesus or the holy spirit doing this makes it ok for TD Emmanuel a prophet from God? Falling on your hands is more like covering your face. What prophet or apostle touched someone on the head and caused this reaction? This is biblically false, only Christ and the Holy spirit had this power, not men for their own glory

    • John 13:12, KJV, in Jesus’ words, “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.” I still have this page in my KJ Bible, and I believe it.

  10. To God be the GLORY! I thank our Father for your article is from the very heart of God in explaining a “mustard seed” portion of His Glory! We very recently came back from Nepal on a trip to work with the Christian women in their walk with God and we experienced the BEAUTY FULL POWER of the Holy Spirit when we prayed over them, even children with no preconceived judgements received a “touch” from God Himself!! We can only testify of what we have experienced ourselves and declare that this sweet gift of the Holy Spirit is REAL and INCREDIBLE! I am powerfully encouraged to see the fruits of His visit in the time to come- For HIS GLORY ALONE! Thank you and God bless your wonderful ministry!

  11. There are many other things that happen other than falling. some people shake or act on fire or like wild animals. I think that have a valid point, but I do beleive that there are demonic powers that imitate the holy spirit. The key is testing the spirit.

  12. Hi. I want to be perfectly honest about how I experience this without ever wanting to offend anyone, please allow me to beging by saying this: My heart was an apostate one before I came to really know God the Father, my Lord Jesus -Adonai, and the very Precious Holy Spirit as three distinct Persons in Holiness yet as One in Counsel with each other. To me the understanding of the Trinity in all Creation has opened up the Word of God to my heart and have followed through at a late age to be re-educated about so many things regarding spiritual faith in God. Yet, to be honest, coming from a Pentecostal upbringing, I too have experienced many things which drove me away from the church and Christianity, but not God. When I came to true heart repentance, I had to be really re-educated and my story (testimony) of a life changed by grace continues to this day. I cannot ever go back to the “world” ever again. So here is my problem and if any of your readers can advise me, I will welcome your heart-to-heart maturity in giving me answers directly from the Word of God. Firstly, the standard by which I measure my new life in Christ is not by my words, but by my actions and attitudes being a Spirit-filled born-again believer. The make-over was in my spirit-man and the Holy Spirit taught me how to be filled up with His Power to strengthen me when I needed more of God’s Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Faithfulness (Obedience) Goodness, Gentleness, and Holy Spirit-filled self-control. I do not understand the “laughter” part of this ministry of Rodney Howard-Browne. For God is my strength, my Joy, my peace etc. My faith is a settled matter because the Word says that He gave each “a measure of faith.” I become slightly “unsettled” when people add-on to the Character and Nature of God. Yes, God is so real and nothing can change it. But, I am asking where did any of God’s people in either the Old Testament, or in the New experience this “laughter”? Please don’t misunderstand me, I am juist careful in adding something to God’s Character, Nature and His Word. I desire a revelation from God through His Holy Spirit to my spiritual man hidden in Christ Jesus. If God Inspires, He will reveal, If He reveals, He will Instruct, If He Instructs, He will Direct, If He Directs, He will also Correct by His Word, and from His correction because of His Love for us, He will Exhort/ encouraage us through His Word, which will Manifest His Presence in Miracles, Signs and Wonders be it any of His Gifts of His Holy Spirit He imparts to us as He wills to give them. When my heart experiences this move in my spirit, I know God has gvien me more than I expected. Then with a heart humbled by His Presence, He Comforts my heart. How is it then I question the “holy laughter” experience? I saw it in a Mega-Church here in South Africa and experienced something of the sort of ” Power of suggestion” and the responses created a mass histeria. Can this be from God? Please help me! I will talk with God on this matter too. Best Regards from a loving heart. Daniel

    • Dear Daniel, I feel your case. Have peace in this matter. From what I sense in your message is that your heart is for the Lord. His grace is sufficient for us. We witness acts that we cannot always discern it’s motives, but rest assured that God will receive glory regardless of the motive of any man. Trust in the Lord and let His shalom be your strength.

      • I have heard laughter too at a church I was at when Nathen Morris was speaking,,, few laughed,, I cried, The Glory of God was So So Powerful in this church It touched some if us in different ways. Some people were on the floor rocking back and forth crying. We serve an AWSOME GOD !!!!

  13. I am an Apostolic Pentecostal.

    While your attempt is genuine some is a far stretch to come to conclusion. But, the positive side is I do agree with you that it doesn’t mean it’s demonic. Yes I have been in churches where clearly something was “off.” I was in a Methodist church where every person who had hands laid on them did the fall. Then they would lay cloths on them all. Now THIS seemed against the Bible to me. It seemed odd that every person every time would fall and that these cloths were being draped over them… Which is NOT scriptural. I suspected by the symbols on this churches walls and their proceedure (and their 20 minute sermon on asking for money before the 10 minute sermon on the Bible compared to my church’s two minute prayer on giving and an hour to an hour and a half sermon on scripture) that they may be operating under familiar spirits. The Bible DOES warn us there will be false churches. However the devil operates as God does, does he not? He is a manipulator and will use God’s ways to mimick the faith and deceive. In this case one can assert that some truly do fall by the Holy Spirit. In my church, a hundred people will go to alter call… An estimated quarter to half of those people may be touched by a pastor or associate pastor and anointed with the laying on of hands. And only a few times have I seen one or two actually fall. I myself have “fallen backwards” in my church on two occasions out of maybe 16 times or so that I have been to the alter…. At least 10 of those times having hands laid on me by a pastor and at least 15 of those times having others lay hands on me. So obviously I don’t fall in the spirit every time. This seems more accurate than the church where everyone falls every time they go up. I will also add that the times I did fall, there was still a lot of darkness in me… I was new in my faith and God is/was still working on me … As my faith gets stronger I seem to stand before God at the alter as the days go by. Instead of falling lately I get the sudden urge to get on my knees. So what do I PERSONALLY feel about being slain? That it is attached to wickedness before God. If you are in a false church practicing a false version of what the Bible preaches you are going to be in constant sin and probably will be in a church that everyone falls at all the time. We pray that we are worthy to stand before God. If we cannot stand before him at alter it should be a sign from God we need to work on something sinful hindering our walk with the Lord. And your church itself could very well become that “thing. Additionally I would like to add that on one occasion I almost fell straight down but the person laying hands on me had to manipulate my fall by pushing back more to ensure I fell backwards into the safety of my sisters who were holding me. Therefore If I had actually fallen down the way I was originally going, I would have eventually leaned forward and fallen on my face… So I conclude it is my belief you are forced back by the pastor for a reason. It’s safety. Liability even….

    • They drape a cloth over the people who have fallen in the Spirit in order to allow them to lay modestly comfortable. There is no significance of draping a cloth over the person other than to cover the person’s body parts that could be vulnerable if looked at by another person walking by or standing near. It is a courtesy and respect for the person’s body only.

  14. last week being prayed for at the Alter, I went out cold. I fell hard. I don’t understand it, but I know it was God.
    This is why Christians. Are losing a lot of the battles. (Yes. We know the end of the story)
    We are so judgemental of other Christians. All of these items are not a way to save lost souls. God is huge. He ministers to each of us as we need it and He chooses.
    Stop wasting time letting me know I’m doing it wrong. Just be joyful I know Jesus as my savior.

    • Amen Sister! I was recently overcome by the Glorious presence of God! 🙂 In my experience, I was being delivered from being molested as a child! I thought that I had dealt with that issue a few years prior….:/ Evidently I didn’t… :/ You see, I still dealt with it in my mind from time to time…..But Glory to God I’m finally delivered! 🙂 You see….people tend to try and put GOD into a little box! If you’re a TRUE Believer, worshipper HOLY-SPIRIT FILLED Christian, you SHOULD KNOW that Our GOD is SOOOO MUCH BIGGER THAN THAT! 🙂 Also, No one laid hands on me, and I fell down to the right(not forwards or backwards)! :-)….Thank you God for that Glorious Experience! 🙂 I have had many spiritual experiences in my life, but being “Overcome” or “Resting” in the presence of Our Glorious God was the 1st for me! 🙂 Continue to Be Blessed everyone! 🙂

  15. I have never “pushed” anyone or tried to make them fall, it is a very beautiful move of God when you feel His power flow through you and into someone you are praying for. Some people become “staues” they don’t move and just stand where you pray for them. Others burst into laughter and you see the Joy of God all over them, and others burst into tears and release the burdens they have carried for far to long.
    And yes some people and Pastors fake it. Hoping to appear holy and powerful. All power comes from God. He uses all of the willing as He wants not as we want.
    Give God the glory.
    Great article. Thank you!

  16. Scriptures! Scriptures! Scriptures! And I say again Scriptures! Everything has to be tested against the Word of God and nothing else!

  17. I disagree completely with this phenomenon of being “slain in the spirit”.This cannot be the work of the Holy Spirit because according to Galatians 5:23 , one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is SELF CONTROL and NOT loss-of-control and paralysis as occurs in these events.When the Holy Spirit came upon our Lord in the form of a dove during His baptism ,He did not throw Him on the ground and cause Him to be “slained”.When Ananias laid his hands on Paul and he was filled with the Holy Spirit in Acts 9:17-18 , Paul did not fall to the ground and become “slained”.Instead he rose up (since he must have been kneeling or sitting down) and was baptized.The genuineness ( or lack thereof ) of something is not based on some subjective experience one has but on the objective truth of the word of God.Bless you.

  18. I find the entire article unconvincing as the arguments were the “straw-men” of what any actual biblical critique of the practice might actually put forth. The fact is that the biblical apostolic gifts that came about in order to legitimize the message of the gospel are nowhere seen in today’s church. The article’s point that there are biblical passages that seem to point to some kind of falling out simply proves too much. For if there is no evidence that tells us that it is explicitly from God, then why not go to the other extreme and say, “well, I’ll see your mere fainting in the spirit and raise you levitational trance.” The point is why. Why would God “give” this fainting to his people. Imagine a loving father giving a humanly son a fainting spell as a present. I’d ask, “why?” What is the point? Worship? Surely not, since all my faculties have been incapacitated for the duration of my spell. For witness? Surely not, since the phenomenon cannot be tested as legitimate therefore none can say with any objective certain that it happened for the reasons they espouse.

    Christians are equipped by the word of God with everything they need. EVERYTHING. A supernatural gift to faint seems completely unjustified biblically although, I have dear friends that will swear they have experienced something not unlike what the article describes. Although everything that we do to worship God does not need to be explicitly stated to do it that way (see the debate between normative vs regulative worship), gifts that God gives should be things that the Bible does say that he will give his followers. How does being slain in the spirit glorify God and where is this said to be a gift non-singular gift (differentiated from singular gifts such as are appropriate to individual circumstance, e.g. a random bank account error where you got the exact amount of money that was required for your dying daughter’s surgery, contrasted by gifts that God may give to many people commonly) to believers? It can’t be justified biblically and that should our primary concern here. Nothing that the author posits would hold to any serious exegetical critique.

  19. I think we should be very careful in making judgements regarding the experiences of others. I was slain in the spirit in the year 1998. I had gone through a very rough time. Prior to that, I was happy-go-lucky, not thinking about anything. I had been a believer, but never truly understood the concept of God in totality. On this night, I prayed by myself and fell backwards, with bolts of beautiful lights followed by a pure white light going through my mind and body. I saw my body draw back and all that was left was pure conciousness. That was the first time, I understood the greatness of God. Up until then, God was in the Church. After that, I knew God was truly in me as He is in those who are willing to accept Him as such. It didn’t pefect me immediately, but it got me to a point where I knew God was ever present in me no matter what the day brings. I want to speak hope in to Rene’s life. Rene, I believe with you that you are healed. You were given victory before the earth was created. Jesus win your battle way before now, so please agree with me and decree that you are healed. I know it and see it. Peace be with you.

  20. i was slain in the spirit many times years ago at healing masses. What confuses me is that while i was on the floor I really didn’t feel anything happening to me. But what I did feel was totally paralized, like was nailed to the floor. At first my eyes were closed and just resting, then after about a minute my eyes could open, but could not move. I could speak, and aware of all around me. I do remember the priest walking around me and the others on the floor. When he would pass me his white floor length garmet would brush over my hand. I always remember saying if only I could touch the hem of his garmet, like it says in the Bible, i could be healed. But I was never healed of my deafness on the floor. The other incident was that slowly I began to move little by little, but not my head. I could not move my head at all to get up. So I stayed down there. Others in the church could not explain why I could not get up and I was embarrassed, but I was soon able to get up after around 8 more minutes. When i finally got up I was feeling a little weak and sat down. But soon aftre felt fine. I had a feeling of gratefulness towards God for allowing me to fall. Every healing mass I went to I fell, but did not feel anything unusual. Today I think about it and miss it. They don’t have healing masses anymore here, and wish they did. When I was young around 11, an evil spirit appeared to me in my bedroom and I was terrified. Nothing came of it, but I know it was an evil spirit or the devil, I don’t know. I was afraid for a long time that I may see him again. I do know that I am interested in learning about evil in the world and what it does to others. I am very tuned in to recognizing it when it shows itself in others and circumstances. Would you say that my being slain in the spirit is from God or does the devil have somethink to do with it? Please reply by my E-mail above. Thank you for your time. Judy

  21. I was about 22 when I was slain in the spirit. The pastor barely touched me and I woke up on the floor .i am now 60 . God has touched my life profoundly by these unexplained things . The Holy Spirit seems to touch my life when a life event is happening. I am in need of healing for breast cancer now. Why can’t God touch my life in any way he sees fit. I love you Jesus!!! I’m a believer in his power

    • Rene,
      I read your comment, and I know it has been a few years. I immediately stopped and prayed for our Lord to heal you with the condition that you give Him ALL the glory. God can and will touch your life in any way He sees fit, but not always the ways you see fit. I don’t know why our prayers are answered in different ways, but our perfect holy God knows exactly what He’s doing. Always praise Him and thank Him. God Bless You!

  22. 1st. This is for those who have cast judgment of what the Holy Spirit can do, if he so chooses (slain-fall in the Spirit). Please be carful what you say. Matthew 7 says judge not lest you be judged. Me personally I don’t want that. If it is of God then you are in total disrespect of what He is doing. If its not of God then go ahead and cast judgment but know this, you will be judge for what you say. So again please be slow to condemn something you think you know something about to make your theology in God line up with what YOU believe.

    2nd. In the early 90s I had the privileged of helping Benny Hinn on stage for almost 2 years. All I can say is what I have seen and experienced in that time frame. In the Bible He says there will be signs & wonders. Signs can be seen. Wonders are just that I wonder how He did that. Psalms 96:3 says Declare His wonders among all people. So I will. In those 2 years I saw many signs of miracles and a lot of wonders, like being slain or people falling down. I was on stage with him being a catcher of those who were being slain (or what ever you want to call it) Countless times I was there to catch them and the power was so strong I hit the deck as well and couldn’t stop it even though I tried. Sometimes it felt like electricity running through me. Other times it was a mighty rushing wind. Then there was fire but not like fire that it burns you just a lot of heat that felt good. There was just a power that I can’t explain but felt in all of these experiences. I felt the presence of God, love, peace & joy. Never judgment or the feeling of evil. Sometimes when I picked the people up they got up fast, then sometimes they were in a deep sleep or something because I could not wake them up. I just pulled them to the side and eventually they would arise. In the thousands of people I have caught and laid down 90% had a smile on their face. I can only imagine the stories they told of the signs and wonders of our God and what has happened to them.

    I hope this does what He has ask me to do (Declare His Wonders among all people). What I have wrote here is as much truth as I can recall.
    Nick Mayfield

  23. I believe that “slain in the spirit” is coming from God. But could you explain me why for some people, it didn’t happen. So for me after 25 years, I can’t experience that, some times it’s seem that God reject me, but I know that it’s not true. I know that some anointing of God is transmitted through this and I want the anointing of God to serve Him with His power. Thank’s in advance.

    • Bob,
      We are the only ones hindering our receiving from the Lord. Be child like in faith, as a child look to your daddy in heaven and make your petition known, now we know he’s a good daddy, is He going to give you a stone or scorpion? NO!
      Believe, receive and bask in the open Heavens that opened up 2,017 years ago. Your sense of rejection is a lie from the enemy, awakening your God consciousness and peeling your spiritual eyelids back and gazing upon His glory and realizing the grace and mercy on you is unending and limitless. Be filled with unspeakable joy and full of Glory today in Jesus name !

  24. I think you’re making quite a stretch with those verses. They don’t really correlate. Too much “who is to say” and not enough black and white.

  25. None of the verses quoted above REALLY point to being ‘slain in the spirit’.They are just vague excuses to explain something which is NOT from the Lord . And how many of such ‘slain’ people do you know who show the fruit of the Spirit? Mat 24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

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