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This is another phenomena that is under major attack by other Christians and Christian groups. A number of us have had this particular manifestation occur, so we all know, without any shadow of a doubt, that this is truly a real manifestation from the Lord.

In my opinion, this is one of the neatest manifestations that you can receive from the Lord. I never cease to marvel and awe at this manifestation when I get the chance to hear it come into manifestation through someone else.

For those of you who have never had this manifestation occur – it is simply either God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit laughing through your spirit. It is God literally laughing through the Holy Spirit, who is already living on the inside of your human spirit.

It is God’s laughter when it occurs, it is not your laughter. When it manifests, it will bubble and erupt right out of your belly area.

How do you know when it is God laughing through your spirit rather than your own natural laughter manifesting? When it comes from God through the Holy Spirit, it is much more intense and powerful than your own natural laughter. When it is coming direct from the Lord, you will literally be laughing as hard as you can for as long as it lasts. It can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 or 15 minutes.

If it lasts up to 10-15 minutes, there is a good chance that your stomach muscles will be sore for a day or two following it due to the maximum intensity of the actual laughter itself. There is also an extreme amount of joy that will come with it when it does manifest.

One of my personal friends has had this manifestation occur about 4 or 5 times right over the phone while we have been talking.

The way that I know it is coming from the Holy Spirit rather than it being her own natural laughter is that when it starts to erupt in her, it is much more stronger and intense than her own belly laugh is. It also feels much more fuller than her own laughter.

Another clue I have when it is the Holy Spirit rather than her own natural laughter is the tone of it.

When it is the Holy Spirit, the laughter has a higher pitch to it than her own natural laughter does. Her own normal laughter surprisingly has a lower pitch or tone to it as versus when the laughter is coming in from the Holy Spirit.

With her, since I know what her normal laughter sounds like, I can always easily discern when the laughter is coming in from God, or when it is coming from her own natural self.

And the times that I have heard it erupt right in the middle of one of our phone conversations is really a true blessing because I know it is coming direct from God Himself, and I always feel honored and blessed that He would show Himself this way right in the middle of one our phone conversations.

When it does manifest right in the middle of one our phone conversations, I have noticed that it can occur for absolutely no reason at all.

In this case, I have always felt that God is simply releasing His joy and laughter into the situation as if He is simply enjoying our company.

The other times it will manifest is when one of us says something that seems to hit God’s funny bone. When His laughter then manifests off a particular statement, I always feel like I get a little bit of insight as to what may make God laugh.

Now here are some of the attacks that are coming from other Christians who simply do not understand this manifestation.

Arguments Against This Manifestation

Their arguments against this manifestation as being from the Lord are the following:

  • Laughter is not the same thing as joy.
  • Laughter is not one of the 9 gifts of the Spirit.
  • Laughter is not listed as one of the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit. Joy is, but not laughter or laughing.
  • God’s laughter is in no way imparted to the believer by the Holy Spirit.
  • “Holy laughter” or “laughing in the Spirit” is not mentioned anywhere in the Bible as an actual verifiable manifestation.

Now to the argument that I feel will give us the correct angle in which to look at this manifestation from.

Arguments For This Manifestation

1.  All of what they say is true per all of the above arguments. However, where they are missing the boat on in their arguments is the angle they are looking at this manifestation from. They are keying off the wrong Scripture verses.

The Bible says that God has made man in His image and likeness. We all know that many of our emotions are the same range of emotions that God has. We all have emotions such as love, joy, and sadness. And within our emotional structure is the ability to laugh.

If God has many of the same emotions we do since He has made all of us in the image and likeness of Himself, then it is only logical to conclude that God can and does laugh Himself. The Bible is full of stories showing the wide range of God’s emotions being expressed, with everything from extreme love, mercy, and kindness to furious anger and wrath.

There are also verses showing that God does have extreme joy and the ability to laugh within His personality.

So if God does have the actual ability to laugh Himself just like we all do – the 50 million dollar question is – can God manifest His laughter through the Holy Spirit on the inside of us where He is literally laughing through us?

Can He literally transmit His laughter through us as an actual manifestation?

I believe the answer is yes, and here is the verse that proves in my opinion that this laughing manifestation from the Lord can occur in us through the Holy Spirit.

“He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and MANIFEST MYSELF to him … and We will come to him and make Our home with him.” (John 14:21-23)

I believe the two words “manifest Myself” are literal interpretation. I believe this verse is telling us that manifestations from God are possible to receive in this life.

We all have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us. It is through the Holy Spirit that these manifestations from God are being transmitted to us.

2.  So if God can manifest some of His emotions on the inside of us where we can actually feel it, then it is only logical to conclude that God can also manifest His laughter on the inside of us. And we already know that God has plenty of joy and happiness within His own personality.

The above Scripture verse thus gives us the appropriate grounds in which to accept these emotional manifestations from the Lord on the inside of us through the Holy Spirit.

The Christians who are arguing against this manifestation are keying off the wrong Scripture verses. Just because laughter is not listed as one of the 9 fruits of the Spirit does not mean that it is not possible to receive it from the Lord.

For instance, the quality of boldness is not listed as one of the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit. However, the Bible is full of stories of God’s boldness being manifested through the Holy Spirit onto His people.

Just look of the story of Pentecost itself. The apostles were a timid bunch until they received the Holy Spirit in the upper room on Pentecost. When they came out of that room, they came out with God’s boldness and courage operating through them because they were all now Spirit-filled and Spirit-empowered.

The boldness of the Holy Spirit was now operating through them because they were going to need His boldness in order to start preaching the Gospel and get the ball rolling.

However, boldness is not listed as one of the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit. But there is no question that God can manifest His boldness through anyone should He choose to do so. And when He does decide to manifest His boldness through one of His own, it is an actual manifestation.

It is God’s boldness manifesting through you, it is not your own boldness.

So if God can manifest His emotion of boldness through you even though it is not listed as one of the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit, then again, it is only logical to conclude that God can also manifest His other emotions through you such as laughter, even though some of these other emotions such as laughter are not listed as one of the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit.


If any of you are ever faced with other Christians who will try and argue that this manifestation is not from the Lord, try giving them the above argument off the above Scripture verse.

As for myself, I really believe that the above verse from John is the appropriate verse in which to base not only this particular manifestation on, but also any other emotional manifestations that God would like to manifest to us through the Holy Spirit from time to time.

I am going to go ahead and do another article on this topic. The next article will be titled “Groaning in the Spirit” and will also be in the Miscellaneous Section of our site.

This is where God will manifest His pain and sadness through you on a particular situation that you may be dealing with. There are some real interesting things that will occur when this particular manifestation comes in on you.


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  1. I just experienced this beautiful phenomenon with my friend and there is no way anyone can tell me this was not of God. It came right after I spoke an encouraging statement. The bible records in more than one verse that God laughs in the heavens. If God can laugh, He can laugh through the Holy Spirit who is in us? Makes sense?? Also, there are times when the Holy Spirit prays through me and I can’t control it! Why can’t laughter manifest in this way?

    Psalms 37:13
    Psalms 2:4

  2. I too have had the spirit of god baptise me this way, i was filled with this uncontrollable laughter, i felt warm from head to toe and full of joy! This IS god at work and god works in mysterious ways people, dont forget that.

    And some people take the bible completely to littoraly. The bible is full of contradictions and mistakes, not forgetting the book was put together by the roman church, who chose only a few books to put in the new testament while burning hundreds if not thousands of other gospels by people filled in the spirit. God gave me the wisdom to see this for what it is. Man is fallible and the bible is written by fallible man so yes their will be contradictions and mistakes, thats acceptable even to god, it doesn’t take away the fact these men were or wasnt filled with the spirit of god.

    In the book of john even jesus said you will see greater things than this. You know nothing is impossible to god so why doubt what god can manifest in who he chooses to manifest. Dont be a person that lives on scripture alone, test the spirits as has been written, ask and pray to god that if what you are reading is true and weather he would manifest his laughter into you.

    I promise you will not refret it 🙂

  3. Grace and peace to you all! I remember in the morning I was praying in the Spirit in the shower and I (out of nowhere) just said “The yokes of oppression are broken” three times, as I did I saw what looked like a Goliath falling in an open vision. Once I got myself together, I went on to work. The remaining time on my lunch break I spent praying in the Spirit in the locker-room when I remembered hearing about singing in tongues, so I did. I was worshipping and enjoying it, when I just started laughing! For the first few minutes I was kinda not sure what was happening but I just yielded and let it happen. It started around 1:16-1:26 pm and kinda started settling around 3 ish. But even afterward that day and a couple days afterward, I noticed a boldness I never had, full of joy and peace, it was amazing. God had to have done it cause the devil’s kingdom ain’t divided or else how could it stand? I can go for another round lol I had a flashback of when I would get tipsy and it reminded me of those times; I was on the floor and couldn’t stop laughing lol. I would that everyone have that experience often!

    • Hi Bro, I am surprised to read your vision as I saw ” David’s sling” in a vision during worship on 28th Feb this yr 2016. God gave me a victory from oppression from the devil.

      I laughed in the tongues in the evangelical mtg in that same week and ” a prophetic word was released ” the devil is defeated” and I laughed uncontrollably in tongues.
      I learnt over few months that the witchcraft that was done to oppress and destroy me was sent back to the pple who had done it on the same day I was released.

      your Vision just gave me a confirmation.
      God Bless you

  4. Thank you for this message on laughter and joy. Over a year ago after I decided to support someone in prayer, I would laugh! Eventually every time I prayed in the Spirit I would laugh too. I often laugh during worship and in my personal prayer times.

    When the regular laughter started I was going through some very difficult things, and since I had to drive alot, sometimes I prayed in the Spirit for 2 hours straight. After working ridiculous hours day after day and struggling on with my work , as well as other issues, I’d get back to my hotel room and lift my hands to the Lord and start to pray. Instead of words, out would come laugher! I had not one reason to laugh, but the Lord blessed me with a supernatural joy. This joy and laughter pretty much comes all the time that I pray now.

    About three years ago, after initially confessing my struggles and difficulties, I would regularly break down in tears during meetings and in intimate times with the Lord. Mid way during a ten evening outpouring conference meeting, I was a broken man with so much pain coming out from deep within. Later that night I couldn’t get off the floor due to laughter and joy! On numerous occasions since, I’ve cried and laughed. The tears have become less and less and the joy more and more. Now I just seem to have have incredible joy and laughter at most meetings!

    I was Spitually backslidden, and I often lacked self control and seemed to always fall back into sinful ways. The Lord has delivered my of all this! It’s Him that has done it, not me! It has come by spending time in His presence and in seeking Him. The joy of the Lord is my strength! … He is the best! Sin doesn’t hold on me like it did and I have so much more self control. I also have a passion for the Lord!

  5. Praise God Jared

    I just wanted to encourage you that no matter what anyone says about this gifting never turn back or doubt it.

    I had been questioned by leaders as they never experienced it or saw it and it is normal. I came to this site only in search of the answer for I was also confused when it started happening to me. I have been laughing in tongues many times in worship and it is not experienced by everyone but you can witness these manifestations mostly in evangelical meetings… I first saw it in evangelist Reign Hard Bonnkes meeting .

    Just want to encourage and advice you that never doubt it and keep moving forward…God will open up more if you continue….never listen to people

    God Bless…

  6. I experienced this for the first time this morning and it was AMAZING! During this experience I felt like I saw life in a different light and because of that view point it made me laugh more and more and I just couldn’t stop laughing.

    I come from a mixed spiritual environment, some community groups I link up with are very Charismatic where others aren’t. Therefore when mystical experiences happen to me I sometimes get mixed reviews. I can’t deny the mystical experiences that continue to happen so I know it is from God.

  7. I know that this is real because as i was praying in the spirit i started laughing hard and uncontrollable to the point that i started coughing. I had an sensation of feeling so light. Then i heard the lord say he was delivering me and restoring my joy. I also heard in the spirit laughter is medicine to your bones. First time i ever experienced that. God awesome

  8. Hello,
    I never experienced laughter in the spirit but I do worship in the spirit on a daily basis. I would like to know what does this exactly mean? It’s like my own personal radio of gospel music in my heart. It feels great. just wondering what i should do with it?

    I love this website. Im learning so much. cant wait to hear a response

  9. is this how to holy spirit works under biblical terms? this type of activity does not induce self control which is one of the fruits of the spirit. this is not a work of the holy spirit because their is no self control. Galatians 5:22-23 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. we are also suppose to test the spirits. 1 john 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. the bible also warns us against false prophets who shall perform miraculous signs and wonders. Matthew 24:24 False Christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. we have to to watch and be careful because many people will be deceived by these signs. also the bible tells us what will happen to these false prophets who glorify themselves more than following god and his word. Matthew 7:21-23 21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

    22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?

    23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

    • I personally have never had this experience. However, if I interpret your response as accurate, that means if I break out laughing at a funny joke, I don’t have self-control. That means no Christian who laughs in life has self-control. There re times in life that I laughed so hard at something that it brought tears to my eyes. Does that mean I didn’t have self-control? I find that very hard to align with the God I know.

    • Dear beloved

      I was asked the same question : holy spirit is gentle. I had no answer for this so I only replied, as long as my mouth is saying Jesus is my Lord and my savior and my hands are being lifted to worship God, I am safe in my saviours hands.

      I asked God to explain it to me. His answer to me was : what happened on the day of Pentecost. The “Fire” of the Holy Spirit fell on believers. Its not normal speaking in tongues. Its the “FIRE” of the Holy Spirit. When a beliver receives fire it burns and it is not gentle. It is gentle on the soul of the believer but violent in destroying the work of the darkness. I received confirmation on what the Holy Spirit revealed through another evangelist Daniel Kolanda who preached same. When a person is on Fire , that person will run , jump and be on fire..

      This yr God showed me “davids sling during worship. 3 days later I laughed in tongues during an evangelistic meeting during worship, with a prophetic word being released. The evangelist didn’t stop me during the worship.

      after the service when he prayed for me I went under anointing and fell and saw Jesus in my vision , and started laughing uncontrollably …… as if I was making fun of someone.. eventually the translation of the prophetic word came ” The devil is defeated”. and I continued laughing uncontrollably rolling on the ground and was making a mockery of the devil that he was defeated. The evangelist had put his hand on my throat and my stomach to stop it. It went off as soon as he prayed “Enough God”. it was like someone pulled a plug off all of a sudden.

      over 12 yrs the devil tried to kill me and God gave me this victory. same week I received a miracle. the witchcraft that was done on me was sent back to those who sent it to destroy me. the vision I received for davids sling and laughing in tongues and the prophetic word all lined up and all this happened in just one week one by one.

      I noticed that a Miracle will always follow when ever I laugh in tongues. it is real and it is from God.

    • This happened to me one day I was worshipping at home. It was a laughter that I could literally feel flowing out of my body and the joy imparted to me i reflect on when I’m walking through hard times in life. I am thankful for that moment!

  10. Respected in Christ
    your topics are very very helpful for us as we are in ministry in a totally backward and unreached area of (Punjab )India.The topic on laughing once I heard before 15 years but i have never seen any manifestation.But three months before an old man above 60 came to our church and after three Sundays he started laughing in worship and kept shouting in a high tone we did not understand what is going inside him as he had no teeth so it was difficult.after that day whenever we meet him he says he has peace and joy in him that he can not explain ,even I also fill with joy when I look at his face

  11. Hi All,

    I never understood this manifestation until it happened to me. I was being prayed for by a man of God under unction of the Holy Spirit (He called me out of the croud in a fellowship). During the prayer I felt the anointing and whilst I’ve cried under the anointing before, I was expecting to cry but instead came these peals of laughter it was such a strong laughter and I was crying, tears streaming down my face onto the floor but I was laughing powerfully under the Holy Spirit. I already knew what it meant because I had received a prophecy about it from another believer also through laughter, it was God expressing victory and confirming that my season of victory had come and the season of tears was over it was like God is laughing the way you will laugh when He has done all the good things He has planned for you or when God is laughing at His enemies who have been against a believer (as recorded in the Old Testament Psalms). Be blessed. Just a caution if you’re not sure about something please neither curse nor bless but just focus on the Lord and your walk with Him and you will grow into whatever He wants for you.

  12. Hi Linda
    I read your post and wanted to share something from my own experience as I experience a few different manifestions during worship including laughing in Tongues uncontrollably.

    I went through a lot of persecutions in life bcos of my faith and the anointing grew as I spent a lot of time in Prayer, fasting and worship. There came a time where I started experiencing this gifting. My life went in tears everyday for over 3 yrs and more than 6 yrs for it to come to a stage where it started to slowly go away.

    When I started laughing in tongues a miracle would always follow for the person I was being led to pray for. People in Church also doubted it and said it was demonic spirit which had hurt me so I stopped worshipping in church. Since this gift was given by God, God spoke to me through His Holy Spirit and said ” Focus on the Cross and Run your Race”. After that Pastors came and started prophecing over my life which confirmed this being a gift from God. Then I saw not only myself but others manifesting the same gift in evangelical meetings. The answer to this gift is Acts when the “Fire” of the Holy Spirit was poured out on people. Even at that time people didn’t understand what was happening but it was the fire of the Holy Spirit being poured out on them. My experience of it is I love that presence. I enjoy worshipping God and His presence as I worship laughing in tongues. Recently I was prayed by an evangelist and he prophecised and then I started praising God jumping and fell down laughing unbearably worshipping God while I was lying on the floor …. It is the presence of God’s anointing. At that place of worship I found my self seeing visions and receiving revelations from God.

    It is from God.

  13. Hello
    I am sorry to hear that your brother has passed away due to illness.
    I looked at your biblical reference for ‘laughing uncontrollably’ as a manifestation of the Holy Spirit.
    In my thinking there should be more than one scripture reference to the experience of the type of manifestations that you are endorsing here as coming from God and the Holy Spirit.
    I think that we have to look at this as a manifestation coming from our spirit toward God, rather than God or the Holy Spirit manifesting ‘laughter’ in us, so to speak. The Holy Spirit ‘groans on our behalf’ when he sees our heart. He does this in order to express to God. What would our ‘uncontrolled laughter’ be saying to God? I have laughed in a church in service but not uncontrollably.

    When we have the manifestation of ‘speaking in tongues’ it is not God manifesting himself to us, it is us speaking and communing with God. . Or it is us prophesying in tongues and having this ‘tongues’ interpreted in a service for the edification and encouragement, admonition, of the body.


  14. Hi

    I am a Pentecostal Christian for 31 yrs. I started experiencing this gift in 2009 when I came back from work and my spirit was getting a great desire to just worship God. I put my bag down and just lifted my hands and started praising God. As I started speaking in tongues I started laughing while speaking in tongues. It was coming from the belly. I could not stop laughing and sat down as my stomach started aching from the laughter. I shared it with a pastor and found that it was the Gift of Joy from the Holy Spirit. A miracle always followed whenever I laughed in worship speaking in tongues. on 8 March I attended a crusade and a Pastor gave a prophecy and as the fire of the Holy Spirit fell over me I burst out laughing . I lay on the floor laughing and laughing in spirit and just praising God. I could not get up until it stopped. It is awesome and one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit that I truly and blessed to have.

    God Bless

  15. I’ve only ever experienced this kind of thing once in my life as a Christian in 2011 as I wrote about below when I first started attending that particular church. It’s never happened to me again since that time, and it doesn’t need to. I believe it was a manifestation and example of the Lord’s wonderful, bountiful Grace bestowed upon me in my time of deep crisis. Prior to that he has done even more wonderful things for me in my life (for example healing me fully and completely from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2006) but that is a story that belongs in my testimony.

    As Scripture says: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him.”

    I still believe up until this day that it was from the Lord Jesus, a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Some people here are suspicious of it and I understand that for there are many deceptions in this world.

    But I say: ‘What has been the fruit in my life since that experience 2.5 years ago?’ Have I grown to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a deeper way since then ? YES. Do I still attend the same church? YES. Am i still praying, reading the Word, pursuing and hungry for the presence of the Lord Jesus? YES.

  16. I’m not impressed by this article…! Our christian emphasis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit should be on the basis of the scripture. Noting the down the scripture passages from here and there shows how selfish we are to hold our own made experimental theology (laughing in the spirit). We believe in the cannon of the Bible., so, we should not try promote this kind of unbiblical phenomenon to be practiced in the churches…!

  17. During a revival a couple of weeks back there was an altar call for any to be prayed for. As I waited…the pastor approached me and it hit me…it began deep in the belly and was uncontrollable…while everyone else was sobbing…there I stood doing a miserable job of suppressing this incredible laughter. I assure to everyone reading this that there was a spiritual healing for me that night! It lingered on with me after I left church and anyone witnessing my behavior could classify me as drunk…as in the book of a Acts! The most amazing part is that there was an uninhibited desire to tell anyone and everyone about Jesus! I have a hard time with the critics that would say this was from the devil. One must be very careful. The religious group credited the healings of Jesus to be of the Devil because they had never witnessed anything like that before either. God Bless!

    • Thanks for sharing, Gary. I also had similar instances in the past. The desire to share Jesus is extremely strong. That is a great point.

  18. The problem with manifestations of this type is that they are subjective. It is all very well to say that you have experienced laughter which is not your own, and it must be from God because it felt good, or it felt right etc. If scripture doesn’t confirm that these types of manifestations are from the Spirit of God, then we need to test the spirits. Manifestations are fine, but do they bring edificaction? Even Paul warned of speaking in tongues in the wrong way, and making sure there was an interpretation otherwise things were not being done in order.

    The verses about people falling under God’s power always relate to judgement, not blessing.

    The verses quoted above about laughter do not mention the type of laughter discussed in these comments. That kind of laughter is the laughter of the joy of the Lord where we laugh out of the blessing which comes from God, and it is more like a shout of joy, rather than this kind of laughing which is, as many have attested, overwhelming. God does not overwhelm people or cause them to fall over, or lose consciousness, or be ‘slain’ in the spirit. Nowhere in the book of Acts or the day of Pentecost were these sorts of things in evidence. If you are seeing these sorts of things, always remember that Satan can manifest as an angel of light. He can make these sorts of experiences so exciting or peaceful or joyful, yet it is still not from God but another Spirit. I know people who have experienced this don’t want to accept that it might not be from God, and people who question the experience are always seen as ‘fuddy-duddys’, but better to be cautious and sober-minded in order to avoid deception, knowing how the enemy works, than just accept anything which comes our way simply because others are telling you it ‘must be from God’.

    • Now knowing Jesus now dwells in us through the Holy Spirit which gives us the same power as Jesus himself. As soon then as he had said unto them, I am he, they went backward, and fell to the ground John 18:6. No judgement here just power. So if Jesus had that power when he spoke and now when he speaks through us His power can manifest. I have tried to lay hands on people and couldn’t because as soon as I started praying in the spirit and put my hands up to pray on folks they went down from the power.

  19. Please don’t write this off. I have witnessed this holy laughter at a conference about God’s Manifest Presence. At the same conference people were healed and set free! And, just because It was new to me, I did not automatically decide it was wrong or not from God.

    In Acts chapter 2: the apostles received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the onlookers thought they were drunk (verse 13). Indeed, when people laugh in the spirit they do appear a littlle drunk but it is much more intense than that and the difference is the sheer Joy! God is pouring out his Spirit.

    Peter quotes the book of Joel in Acts 2:17-21. Signs and wonders are not always from the dark side! Verse 19 says “God will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below”. Who are we to question God’s ways? We are living in the last days NOW. I believe we will see a lot more signs and wonders than just holy laughter! Please, lighten up and be joyful and don’t be quick to condemn the things you don’t understand. God has a wonderful sense of humour and humour includes laughing! Don’t assign God to a small box. Dig deep and search for the things of God. When you seek Him you’ll find Him. There is SO much more to God than what you give Him credit for. God Bless You.

    • Seeker, don’t just “cheery pick” a verse but instead read the whole chapter, before verse 13, chapter 2 of acts, in verse 4 says “All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.” and verse 11 says “both Jews and proselytes, Cretans and Arabians—we hear them telling in our own tongues the mighty works of God.”

      The key words there are this “…began to speak in OTHER TONGUES (not laughing) as the Spirit enabled them.”, and “…”…we hear them telling in our OWN TONGUES…” and then verse 13 says that people looked at them as if they were drunk.

      They were not laughing (in the spirit) but they were speaking in TONGUES as the Spirit enabled them that is why people thinks that they were drunk.

      Now would anyone comment in this section, please give me scriptures as proofs that “laughing in the spirit” is recorded in the Bible? You call it a manifestation of the Holy Spirit? Well Jesus is filled with the Holy Spirit, in fact there was no one in the Bible more filled with the Holy Spirit than Him and not once does the Bible ever record Him laughing.

      If “laughing in the spirit” is actually a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, then how come it isn’t recorded in the Bible? The only manifestation of the Holy Spirit mentioned in the Bible is speaking in other tongues.

      “ACTS 10:43 All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.”

      44 While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit came on all who heard the message. 45 The circumcised believers who had come with Peter were astonished that the gift of the Holy Spirit had been poured out even on Gentiles. 46 For they heard them SPEAKING IN TONGUES[b](not laughing in the spirit) and praising God.”

      • In John 15:11 Jesus talks about the apostles having His joy. If He was not a generally happy person, why would He say this? There would logically need to be joy in Him that someone would want. It is only logical that He can and does laugh. Why couldn’t contact with Him make you laugh, just as if you are around any other happy person? He is closer to us than anyone else; He lives inside us. So, His emotions should rub off on us more, not less, than other people’s, unless we are just ignoring Him.

      • Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.John 21:25

  20. Nice article. Here are some comments that may add additional light to this occurrence.

    Genesis 21:6 Sarah said, “God has brought me laughter, and everyone who hears about this will laugh with me.”

    If Sarah had cause to rejoice and laugh because of her son, how much more cause do we have for the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord into our hearts! Let us be like Sarah and say, :” God has brought me laughter (because HE has given Himself to be with me, in me and around me always) and all who hear me will laugh with me.

    Job 8:21 He will yet fill your mouth with laughter
    and your lips with shouts of joy.

    Ecclesiastes 3:4 a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,

    The days of mourning have passed. Before Jesus we wept, mourned and were hopeles but now, we have a hope, a future a destiny and the days of mourning have passed. Before Jesus we wept, with Jesus we laugh for He has filled our life with Joy. With Jesus mourning and weeping end, Laughter and dancing begin! Rejoice!

    Matthew 25:21
    His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’

    Truly, we have entered into the Joy of our Father and indeed we must also share in his happiness. When he laughs, we laugh.

    • I also came across these scriptures, but don’t take away what’s pleasing to the ear… I truly believed that holy laughter was from God, but it’s nowhere in the Bible and those certain scripture that you used read the entire passage. Especially Job, you took that out of context.

  21. i would just like to say that i believe this is from God! its a really overwhelming feeling! i have gotten this laughter numerous times and i strongly believe that what Galatians 5:22 about the fruits of the Spirit, and one of them being joy is true! During worship usually when i sing like no one else is in the room, joy fills my belly and i get so full of joy that it spurts out in laughter!
    i also think that God gives people joy who are going through depression or something, and that’s what i have been experiencing lately!!

  22. Some how I find this manifestation being from God is strange, and I doubt it to be true, since it seems silly where an Awesome God would like us to behave like mad people. Nevertheless, put everything to test. Well, being filled with joy n happiness and exhibiting that type of emotions and laughing what sounds normal to any person is fine, only difference being may be lauhging even during great problems or trials in life. like laughing away with the problem and saying that it has no control over us since Jesus has overcome everthing for us.

    Well, in brief, as the Bible tells us put to test every inspiration whethr from God or not. likewise put any manifestation too to test the fruits of it. If it’s against God’s words and your life style, attitude, character is not based on how the Spirit of God would lead one, then be sure those manifestations are not from God, rather from the deceiver the enemy for all children of God.

    Beware my friends and seal yourself with the Precious Blood of Jesus and invoke the power of the Holy Spirit daily in your lives. God bless

  23. Anyone who has a sincere belief in the infallability of God’s Word could never endorse this manifestation as being from God. Just because the experience was real or positive does not make it from God. There have been documented manifestations which are exactly the same in the New Age movement. One has to be very careful accepting something that is not in the Bible. Very simple discernment suggests that one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is self-control. Any manifestation resulting in a person losing his or her self-control is not from the Holy Spirit. Even those who fell prostrate before the Lord in the Bible, did so in total awe of God. They were worshipping Him from the heart and were not knocked backwards. How could God force someone to laugh or shake or fall backwards against their will and exhibit manifestations which are clearly not from the fruit of self-control. This may well be part of the last days deception which will almost deceive His elect. I had a similar experience years ago of being pushed over at a meeting by a force. I have since discerned that it was not from God. The fact that the attention is drawn away from Jesus and onto the manifestation should sound an alarm since it is very clear that the Holy Spirit will always give glory to Jesus and remind us of His teaching.

    • Brother, do you speak in tongues? If not then you may be speaking from inexperience. When I pray in the Spirit, the Spirit laughs eventually. I’m not sure what is going on but I’m at peace over a situation; quite happy actually. If you are filled with the Holy Spirit and praying IN the spirit, how can a demonic force laugh from within you? Remember, one breath from Jesus kills the devil. Demonic spirits can not live within a body of a true believer.

      • There are demonic tongues, so speaking g in tongues is not evidence that it’s the Holy Spirit’s manifestation but simply that it’s a spiritual manifestation. I see “believers” delivered from demonic stuff all the time, so being a “true believer” is a somewhat subjective statement that must be tested.

    • Amen, The Bible says, not to add or take away from the Bible.
      Holy laughter is not biblical, laughter is an emotion

      Laughter is not in the fruits of the spirit but self-control is.

      God is not an author of confusion

    • I agree with the above. Unfortunately, your only arguments in support of this being a manifestation of the joy of the Lord comes from your own inference of the scripture- we are not God, and the Bible is the written word of God. We do not create or add the bits in that we experience and think are from God. I would be so wary of claiming that this is from the Holy Spirit when there is NO biblical foundation to that claim. Just because you experience something, does not make it a Holy Spirit manifestation. I also find it a little naive how you describe the distinction between normal laughter and Holy Spirit laughter; just because there is a difference, does not mean this is Holy laughter. We are living in a world in which the Holy Spirit and Satan are constantly in battle, and many of the so-called “manifestations of the Holy Spirit” are in fact a manifestation of the demonic forces, so I would be SO CAREFUL of not making ANY assumptions if you ever have this experience. Ultimately, YOU do not define what is and what isn’t a gift of the Holy Spirit, God has defined that in His word, and that is that. There’s no grey area when it comes to His word. And I believe in the gifts of the Spirit, so am not coming from a belief that the canon is closed and God has given His final revelation; I believe He continues to speak to us.

  24. I have experienced this once so far, only 2 nights ago!

    I have been under a lot of stress lately because of a crisis situation in my life the last 4 months. So I went to a new (for me) Pentecostal church that is known for its manifestations of healing through the Holy Spirit.

    Earlier that day I had been so very anguished and prayed to God that I could find rest in Him.

    So I went to the service and within a few minutes I was crying. An elderly woman came on my left side and put her hand on my shoulder while she sang and spoke in tongues. She had the voice of an angel! Divine. And her language didn’t sound like the gibberish some people I have heard speak in tongues.

    It was very emotional for me and before long I was sobbing, then I dropped to my knees. Deep, deep cries, sobs, from all the pain and anguish of the last months of dealing with my situation.

    Then singing, beautiful singing came. I soon found myself, singing also, praising Him in a voice I didn’t know I had! It was so beautiful and I felt so free to heap Praise and thanks on Him through singing.

    After about 30 minutes of singing and worshiping Jesus Christ I began laughing as if the Holy Spirit was making me laugh. I’d never experienced this before and I felt like I hadn’t had a proper laugh in at least 6 months. Yet here I was having big belly laughs!

    It was as if God was laughing at the whole silly situation I am in, giving me the sense I have nothing to worry about. For Him my problem is nothing, like flicking a piece of dust away.

    However, the thing I felt most profoundly was the sense of finding rest in HIm. I thank Him for this experience. Later, I walked out of the service wondering, “What just happened in there?”

    I have also had the experience of shaking uncontrollably in the Holy Spirit in 2006. It was about 4 months after first accepting Jesus (as a last resort as I’d tried everything else) after being ill for 2 years with chronic fatigue and other health problems.

    After being prayed for and anointed with oil, I shook on the ground for at least 20 minutes. After it was over I was walking back to my car and felt an incredible sense of energy and power in my solar plexus region. I also realised I was walking faster than usual! (I had previously struggled with fatigue and lack of energy). After this experience my energy remained high as it still does.

    All praise, thanks and glory to Jesus Christ.

  25. I have had about two or three experiences with laughing and being slain in the spirit. My first experience was when I was at a youth type rival called “the fire conference” just in the middle of the message, when the pastor was speaking.. two girls started laughing uncontrollably, and came up to the front, and feel backwards. It looked like something hit them.. and it looked way too real for them just to put on the act. I was like “wow, did that really just happen?” then I started shaking uncontrollably I didn’t know what was happening then, I went up and it literately felt like a big, huge wind of Gods spirit hit my and I fell backwards, then was still shaking uncontrollably. This went on for about 10-15 minutes. Before this happened, I didn’t believe in this kind of stuff,and when I would hear about it, I was like “those people are crazy!” And “They just want attention” But when it happened to me, there’s no way that, that wasn’t God’s power. Because I experienced it myself. There are many biblical verses about people falling or not being able to stand in God’s presence. When God decides to reveal His holy spirit to us so much, it’s too much for our human bodies to handle, because God’s spirit is just that powerful. Just thought I might share this

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