Video Testimony of Bill Wiese – 23 Minutes in Hell

For those of you who have not heard of Bill Wiese, he has an incredible testimony of being pulled out of his body and then dropped right into a pit in hell for 23 minutes.

When he was down there for those 23 minutes, he was allowed to both see and actually experience some of the horrors that are going on down there.

In our article titled, “The Reality of Hell,” we gave you a brief summary of what he saw and experienced down there, along with all of the main verses from the Bible showing you that a real live hell really does exist.

He has also written two books on his ordeal. The title of his two books are:

“23 Minutes in Hell”

After reading both of his books and seeing him give his testimony live several times, it is my own personal opinion that this man’s testimony is true and is from the Lord. I believe the main reason God did this with him was to show him that not only does a real live hell exist, but to also bring back to us what the actual living conditions are like down there.

I believe God wants to do everything He can to save people from this horrible place of torment, even to the point of dropping a man down there so he could bring back to us some of the horrific details as to what the living conditions are actually like down there. I believe this is God pulling out all of the stops to try and reach as many people as He possibly can with His message of eternal salvation through His Son Jesus so people do not end up in this horrible place for all of eternity.

Though I gave you the highlights of this man’s testimony in the above article on hell, I thought I would create a separate article giving you his testimony as it is being presented live at a church. I found 8 youtube videos on him doing this, so I went ahead and embedded each one of the videos right into this article itself so you would not have to go to any other separate pages.

I also put a 9th video in there where he is answering questions about hell at another place. He quotes a lot of Scripture to back up everything that had occurred to him down there.

You will each have to use your own discernment and get your own witness from the Holy Spirit as to whether or not you feel his story is true and is from the Lord. But again, for the record, we believe in this man’s testimony, and we feel that God is doing this so He can warn as many people as possible that a hell does exist and that you have to get saved this side of heaven.

You cannot wait until you die to get saved through Jesus. You have to get saved while down here on this earth. As you see when hearing his live testimony, the minute you die and cross over, it will already be too late to accept Jesus and His sacrificial death on the cross for all of your sins. You have to make this final and fateful decision this side of heaven, not the next.

This article will also serve as a very good followup on the article I just released last week titled, “You Do Have the Power of God to Witness.”

If you are willing to be used by God to witness to other people in this life in order to try and get them saved, this man’s intense testimony will show you what you are trying to save these people from ever single time you witness to them. Not even Hollywood, with all of its special effects technology, could conjure up what this man saw and experienced down there.

As we have said in this article, it would be our very strong recommendation that you put ever single of one of your unsaved family members and friends at the top of your personal prayer list and literally pray for their eternal salvation to the day they die so they do not end up in this horrible place of torment for all of eternity.

You only have one short window to pray for these unsaved people. And your personal prayers to the Lord for their own eternal salvation could end up being the difference as to whether or not some of them ever see the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and thus be prevented from going down into this horrible place of torment for all of eternity.

This life is a game of real life and real death – and the eternal stakes could not be any more higher, as each person has to find and accept Jesus Christ before they die and cross over. And they only have this one earthly lifetime to be able to do this.

Now here are the first 8 videos where Bill is giving his testimony live before a church. Then the last video will be him answering a lot of the questions people have about hell.

Also feel free to pass this article and videos onto your family and friends, along with putting it up on your facebook wall so people can be reached with the truth of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ before it becomes too late for them to do so.









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  1. sheryll - April 27, 2018 at 9:10 am

    Thank you Father God thank you Jesus thank you Holy Spirit for this wonderful message, thank you for saving our soul, thanks for the knowledge . We need you Father God , we love you Jesus amen and amen

  2. Paul - April 15, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Mike, this series of videos has had more impact on my life than anything else in my 46 years as a Christian. All the sermons, books and lessons I got could not penetrate my mind as this one today. I thank God for Brother Bill Wiese and his wife who are bringing this reality to His Church on earth because it is probably the most important ‘wake-up call’ we can hear at this time. As the Lord told Bill, “I am coming very soon” so there simply isn’t a day to put off telling everyone. I could not bear to hear the words, “why didn’t you tell me?” to be on my mind. We must convey the message that hell is absolutely real! But, there is Good News and the ONLY Good News is Jesus because he has already saved those who call on His Name for forgiveness. He is faithful and will call us His own when do.

  3. Jackie - February 11, 2012 at 11:55 am

    Very Interesting video! Here is another one, testimony from Howard Pitman where he was taken by angel and power of Holy Spirit; it talks about second heaven where all kinds of Demons live. What do u think about this one. Here is the link on YouTube.

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