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UFO’s – What is Really Behind This Phenomena

Since we have opened up this site, we have received many interesting emails from people around the world. In some of these emails, several people have asked our opinion on the whole UFO phenomena, since there have been so many documented sightings from people all over the world on this particular phenomena.

For the record, here is our official position on this topic:

1.  First, we definitely believe there is something going on out there with there being so many definite sightings from so many people across the entire world. Granted, many of these UFO sightings have been downright lies and hoaxes, as anyone with a little bit of knowledge can superimpose a fake image on their shots with their cameras.

However, as some of you already know who have done any type of research in this area, there have also been way too many sightings from very creditable people, with some of them actually coming from Air Force pilots and trained army personnel. I have also seen too many good documentaries and video shots showing that some people have really caught the real thing on their camcorders.

2.  So if a certain amount of people have really seen the real thing, with some of it actually being caught on their cameras or camcorders, then exactly what and who is it?

With these “objects” moving in a way and with a speed that could never be made or duplicated with the technology that we now have in place with our current aircrafts, then there can only be one of two possible explanations for this phenomenon.

It is either real live aliens from another planet who are looking down and observing us, or it is just demons masquerading as these friendly aliens trying to come to us as “angels of light.”

For the record, we believe this phenomenon is the real thing, but that it is really demonic spirits who are playing this game with us, not any real, live, alien beings from another planet.

As far as science knows to date, there is no real life on any of the other planets in our solar system. And if by chance there were real live beings from another solar system, I personally do not believe that God would allow them to come down and interact with us, as we have enough problems on our own trying to keep our world in one piece without having to deal with any real, live, alien beings from another planet or solar system.

3.  We believe the demons who are specializing in this phenomenon are doing it for a very special reason. They have a very definite agenda being set up with this particular manifestation, and we feel that it will be used to help explain the rapture to the rest of the unbelieving world when it does occur, as Satan and the Antichrist will have to give the rest of the world some kind of logical explanation as to why all of the Christians were suddenly raptured off the face of this earth.

I believe by the time the rapture gets ready to take place, there will be a noticeable increase in UFO sightings and appearances, and the Antichrist will then use the UFO phenomena as the main lie to tell the rest of the world why all the Christians had to be taken away. He will tell people they cannot have true peace and a utopian society in this world unless all of the Christians are taken out.

The Bible says that in the latter days that the signs and wonders coming in from the dark side will be so good, that even some of the elect are going to be fooled and duped. Here is the verse where this specific revelation is being given to us:

“For false christs and false prophets will arise and show GREAT SIGNS AND WONDERS, so as to deceive, if possible, the elect.” (Matthew 24:24)

I believe that the whole UFO phenomena will fall under the lying signs and wonders category, so do not be surprised if we do not see a lot more of this demonic phenomena in the coming years ahead.

4.  About three months ago, we received a very interesting email from a man by the name of Glenn. He said he got into major trouble as a result of deliberately chasing after UFO’s and trying to record them on his camcorder. He was not a Christian when he first started to do this.

He wanted to find out if some of the footage he was seeing was the real thing. He then set up his own camera and video system and then started to try and capture it on video.

When he did, he caused a very big hole to occur in his protective hedge and he then gave full legal rights for the demons to be able to come directly after him – and the demons who were masquerading as friendly aliens and angels of light definitely came after him. He came under very heavy demonic attack as a result of trying to chase down and record this demonic phenomena.

As a result of him coming under this direct demonic attack, he found out that only Jesus, and the authority and power of His name, could drive these demons off him for good. As a result, he became saved and born again very quickly after he had come under heavy attack from these demons.

He has asked that we let all of our readers know of the extreme dangers of trying to chase down and record this kind of demonic phenomena. What he did by trying to do this was no different than if you try and play with a ouija board or any of the other kinds of occult activities and devices that are out there.

As we explained in our two recent articles, “The Extreme Dangers of the Ouija Board” and “The Dangers of Automatic Writing,” once you go into any kind of a direct seeking mode trying to make direct contact with real, live, demonic spirits, you will give them full legal rights to be able to come directly after you.

Glenn obviously did not know this when he first tried to do this, but ignorance of this spiritual law will not stop the actual consequences from hitting you full force once you tread into this kind of forbidden territory with the Lord. This is why the Bible tells us that if we have “lack of knowledge,” that we can be destroyed and go into actual captivity.

Here are two extremely powerful Bible verses that every Christian should have burned into their memory banks, especially in the dangerous and perilous times that we are now all living in:

  1. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)
  2. “Therefore My people have gone into captivity, because they have no knowledge …” (Isaiah 5:13)

Below I will give you this man’s testimony as to how all of this began and exactly what had occurred to him once the demons started to come after him. If you would like to learn more about his testimony and what he has learned from all of this, we would recommend that you visit his site and browse through some of the links that he has in there.

There is some good audio of him being interviewed on his experiences, along with testimonies from other people who have encountered demons appearing to them as good and friendly aliens.

Again, this is all a big demonic deception and we would warn all of our readers to take this man’s warnings very, very seriously, and that you have absolutely nothing to do with trying to chase down and record this kind of demonic phenomena, as tempting as it would be to do so if you ever saw one.

If you do, it could cause a big hole to occur in your protective hedge with the Lord, and this could then give some of the demons who are operating behind this particular phenomena full legal rights to be able to come directly after you like they did with him.

We believe that the whole UFO phenomena is a very heavy demonic stronghold area and all believers and non-believers alike should stay completely away from it unless the Lord Himself is directing you to engage with it in some way.

Here is this man’s incredible testimony. For the record, we believe this man is telling the truth and that his experiences with these demons and his subsequent conversion to Jesus Christ was the real thing.

The Testimony of Glenn

Here is this man’s word-for-word testimony on exactly what had occurred to him once he started to try and chase down and record this demonic phenomena.

“Does the concept of Aliens from ‘outerspace’ conflict with your faith? Does it at least cast the ever so smallest amount of doubt? Can aliens co-exist with what we believe in the Bible or is it really one or the other? Is it Aliens really exist, but that’s alright because God created the universe and it’s possible that he created aliens and just didn’t really mention it clearly in the bible? Or is it either aliens exist, and I’ve been totally wrong believing in the bible, or aliens don’t exist..or maybe they exist but they’re misunderstood?

Confusing isn’t it? With aliens and UFO sightings in the media on an almost daily basis now, I bet most of you reading have wondered at one time or another, or maybe you have come to your own conclusions. Certainly as a Christian, one has to either dismiss it completely or form another opinion. Or, be ‘open-minded’ like the world tells people to be these days.

What I’m about to tell you is so shocking and so far-fetched, I can understand if you don’t believe me. What I’m about to tell you is strictly from my personal experiences only. Not the media. Not what I’ve seen on television. Not my own theory. I can assure you it’s completely true. I wouldn’t take the time to write this if it was lies. However, in the end, you will see my main message.

My story begins. For decades I was conflicted like maybe some of your are reading this right now. Sometimes I would think aliens existed. Other times I thought they did not. Overall though, I must say, I did believe they existed. There were too many credible witnesses to ufos, some decent footage, etc.

This past summer I finally decided once and for all to find out if they are real or not. I feared being abducted at night. I decided to make it my mission to find out the truth, whether I liked it or not. Once and for all. Going so far as, if it proved to be real and the Bible was not…so be it. At this time I was starting to think some of the stories in the Bible were children’s stories anyway. How could Noah get all those animals to fit in the Ark?!

I figured a good starting point was to find real footage. I thought that if these aliens really existed, then somebody must have caught them on tape. I searched for weeks. Most of it was fake footage. Then I found some interesting footage. It looked real. I watched it for weeks. I was pretty convinced that the footage was authentic.

Something strange started happening (this is where I’m going to start losing some people). Crows started appearing in my yard, even though I’ve never seen a crow in my yard before. I started to notice them everywhere. My wife and I would go for walks, and the crows would almost seem to follow us around. I dismissed it for the most part.

I had won a camcorder the previous December. I decided to see if I could capture the same footage that I thought was to be authentic on the internet. By the way, on this other persons footage the aliens looked like the grey aliens, with the black ‘almond’ eyes that is portrayed in pop culture these days. His footage was amazing. UfO’s, hundreds of alien faces. It was really bizarre.

So I go out with my camcorder and start trying to replicate this guy’s footage. The first night was impressive, but I can certainly see why some would say it’s not. So don’t run away yet! I filmed alien faces in the clouds the first night. Very distinct. Hundreds appeared..along with some other faces. One face had what I would call an evil grin. Well you can film anything in clouds! Yes. That’s why it gets better from here because that was the only cloud footage.

I continued filming from that night (in my backyard by the way). I filmed the ‘grey’ aliens during the day! Right in my backyard. Dozens’ of them. They also had the ability to transform (or morph) in the leaves of trees into this ‘giant alien head’. As I started filming more and more, the footage got better! They even got closer! I started posting my clips for all to see. I had some people tell me it was the most amazing footage that they’ve seen! I figured out the technique on how to film them, and my footage kept getting better and better.

One night I was filming, I got some crystal clear footage of ‘grey’ alien faces around lights. There were three grey alien heads in the air around lights. Another large (I mean three times the size) grey alien head on the ground, with another one right in front of it! The footage was so clear you could see the reflectiveness of their black eyes. One interesting detail, I could rarely ever see the entire body. Mostly just the classic grey alien head.

Bizarre things began happening. I was getting a ‘sick’ feeling in my head and ringing in my ears. I could sense when they were close, and I had the urge to film them. It was beyond a ‘sick’ feeling really. They were trying to get into my head. They were indeed trying to possess me. I was constantly fighting it off. Doors started slamming at night (it was worse at night in darkness).

Drawers started moving! One night I thought I heard something run through my room quickly. The crows were around my property like never before. I mean, they would fly up right outside my window. One weekend my wife and I traveled about four hours to motel. I had told my wife about the crows. When we pulled the car up to the entrance, I said “look hun, look at the crows.” She said, “yeah”. Then she got out of the car and said, “Oh my. I didn’t know all of them were right there blocking our entrance to the stairway.”

She was shocked that there were about 5 crows there, blocking us. The crow thing is cliched, I know. But this really happened and I’m not going to omit it (Do I think crows are evil? No. But can they be controlled by evil. Yes. Absolutely.).

The filming continued. One of the final clips I took was really strange. What was seen in these clips really defied logic and what we know as reality. Anyway, one of my last clips was a ufo landed in my backyard with an alien figure in front of it. When I was looking for something to film that night, I didn’t see it at first. I figured out why. Because I couldn’t see it with my naked eye. I could only see it through the viewfinder of the camcorder.

In fact, up until that point I never experienced it quite like this before. Let me explain, when I would film the alien faces they appeared frozen. Almost like they couldn’t move. With the alien in front of the ufo, it appeared to be moving. Let me just say, it takes guts or stupidity to film this in the first place, but this was terrifying. This time the alien looked like it was moving closer to me. I was probably about 80 feet away. I got up out of my chair and ran back into the house.

I knew very early on what these were. And I can tell you for sure, this phenomenon does exist. But once you know it exists, then what are these aliens? Are they from another planet or what? The truth is far more sinister. Are you ready for this? They are demons. God showed me what they really were. How? Did he speak to me? Well, no, not exactly. God spoke to me how he speaks to many. I’ve heard other people try to describe it, and the best they can say is a ‘knowing’. And that’s the best way that I can describe it too. A knowingness. No doubt whatsoever. Not a little doubt that they were really “aliens”. Not a speck of doubt. NO DOUBT. ZERO DOUBT. This is going on and these things are demons.

Near the end, when you realize what you’re seeing is real, I started to come close to a nervous breakdown. It changed my life. I mean I ran to the Bible. I now know without a single doubt that the Bible is totally 100% true! And yes, all of the animals did fit on Noah’s Ark! I knew immediately that everything in the Bible happened and will happen. I was doubting Jesus Christ before this, not fully but experiencing some doubt, and let me tell you I have never believed in Jesus Christ this much in my life now! Jesus is totally real.

The conclusion of my true story. What finally drove me over the edge was hundreds of “alien” faces appeared on my laptop screen. This happened a couple of times before that, but this final time drove me over the edge. I broke down. I prayed and prayed. I slept with a light on in the room one night. I knew hell was real. I knew demons were real. And I knew Satan is real.

I met with a Pastor. I showed him my clips. He advised me to destroy them. I did. I erased every single one of them. They contained evil. I took his advice to spend my time on healthy Christian stuff than this garbage. And that’s all it is. The entire alien/ufo phenomenon is a lie, or ‘signs and wonders’ that will deceive even some of the elect.

Praise Jesus, I was not deceived. That may not be the end of the deception either. Satan has been working on this major deception for hundreds of years.

More information came to me months later, after I was being attacked. By the way, speaking of being spiritually attacked. If you want more evidence they weren’t aliens…why did the attacks stop when I began calling out to Jesus!

The attacks have been much less and not even close to their severity since I’ve made Jesus Lord and Savior in my life. That’s also why I think the so-called “aliens” appeared frozen in the footage. I think they didn’t dare come closer because the Holy Spirit was protecting me. So finally, more information came to me. I also think that there is a good possibility that the “alien” lie will be the explanation for the rapture for non-believers.

In the end, you can take what I say with a grain of salt. That’s fine. But my main message is to truly believe in your Bibles! Jesus is real! Jesus Christ is coming back! I praise Jesus forever! God Bless.”


As a PS to the above testimony, we received a response back from the woman who gave us the testimony in our article titled, “The Dangers of Automatic Writing.” She corroborates some of the demonic things that had occurred to him and she has given us permission to release her email to all of you. Here it is:

“Wow! Just one more “phenomena” that causes people to doubt scriptural truth explained. It is all crystallizing that anything that causes people to doubt Scripture will likely have Satan behind it. I believe everything he said.

I know from experience the feeling of the pressure on my head when they were attacking that he described. It is a very weird sensation and difficult to describe. And it was one of my most common indicators that they were heavily present and on the verge of a more intense manifestation/attack.

I used to just say out loud when that was happening, “I know you’re there,” at which point they would usually start growling or hissing in response. Because they like to plant negative/anxious thinking and fool you into believing they are your own thoughts. It would anger them that I was aware the negative thinking was from them or that I was “on to” their presence and influence.

It sure has a familiar ring to hear someone describe feelings like they were going to have a nervous breakdown too. Satan’s favorite means of attacking us often seems to involve the central nervous system. I read about a tie to that in Neil Anderson’s book, them attacking the central nervous system, particularly when they are talking through you involuntarily as they were doing with me towards the end of my ordeal.

My mother has the onset of dementia, my father has Parkinson’s Disease. I have often wondered how much sin has to do with their difficulties because neither professes any faith to speak of. I don’t think my father believes in God.

I googled info on the central nervous system and maladies that effect it. Under the categories of degeneration are listed: Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimers, MS. It is just my belief that there is a correlation to so many parents of people of my generation (I am 49) being stricken with dementia and attempting to have lived their lives for so many years independent of God/Jesus and disregarding sin as relevant.

I believe the Holy Spirit can renew the mind of these people if they would open their hearts to the truth. After the demons attacked me for so long and had their way with running around in my head, I found myself literally “dead in trespasses,” frozen and paralyzed in anxiety. I couldn’t focus or decide anything. My brain was fried!

Once I began being more and more obedient to the Lord’s commands and spending much time in prayerful devotion and Scripture, I have literally felt the Holy Spirit renewing my mind – felt the heaviness of the oppression, damage being lifted off of me and being replaced with a lightness or the “peace that surpasses all understanding.” Very weird to literally feel the transformation occurring, but wonderful!!

What the UFO guy Glen said right at the onset is also EXACTLY what happened with me when I realized I was dealing with real live demons – a REVELATION that makes you absolutely certain of the truth of Jesus, God, Scripture above and beyond anything that might dispute it on any terms – a revelation like a lightning bolt that changes your life forever!! And an incredible, incredible blessing to those of us who had spent years searching, doubting, wondering what was THE truth.

Thanks again for sharing the link. That was really interesting.”


I know when you first read these kinds of extreme testimonies with people coming into direct contact with real, live, demonic spirits, that it really is hard to believe. But we have seen first hand on our end the real reality of the spirit world and that there really are demonic spirits who are still out there free to roam in the air and interact with us to a certain degree until Jesus comes back to set up His Millennium Kingdom from the city of Jerusalem in Israel.

But until that final and glorious event actually occurs with Jesus, it is going to be war on all fronts with these demons. This is one of the reasons we have started up this website – to give people some good, basic, working knowledge in the area of spiritual warfare so they will know how to properly handle any kind of a demonic attack that could come against either them or any of their close friends or loved ones.

We will continue to add any more good testimonies that we receive in this area if we feel it can help some of you who may be having some of these same kinds of experiences.

But again, we ask that you please heed this man’s warnings on chasing after any kind of UFO phenomena that you may see. With so many people now having video camcorders on them at all times, we would not be surprised to see more people get into major trouble like this man managed to do by chasing down this kind of demonic activity and then trying to record it.

One other thing that Glenn has asked us to pass on to the rest of you was that the most effective weapon he had found to stop these heavy demonic attacks from coming directly against him was pleading the blood of Jesus directly against it. He found out how to do this by reading our article titled, “How to Plead the Blood of Jesus For Deliverance and Protection” in the spiritual warfare section of our site.

He wrote me a personal email telling me how effective this specific strategy was in diminishing these attacks against him. Again, as we have said in that particular article, we still believe that learning how to plead the blood of Jesus may be one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful form of offensive prayer that you can use against the dark side.

Since we have opened up this site, we have received numerous testimonies from people all around the world telling us how effective and how powerful this particular strategy was, as they had all used it successfully to defeat and overcome the specific adversity they were dealing with.

We also want to tell you that after Glenn got saved, he felt he had received a direct word from the Lord that the whole UFO phenomenon will be used as the main lie to explain to the rest of the world why all of the Christians were raptured off the face of the earth. Some of the end-times prophecy people I have studied from also feel that this is a very strong possibility, and I totally agree with their assessment on this particular phenomenon.

Once again – all praise, honor, and glory to our heavenly Father and our mighty Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for delivering this man from the extreme demonic stronghold area that he had fallen into, and then using him and his actual experiences to help educate other people about this particular demonic deception and the extreme dangers of trying to chase after it and record it.


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  1. In the Bible book of Genesis you can read the account of man’s creation. When mankind began to multiply upon the earth & daughters began to be born to them. The Bible tells us that the sons of the true God began to take notice of the daughters of men & that they were very beautiful & so they Began taking for themselves wives from among mankind all that they wanted. Then sons began to be born to these daughters & these sons became known as the Nephlim. They were larger & more aggressive than regular people were. They were also known as Fellers because they cause others to fall down. In time God brought the flood & destroyed all of them but he spared Noah & his wife & his 3 sons & their wives. The sons of the true God returned back to heaven after the flood that killed their wives & their sons the Nephlim. In the Bible book of Revelation it speaks of a war that broke out in heaven which lead to these sons of the true God also known first as angels, being kicked out of heaven down to the vicinity of the earth. Satan was also kicked down to the earth & he had a great anger. After these angels were kicked down to the vicinity of the earth they became known as demons. So Satan & the demons used to be the sons of the true God but they rebelled against the true God so now they wait for the appointed time of their destruction. There are no other creatures besides mankind & the spirit creatures or angels & demons. So it has to be the demons who are doing this UFO stuff. The angels wouldn’t be doing that because they have remained faithful to the true God. Mankind can’t be doing it because our technology is not as advanced so that leaves only the demons. Their whole purpose now is to mislead mankind. The Bible actually says that Satan & his demons are misleading the entire inhabited earth. It is something everyone should look into because what Satan & the demons are doing is having a direct effect on every person on the earth.

    • No, it was in the very BEGINNING when Satan and his loyal angelic clan refused to bow down to the Lord and be subservient to mankind who was made in God’s image. THAT is when Satan had been cast out of heaven. He still resides in the skies above the earth in what spiritists call the “astral ( actually that’s “astro” as in the skies outside the earth’s atmosphere which we call “outer space!” ) plane.” THAT is where satan’s demons take people to when they practice “astral projection!” It will be at the mid point of the tribulation when we will trade places with Satan and his forces who will then be thrown down to earth!!! THAT is when the rapture will occur! THAT is when Satan will introduce the alternate alien abduction scenario to explain away the vanishing of about one third of the human race!!!
      Never once in the Genesis creation account is the possibility of life on other “earths” ever even HINTED at!!! On Earth, the forests are teeming with life, one third of which had yet to be discovered!!! On Earth, the oceans, lakes and streams are teeming with life, one third of which hasn’t even been discovered as of yet!!!
      The Earth is clearly the seed and seat of God’s created physical world, as is evidenced throughout scripture!!! Nowhere does the Bible ever refer to the sun☀️ as being a star ⭐️either!!! The scriptures indicate that they are entirely different things, and that they are there solely for the benefit of those living here on EARTH!!! The skies are filled with stars because God knew that a moonless sky blacker than the blackest paint would have been psychologically “terrifying!” Besides that, mankind is superstitious enough as it IS!!!
      Imagine being a sailor or pirate out on the high seas on a moonless night with a sky blacker than the blackest pitch!!! Your life would DEPEND on the “periphery lamps” mounted to the sides of your boat or ship!!! And you’d DEFINITELY need that compass of yours!!! Without the stars to help you navigate your course, that compass of yours had better be in good working condition. If a storm were to put your “periphery lamps” ( or candles ) out, you’d be left crawling in the blackness to keep from falling overboard!!! Even today’s Marines would be fearful of the often black moonless nights.
      The pirates and sailors of old would pray in fear as the eerily setting moon slowly left everyone sitting in blackness.
      So God saw to it that the skies were filled with tiny pin-pricks of light ( like bits of glowing sand ) and then ( in the spirit of Picasso! ) he used gasses, vapors and dust as paint and painted in the constellations !!! He did it all with LOVE. He knew that the deserts of the earth would be equally terrifying ( literally AND psychologically ) under a pitch black moonless sky. He NEVER meant to give mankind the impression that there was as endless “cosmos” out there filled with suns and “earths.”
      Copernicus was probably the TRUE grandfather of NASA. Satan deceived him in exactly the same way!!!
      But this “star people” deception is nothing new. Look at the ancient Sumerian tablets and other ancient so-called “alien” artifacts!!! It is obvious that Satan has spent TENS of thousands of years piecing this deception together!!!
      Yet the TRUTH about the stars ( what they TRULY are and their TRUE purpose! ) is clearly described in the Bible, most notably in the Book of Genesis!!!
      Star Trek, Star Wars, E.T., SETI, NASA, The X-Files, UFOs, the “martians” of the 1950s & 60s, have been ESSENTIAL to reawakening mankind to the false reality of our “extraterrestrial genesis!!” They will more than likely tell us that our “extraterrestrial enemies” are guilty of abducting our “best and brightest” when the rapture occurs. Either that, or we will be told that the “trouble makers” ( Christians and unorthodox spiritualists) had to be REMOVED in order for mankind to be truly set free, and receive their “GOD and GODDESS” status and hence become fully empowered JEDI!!!

  2. I encourage all Christians to study their bibles. I started searching for God when I was a little girl. I was always sad about something. Once I learned to read and saw our Holy Bible, I was just in awe of it. It was God’s book. I always believed God was watching me and he knew everything I was going through. I started bible studies in high school and just continued. I’d been to different churches and through it all, the Lord protected me from many false people because I was always in it for Him and not people. He was real to me and I always thought He is the only person who really matters, he’s the one I need to please. The Lord answered prayers and led me to get baptized when I was 32. Looking back, he set the whole situation up because I was really ready. Never backslid. Since then and because I read my bible, I knew that all these hauntings, ghosts, aliens and UFO sightings were demonic spirits.

  3. Eternal, enjoyable, and peace beyond all understanding should not be as complicated as History AND Revelations have taught us to believe. Aside from ufos,aliens and demons, do not be deceived that it is OK to be a Right Wing self described Born Again that can buy your way into Heaven or the Lord’s favor by tithing big with destructive conservative tax structures that favor the wealthy humans of the Republican Party of the USA. Demons are alive and well right in Washington ….who recite the Lord’s Prayer every Sunday. Talk about hidden, obscure EVIL ! Be careful.
    Know the Jesus who knows your innermost heart and who cares less about your money donations or if you sing on the choir. HE knows your soul. Lots of imitation, self righteous so called born agains who have NO CLUE about who is saved or going to Heaven.

    • So there is no evil among the left? I ask, because it seems that there is an abundance of evidence we see daily, such as violence, the tearing down of free speech, identity politics, and the list could go on for a while. I don’t think God judges between left or right, he judges YOU, not what politics you believe in. Please correct me if I am wrong. God Bless.

  4. I belive what glens said.. and seen with his own two eyes.. stay strong may god protect you and be with you until he comes for everyone.. rember this god is good he loves each and everyone of us.. thankyou it was very interesting and the blackbirds I 100 percent know he’s been truthful may godbless him and his family…

  5. What a terrifying account!! Yes I know it is true. When people ask me if I was ever in the ‘new age’ or if I ever ‘meditated’ they really do not want to know the truth. They don’t want to know about the demon written books by new agers that talk about purging the earth of the evil Christians during the tribulation. Nor do they want to hear of the alternative book describing the rapture as being taken to the ‘spaceships’ in the twinkling of an eye. Satan and the demons obviously are concerned about the rapture. Have heard that true Christians are left alone by these demons if we do not approach them. So I wonder if true and how that works

  6. That which has been hidden for centuries, although right in front of our noses. Something you may have read over and over but have not had your ‘eyes opened’ so as to ‘see’ it.

    The verse..’He bowed the heavens and come down’. To ‘bow’ is to bend..the ‘heavens’ is space. That verse is speaking of ‘space bending’.. of Time manipulation. This then opens up the verse..’with the Lord a day can be a thousand years and a thousand years can be a day..’ Time manipulation. The statement Jesus made… ‘It is already done’, meaning, He has seen it all already. Time travel. How do you think He knows what is going to happen before it does. Here the earth applaud Einstein for his theories yet, Time manipulation was recorded and active thousands of years ago! If you read Ezekiel, you will read about the men trying to describe what they were seeing..ie..the ‘creature’ that had ‘very high rims and eyes flashing all around it’ (remembering that these people had never seen a light globe..they had fire on a stick!) . They spoke of the ‘wheel within a wheel’ and how they went only in one direction. I think we have come far enough to know what they are describing. When he comes again, His people will be ‘taken up’ and meet Him in the clouds, losing the human form…and ‘every eye will see it’. There’s technology..every eye will see it. The ‘city coming down from heaven, letting His righteous people in and the others locked out’. Yes..there is a whole other world up there.

    Confirmation here also..

    2 Peter 2
    Bold and arrogant, they are not afraid to heap abuse on CELESTIAL BEINGS; 11yet even angels, ALTHOUGH THEY ARE STRONGER AND MORE POWERFUL, do not heap abuse on SUCH BEINGS when bringing judgment on them from the Lord. 12But these people blaspheme in matters they do not understand.

    All celestial beings are not demons..although demons could disguise themselves to deceive. That is why the gift of discernment is so important!! As the top verse says, there are celestial beings and there are angels..ie..two different entities. The demons were originally angels who fell. The celestial beings are just visitors with higher technology..whether they be benevolent or malevolent.

    Here is another verse that speaks of the many ‘beings’ up there…I will ask you to picture the great council that was portrayed in the star wars movie..and with that in mind, read the next verse please..

    Psalm 82

    1God presides in the GREAT ASSEMBLYgreat;
    He renders judgment among the “gods”:
    2“How long will you defend the unjust
    and show partiality to the wicked”? (that statement alone shows they are active with the humans..and some, not so nicely??)
    6“I said, ‘You are “gods”;
    you are all sons of the Most High.’
    7But you will DIE LIKE MERE MORTALS ; (that means they are not of the earth..immortal)
    you will fall like EVERY OTHER ruler.”

    But remember..when the Lord spoke of false prophets rising..don’t just think it is on the earth only! The Lord always was and is today and will always be the TOP STEP! The ONE AND ONLY GOD!

    2 ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the RULERS of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness IN THE HEAVENLY PLACES’.


  7. I’ve been studying this subject for a while now and when I told my wife that these “lights” were demons or fallen angels her face went pale. As far as the “rapture” goes, I truly don’t believe it’ll happen the way people want to think it’ll happen. I once believed in the “prerapture” ideal but, further studies said otherwise. Plus, it doesn’t make any sense. But, this article was a great read.

  8. Do you know what the deffintion of occult is…. I mean you state that there is a “lack of knowledge” I was wondering if you knew that the word occult means “Hidden Knowledge”


  10. I think this is spot on. I am a born again Christian and believe I have seen what would be considered a “UFO”.
    A couple years ago in Colorado Springs I was running by myself at night when some kind of aircraft flew down and hovered about 100 feet above me. All I could see of it because it was dark was a semi circle of lights around the front. It made a strange sound like a quiet helicopter or something. At the time I thought it was some kind of helicopter but haven’t been able since then to find any kind of aircraft with a semi circle of lights. What I have found is many other supposed UFO sightings described as an object with a semicircle of lights around it. I don’t know that it wasn’t just some kind of military aircraft but that’s what I saw.
    I don’t believe God created life on other planets, but I do believe demons are real and deceptive!!

  11. Maybe life came here on a big asteroid. It possibly came from mars. It is said in the bible that for false Christs and false prophets will arise and show GREAT SIGNS AND WONDERS, so as to deceive, if possible, the elect. What if nobody is performing wonders, and all prophets are false ones?

  12. i was in the occult its very difficult to come out of it your subject to evil forces only the lord jesus can set you free its true you need to come out of the darkness into the light

  13. Hi there, thanks a lot for this interesting article.

    Even I myself as a Christian, sometimes I wondered if there is a slightest possibility that there are other “creations” by God which are not known to human.

    However, after this article, I am very certain that God created humans and not extraterrestrial lives.

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