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Personal Prophecy – Chris

The following prophecy was given to my brother Chris on 5/27/03 by his friend Andrea. I have emailed several other prophecies that Andrea has received from the Lord. I personally believe this woman truly hears from God and that all of the prophecies that we have received from her were really from the Lord.

She called Chris up the other day and told him that she had received a personal Word specifically for him. For those of you who have been through any kind of “God-valley” – check out the specific things Chris was tested on in his own personal valley walk with the Lord.

There is major revelation in the statements being made by the Lord in this prophecy. In the things He specifically mentions as being tested, we are given insight into exactly what God is testing us out on when He does drop us into these valleys.

This is all very similar to what God did with the Israelites in the desert in the Old Testament. They were all put out in the desert for 40 years before being allowed to go into the Promised Land. God tells us in the Bible that the reason He did this was to test them, to see if they would hold fast to Him during those trying times.

All of the men 20 years and older flunked this test and did not make it into the Promised Land. They all died out in the wilderness due to their lack of faith and belief in God. This personal prophecy to Chris shows how severe some of these tests can be. This is why the Bible says that many are called, but few are chosen. Many people would not make it through these types of severe tests. Here is the prophecy.

The Prophecy

When reading the words of this prophecy, notice there were 16 specific things Chris was personally tested on. These valleys in the Lord can really be rough stuff. Here is the prophecy, word for word:

You have survived the time test;
you have survived the servant test;
you have survived the discouragement test;
you have survived the Word test;
you have survived the character test;
you have survived the motivation test;
you have survived the wilderness test;
you have survived the misunderstanding test;
you have survived the patience test;
you have survived the frustration test;
you have survived the warfare test;
you have survived the self-will test;
you have survived the vision test;
you have survived the temptation test;
you have survived the obedience test;
you have survived the promotion test.

Because you have survived, I have raised you up to be a partaker of the final move of My Spirit upon the earth.

Notice that God uses the word “survive” instead of the word “passed” – which seems to really emphasize the severity of these valleys and tests.

Notice the very last sentence: ” … final move of My Spirit upon the earth.” I believe this shows that we may be officially heading into end time waters as prophesied out of the Bible.

The Specific Tests

1. The Time Test

Most of these valleys will have some kind of length to them. For many, some of these valleys can last anywhere from 4-15 years, and for some, even longer than that. God will really test you to see if you will stay the course with Him for the entire length of the valley and not bail out on Him.

2. The Servant Test

We are called to be servants for God. He is the Boss, we are the employees. We work for Him, not for ourselves or for anyone else in this life. God will test each one of us out to see if we will be willing to fully serve Him, or our own self and our own self-interests.

3. The Discouragement Test

This one is a real tough one. God will arrange for a certain amount of adversity to come your way in these valleys in order to test you and to see how you will handle these discouragements and setbacks when they do come your way.

God will arrange to have you knocked to the mat, and then He will sit back and see if you will get back up again and continue on, or if you will throw in the towel and quit on Him. Many people have lost their calls in God because they could not properly handle the different types of discouragements that came their way in these valleys.

4. The Word Test

During this time, God will raise you up in the knowledge of Him and all of His ways through the study of His Word – the Bible. These valleys are for many, their greatest periods of spiritual growth.

Will you really grab a hold of God and seek to study and learn more about Him and all of His ways by studying the Bible while you are out in this kind of wilderness, or will you be too distracted by all of the adversity that has hit you in this valley?

Those who continue to press on through hell and high water and seek after God during these trying times will be the ones who will make it to the finish line and cross over into their Promised Land this side of heaven.

5. The Character Test

God will find out what you are really made of when He drops you in these kinds of valleys. These tough times have a way of squeezing and pruning out the character flaws that God will want to take out of your personality.

Allow God to take out the character flaws that He does not want operating in your personality, and you will then stand a very good chance of being able to make it all the way to the finish line.

Jesus tells us that those who are overcomers in this life will be the ones to rule the nations of the world with Him in the coming millennium and new heaven and new earth kingdoms.

6. The Motivation Test

God will see how serious you really are about Him and your desire to fully follow Him and obey Him. He will test your motives to see if they are pure enough – whether or not you want God’s call on your life for His glorification or for your own glorification.

God will use these valleys to prune out the people who are not really serious about wanting to serve Him – much in the same way that an army boot camp will weed out the ones who are not serious enough on wanting to become real soldiers.

7. The Wilderness Test

This refers to the fact that many are thrown out into a wilderness type setting during these valleys. Many will lose contact with some of their friends during this time. You will fell isolated and alone.

Kind David lived in a cave for years before God pulled him out and made him King of Israel. Moses lived in the backside of the desert for 40 years before God called him out to rescue His people from the Egyptians. By isolating you like this, God will be able to draw you that much closer to Him because there will be minimal distraction and activity occurring in your life.

God will take out all of the barriers that will keep you from being able to bond and graft into Him. The Bible tells us that we are the branches and Jesus is the vine. The branch completely leans on and relies upon the vine for its nourishment and support. The wilderness setting is where you will really be able to bond and graft into the Lord because you will have little of anything else left to distract you.

8. The Misunderstanding Test

In this kind of a valley, many people will think you are nuts and that you have gone off the deep end. They will not understand why you are not producing more fruit for God if you are really serving and following after Him.

In this stage, there is only minimal fruit bearing because God is stripping you down till there is nothing left but you and Him. He is testing you out to see if you have what it takes to be a real soldier for Him. As a result, you will go through some very lean and dry times.

David did not bear any major fruit for God and become the King of Israel while he was living in the cave. He did not properly fruit out for God until after he was released from the cave, when he then became King of all Israel.

Many people will misunderstand exactly what God is doing with you and why He is doing this. Many Christians do not have much knowledge about these kinds of God-valleys, why God allows them to occur, and exactly what He is trying to do with us during these lean and dry times. You will thus have to keep a lot of what is going on between yourselves and your best friends.

9. The Patience Test

In our day and age, this specific test is really a tough one to get a passing mark on. We are used to instant everything. When God drops you into this kind of lengthy valley, your patience will be severely and sorely tested!

Will you have the patience to stay the course with the Lord until the valley ends? If not, and you bail out on God before it ends, then you will lose your call with Him, and lose any chance to enter into whatever His best would have been for you in this life.

This one specific test has caused many to bail out too early because they could not handle the length of the valley. Joyce Meyer has said she has met many people who have lost their calls in the Lord in the bottom of the ninth inning – all because they had bailed out right before they were getting ready to break through into their true calls.

Any lack of patience you may experience in these valleys has simply got to be overridden by sheer will power, sheer perseverance, and constant pep talks to yourself that you are not going to quit, no matter how long the valley lasts, and no matter how bad things may get from time to time.

10. The Frustration Test

This test is similar to the discouragement test. When discouragement starts to set in, frustration will usually follow right along with it. Your fuses will start to shorten. The least little thing may set you off. You are so frustrated in not being able to make anything work out, that you find yourself starting to throw major temper tantrums.

God is actually okay with some of these temper tantrums. They are normal human reactions to severe adversity. What God is testing you on is whether or not you are going to stay in the game and keep pressing on – or if you will let your frustration levels get the best of you and cause you to quit and throw in the towel and walk off His playing field.

Throw all of the temper tantrums you want, but do not ever walk off God’s playing field for your life! If you do, you will lose your call in Him, and you will then carry an eternal regret that you blew your one and only chance to leave your own personal mark in this world with whatever God would have called you to do for Him in this life.

Actually, what you will find if you don’t quit and bail out on God, is that your temper tantrums will start to decrease in frequency and severity over the course of the valley. This is because you will find that they will not change anything and that you are just expending useless negative energy.

If you stay with it, you will actually start to gain more self-control over your emotions, and this is exactly what God is trying to teach you and work in you in the first place! The quality of self-control is one of the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit.

11. The Warfare Test

With the different types of adversity that will come against you in these valleys, God will test your desire to fight and war against some of these adversities. Will you sit back and allow these adversities to defeat you and knock you out of the game – or will you toughen up and face each one of these adversities head on to defeat them like David did with Goliath?

God will give you His power to defeat these adversities – but only if you are willing to step out and use His power to take these storm clouds head on. Again, this is where God will see what you are really made of.

The Bible tells us that if we faint in the day of any kind of adversity, that our strength will be considered small in the eyes of God. God wants to raise you up to be a good fighting soldier for Him, and the only way that He can do this is to throw you into some of these pits and storm clouds to see how you will handle them.

If you choose to fight and take these adversities head on, God will then anoint you with His power and you will then grow stronger and mightier in His anointing. Run away and not take your problems head on, and you will lose any chance of being able to make it into God’s call and best for your life. Just like marine boot camp – their goal is to find out which soldiers are fit for combat and which ones are not. The weak ones are pruned out and are asked to leave and walk off the playing field.

If you cannot take the adversity and battles that God will arrange to come your way in this valley, then you will never be able to handle the adversities and battles that will come your way once you enter into your real call for Him. These valleys are where God weeds out the ones who are too weak to become true soldiers for Him. Again, this is why the Bible says that many are called, but few are chosen. Few are willing to allow God to mold and transform them into true, battle-hardened warriors and soldiers.

These warfare tests that God will bring your way will determine whether or not you have the qualities and capabilities to become a true soldier of Jesus Christ. Pass all of these tests, and you will then be promoted into God’s best for your life. Flunk these tests, and you will then have to settle for God’s second best for your life, whatever that may be.

12. The Self-Will Test

In these tough valleys, you will be tested as to who you are going to serve – yourself or God. Joshua has said in the Bible to choose this day as to whom you will serve.

God will really test you out on this specific issue. God runs the show – you do not. God calls the shots – you do not. God leads and we follow – not vice versa. You will find your own self-will really trying to come in and take control of your circumstances, even though God may be trying to tell you to do something different.

What you will really be forced to deal with in these types of valleys is who is going to run your life – you or God! You will find that everything you try to do in your own natural strength and wisdom will fail. However, you will find that everything you do operating under God’s leadings and directions will succeed.

In this valley, God will show you that true success will only come to you if you do everything operating under His leadings and directions – not your own. The Bible tells us that those who are led by the Holy Spirit are the real sons of God. In this valley, God will show you how to be led by His Spirit, how to pick up on His voice, and how to discern when it really is Him leading you.

13. The Vision Test

For many, God will give you a vision as to exactly what your call is going to be and exactly where you will be going. He may give you some type of promise to hold onto and that you will receive it if you make it to the end of the valley. The Israelites were told ahead of time that they would inherit the Promised Land. The vision was thus always before them.

These visions are really powerful when you do receive them from the Lord before you enter into these valleys. These visions will help sustain you. They will help keep you going when the going gets tough because you know what is waiting for you at the end of the road if you can make it all the way to the end.

God will test you by giving you these visions at the beginning of these valleys, and then watch and see if you will stay the course to reach that vision.

14. The Temptation and Obedience Test

In these valleys will come certain temptations. Jesus was faced with 3 specific temptations from Satan when He went out into the desert. God will not tempt you Himself, but He will “allow” certain temptations to come your way to see how you will handle them. These could be temptations to quit and walk out on God on whatever His call may be for you.

There may be sexual temptations to see if you will stay faithful to your spouse. God may have a hard time calling you into any kind of major ministry if you cannot stay faithful to your spouse. Look how the sin of adultery has completely ruined and toppled some of our major TV ministries.

If God allowed Satan to tempt His own Son before He allowed Him to come out of the desert to walk with His anointing – then God is going to test each and every one of us to see if we will succumb to some of these temptations.

Will we choose not to fall for these temptations and stay true and loyal to God and His ways of living for us in this life – or we will succumb and give in, and then end up bringing down judgment and major misfortune on us like Adam and Eve and Samson managed to do?

15. The Promotion Test

Bottom line – God wants to promote you into a higher level of living, a higher level of service for Him. God has a specific plan and purpose for each person’s life. God wants to promote you into this higher realm, but you will first have to pass and make it through this tough testing valley before the promotion will come.

At the end of your own personal valley with the Lord will be your big promotion. If you survive and pass all of these tests in these valleys, then you will be chosen by God for the specific call that He has set up for your life. This is where you will truly come into your own personal promised land this side of heaven.

In this one powerful prophecy is major knowledge and revelation on exactly what God is testing us on when we do enter into these kinds of God-valleys.

If you would like additional information on the trials and tribulations that the Lord can allow to come your way in this life, we have another very detailed article covering this subject very extensively. The title of this article is “Trials and Tribulations – The Testing of Your Faith.” This article is in the Bible Basics section of our site.


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  1. So glad I found this. I too have been going through all these tests. Did not know what was going on suspected God was at the bottom of it. It helps knowing that this is from God. Thank you for the article. It helps so much in this journey.

    • Pat keep strong. I always come back to this article to remind myself that God is leading me through the wilderness. God has big plans for you so don’t give up as there is a promise land this side of heaven waiting for you….

  2. Sometimes,we saints don’t understand what goes behind the scene. We just need to trust God no matter what.This is eye opening.God bless u.

  3. This helped me so much . Thank you for sharing God’s words and wisdom . It’s here and does exactly what it’s here to do encourage gods people to keep moving . Thank you

  4. Very great article! I am really in great depression was browsing for something interesting like this, got this site. I am very happy to see this.

    I am going through all those tests and all words are sounding as if they are to me alone. Hope I will pass all these tests in these valleys 🙂

    Thanks a lot brothers you have done great job.

  5. Thank you Mike. this helps a lot. Indeed, you hold on to the vision as a life guard. O, how many times I doubt, but you keep getting up and moving forward in this wilderness.Everyday your eyes are fixed on that day that the lord will allow you to get out and step in your promise.

    Its though, lonely, bitter, slow but….glorious.

    Keep up the good work.

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