The Sin of Gluttony

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I know this next topic will be a very sensitive one for many people in this day and age. There are many in our society who are grossly overweight. For many of these people, there are certain malfunctions within their bodies causing this abnormal weight gain.

However, for many others, this weight gain is the result of simply gluttony – overeating, and overeating of the wrong kinds of foods.

With all of the good nutritional information that is now available, we all know what these bad foods are. There is also a ton of educational material that is out there showing us what the good foods are and how to structure our diets accordingly to take off a lot of this excess weight.

However, for whatever their personal reasons may be, many people who are overweight simply do not care they are overeating and that they are grossly overweight.

God may have been striving with them, trying to get them to get their eating habits under better control. However, sooner or later, the human body can only take so much abuse, especially in the area of what we feed it – and then the breakdown comes. A cancer could set in or a major heart attack could occur.

There are many different kinds of sicknesses and illnesses that can strike your body if you do not properly feed it and take proper care of it.

The Bible tells us that our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. As such, I believe God the Father wants us taking proper care of them. If we do not, and we steadfastly refuse to heed His warnings and promptings – then God may choose not to want to heal you if you end up coming down with a major sickness as a result of deliberately overeating and abusing your body over all of those years.

With none of us being perfect, I believe there is a certain amount of slack with God the Father for some of our weaknesses and character flaws. However, where we will get in major trouble with the Lord is when we start to push the envelope too far with Him and tread past those slack lines where we should not be going.

I believe there is a slack line that operates in how we take care of our bodies. I am sure God is all right with a certain amount of excess body weight due to our own natural imperfections. However, where we will get into trouble is when we start to go past our own individual slack lines with Him.

If that should happen, then God will start giving you major warning signs and signals that you are getting to far off base. If after a certain amount of time you do not heed those warnings and you keep going in the direction you are going – then God could pull back His hand of protection on you and you could then end up coming down with a major sickness or disease.

Remember – some of the above verses state that if you do what is right in the sight of the Lord – then He will not put any of these diseases on you. Going against the Lord by overeating and abusing your body is not doing what is right in the Lord, and He thus could pull back His hand of protection on you and your life.

I will leave you with one very interesting verse that tells us to only eat what we really need lest we be filled with it and vomit. In other words, you can get physically sick by overeating.

Have you found honey? Eat only as much as you need, lest you be filled with it and vomit.” (Proverbs 25:16)


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  1. I have been enjoying the information for sure. I do wonder about the gluttony issue that you spoke of and God’s “slack line” concerning overeating and the diseases that follow and God allowing it because of one’s lifestyle. I have to wonder, if that is true about over eating (because rarely is one fat or grossly fat because they want to be or because they can help it at all; food is like drugs or alcohol to some people in that it kills pain and temporarily fills a need). If that is true, then what about the druggie, the alcoholic, the cutter, or all of the other ways in which a person does harm to one’s body? It’s basically the same thing only gluttony and its ramifications are the most visible to the human eye because it produces fat. God would heal any one of them. I’m not certain you can single out any fat person, for whatever reason they are fat, and say God doesn’t want to heal them because their lifestyle of over eating is beyond hope. I’m pretty sure you meant well, but I don’t believe it’s not God’s heart for people caught in the power of the lie of overeating to be healed, their spirit, soul and body. Just like he would gladly heal a drunkard or a cutter, or someone suffering from lung cancer after a lifetime of smoking. God’s heart is to heal people because He is love.

  2. What you wrote below isnt the Word of God, especially what is in quotes. That is not God’s character. Jesus NEVER said our Father may CHOOSE not to want to heal us, that is a lie from enemy.

    I pray you God reveals His truth about healing to you.

    • If it’s God’s will, he will heal those who sin, not everyone will be healed as you see on Earth, maybe they shouldn’t disobey God’s Holy Words..

      • We have ALL sinned And Fall Short of the Glory of God (Romans 3:23)! It is BY GRACE We are saved and not of ourselves, lest any man should boast!! Ephesians 2:8-9. We need to stop hacking at each other in the body of Christ and let Jesus be the head and allow the body parts to get in alignment with the head (CHRIST)! More prayer for each other and less judging of each other. We are not and will not all do/be the same. My finger and my toe, although both external digits, do not perform the same actions. Nor do they require the same to do what needs to be done. Too many mouths {which belongs to the Head}, and not enough warring on our knees for the body of Christ. We must have ONE voice in CHRIST! Allow the Holy Spirit to do His job and stop trying to play Holy Spirit! The body of Christ is so fragmented and divided- a body that should be stronger than any other keeps hacking and bickering at itself.
        Saints of God, Let God Arise! Let HIM Arise in ALL we say and do! Let HIM Arise and be Magnified in our every pray, our every thought! Remember without Love we are noisy and unfruitful! Love Covers a Multitude of sins! The mercy we give will also be the same mercy we receive! If We Magnify Our Glorious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God Will draw ALL men unto HIM! We need to Lift up JESUS! Not the law and the letter of the law! The Name of Jesus, above Every Name on earth, beneath the earth, above the earth! EVERY knee WILL BOW & Tongue Confess Jesus Christ IS Lord!! Things our brethren share to help us should Be accepted by those who know it’s a message for them and if it doesn’t speak to you- it’s not your message. If you feel there’s an error or offense we are to bring it to our brethren’s attention on the side and in love.
        In Christ

    • If You deliberately overeatand abuse your body over all of those years, then God may refuse to heal you. He quoted the Bible. You should read it every day. And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief (Matthew 13:58).

  3. Thankyou for reminding me about the sin of glutony.I don’t believe that’s really me.however,I am not disciplined when it comes to eating junk food,especially chocolate.I believe I have an addiction to it starting when I was a small child,my Grandfather would always have some chocolate under my cereal bowl in the AM.So consequently I eat alot of it and I wonder why my stomachs so large and I’m grossly overweight.When i got married in 1961,I weighed 191 lbs,57 yrs later,I weigh 340 lbs/that’s 149 lbs since then and its shameful,when I know my body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit,and I’ve seen to it that He doesn’t have much room in there,and has to share it with fat,and I’m ashamed of that.
    So as of Aug,1st I’m going on Nutrisysytem for 8-10 months to lose 80 lbs,so when I arrive in Heaven I wont be filled with hot air,but rather the Spirit of “GOD.”

  4. Thank you for the inspiring valuable thoughts on the sin of gluttony exactly at a time when i am deeply concerned about it for my family. May God Jehovah , his son the lord Jesus Christ and the holy spirit bless you as you continue to serve God.

  5. thank you for posting this information. only last night did i speak these things to a friend. i have printed and and written the site information for them to look over and study as for time we tend to feel that we are the only ones going through a journey alone. i would like to add one of my favorite spritures of, Corinthians: 11:23-34. this was awesome to myself when the Holy Spirit taugh me that all sickness in the body is because we don’t lok at ourself because we are busy pointing out splenters in others eyes while we yet have planks in our own. Glory to God our Father for his love and leaving us a teacher in Christ Jesus and the Comforter who searches Gods deepest thoughts and share them with us. bless you

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