The Dangers of Ghost Hunting

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As many of you know, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of TV shows showing people ghost hunting.

What these people are doing are investigating houses that are supposed to be haunted with some kind of spirits. They then move in with all of their recording equipment trying to capture proof of these spirits in the house with their equipment.

As Christians, is this kind of activity safe to do? For the record, we do not believe Christians should be engaging in this kind of activity unless the Lord Himself is guiding you to do this in order to cast these evil spirits out of the house they are inhabiting.

As we have said before in many of the articles in our Spiritual Warfare section, you should not directly engage with demons unless the Lord Himself is directly authorizing you to do this for Him. God is our Commander-in-Chief, and we need to take our orders direct from Him just like good soldiers do in our military. There is a chain-of-command in the Body of Christ and God and Jesus are the Ones we are to take our orders from.

If we step behind enemy lines, which is what you are doing once you step foot into these types of haunted houses, you could break your hedge of protection with the Lord if He is not directly authorizing you to be doing this in the first place. Many of the people who are ghost hunting in these haunted houses are not Christians.

As a result, they could easily open themselves up to heavy demonic attack as a result of seeking after these evil spirits, trying to capture some of them on their recording equipment.

As we have said before, what gets people into major trouble is seeking into Satan’s territory where he and his demons roam and operate in. Step foot into Satan’s territory without a direct order from the Lord to be doing so, and you could end up with no protection and thus open up both yourselves and your entire family to major demonic attacks.

I have personally never met anyone who actively engages in ghost hunting, but I have seen where other deliverance ministers have. What they have found out with some of them is that the demons will follow some of them home and from there, start to attack both them and some of the members of their own family. One man in particular was on the verge of suicide when God led a Christian his way to explain what had been attacking him.

Once he found out that it was demons who were trying to get him to take his own life, and that what drew this kind of demonic attack into his life was him engaging in ghost hunting, he quickly repented, accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior, and from there, was able to receive a full-scale deliverance from the demons who were attacking him.

Again, doing any type of ghost hunting is just as dangerous and deadly as playing with a ouija board or seeing a psychic. The common denominator in all of these kinds of activities is that you are directly seeking into Satan’s territory where he is operating and playing in.

Seek – and you will make direct contact with these demons. And once you make direct contact with them, they will come after you with a full-scale attack. That is why any form of ghost hunting is so dangerous, because you are trying to make direct contact with these demonic spirits.

In our Spiritual Warfare section, we have three bone-chilling testimonies of people who drew heavy demonic attacks into their lives as a result of engaging with a ouija board, automatic writing, and trying to record UFO phenomena.

What gets some of these people into trouble is thinking they are chasing after ghosts, who they think are dear departed loved ones who are still trapped in the house. What they do not know is that these ghosts are really demons masquerading as these dear departed loved ones.

When people die, they either go straight to heaven or straight to hell. They are not allowed to hang around in the houses they may have died in. As a result, any kind of strange spiritual activity going on in these types of haunted houses is being done by demonic spirits.

Here is a very good verse telling us that we are not to “seek” after familiar spirits and if we do, we will be “defiled” by them. Many of these ghost hunters are trying to speak directly to these spirits, trying to get them to respond back to them in some way. As a result, they are in direct violation of this Scripture verse.

“Give no regard to mediums and FAMILIAR SPIRITS; DO NOT SEEK AFTER THEM, TO BE DEFILED BY THEM: I am the Lord your God.” (Leviticus 19:31)

I will now leave you with a very interesting video I pulled off from Pat Robertson’s CBN site. The woman who is giving her riveting testimony was raised up as a Christian. Then over the course of her life, she started to practice witchcraft, thinking that she could combine both her Christianity and witchcraft. She made the comment that she simply chose to ignore the warnings in the Bible about anyone engaging in witchcraft.

From there, she stepped into the arena of ghost hunting. As she was investigating a haunted house one day, she said she knew there was a demonic spirit in the house. As soon as she felt its evil presence, she said she had a strong knowing from the Lord to directly cast it out of the house in the name of Jesus. She did, and when she did, she captured on her recording equipment what sounded like a demon screaming as soon as she told it to leave the house in the name of Jesus.

Once she realized that these were really demons in these kinds of houses, and that only the name and power of Jesus could drive them out, she quickly repented before the Lord with her involvement in both the witchcraft and ghost hunting, as she knew now that God’s Word should be taken very literally on these kinds of matters.

She said she had been totally deceived by these demons during the entire time she was in the witchcraft and ghost hunting. She now goes around warning people about the dangers in engaging in these kinds of occult activities.


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  1. I was raised Catholic and am also “born again” (Nov. 2014). something you don’t hear from Catholics very often. I have done much study on Spiritual Warfare and am no way complete with my education in this field. This I know: The Holy Trinity is REAL, angels and demons are REAL. God allows angels and demons to roam the earth, but only under extraordinary circumstances will He allow a human spirit to come back and when He does, it is only to complete the mission He allows. EVP’s are REAL Luke. What we hear could be angels, but are more than likely ALL demons. Without getting into detail here, I know this from personal experience. Seek an education before attempting to remove demons even from your own house. I will be worth your while. JW

  2. I’ve never been in an older home or building that wasn’t ‘haunted’. I grew up near a small valley called the Devil’s Road by Native Americans. East of us was the Pocono Mtns, the Ghost (demon) Lands.

    Anyway, what I wanted to say was, as far as I know, all of these people are atheists. Weird, but it’s called new- or modern atheism. Many belong to Wicca or are Satanists, Voodoo, or plant ‘elf’ gardens. As many as 14% of modern atheists also believe in a Higher Power. There is hope for us yet.

    Peace, and the only spirit you’re supposed to hunt is the Holy Ghost.

  3. Yeah.I personaly dont believe that EVP and ghostboxes are realdeal but I had one expirience with my dog.We were in the abandoned house just outside of city sure we should not be there but I was curious.It was around 1hour in the morning when my dog started to barking to empty hallway and after a while he was making whiny noises it was realy weird so I decided to get out from that building.Two years later that building was destroyed by fire. So yeah I guess something was present in that place I dont believe that these entities can manifest themselves via digital technology but nature never lies and my dog was never the same,from obedient and strong companion to lazy timid and moody pup.

  4. Even though my parents went to church, I too grew up and started practicing wicca/witchcraft. See my testimony, just google “ginger howell spooky memories of life before Christ”. I was NOT in a personal relationship with Christ through those years though, because I went to a very formal, ritualistic church..
    Christians have through the years asked me about Halloween, ghosts, etc. Some even do the ghost hunting but then have problems afterwards, with fear and other issues. Basically, we are told that no matter what we do, even what we eat and drink is to be done to bring honor and glory to the Lord. If it doesn’t, then stay away from it! Most people are innocent of what they are truely messing with! And the church doesn’t hardly ever preach on the existance of evil or spiritual warfare, so His people are ignorant….Defeating Dark Angels by Charles Craft is one of my favorite books explaining this subject!

  5. Laura, you can’t pray for a ghost, because here is no such thing as a ‘ghost’. Whatever is being heard or seen that people believe is a ghost, is a demon. You can’t pray for demons. They are messengers of Satan, fallen angels with him. The only thing to do is to be rid of them as quickly as possible, and then only if you know how to do that. The current fascination wiht playing around with ghosts and or demons is very dangerous. DO NOT BECOME INVOLVED WITH ANYTHING OF THIS SORT! Educate yourself through this website and othes to know what to do and how to do it if you ever do encounter anything that looks or sounds like a ghost (which actually is a demon), but don’t go looking for this activity. IT’S DANGEROUS! I have heard and seen demons, and believe me, if you don’t know exactly how to handle them, stay away.

  6. can’t we go ghost hunting so that we can pray for them directly?! i always wanted to see or talk to a ghost this isn’t fair! :c and that scream from the video still sounds super fake to me.

  7. As others have said to Alfred Alexander Jr. this woman was certainly Christian. She was Christian at heart, but a demon came into her and she began to experiment with witchcraft. It gets confusing because as you said, one cannot serve two masters and she was wrong in practicing witchcraft, which in a sense stripped her of being a “Christian,” but like an adulterer who converts and is LATER delivered, she still WAS a Christian. She had a blind spot and God revealed it to her so she wouldn’t lose her salvation.
    The other day at my church demons manifested in three girls and we realized early into our 2hr+ deliverance that those demons in them had somehow gotten authority, and when they started calling out for each other we realized there had been some sort of blood covenant made by the three that gave the demons a very strong hold on the girls. The girls are relatively new at church but they are searching more and more and more for God. The demons that got them to perform witchcraft and the blood covenant which they formed did not strip them of the salvation they received when they received Jesus Christ nor did it keep them from receiving salvation in the first place, but if the demons stayed and got the girls to stop searching for God, the girls WOULD have lost it. The example is a little different in this lady’s case, but it still relates a bit.

  8. Gerilyn, those noises are most likely demons disguising themselves as ‘aliens’. I am a ‘pre tribulation’ believing Christian, and think it is possible the demon world under Satans directions are manipulating yet another lie to explain why we ‘disappear’ at Christ’s appearing.[ 1st Thess. ch. 4 ] For an understanding of ‘the rapture’ of the church,I recommend Dave Hunt’s book;’Whatever Happened To Heaven’. For more understanding of the dangers of ‘ghost hunting’, I recommend the book;’Sweetie Are You Here’. Both can be found at’’. Blessings.

  9. hi brethren i dont think i quite agree with the notion that we have to seek permission from God to deal with demons when i say deal not negotiate or interact with them. These are satanic agents that should not be toyed with in Lk.19>10 Jesus gave us power to tread upon them. What if we are attacked by them as christians often are do we need to wait for Christ to give us permission to deal with them? when the harm would have been done?

    • I am talking about investigating demons who are inhabiting houses like what the ghost hunters are doing. If demons attack you directly at your home, you have very right to take them on right there and then. You do not have to wait to fight back.


    • If demons attack you then you have every right to take authority over them, but if you go into their territory and try to take them on you best be sent and anointed by God to do this. When Christians go ghost hunting then they are already deceived, because there is no such thing. Therefore they are going demon hunting, and many times the Demond’s have a right to be there. Think about it! God said to follow man’s laws, but most these places are clearly marked no trespassing, but marked or not they are breaking a law. Some just go in to get ratings for their YouTube channel, and that is very dangerous. At the appointed time all of them including the devil will be cast into a lake of fire, but until then they have rights to be in forsaken places, especially places of sin and cemeteries. Jesus descended into hell to take back the key of death and hades from Satan, but he did not destroy him even though he could have. He knows that God is just and had appointed a time for his destruction, and we need to do the same. If they come after you then you and you are a child of God then you have the authority to take them down and cast them out. If you meet someone who seeks help then you can help, but pray and fast first if you are not prepared, but if you go hunting and think that you are covered in God protection, you need to think again. Unless God told you to go into the enemies territory then you are open for attack, and you can find example in the Bible to show how God went into battle with those He sent, and how they faltered if they went into battle without His anointing. Just apply that to the spiritual world, because on earth as it is in Heaven. We never want to be outside Gods will, because if we are…..then we are also outside His protection too.

  10. What are your thoughts about all the recent internet activity regarding strange noises that people are hearing all over the world. I have watched a number of Youtube videos over the last couple of days (I am writing this Jan 19/12) and I’ve emailed some of these videos to a couple of friends. No one knows what these noises are. Its very eerie. Is there something in the Bible about this.

    • I’ve been getting VERY similar sounds on my recordings. I’m a Christian, and I cast out demonic spirits as well as document them in photographs and audio recordings to educate people about how Satan’s army operates and how to overcome and defeat them. I just got several tonight that will absolutely prove that God and the devil exist which has been one of my biggest goals from the lead more to Christ. I’ve actually gotten EVPs where demonic entities can clearly be heard saying things like “Satan is already here” “Your only hope is the devil” and “Satan is the only way.” Then I say “Jesus is my Savior, my King..King of Kings.” And you can hear them STOP TALKING, get confused, start talking amongst each other..actually asking what to do about me! I was so happy because I found their weakness..other than the obvious which is the holy name of Christ they absolutely cannot believe that their incessant chanting of the same horrible things don’t break me. I knew that God made me for something huge..and I also knew that I was collecting thousands of pics, videos and recordings over the years for something more than just to prove I’m not crazy. The first EVP I got tonight was an answer to a I already knew the answer to. I was sitting outside on my back porch and saw them gathering in my field as they do every single night. I yelled “I see you. Now what do you want?” They said “your soul.” Even though I couldn’t hear them audibly, I must have heard them on a subconscious level because I said I’ll never sell my soul..I belong to God..I belong to Christ. I will never belong to any other..I belong to Yahweh” They actually said “what do we do with her?” Among other things. I can’t make out some of the recordings but I’m so happy all my agony, hard work, years of suffering and heartache finally paid off for our Father in Heaven!!! I’m stoked! I can’t believe I finally got definitive proof!! A few nights ago I was getting a little overwhelmed gathering evidence and I recited the Breastplate of St Michael prayer. There’s a loud trumpet sound..almost like an air raid alarm..and I can clearly hear “We are here. We are with you. Keep your eyes on the Lord.” I’ve been documenting this for years now and only recently started to listen more carefully to the EVPs. I’m stunned by what I’ve captured. Between flagrant statements from evil entities to soothing confirmations of protection from Gods angels I think I’ve finally gotten what God wanted me to..actual recordings of spiritual warfare on a day to day basis. In other words..what happens daily during prayers instead of only hearing extreme cases such as late stage possessions. Brothers and sisters I would really appreciate any guidance you could give me on how to get my media on a public forum. Any advice would be much appreciated, and of course anyone who contributes will be credited in my videos and/or finished format:) God bless you all and keep you safe..and remember…don’t just pray when you’re in turmoil, also pray just to give thanks and appreciation for the awesome love and protection our Father gives us!!!

  11. This is information is so needed. Bless the dear woman who had the courage to come forward and share her story. I am a Christian counselor and have had many occasions where I’ve had to deal with demonic activity as I work with those who have, for whatever reason, become involved in the occult. I have both heard, as described here, and seen demons. This is very real. Do not be deceived that because you are a Christian that you are immune from demonic attack. Learn how to recognize them, how to protect yourself, and how to eliminate them from your life and the lives of your loved ones. This is seldom taught in our churches and if it is, a lot of misinformation is spoken. Like the lady says, read God’s work, educate yourself. The enemy does sneak around like a lion preying on God’s people. God Bless you and keep you.

    • The subject in so many churches, baptist, pentecostal and so many others, is a taboo…which is wrong. Christians need to get their head out of the sand and teach people how serious this is, and will become even more serious and dangerous with the coming of Jesus is so near. Christians need to be taught, not just armed with scripture; but taught by someone with a Godly background and successful experience in this field.

  12. I believe so Edgar. Rarely if ever do those programs reveal that the ‘ghosts’are dangerous and are really fallen angels, or demons.

  13. Does this include watching these types of shows on TV?

  14. Alfred,

    I believe the lady in this article was deceived and that God in His mercy showed her the truth. And as Mike said she turned from her wicked ways and repented. The Lord allowed her to feel the presence and hear the shrieking to open her eyes. Her husband had been praying for God to help her see. Prayer is very powerful and especially the husbands prayer (spiritual head of the household). Also God showed her that we as christians have authority over demons, he demonstrated it. And as a result she was delivered from her deception which led to her repentance. As far as intellegent life forms in the universe and other dementions oh ya there is. But they are invisible, but they do visibly manifest from time to time. Demons!!!!! Also everything that made it into the Bible is exactly what God allowed! God’s word is infallible!!! If the creator of All things didn’t put it in the Bible then we don’t need to know it right now. There are many mysteries of the universe that have not been revealed. God’s word says if you lack wisdom ask for it. It also says lean not to your own understanding. There is soo much that has not yet been revealed. We don’t know it all. God knows what we can handle just trust Him. We don’t have to know everything and we won’t.

  15. This is so true! Astrology is another one. I was into that not knowing it was occult. I saw every kind of thing to automatic handwriting and you name it. The demon world became real and I was frightened to looking for help and finally someone told me to get my Bible. I got saved right at home with a Bible and The Holy Spirit. I did not know the Lord personally even though raised to believe in The trinity and religion. All started with what seemed innocent Horoscopes. I got saved baptized in water and the Holy Spirit. Found a Bible believing church and friends. I had to get deliverance as these things were appearing and even talking in my mind. So many Christian friends I had still would ask about Horoscopes. I would tell them but, they would not listen. I am afraid many are being deceived by these practices. Also all over face book are Horoscopes. This is where it is starting on the internet.

  16. Once we are born again and filled with Holy sprit we dont need to end there,As Christians we need to be fuly rooted, in the word of God.Trust in the Lord with all our heart and lean not on our own understanding,by acknowledging him in all our ways and he shall direct our path(Prov 3:5-6). We need good Church and good friends(People) to Help each other to grow spritually.Practicing witchcraft or occult,it depends on person background and the woman seemed that she was not fully delivered as Christian.But because of God Mercy and His Grace she was delivered. We need to pray for other Christian because there also a lot of Church the Pastors are preaching Good but are practising occult and power of darkness and deceived many,through impartation..A lot of Christian from those kind of Church they don’t enjoy the Joy of Salvation.As the word of God says Kingdom of God is Peace,Joy and Righteousness in the Holy Ghost,also no spritual fruits.And You find out these Christian there is no Changes(am not talking to those who are posessed by demons).They blaming too much or they have pride,they dont listen to any preacher than their Pastor,also pastor insists them not to listen to other preacher or go to any other Church.They like revenge,instead o forgiveness.GOd bless you I like your website

  17. the bible says about signs in the skies and these space men in ships are only to deceive us from the truth stand strong in the faith and have roots deep in christ the answer to this worlds problems is the second adam if we seek him we shall find if we seek occulic things and space men we also find them many demons are described as birds of the air because they land anywere looking for a victom.if u play with fire you get burnt

  18. I just have a question: During this Ministry’s History, have you all ever done an article (Bible Scripturally-Based), on the side effects of pain medications for chronic pain sustained from injuries-prescribed by Licensed Physicians, of course; or just medications in general? If so, would you mind please forwarding this information to me by email or please post on your website. I’d like references of scripture for ADVERSE-SIDE EFFECTS for my personal, physical healing….then I will be able to know how to Pray for others properly (Intercession) as well. I Love this website and the work of this Ministry. Its very informative and provides much needed assistance for Deliverance in the Body of Christ. I check your site at least 3 times or more weekly. Keep up the good work and Be Encouraged in the Lord…you are a tremendous Ministry of Helps. Thank You, Sabrina

  19. Here is my opinion on the subjects mentioned!!!!
    1.Women who is both a witch and Christian. How can this be,Now she’s either a Christian or a witch…and then she starts this ghost hunting adventure,and then she meets up with a this demon which then she is instructed by God to Rebuke in the name of Jesus… This sounds pretty far fetched,especially when we are told by the writer that she’s a witch n a Christian. How can u be both and have the power to rebuke a demon…the bible clearly states,you cannot serve two masters,either u serve the one or leave the other…this is clearly a lie from hell… This women who is serving Satan,has no power over demons. Remember Jesus as he hung on that cross and he turned to that one man,who repented,and Jesus said to him,from this day forward you shall be with me in paradise…he did not say heaven…HE SAID IN PARADISE. And I do believe in my heart that there are those who wonder in between this world n the Next. Who are not ready to go into the light n enter into paradise….but sadly there also are demons among them…The bible I also believe in my heart is missing so much history that was either held or just was never added….
    2.The other subject which is being discussed here is UFO’s!!!
    Are they demons or are they something other then what we are being led to believe are demonic entities!!!Well this area,the bible doesn’t say much on the subject or nothing about it,,but as a Christian I too was brought up believing that UFO’s are nothing more then demons,but as I got older I needed to find answers to some of the believes I was taught as a youth to be true!! So I started doing some research on this subject!!Are we alone in this vast universe or are we among Millions of other planets that life forms co-exist with us. .but look different then us.. And then one day on July 4,1995 all I was taught to believe about UFO’s went out the door, for on that day as I was driven home,my wife and my aunt and my children,happen to come to a complete Stop at an intersection where I was behind another Car waiting for a green light,when all of sudden as I looked up,there about 50Ft in the air was these 3 huge saucers all in formation!!!they must of been at least 25Ft wide..and underneath these saucers the colors were of orange black and red,like when u put all these colors in a melting pot..they were like swirling underneath the craft,and there was no sound that came out from these motionless craft, the traffic did not move!!!for a total of 10 minutes the traffic stood still,I could not believe what I was seeing nor could my wife and my aunt..then all of the sudden they took off an in incredible speed….I firm ally believe that the bible though I know it to be the word of GOD,,is not complete and I do believe that why would GOD just make our world to hold life and create such a huge universe and let it be void of life elsewhere entirely…I leave it to the reader to have an open mind and not let ur mind be swayed by someone else’s believe that we are alone in this vast and limitless universe the our GOD created all that we see and just leave everything else barren of life….that would surely be a great waste of GOD’s Plan of creation!!! I just have one question!!! If our GOD created us in his image,who’s image were they created…. I seen Proof with my own eyes,that we are not alone..I just don’t know why there so advanced and were so far down on there level of technology compared to them…

    • Alfred,

      1. I believe this woman did not lose her salvation just because she started to practice witchcraft as she got older. I also believe that God used the demon in the house to show her that these are demons who are playing these games in these haunted houses and that only the name and power of Jesus can drive them out. What confirms what God did for her is how quickly she repented of the witchcraft and ghost hunting once she found out what the truth was on those kinds of occult activities.

      2. On UFO’s, everyone has their opinion on it. We already have an article on it near the bottom of the Spiritual Warfare section if you want to read about one man’s harrowing journey trying to record it and then how he came into direct contact with demons as a result.


    • Alfred, I just discovered this website today and I am so happy to stumble or “be spirit lead” to find it. I will share that I am a Christian for over thirty years but let me share that I do believe what you saw concerning the UFO’s. When I was about 12 years old and I am a grandma and old now, I was laying in the middle of the day with my childhood friend Theresa and Gracie. As we sat up to talk while our parents were sitting on bench talking in plain daylight we looked up to see the same craft you explained with the swirling lights only the colors were red, white yellow and blue. It was the most shocking thing to see and we stood up, and it was suspended between two buildings ours and the one across the grass that was more resembling a deep wide large ditch where we use to ride our slides down during winter time. It must as saw us as we pointed and it spud off with lighting speed. I thought it would crash into the building as we ran after to see, but it shrunk into a pinpoint and disappeared. We three saw it but let me say this. Now that I am older from hearing accounts these beings are not in my opinion like us or in God’s image but Fallen. The reason I say this is because they “terrify” and we did not see any “aliens” but alien means foreign that would conclude to me “not of this world”. I gave an interview in a NYC College about this and I thank God I never saw this again. However, one of my childhood friends was in a mall in a tropical place she lives at and she told me, “Do you remember what we saw when we were kids? I said yes, then she said “I see it here “all the time” that was just too scary for me and I didn’t contribute to the conversation but have heard lots of accounts there when I visit about this. Now I am not an expert but I will say that these beings that people say have seen them, shares the description of them and the color and eyes alone are very scary. If their tech is so advance just think how the forces of evil are moving in our world, places all over, would it be a “manifestation” a demonic to deceive and if so, I don’t want to see this ever again because this was so huge, steal shinny grey metal that appeared and I have not forgotten. I found myself looking at Aliens Documentary from time to time because it jogged my memory. I believe you but God is not the one who is manifesting it’s these “forces” and they are real but I rebuke them because they are not in “Our or my Lord God’s image. Right now I am living at my brothers apartment and I am a believer he is not and he is so into these Ghost hunt shows and I am stuck in here for now but he also watched it in the tropics as well. I have told him this is an open door, he does not carry my same faith so it goes in one ear, what am I to do? I pray because it is my weapon. People make choices, and I can testify because of a night vision the Lord gave me privilege to see nothing I earned. He walked with me stuck to my side and then pulled me and took me to a mountain on a second level. He sat me on a stone white bench and then called me by my first name, He said, “It’s about making the right choices” I glanced down to the earth and what I saw was we were training here but “so was the enemy”. Very eye opening! This is what curiosity will do to you if you want to get into searching these out it’s an “open door” not done on your own but they do manifest and by all the drawings and accounts people have given it is a sure possibility we are not alone because the “LORD” said it in His word. I rather keep my eyes on God because we wrestle not against flesh and blood and I know you understand the rest of this verse. I am happy to find this site and I just learned a lot and believe I did not get here by accident. I believe what you saw brother but as for the lady being a witch and Christian “people do give license” and this is why things can happen. Just think that you are a believer right? Lets say you get upset and you curse someone who really tick you off, “we repent right” if we are really remorseful, so we have Christ living in our hearts right? Is God still there with us? Yes, right there but you can see we can make wrong decisions and if a person is not well versed or following the Lords will then you are going to reap what you sow plain and simple but God is very, very, forgiving just look back like I have to my pass, Man do I praise God He did not hold my faults against me but we can ignorantly step into something or “entertain” our curious mind and be further lured into searching these things out. We are all God has to work with “Imperfect people” and He gives us chances and I thank God for that. If demons manifest so can objects just my opinion and I am in “no way” debating you, I get it, I saw it, and I never will forget what we saw as children. God bless.

  20. Awesome video. There are books out there dealing with this kind of real danger. One is called ‘Sweetie Are You Here?’ available on ‘’ and from ‘’. Check it out. I think its really good!

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