Testimony Of Inner Healing

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This story is one of the most powerful stories on God’s power coming into a situation to help someone out I have to-date. As God is my witness, everything that you will read in this account happened just as described.

Shannon has given me permission to release this story on our website if it will help others in this area of their walk with the Lord. The email below was sent to Shannon’s sister Leeta recounting exactly what happened that day right in the middle of our office.


I am going to go ahead and release this story to you at this time. As God is my witness, everything that you will read in this story happened exactly as I will describe. I have your sister’s Shannon permission to release this story. Feel free to talk to her about it after you read it. She will confirm everything you will read about here.

1.  This happened in 8/96 at our office right in the middle of broad daylight. I had just moved into a different office when all of a sudden your sister Shannon came in white as a ghost. I asked her what was wrong. She said that she just received bad news that her ex-husband had just been let go from his job as a police officer. As she came in, I was standing directly behind my desk and she was standing a little to my left.

She then started to panic, as she did not know what she was going to do next. She said without his monthly child support, that she would not be able to make ends meet and that she could not live off her basic salary. She said she was simply going to have to file bankruptcy and sell their house. She was literally to the point of tears.

And here is where the first part of the miracle starts to occur. Right after she says all of the above, I get a vision of Jesus’ right hand off to my right side at a 45-degree angle – approximately 3 feet from my right side. His hand is in a palms up position. The color of his skin was dark brown, even the palm. His hand was about 2-3 feet in length and about 1-2 feet in width. It was huge.

I actually only gazed at it for about 2-3 seconds because all of my attention was focused on your sister. I then turned back to Shannon and had an extremely strong flow come up from the Holy Spirit as to what to say to her. I basically said something to the effect:

“Shannon, if you will turn your entire life over to God, He will make sure that you do not go under. All you have to do is step into the palm of His hand and He will pull you out of this financial crisis. Have you turned your life over to Him?”

At this point she said, “No, I have not.” I said “Why not?” And she said, “I don’t know, I just can’t seem to be able to do it.” At this point, she then proceeds to run out of my office shaking like a leaf.

I then tapped into the Holy Spirit and asked why Him she could not turn her life over to God, especially with this financial crisis now hitting her right in the face. These words then came up extremely strong on me. The words were:

“She is holding a grudge against Me. Go in there and find out what it is.”

I then decided to wait about 5 minutes before going in to give her a chance to calm down. After 5 minutes, I then went into her office and here is what happened next.

2.  As I walked into her office, she was sitting down typing at her desk. She was a bit more calm at this point. I then went up to the right side of her body and pointed upward with my finger and said to her, “Shannon, are you holding a grudge against God about something?”

And here is where the second part of the miracle occurred. Right after I said this, I once more see Jesus’ right hand appear, but this time it was much smaller. It was about the size of my hand. It appeared right in front of her collarbone. It hovered for maybe 1 or 2 seconds and it was also in the palms up position.

His right hand then went right through her collarbone area and went straight down into the bottom portion of her stomach. I then saw His hand grab something that was black and tarry looking. He grabbed all of it in the palm of His right hand and then started to bring it up through her stomach, up her chest, and literally right out through her mouth.

After I saw all of this happening right in front of my eyes, here is what happened to your sister. When His right hand initially went through her collarbone, her upper body immediately jerked back, her head snapped back and she started crying and shaking. I could tell she had no control over her body at this point.

When His hand grabbed the black and tarry substance from the lower part of her stomach and started to bring it up into her chest, she then starts telling me what her grudge against God was. Here is what she said:

“Yeah, my mom died 12 years ago and I got mad at God for taking her home so soon. I guess I’ve been holding a grudge against God all these years for it.”

At this point, this black substance gets literally spewed right out of her mouth and I see it land in front of the typewriter. I then realize what God just did. I then tell God, right there on the spot, now that we know what the block is, I can easily explain that one for her and get it taken care of.

I then received a very strong word from God at this point and He said, “No, leave now. She is no position to talk about it now. She is too upset.” Since I was so pumped and excited about what had just happened, I literally ignored His advice. I then started to explain to her why her mom had to go home at this time. Before I could even get two words out of my mouth, her phone rang and it was for her. I knew at that point that I was to leave and come back the next day.

I then went back to her office about an hour later to see how she was doing and her face looked as if it had been hit by a truck. I knew then that she had truly been hit by the power of God. I then took her out to lunch the next day and gave her the basic explanation as to why God would allow her mom to be taken home at the time that He did. She said she basically already knew all of that, but that she just could not help herself from holding a grudge against God all of these years for it.

3.  And here’s the part where I received major confirmation that what I had witnessed was truly a miracle. When I told her about seeing His right hand twice, with the second time actually going on the inside of her to pull out her grudge against Him, here is what she said:

Her eyes got real big and she said: “That’s what that was! Mike, when you came in and asked me if I was holding a grudge against God, my first thought was, how could you possibly know that? That was something I have never told anyone else in my entire life. That was a personal thing between me and God.

I decided I wasn’t even going to tell you one thing about it. However, when you came up to the side of my desk, something took control of my insides and started making me tell you what my grudge was. I actually tried fighting against it, but I had no control over my body. Something was forcing it up and I could not stop myself from telling you what it was.”

I then asked her how she now felt. Here is the final piece to this story that confirmed for me that I had truly witnessed an inner healing from the Lord. She said:

“Ever since I was forced to release that story to you, I have felt much lighter on the inside since then. It was as if something was taken out of me. I no longer have the rage and anger that I had against God on this issue.”

When she said that all of the rage and anger was gone, I knew then that was what God had taken out of her when I saw His hand grab something that was black and tarry looking. I felt that later on He explained to me what had happened. He said that black and tarry substance was real. It was a real spiritual substance that had grown on the inside of her over those 12 years that she was holding a grudge against Him.

Just like a human body can develop cancerous tumors, the soul and spirit of a human can develop spiritual cancerous type growths that can block and prevent you from getting close to God or other people for that matter. He says that these have to be spiritually removed, much in the same way that doctors will surgically remove a cancerous tumor. He said it was by the power of the Holy Spirit that this was accomplished.

And the beautiful part about this was how quickly it was done. Shannon did not have to go through months or years of psychoanalysis to get this done. And most of the time, doctors cannot get at the root of a spiritual substance to remove it like God did. Only the power of God can get at something so deep and remove it as quickly as He did.

I would say that once His hand entered on the inside of her, it only took 2-3 seconds at the most to pull that grudge out. To me, that was literally miraculous! I really feel to this day that I had truly witnessed a miraculous inner healing by the Lord with this girl.

Shannon did not see His hand like I did. She only felt something inside of her pulling the grudge out. I felt like God gave me the two visions of His right hand in operation to literally show me what was going on behind and inside the spiritual realm.

I know the above story is just about almost unbelievable. But as God as my witness, this is exactly what I saw, and I feel Shannon’s comments afterwards confirmed not only what I saw, but that she had truly experienced an inner healing from the Lord.


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  1. This is an awesome testimony. That was deliverance if ever I saw one…The substance which she spewed up was that demonic spirit which was holding on to her. You spoke a word of knowledge which the Spirit of God revealed to you. You, being led by the spirit of God shined light upon her situation. Be Blessed in your walk with Christ and continue to let Him use you…

  2. I believe that testimony one hundred percent because God have done miracles for me in many ways spiritually physically and financially and i know if He brought me back to life after giving birth to my son when all my veins were collapse already because i had a very hard delivery it’s been twenty years ago so many more testimonies which i can testify too. So i know God can do it for anyone.He is our great physician, He is our deliverer, He is our provider is there anything to hard for Him?

  3. I dreamt I was sitting in a washing area and water was rising to cover me. A strong brown hand was trying to pull me up and i forced myself to wake up. Im now wondering if this is not hand of the Lord as I am experiencing some hardships and can’t find anyway out of it. Im so overwhelmed

  4. I definately believe this I only found this page because I was googling having something pulled our the spirit realm. Last night when I was asleep I felt the presence of the Lord then I felt something being pulled out of me just like you said from my collarbone to my stomach and it was lifted away I felt so much lighter but I was trying to get info on what it was but this is just confirmation that I knew the Lord had removed something from me.

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