Testimony From One Of Our Brave Men Fighting For Our Freedom

Last Thursday, August 8th, we sent out a newsletter with a new article, A Story of God’s Protection and I received a reply back from one of our brave men fighting for our freedom where he shared how he almost got killed from an IED attack, just another testimony of God’s awesome protection so I asked his permission if we could post his testimony on our site. Here is is.

The IED That Almost Got Me

I promised you more details on the IED hit on 9 Sept. Well, it was close, folks.
We had just concluded a meeting with the Deputy Gov of the province and were heading back to Speicher. I was seated in the right rear of the HUMV.

A passenger doesn’t just ride and gawk-he or she has to help scan for anything suspicious-wires across a road, something out of place, a crowd of people-or a LACK of people in the area, tops of buildings, etc.

I was looking out of the window when it suddenly shattered and I heard a dull ‘whoomph!’ sound. An instant between the breaking and the sound. Thinking back it seems longer. Looked like it exploded from about 15-20 feet away at most.

Three of us sounded off with a, “We’re HIT!

A buddy from the DC class, was behind and said he saw my vehicle disappear in a big cloud of dust. The driver hit the gas and we moved out of the area, lots of chatter on the vehicle intercom and radio net.

“Gunner, you OK?” “I’m OK, sir, window’s gone!” He was blessed too-not hit but got a fragment in his water bottle!

My window was shattered, but good. It held though! I was looking right out of it when the thing blew. It was hidden in one of those Islamic eight-pointed stars, which are about six feet across raised up (horizontally about six inches) out of the sidewalks. They have bushes in the middle which covered up the bomb.

The five-vehicle convoy pulled off about half a mile away. First priority-everyone OK?

Next, can we still move? Then-LET’S GO BACK AND GET THE BAD GUY!

Our job is to be the hunters-NOT the hunted.

Everyone was OK, thank God. No fire either. Both tires were blown and the vehicle was shaky. So that precluded our rat hunt, doggone it.

Was it directed at me? Possibly-the bad guys know there is a new Colonel in town and you can bet they have spotters.

The enemy was a good shot, gotta hand it to him-if not for the armor and bulletproof glass, the gunner and I probably would have been killed.

The best I could hope for would be to have been in Landstuhl Hospital in Germany having what remained of my face put back together. No MEDEVAC due to dust that day.

Oddly-maybe I’m not smart enough to be scared-I was pretty cool during the entire episode!

Our vehicle barely made it to Speicher, tires smoking, etc. They also knocked out the air conditioning.

Paratroopers are pretty insular, until you jump with them, and the 82 Airborne’s 3rd Brigade Commander was always cool towards me (another O-6 in his area, hanging around) until we got hit.

He saw me and his face lit up in a BIG smile. “Hey, I heard you got blown up!” Shook my hand, etc, like I was now his best friend.

Anyway-looks like I will FINALLY get my Combat Action Badge. Not as prestigious as my Dad’s Combat Infantryman’s Badge-and as an O-6 I am no longer eligible for that-but, by golly, not many Colonels have a CAB either!

Getting shot at was the easy part-I am now going crazy filling out the paperwork.
The next day we were out again.

Again-thank you for your prayers, folks. Keep ‘em comin’!

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  1. Rose - August 14, 2013 at 6:24 am

    Thank you Freedom Fighter for all you do to keep us safe. GBY!

  2. Jules - August 17, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    AWESOME!!! Thank you God for protecting our men & women in the military!

  3. Christine - August 16, 2016 at 5:26 pm

    So grateful to hear this testimony. Many more prayers headed your way!

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