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Testimony – Drugs and Demons

Awhile back ago, we had received a very powerful testimony from a 51 year old deaf woman who had fell into heavy drug usage, along with experimenting with different parts of the New Age Movement. As a result of falling into these two extreme death traps, she drew very heavy demonic activity into her life.

She has asked that we share her testimony with our readers so as to warn everyone of the extreme dangers of even dabbling, much less falling head first, into any kind of heavy drug usage or occult activity. As you will see when reading her testimony below, the combination of the drugs and the demons attacking her mind caused quite a bit of damage to her mind and her ability to think clearly and coherently.

As we have already stated in many of the articles in our Spiritual Warfare section, two of the biggest door openers into Satan’s realm where he and his demons roam are any kind of drug usage, and any kind of dabbling or experimenting with anything having to do with the occult or the New Age movement. This woman’s testimony will give you a very good look at what really happens behind the scenes once demons move in for an actual attack as a result of someone giving them the appropriate legal rights to be able to do so.

Our minds are the battlefield between us, God, and the devil. Control the mind of a person and you control that person. This is why demons always attack our minds, which includes our thought and thinking process.

You have heard of the terms of someone being under the direct “influence” of alcohol or demons. The word “influence” is telling you that drugs, the abuse of alcohol, or any kind of direct demonic activity can cause you to act outside of your normal personality.

As you will see when reviewing her testimony, both this woman and several of her friends who were doing these drugs, had very noticeable and significant changes in their personalities once they came under the direct influence of these drugs and demons. This is why God is so strict in His Word on what kinds of sinful activities that we are to stay completely away from in this life.

Here is this woman’s most incredible testimony. I will indent and bold some of heavier statements she makes in this testimony so you can go back and use this as a reference tool if God should ever want to use any of you to try and prevent someone else who may be close to you from falling into these two kinds of extreme death traps.

Her first name is Laurie, but I will leave out her last name so as to protect her identity due to the very personal nature of this testimony.


Dear Michael,

Thank you for opportunity for me to share my story with you. I have hard time finding embassies where I can post this story. It is very urgent that they read this story, especially young people. I want to warn them about the dangers of the drugs and the demons. You have my permission to share this story with others. Thank you very much.

1.  First of all, a brief story of who I am. I am 51 year old deaf woman. I am a divorced mother of three adult children and a grandmother of 8 children. I was not a Christian all my life. When I was a child, my family took me to a Sunday church once awhile, but I knew nothing about God or Jesus Christ because of my deafness and also no sign language interpreting services in the old days. My parents were not Christian believers, so church was not important part of our life.

At age 15 I met and married 27 year old man, Tom. He was a Catholic and our three children attended parochial school for few years. Still, I didn’t accept to be converted into Catholic because I disliked that religion and the church where we attended in a small town. The Father priest and the nuns were unkind to me on several occasions. That had shocked me and hurt me deeply. Also I felt resentment and hurt that the Church didn’t make attempt to communicate with me nor did they attempt to inform me about the teachings of Jesus.

I felt left out every time in the mass service and I hated it. It was painful experience for me because it made me feel lonely and isolated like no body cared about me. It was too much trouble for my ex-husband to tell me what the priest said.

Because of those bad experiences, I didn’t believe that Christian religion was good for us. I had considered them hypocrites and fanatics. I was angry about one thing which I hated the most was their preaching about “Hell.”

I hated that story, for it had caused a lot of mental anguish for many people and me. But I had fears that God would never forgive me because I committed many wrongs during the 16 year marriage. I thought I was too “evil” from breaking God’s commandments too much, so I considered myself as “too late.” Nobody explained to me about Jesus Christ’s mercy and forgiveness. So I was very fearful of God’s wrath. Yes, I actually was terrified of Him, for I had that old fearful thought of many years…His lightning striking me down because of his wrath.

Tom and I got divorced in year 1988, for it was a real bad marriage. It was one of the worst darkest days in my life. The divorce was ugly and bitter. BUT a most WONDERFUL thing happened…during the days of deep depression and despair, I woke up one morning and decided to seek God for forgiveness and help. To make the story short, I had prayed for the first time in my life and I heard His Voice saying “Forgive Tom.” I accepted and said “Yes, I forgive him…”

Jesus Christ then encompassed me with His awesome loving presence, lifting out all the dark and heavy burden from my shoulder. He healed me completely of the wounds. It was joyous and healing experience which had changed me at 180 degrees completely into a different person. I was never the same since then. For two whole months, I was in His saving grace which was like being in joyous and peaceful state. To this day, I still never forget that powerful moment with Lord Jesus Christ. He showed me the real meaning of Love. He said “love is the answer” to the life’s problems.

Soon after, I bought the Bible Book and read a few scriptures but I was not able to understand the words at all. For a beginner, I had picked a worst page to read. It was Revelation that I first read because I was curious about the future predictions. But those pages made me angry and badly frightened. My English skill was not good at that time, and I had taken the words literally. So I told myself that I would not ever read that book again.

Also I was angry with its authoritative male view of women and her role in life in the proverbs. So I didn’t read the Book again for over ten years until year 2003. I had attended a Christian church maybe twice and didn’t like it. I felt uncomfortable and didn’t trust the church because of my bad experience with the priest and nuns. So I prayed to the Lord and asked Him to show me the path that would take me closer to Him.

2.  Within couple months, I met a new friend who introduced me into the New Age. At that time, I had believed that God had answered my prayer. I was very excited and grateful. so I bought many spiritual books, tarot cards, and attended American Native teachings/meetings and ceremonies with the Shamans. I spent many hours in meditative visions alone.

I also was a disciple of Holy Guru from India for three years. I had experienced many joyous spiritual moments and awesome miracles. I studied and read books everyday. I worked hard daily to change my thinking from negativity to positive, to be kind and loving to others, and to be faithful to God. I heard some news story about the missing pages in the Bible. That got me angry because it meant the church was not trustworthy for tampering with the book. I believed they did that in the Dark ages to control people.

I didn’t believe that hell was real and that it was just an imagination. According to the teachings in the New Age, I did believe that “hell” was actually our current life troubles and our sufferings on earth.

The teachings were to help teach us on how to be happy and be at peace, despite the troubles in our lives. I didn’t believe Satan was real, but yes, I accepted there were some evil “lost” ghosts walking on earth and maybe some mysterious dark force or dark alien rulers out in the heavens. Every book that I had read from the New Age did not ever once mention Satan and his hell. No story about them at all.

That is why I knew nothing about Satan and his world. Yet, despite all those years of reading and studying different teachings, and applying them to my heart in my daily living, it still hadn’t bring me closer to God. I was still weak and a slave to sins, smoking and socially drinking and other things. So I was feeling confused and lost.

3.  Alright, now about the drugs. I really want to warn you about them because of their terrible consequences. I am still suffering from that to this day! It’s been 7 years now since I quit.

In year 1997, one year after my youngest child, at age 18, moved away from home, I started smoking marijuana, and I eventually smoked it to everyday by third year. By then I knew I was addicted to it, but I was not willing to let it go. I had liked it too much. That was because it was so pleasurable that I didn’t want to stop.

It gave me that wonderful “euphoria.” I didn’t like the world without the pot, for it felt dull and boring. Also, I had hard time handling my nervousness, so the pot helped me relax more. My reasoning was like “Besides, it is not a dangerous drug.” We, a gang of friends and I, called it an “Herb.”

At that time, I was 45 years old and most of my women friends were in their 30’s to 40’s. We were living in a nice and small apartment complex one block away from the beach in Southern California. On every weekend, we would smoke a few puffs of pot and then go rollerblading out on the beach bike path. My close friend Mary and I were in 40’s and our children had grown up and moved away. So it was exciting time of our life, having the freedom to play at the beach. I couldn’t seem to have enough of those fun times, pot smoking and rollerblading.

In the first 45 years of my life, I didn’t touch any dangerous hallucinatory drugs like Meth, Crack, or Heroin. I was very afraid of them. In early teen years, I had learned about their dangerous consequences from the drug education in my junior high school class.

Also at age 15, while hanging out with hippie friends in downtown park, I saw many of them using drugs, but I didn’t touch them and refused to even consider it. However, temptation did hit me one day when a young long-haired man offered to me the colorful pills on his hands. I gave in and decided to try some, but two young women interrupted to stop me and told him to get away.

They were protective of me. Then they said that they wanted to show me something, so I went with them to see one of their friends, a young man. Half of his face was badly burned caused by tampering with the electric outlet during his LSD drug hallucination. I was horrified at the sight of his face which was greatly disfigured. Since that day, I stayed clear away from those dangerous drugs.

However, after smoking pot for three years, my resolve to stay away from dangerous drugs had weakened. In the fall of 2000, my close girlfriend, Mary, moved in to stay at my apartment home for a temporary time. One of the neighbors upstairs started to sell crack drugs. I had noticed the increased traffic to his apartment everyday, and I was afraid of the trouble with the drug users and the law. I told him to stop that business.

I knew him personally. He was a deaf man, Bill at age 27, and was from Back East. But he was making big money and he liked it too much, so he refused to stop. He bought many new things, clothes, big TV, stereo, and new furniture for his apartment. Ok, after I got back home from a one month vacation trip, I learned that my best friend, Mary, had started smoking crack, too. I didn’t like that and I was scared for her. But She told me that it was an awesome high trip. She then offered some to me.

After a little hesitation, I accepted and smoked the crack. Looking back to that moment, I wished I had listened to that little “no” voice in my heart, but the curiosity had gotten a hold of me. I had never heard of the word crack, so I had no idea of the kind of drug it was. Also, it was because I believed Mary … what she said about the crack. How awesome it was.

To make a point about the drug crack…later in the following years in the AA meetings, I had heard this saying often about the drug crack from other ex-users.

The saying is that “it would grab you so fast before you’d ever know it.” That is the truth. I had seen that happened to my friends and me. It is horrible addictive drug! Once you smoke it, you can’t stop it until you would either crashed or run out of the rocks. Then you would be going through same cycle all over again in the next day and again in the following days.

That was what happened to me and my friends. I had to make an extreme effort to control it by smoking it only in evenings after work and only few times a week. But while smoking it, I couldn’t stop the need to get high until the drug was all gone and it was time to get sleep at night. By fourth week, the craving was so bad that I found myself crawling on the floor, looking for the crack left overs.

At that moment, I was acutely aware of my behavior and I was truly horrified at the change in me and also at Mary. She had become a full-time user by smoking it 24 hours every day. She did not have had any sleep for two weeks, and then she’d crashed down. But then she’d be back smoking it full time again right next day. It was horrible to see how it had changed her personality, for she became a different person. A not nice person with an aggressive attitude. I didn’t like that because she was normally a bubbly and caring person.

Her talk was wild and full of profanities. That was totally unlike her. She had called me a “Bitch” when I told her that she must leave and not smoke crack in my home anymore. In our 18 year of friendship, she had never said one bad word against me. That is how a drug like crack could change a person drastically.

Fortunately for me, I smoked the crack for one month and half because I heard God’s voice clearly. He said “Quit it.” I obeyed and quit immediately. He had set me free, for I didn’t have any craving for that drug since then. I was so happy and grateful. But I didn’t stop smoking marijuana until one month later.

The drug crack also hurt our neighbors, for it had killed one of them with an heart attack. He had just started using it, and he was in his 40’s. Other neighbors were also becoming addicted. At the dealer Bill’s home, there were always crack users, not our neighbors, but the strangers of both women and men in age between 20’s and 50’s, staying there long hours. I saw how they hardly ever stopped smoking crack. The daily sight of them sitting on the sofa, on the beds, and on the floors with the drugs and the stink being strong in the apartment had horrified and saddened me both at same time.

After 6 months of drug dealing, the deaf man was evicted from his apartment. That was during the month after I had quit. I felt sorry for him, being homeless, so I allowed him to stay the nights at my home for “just a short time” as long as no selling drugs from my home. However, within 2 weeks, I had to evict both my friend Mary and drug dealer from my home. They then moved on to the streets and stayed in motels and their friends’ homes. It was like a nightmare for me. I had lost my best friend of 18 years. It broke my heart that I had to kick her out of my home.

Both she and drug dealer didn’t care about me nor about my home, for they had no respect for me nor about keeping my home clean. They had made horrendous mess in my home. I learned that it was a normal behavior for the drug addicts that all they cared about was the drugs and having fun.

Alright, there is one most important warning that I truly want to tell you about it. Please keep your mind open and listen to me.

Remember that those drugs, Crack, Heroin, or Meth are dangerous, destructive, and addictive. They do kill people, destroy our minds, and damage our health.

Also, they destroy and hurt our loved ones and their lives, as they are victims of our addiction and its consequences. It hurt my adult children real bad, for the drug had damaged my brain and changed me personally to a different person, even though I had used it only for one month and half. Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter however long you use a drug, it can damage your brain or any of your body organs without any warning. It had done chemistry changes to my brain that caused me to “see” and “hear” the spirit people almost all the time.

The drug had also hurt my nervous system. The evil spirit beings had destroyed my mind, the humanity part of me. That is why it hurt my family, my mother, all relatives, and children, and grandchildren
because of the drastic change in me. Before the damage, I loved to talk with people and my family. We, all my family, were real close personally.

They, my children, used to tell me about their problems. But then after the damage, I had difficult time to communicate with people for almost four years because my mind was different and was in constant battle with voices and strange thoughts. Thus I was quieter, non-communicative with people.

Now I want you to hear me for your sake, your future children’s sake, and your family’s sake. Those drugs, as well as abusing any drug, are a terrible sin because they open the door to the evil spirits, Satan, and Demons. Because the drugs, even the alcohol, are under evil’s domain. I literally “saw” and experienced the evil spirits being involved during the crack use at my apartment complex. They hung around us in our apartments. The atmosphere was dark and evil.

Sometimes I saw their faces on the walls outside. The faces of fear. They also harassed us with their evil mischief by making us fearful and paranoid. They created faces on the walls and on the wood cabinets. Also everyday my clothes on the floor or over the chair were shaped into faces.

Also they did things to our mind, encouraging us to use more drugs every day and making us to need it real bad. I had learned one horrifying truth about those spirits. The reason they hang around the drug users is that they want the high of drugs and our physical pleasures, one of them sexual pleasures. I had a horrible, painful sexual battle with the evil spirits.

They aroused my sex organs to unusually high threshold beyond anything I’d ever thought possible. I was terrified and in pain. They, the evil spirits, WANT those feelings … the pleasure centers … from the drugs and from us. They use drugs to get those things from us, to control our minds, and eventually to destroy our souls. I saw that some drug users were aware of the spirit activities but they refused to acknowledge it. They were afraid. So was I. I was very frightened and I refused to sleep in my bedroom, for that was where I got the most trouble from evil spirits.

They had made both mental and physical attacks against me more than others because they knew that I could see them. They appeared usually in the evenings until sunrise. So most of the time I slept on the beach during the days, rather than in my bedroom during the nights. Then after God commanded me to quit, and the crack dealer moved out, the apartment’s atmosphere had brightened up and felt cleaner. The evil spirits were gone. They bothered us no more.

I was so grateful to be set free from the crack drug. That was one of the most scary times of my life seeing how the drug crack was destroying us.

However, the spirit beings came back one month later, and this time they fooled me because they were friendly to me. I assumed they were of the Light according to the New Age. I felt no evil presence, so I decided to trust them. I was very excited that we could communicate so easily.

I was thrilled that I could see and hear them clearly. For me, that was so awesome. I had no reason to think they might be evil. However within few weeks, I had some misgivings from their behavior and strange talk but I was too nice a person and didn’t want to insult them. So I ignored those warning signs. Then before I could stop it, their voices and their stories and the visions had gradually taken over my mind full time. Thus I was unable to pay attention to my every day life nor able to go to work.

That was how my 22 year-old daughter found me one day as I was lying on my bed during the midday and I was watching their “holography” movies on the ceilings. She was frightened of my strange talk, and immediately she called my mother who in turn came down and took me back to her home in Northern California. I had lost my beach home and my daughter had packed everything and stored them in the storage.

I was not able to take care of daily responsibilities. At my mother’s home, for three months, the voices with their evil storyteller, holography movies, and visions had completely taken over my mind 24 hours every day. They never left me alone, even at night times. I had enormous battle with the demons over my sleep but I had a good trick that I knew how to sleep all night despite their screaming into my ears.

And then there were good spirit people who were “friendly and kind” to me, always making me laugh by the funny jokes. So that in turn made me forget quickly every time about the bad guys. I almost never spoke to my mother during those months. I was either outside smoking and talking with them for many hours or lying in my bed in my room and many long hours of staring at the wall … watching the visions and also holography movies.

My mother fought hard in her efforts to bring me out of that world. She was terrified. I was unable to speak. No doctor could help us and they wouldn’t commit me into mental hospital because I was not suicidal. Even though I had stolen my sister’s truck when I was frightened by what they said…that they would harm my family.

I kept telling her that I was going to be fine and that I was in good hands with Gods. So I believed. But I knew deep down I was in trouble and I felt myself falling into death. Old Laurie’s mind was completely gone. I felt powerless to stop Satan’s invasions. I didn’t know how to fight back because they were dangerously clever by making me forget or distracting me from life or from thinking in my own words.

It was always their world and their words … beastment forte and God’s forte. Often there was a story of battle between them and me and it was very real because it was like being in a war-movie battlefield with guns or arrows shooting at me.

It felt physically real, for I felt the sharp pains attacking my body and my face. It was a terrible battle and I lost the control over my mind. I had no defense against their cruel stories but the defenses that I did have were that I didn’t allow myself to believe they could harm me or kill me physically and also I was able to escape them by sleeping at nights and taking naps in the afternoons. I did have was that I was able to escape them by sleeping at nights and taking naps in the afternoons.

Strangely I felt fearless most of the times. There was no way I could escape from their voices. But I still was able to stay strong and true to God by refusing to obey their orders to kill myself or to harm my family.

Everyday, they told me different stories of how I could run away from my Mother to live somewhere a nice place. I refused, despite the temptations.

I wanted to stay close to my mother for safety. Through it all, I had always felt God’s loving and peaceful presence. That gave me great comfort, knowing He was with me.

Then finally after a third month, as I was lying on the bed, a figure of Father God appeared on the ceiling and He said to me “Move on!!” I understood clearly at that moment what he meant. Also I recalled my recent night dream of two Messengers from God who appeared and said “Leap in faith.” And a good voice told me “Focus on your mother.” So I knew it meant it was time for me to fight back by going back to living my everyday life. So I obeyed Him and got up from the bed.

I went outside and ask my mother to give me a gardening task. Boy, I had to work so hard to concentrate on my task and I was frightened because the voices and their faces were clamoring at me to distract me. Since that day, I never went back to lying down and to looking at the ceiling for the visions again.

Next day, during my gardening work, I witnessed an awesome miracle of God’s work. I saw the lifting of their “evil world” from my eye view. God had cast out many bad voices and visions and their world from my life.

For the first time in my whole life, my mind was in complete silence. Like a blank slate. No thoughts whatsoever. My brain had an amnesia, for there was no thinking process in there. The evil spirits had wracked a huge havoc on my brain and my nervous system. I had to do think-talk to direct myself to do things, but there was no information in the brain to tell me what was missing in my brain or information input from my physical body.

I felt totally strange and lost in that world with no information. I just knew it was different, not the same as the old Laurie’s mind. But I was not able to tell what was missing in my brain because there was no information in my brain to tell me that something was missing.

Also there was some damage to the nervous system because I couldn’t feel the sensation from my neck down to my feet. It was just a mass of energy. I felt emotionless in a numb way. I felt no fear at all. But I was so happy to be free from the terrible voices, the visions, and the crazy spirit world.

4.  In the first three years, with God’s help I had to retrain my brain to think again, to focus my attention on tasks, and to sort out the thoughts that went through my mind.

The missing information gradually re-surfaced in the memory bank. There was daily brain work. It was exhausting and frightening because I was afraid of the voices and also my own thoughts. The voices were not always friendly and they told me that they were my thoughts. So that frightened me.

I had panic attacks everyday. And gradually the feelings and sensations returned to my body. Now I can feel my legs as I walked. I worked hard to be optimistic and determined in my recovery program. And I was taking medications for psychosis which helped a bit. Then one day, I saw with my own eyes …. a demon appearing to me and baring fang-like teeth at me. He said “Your pain is sweeter.”

That was like a last straw for me as something snapped within me after fighting so hard to keep surviving for three years. I freaked out and screamed at top of my lungs at God … begging Him for mercy and to stop all that painful suffering from anxiety attacks. I had hit at the end of the rope, for it was unbearable many times that made me screamed inside and made me think about suicide.

I didn’t understand why God was allowing the evil spirits to bother me again after He rescued me three years ago. Those evil spirits were attacking me everyday and interfering with my thinking process. That distressed me so much because it was a great struggle for me to have a normal thought. It was the last thing I needed to have those negative attacks against my own struggling thoughts. It created more fear in me. So I was very depressed and mentally exhausted. I drank a bottle of wine or a small bottle of whiskey whenever to escape the pain and exhaustion.

In year 2003, a voice woke me up in the middle of night and said “I have a visitor from the Christian group. He wants to speak with you.” Then I heard a new authorative and soft voice saying “Read the Bible.”

I responded that I didn’t believe in the Bible. He repeated “Read the Bible.” I accepted his commandment and told him that I would. Next morning I thought about it and knew it was going to be another turning point for me because God had commanded me to read the Book!! The half part of me didn’t want to read it because I was so exhausted and sick of the spirit world. I had enough of that world. But the other part of me knew that God wanted to help me through the Bible.

The first time I read it, to my great surprise I could understand the scriptures. I was so thrilled and grateful. I knew that I was ready to be His student. A new friend invited me to attend her Christian church where they have interpreting services.

As I started to attend that church regularly, it was extremely difficult for me to go because of the mind battle between demons and me. It was so bad that I would end up crying before arriving at the church. That went on for months, but I was determined to go anyway. I refused to allow them to stop me from my relationship with God.

Within few months, I was baptized. During the sermons, there would be horrible thoughts attacking me and making it hard for me to understand what the pastor was saying because those negative thoughts or voices forced me to defend myself mentally. Sometimes, the tears were running down my face. I hated that. I was embarrassed about people seeing my pain at the church.

Gradually, with Jesus’ guidance and Bible reading increased to almost everyday, it became easier at the church. Many times when demons attacked me, I commanded them to leave in the name of Jesus. And they would be gone. However, they still persistently came back and bothered me in the next days. I learned to use Armor of God’s tools to protect myself and to cast out the evil spirits.

Two of the most powerful tools to drive them away are the singing praises to the Lord and the intercession prayers for other people. So if they continued harassing me too long, despite my commands, I would then sing the praises of the Psalms in the sign language. I could hear His Thunders and two times He told me that He had destroyed my enemies. So when I heard a Thunder while singing the praises, I would imagined His wrath on those enemies.

Many times, the Lord rescues me while I sing because the room becomes noticeably peaceful and the oppression of darkness would be gone. It is like He was in the room with me just as He promised us in Psalm 91. Also, after doing an intercession prayer, I would have peace of mind or a normal day without bad harassment.

Also I had the Healing Room Ministry with the group prayers with their hands on me every week … praying for deliverance and healing. Jesus Christ appeared to me few times during the process of deliverance which has been going on for 6 months now. He had cast out many bad evil spirits who had bothered me real bad. Sometimes I was baffled and frustrated at the persistence of the evil spirits in my life and my home. But I have come to realize that the Lord has a reason.

The Scripture “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” (Prov. 3:5) helps me to accept better. My pastor told me that I need to keep my mind focus on Jesus Christ daily. So reading the Book and thinking about the scriptures help to keep my mind on Him. That is my program.

Emotionally I was in pain almost all the time. Last month, Jesus Christ told me that He would heal the wounds in my heart. Sure enough, the pain has lessened gradually since then.

Praise the Lord. Thank you! I feel more relaxed and stronger with great inner strength.

Praise the Lord. I love my church. I never dreamt that I would LOVE going to my church for the fellowship with such nice people, the Christians. I really do love it. It is such a nice feeling to have Jesus in my life. I have been going there faithfully. I love singing to the Lord in the sign language. It is a lot of fun and joyful.

I am feeling much better. My life is looking brighter. I look forward to sharing the Good News with other people in the future. I had my very first vegetable garden last summer. No more depression. Hallelujah!

My mind is amazingly better and almost normal. But it will never be normal like my old mind was before the crack because my thoughts confuse me still. They surprise me like as if a stranger was talking but it was me. And some words still frighten me. But that’s ok. I can live with it. It was the Lord who helped me to cope better. He sure is POWERFUL. His Works are awesome.

An example of His wonderful awesome works of God is the Psalm 23 which makes a great sleeping aid for me. The voices used to attack me every night as I attempted to fall into sleep. Then through a friend’s prayer, the Lord gave me this Psalm 23. Immediately after I started reciting it while in bed, the voices disappeared for good. So I am able to fall asleep quickly now. He delivered me from the sins of smoking and drinking 8 months ago.

I was a smoker for 35 years. My drinking problem started in 2002 because of emotional stresses. I have found wonderful Salvation through Holy Bible and Jesus Christ. The voices are not completely gone yet, but with the tools in the Armor of God, singing praises in sign language, praying for others and His guidance, I am becoming strong and more able to overcome it.

One of my favorite Scriptures that gives me great comfort and teaching tool is 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God hath not given us a spirit of fear but of power, and of love, and a sound mind.” Thank you, my dear God and Praise the Lord. He is the best thing that ever happen to me. Christians were my enemies, and I didn’t like their religion at all. Now I am grateful and proud to be Christian.

God wants me to tell you this warning about the consequences of the drugs. They really are evil and they belong to the evil’s world because they use the drugs to destroy us. They hate humans and life. That is God’s warning to you. He loves you very much. So please, please do not ever touch those drugs and do not abuse alcohol. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!


Fortunately for Laurie, she found Jesus and He is now in the process of fully healing and restoring her. But many people under the influence of heavy drugs like crack cocaine and heroin do not find Jesus and as a result, they continue to stay under this kind of extreme bondage and torment.

This is why God has called all of us to help set the captives free. People bound up with drugs and occult type activities are real live captives and they need to be rescued, delivered, and set completely free.

Signing them up for private treatment for crack addiction or whatever type of addiction they have is a good place to start

We want to personally thank Laurie for being willing to share her testimony with us. I believe her testimony may help warn others not to go into these types of forbidden areas, or if by chance they have already fallen under the influence of drugs and demons – that there is a full and complete deliverance waiting for them if they will only take the saving and deliverance hand of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and allow Him to pull them out of these types of death pits.

As this woman’s graphic testimony will show, there is no pit too wide or too deep that the Lord cannot go down into and fully rescue someone if they will only work with Him during their deliverance process like this courageous woman did!

philip ohans

Thursday 18th of February 2021

This is so touching, I have fallen a victim of drug abuse too. though in my own case I didn't go all out doing drugs. I was attacked by depression in my teen years and this caused me a lot of setback both academically and socially. i lost interest in everything in life. I was always feeling low and unaccepted. this caused me to be going from one church to another looking for solution but all to no avail. one night when the suffering became unbearable i decided that the next day i will end it all by taking my life but in my sleep that night i saw someone gave me one orange colored tablet and i took the drug. as i took the drug i became completely made whole. as i was feeling the euphoria of that healing i woke up and the feeling of wholeness lasted for seconds before vanishing i now realize that it can be treated. so this is how i started looking for medical solution. the first hospital i visited followed a due process. they ran test and do other medical therapy before prescribing drugs for me. when i started the drugs i did't feel anything special but within a week and some days i started remembering things i have forgotten. but after that one time visit to the hospital i could not make it to the hospital again due to far distance and lack of money on my part. after a long time i came across a health supplement. the name of the company is GNLD i bought their vitamin B CO. when i started the supplement i did't get immediate relief but i kept taking it daily i must tell you within weeks of taking this supplement i began to feel this sense of happiness that i did not know was there before. and i found out that i have more energy now than before. but when that cup of supplement got finished i did not have money for another cup. so i stopped taking it. when i stopped i did not have any withdrawal symptoms. i have become a little better than i was in the beginning. i now was able to make a few friends. i was even able to start a relation with a lady i wanted to marry. but i was still hearing a strange voice telling strange things. when i began making some money working in one orphanage home. i told myself that it is time to treat myself properly. So researched and found out that psychiatric hospital m

i visited has an outlet in a teaching hospital in our neighboring town so i decided to visit this outlet since it is going to be less costly transport wise. when i got there they don't do tests and they don't do counselling like their main hospital. so after explaining to the doctor he gave me drugs. the first day i took that drug i slept off as soon as i lay down i slept till morning without any disturbance. when i woke up in the morning and wanted to talk it felt like i could not use my tongue properly unlike anything i felt before. after some months into this drug i lost myself. this drug made me lose my once lively personality. i found out that i became dull and uninterested in anything but sleep. when i now withdrew from this drug my whole body turned into another thing entirely. the name of the drug is resperidone and amithrippiline. people should please stay b away from this mood helping chemical drugs. they end up destroying their consumers. all the battles have already won came back full force. I have lost almost all the friends i made within these period. I sat all day morning my loss. i know that God will help me. I can't believe i used my own money to purchase my destruction. please stay away from all these quack psychiatric hospitals. time will fail me to tell all i have been through but please my people when you have cases like depression and other emotional problem seek spiritual solution or you can use good health supplements. they work better and will not affect you later in life. though they are costly but they are best when your illness have not turned chronic. I must tell you i hate anything chemical drug ever since experience.


Friday 18th of December 2020

Really nice story, I really been dealing with these demons for years, listening to this story, gives me hope, thanks for sharing


Monday 10th of February 2020

I’ve watched family and friends go down hill from using such drugs and isolated my self and kids and husband from them all but IM almost sure one of my sons do it....I fear all the time over it but then I started wandering myself should I c what it’s like why he and others do it and could it really help me but I’m almost 100 percent sure I wouldn’t do that but your story saves me and scares the living crap out of me even thinking I would think about doing so...THANKS!!!!!

Lori Franco

Monday 10th of June 2019

Your story inspires me. My story is a lot like yours. I battle with the spirit world everday, all day. Hearing your story motivates me to continue pushing forward. I've held on this long, because God won't let go of me. He's done the unimaginable in my life. Not to many people understand what I'm going through. They look at me like I'm crazy. What Satan used to break me, God used to save me. Thank you for sharing.


Sunday 6th of January 2019

That was powerful. I have a friend who is just going through this now. Can you please pray for him te be set free from the demons and for him to come to Jesus and be healed? I have been praying for ages, but I refuse to lose hope because I know that God is in control.