Suicide Story – One Girl’s Life Saved

This is an extremely powerful story. This happened about 12 years ago. I had been witnessing to a girl about the Lord and trying to get her to completely surrender her life over to Him so that He could then begin to work full force in her life. She was already saved and born again, but she was not living her life God’s way, and she was constantly finding herself in one mess after another.

What was occurring was that God would make His move on her, she would then be fine for awhile after fully surrendering everything back to Him, but then she would pull away determined to do things her own way and every time she did, everything would fall apart again. This roller coaster ride that she had going with God had been going on for a good 20 years.

I will not release this girl’s name for obvious personal reasons. However, what I am about to tell you is extremely powerful, and the Word of Knowledge that God gave me on this story can be used by all of you should ever find yourself in the same predicament that I was in with this girl.

I had been working with this girl for about a year. She has an extremely brutal past and I mean that literally. If anyone had a valid reason in their own minds to commit suicide, this girl had it!

Again, I will not go into her past, as it is simply too personal and too gory. God had literally saved this women’s life on 3 different occasions – and I mean direct supernatural intervention by God to keep her from death. By the time I met her one year prior, it was literally a miracle that she was still alive and still in one piece!

1.  One day she called me up and asked if I would go to lunch with her. We met and I will never forget what happened next. She looked straight at me and told me that she had made up her mind that she was going to take her own life and that there was nothing I could do or say that was going to stop it!

She had a daughter that just started college. She was not married and only had the one daughter. She said she would wait until her daughter had completed college and then she would take her own life as her daughter should then be able to take proper care of herself. She thus had it set in her own mind that she would commit suicide in about 3 years!

She said that she had it with her life, that there was no more joy in her life, and that she felt she had nothing more to really live for! She did not care about the pain that she would cause her own daughter or her other family members. She did not care if God threw her into hell for doing this.

This girl was highly intelligent and she had been thinking about all of this for quite some time and had now decided to actually set a date for actually doing this. I gave her my “55” reasons as to why she should not do this, but nothing I said was getting through.

She had already thought through all of my arguments and reasons beforehand, and she really did not care about the consequences for herself and the rest of her family. I was literally up against a brick wall, and I could not even make one dent in that brick wall. She was that certain with this decision!

I then started tapping into the Holy Spirit as I was talking with her to see if He would give me anything that I could say to her to stop this and nothing was coming through. I was at my wit’s end.

2.  I then went home that night and started pressing into God that we could not allow this to happen and that He had to give me something to say to this girl to stop this. As soon as I started to press into God, He gave me an immediate vision and a knowing as to exactly what to say to her. He said if I would transmit this Word of Knowledge to her, that it would stop her right in her tracks and that she would not go through with the suicide attempt!

I then asked Him why He did not give me this Word of Knowledge on the spot earlier at the restaurant when I was actually talking to this girl. I then get an immediate picture in my mind’s eye of a football field and I see a locker room where all the players are in and it is halftime. The coach has the chalkboard out and he is drawing pictures on the chalkboard as to what the strategy is going to be for the second half.

I then get an immediate knowing from God that sometimes He will not give you what you need to say to that person right there on the spot. Sometimes you have to approach God after the meeting is over and then He will give you the Word of Knowledge to speak to that person.

The reason this may occur is that sometimes the Word of Knowledge may have a little bit of length to it and God needs some time with you to explain exactly what He is trying to tell you to transmit to that person. If God would have tried to release this Word of Knowledge to me on the spot, I may not have been able to pick up everything that He wanted me to say to her since my attention and focus was on talking directly with her.

The analogy He gave me was that football analogy. Sometimes a team is getting badly beat in the first half because they cannot figure out and solve what the opposing team is doing to them. They then go into the locker room at half time and many of the times the coach will be able to see what is going on and then transmit the knowledge to his players so they can then make the appropriate adjustments out on the playing field.

How many times have you seen this in football games where a team is getting badly beat in the first half, and then all of a sudden they come out in the second half and end up beating the other team due to a change of strategy that was talked about in the locker room at half time! Commentators are always able to pick this up when it does happen because it is such a dramatic turn of events.

Many Christians do not press hard enough into God when they are faced with this type of situation. They feel since God gave them nothing to say right there on the spot, they assume God has nothing to say and they then let the matter go. If they would have only pressed in and started asking God how to handle the situation after it was all over, they may have found that God’s Word would have come to them at that time rather than on the firing line itself.

So for what it is worth, do not ever give up with God on seeking His opinion or answer to a certain situation if you do not receive His answer the first time around. Remember, the Bible talks about seeking after God for answers, which implies that you do not always get the answer the first time you ask!

Here is the vision and Word of Knowledge the Lord gave me to give to this girl. Notice the “angle” that God is using to approach this girl with.

This girl had intelligently thought through all the normal reasons as to why she should not commit suicide. She was so despondent with her own life, she simply did not care about all of those normal reasons. What she didn’t know was the real “big picture reason” that she could not take her life. She was not fully aware of the eternal consequences of killing herself.

If any of you are ever led to someone contemplating suicide, you may want to strongly consider sharing this Word of Knowledge with them. You just may save this person’s physical life, not to mention possibly saving their soul from eternal damnation.

The Word of Knowledge

1. The Vision

God gives me a vision in my mind’s eye of a straight line running from left to right. At the beginning of this line to the left, I see this girl’s daughter standing on the line. I get a knowing that the line, as it proceeds straight to the right, is the amount of time her daughter still has left on this earth. I obviously cannot see the number of years, but it looks to be a long time.

As I look to the right, the line ends up stopping. At this point, I get a knowing that the end of the line is the end of her life. The line then drops off like you would see someone standing on the edge of a cliff. People will use the phrase that a person may be at the end of their line when it comes to the end of their life.

I then see her daughter standing at the end of the line knowing that this is the end of her life and that when she dies, she will go straight to heaven. I also pick up that when people are at the end of their line, they are either going straight to heaven or straight to hell. The Bible says nothing about any middle area that people could go to that would be between heaven and hell. I know Catholics believe in the possibility of a purgatory, but the Bible says nothing about this kind of an intermediate place.

2. The Message

Now here is the Word the Lord gave me to give to her:

“Tell her that if she decides to go through with the taking of her life, here are the eternal consequences that she will have to deal with for the rest of her eternal life.

  • The pain that she will cause her daughter and immediate family members will be severe and permanent! However, her daughter will hold on to the hope that God will have mercy on her mother and that God will not condemn her to hell for eternity.
  • Her daughter will then go on with the rest of her life hoping that she will once more see and be reunited with her mother once she dies and crosses over into heaven.
  • And here is where the extreme eternal consequence of committing suicide comes in. Murder in any form, including to oneself, is prohibited under God’s laws. It is a stone commandment – thou shall not murder! And that includes killing yourself!
  • When her daughter eventually dies and crosses over into heaven, the first thing she will do is ask God if her mother made it into heaven. If God has to tell her that she did not make it and will have to spend the rest of her eternal life in a place called hell, her daughter will then be forced to carry an eternal pain, an eternal hole in her soul that will never go away – ever! She only has one earthly mother and the thought of never seeing her again will be the one pain that God will have a problem with in trying to soften – even in heaven!

I feel like God may have told me that the only real pain people may have in heaven is that some of our loved ones may not make it. We will thus have to deal with the pain of eternal separation with a loved one. The closer that loved one is to you, the worse the pain.

I believe that is why God really tries to get all of your loved ones saved before they die so that you do not have to deal with this kind of pain once you enter into heaven. However, each person has free will and freedom of choice as to how they want to live their lives. God cannot force Himself or His will on anyone. It goes against His very nature.

It thus stands to reason that not everyone is going to make it into heaven and some of us will have to deal with that sad reality once we do enter into heaven! But I believe God will do everything that He possibly can to get as many as your loved ones saved and into heaven with you so you are not forced to have to deal with this kind of pain once you cross over!

And here was the final part to the Word:

Tell her that if she doesn’t care anything about her own life, not to commit this act due to the eternal consequences involving her own daughter.

Do you want to spend the rest of your eternal life in hell and have to deal with all the pain that is in hell in addition to knowing the pain that your daughter will have while she is in heaven – the pain of being eternally separated from you forever?

Do you want to roll the dice and take your chances that this will not happen – knowing full well that one of the 10 commandments is “thou shall not murder” – including yourself?

This girl’s weak link in her story was the love that she has for her daughter. These two have an extremely strong mother-daughter bond and I knew if I gave her the above scenario, that she would have no other alternative but to choose not to take her own life!

I feel like God gave me strong insight into people who are on the verge of suicide. That insight is that some of them no longer care anything about themselves and they really do not care if they end up in hell should God so decree it. However, the angle you have to go in on is not on them direct as they no longer care about themselves, but you have to target their loved ones – the people who will have to deal with the pain of their suicide after it is committed.

In this case however, God had to go one extra step further. This girl knew she would cause her daughter and immediate family members a lot of pain if she did this, but what she did not take into consideration was the eternal pain that everyone will have to deal with after they die – the eternal consequences of the act once the dust settles and everyone is either in heaven or hell!

The Bible says that the sword of the Holy Spirit is the Word of God. If you will notice that when I gave my “55” reasons as to why she should not kill herself, it had no impact on her because these were my words, not God’s words.

When I delivered the above message to her from the Lord, it immediately cut right into her like a knife and she had immediate illumination that she could not go through with this as she simply could not bear the thought of putting her daughter into that kind of eternal pain for the rest of her eternal life.

When the message was delivered, she started to cry, but what really came out was anger! Once this knowledge was given to her, she knew she had no other choice but to not go through with it. She actually got mad at me because she had not considered that angle of the act if she would have gone through with it.

She was so set and so determined that she was going to go through with it and that she had covered all of her bases and arguments on the consequences of doing this, that she was not prepared for this blindside hit that came to her by way of a direct Word from the Lord as to what would happen on the other side if she went all the way through with it.

The Word of Knowledge is one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. This story is a perfect example of that gift coming into operation to save a person’s life. My words and my thoughts had no effect on this girl.

Natural logic and reason was not getting the job done. This is when I needed a Word of Knowledge direct from the Lord to be able to deal effectively with this crisis! And God came through loud and clear when I pressed in and starting asking His opinion on the matter.

God will do the same for each of you if you are ever faced with a similar situation. God is always looking for people who will ask His opinion on how to solve a problem or handle a crisis. He is only too eager and too anxious to express His opinion if people will only ask and seek after His advice.

In this case, it may have well been the difference between life and death for this girl, not to mention the pain and heartache that her daughter and family members may have been forced to endure, not only in this life, but possibly in the next life as well!

Happy Ending

I am happy to report that this story has a very happy ending. She continued on her roller coaster ride with God for another 4 years. But about 8 years ago, God made an extremely strong move on her and finally got her pulled in.

She is now in a full surrender with God the Father. She is now totally meshed with God and what He wants to do with her life. God has pruned out all the bad things in her life and she is now making very fast and powerful progress in her walk with the Lord!

I believe God will probably use her testimony of her past life as a witnessing tool in order to be able to reach others who are really down in the pits and who feel they may have nothing or no one to live for. God is in the life saving business and I have been blessed to watch and see this woman’s progress in God totally transform and change this woman’s outlook on life. She is truly becoming what the Bible calls a new creation in Christ.

I have truly seen the power of God come into a crisis situation and completely turn it around from death to life!

For me, there is no greater thrill than to watch God “work” a situation from death to life.

Our God is simply too awesome for any human words to describe. He is truly a God of love, and when you watch Him come into a situation to save the day for someone bent on possible eternal destruction, it is truly an experience that words cannot describe – especially when He completes the task at hand to start the sanctification process to make that person the person He really wants them to become in Him. He is truly a God of miracles – even in this crazy day and age!

I will end this story with one last thought for each of you. Do not be afraid to press into God to get Him to move into a situation that may seem completely hopeless. If there is one thing I have learned about God, is that He does have a flair for the dramatic, and that there is no situation that is too hopeless for Him to be able to resolve!

Seekers will pull down miracles from God! Don’t be afraid to try your hand with God if you are ever dealt with what appears to be a hopeless situation. You just never know when God may move in to save the day for someone!!


I know there are some who may question the above Word of Knowledge. The Bible says that there will be no pain, sorrow or sadness once we all cross over into heaven to be with God and Jesus for all eternity. Some believe God will thus have to erase parts of our memories in order for this to actually happen.

How can you be happy up in heaven if you know that one of your closed loved ones did not make it in – like a son, daughter, brother, sister or a spouse. So does God wipe out parts of our memories on the people we had known who did not make it in?

I personally do not think He will do so. I believe that this life will serve as a major history lesson for all of us once we enter into heaven. We will be shown the eternal consequences of going against God and refusing to accept all of His ways for us. If God would erase parts of our memories of the people we had known down here on earth who will not make it in, then we will never learn the history lessons of the eternal consequences of rebelling and going against God.

I believe that God will keep all of our memories fully intact once we cross over to be with Him so we can all learn from our past and make sure we never, ever consider going against Him like Satan and one third of the angels managed to do – all while actually living up in heaven with God and Jesus!

However, what I believe God will do for those who will lose some loved ones is to fully explain to you why that loved one did not make it in. I also believe that God will give you the grace and the ability to be able to handle this sad fact so it does not affect your personal relationship with Him. It would be very easy to start holding a grudge against God if you find out that your son or daughter did not make it in.

However, once God fully explains to you why your loved one did not make it in, then I believe this truth will help set you free and you will thus be able to handle this kind of bad news as best as you can.

Remember, God is our Father and He too will be losing a certain percentage of His own people due to their refusal to accept Him and His Son. Just as God and Jesus will have to deal with the pain of being eternally separated from some of Their own, some of us may have to face that same scenario.

There is simply no getting around the fact that God has given each man and each woman a free will – and each person is totally responsible in this earthly life to choose whether or not they will accept God and Jesus and Their ways, or choose to follow their own ways or other gods.

The Bible tells us that God desires all men to become saved through the Blood of His Son – but God cannot and will not force Himself or His Son on anyone who does not want to accept Them and Their message of eternal salvation.

This is why I felt the above Word of Knowledge worked so strongly and so quickly on the above girl. Once you sit down and really project into the future – especially the eternal future we will have up in heaven – no one will ever want to take a chance and roll the dice thinking that their suicide will not have any extreme eternal consequences to it – especially to some of their close loved ones who will be making it into heaven.

You have to think about the real big picture – which includes what happens after you die – not just what happens with what time you still have left down here on earth.

Some people who are contemplating suicide are not thinking rationally, intelligently or thinking all the way through what the eternal consequences of their death may unleash – either with themselves and where they may end up or all of their closed loved ones, who may then be forced to deal with the pain of being eternally separated from them forever and ever!

Should God ever lead any of you to witness, counsel, or save someone from wanting to take their own life – try sitting down with them and attempt to reason with them on the above arguments. Pray to God that He give you His wisdom, power and anointing to effectively deal with this kind of extreme crisis. You have no idea how many lives you may be able to save and touch if you will allow God to use you in this manner.

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  1. Debbie - February 26, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    People who are saved are no longer under the Law. A “stone commandment” is no different than any of God’s commandments. They are all right and true. Whoever told you to say that to the woman was NOT God! There will not be eternal pain in heaven for any saint. I have no doubt you mean well and want to serve the Lord but you need to make sure you are telling people the truth. What I just read is not the truth. In God’s Love, Debbie

  2. Nolan - November 3, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    This is a powerful story And even though I was having bad thoughts of suicide and now I feel that God truly does love me and wants me to live for a reason.

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