Special Prayer to the Lord for our Nation

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This article and special prayer is being typed up on 8/8/11. As you have all heard by now, Standard and Poors has now downgraded the credit rating of our country from a AAA rating to a AA+ rating. This is the first time this has ever happened in our nation’s history, and President Obama will now go down as the first president where this has occurred on his watch.

The men who we have elected to run this great country of ours are now driving us further down into major debt. We are not billions of dollars in debt, we are now trillions dollars in debt.

Standard and Poors felt they simply had to do this with the way our elected officials are handling all of the money they have flowing through them. Our national debt to GDP is now too far off kilter. If nothing else, this credit downgrade should be a wake up call to not only every single politician, but to every single American as well.

We all need to see how these politicians are running things in our country, and this major credit downgrade is showing how badly they are handling not only our debt, but many other things as well.

Consider the following:

1. We are still mired down into a real recession, if not an actual depression with the unemployment rate still being stuck at 9.1% and with the real unemployment rate being closer to 18%.

2. With the business stats as we have them now, there is still no light at the end of this tunnel. No one knows how much longer this recession will last and no one seems to have a good plan on how to get us out of it. As a result, the stock market keeps trending sideways and now has broken down into a nasty correction because it cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel either.

3. Since our elected officials are broken down into 2 separate camps of being Republicans and Democrats, they can’t agree on anything and they are always stuck in constant gridlock with nothing ever getting done. You all saw what had occurred on the great debt debate right before Standard and Poors issued this credit downgrade. It was simply a three ring circus with nothing getting done down to the actual last minute. And what got done was still not good enough to stop this major credit downgrade from Standard and Poors.

4. We still have liberal politicians and liberal judges still keeping the crime and sin of abortion as the law of the land. Over 50 million babies have been murdered in cold blood right in the middle of their mother’s womb since Roe vs. Wade – and we still have Christian men and women who are voting for this heinous crime and sin to be an actual law of the land just so they can appease their political base and get a few more votes to continue to remain in office.

How any Christian man or woman can call themselves a Christian and at the same time authorize and legalize the cold-blooded murder of unborn children still in their mother’s womb is simply beyond me. They are selling their souls to the devil for a few more votes and a few more years in office. But sooner or later they will all have to face God Almighty Himself for the decisions they have made just on this one issue alone.

To authorize and legalize mass genocide like this when they had the position and the power to vote the other way is going to get them in big trouble on their day of judgment with the Lord. The crime and sin of abortion is simply murder in the first degree in the eyes of the Lord – and the Bible has already told us, woe to those who call evil good. And that is exactly what these liberal politicians are doing when they keep this crime as an actual law of the land.

5. With so many people now either unemployed or underemployed, many of them have now lost their houses and life’s savings. Many have either become homeless or they are now being forced to live with either friends or family.

6. Half of all marriages are still ending up in divorce, so the family unit is still in big trouble.

7. The homosexual movement keeps getting stronger and stronger, where they are now being able to teach their alternative type of lifestyle in our actual schools so our children can be taught they now have a “choice” as to which side of the fence they sexually want to be on, along with trying to get every state in the country to legalize same sex marriages.

8. The atheistic, secular forces in our country are also getting stronger and more vocal, as they keep trying to take our God out of every possible public area of our lives. We now have many schools and institutions which have now banned any kind of prayer or Bible reading.

I could go on and on with all of this, but I think you can get the big picture. We are simply cracking at the seams as a nation and if we do not get our house in order, we are going to end up crashing and burning. We are now a train wreck in motion, and if we do not make things right with the Lord with how we are running this country, it won’t be long before we end up as a second rate nation, if not worse.

With this snowball now rolling so far and so fast down the hill, and with so many of our politicians no longer able to see the truth on anything and how to handle all of these current problems, there is simply only one other solution to all of this. And that one other solution is God Almighty Himself.

We have kept God out of our public lives for too long now. We now have to ask Him to come back in and take full control of everything so He can begin to at least repair some of the major damage that has been done. Too many of our politicians are simply clueless on how to solve some of these major problems, and now, more than ever, we need God’s knowledge and wisdom to help solve these kinds of problems.

We simply now have to get on our knees and go before the Lord and ask Him to come and help us out. As bad as some of these problems are right now, and with so many atheistic, godless, secular forces now rising to the forefront, there is only one answer to tackle all of this negative and evil headwind, and that one answer is that we need REVIVAL – MAJOR REVIVAL.

We now need God to pour out His Holy Spirit and touch every single state, city, and town in America. And major revivals like this always starts out with people getting on their knees and praying to the Lord for this to happen.

Satan and his demons have done a good job at blinding so many people as to what the real spiritual truths are in this life, and now God is going to have to go in there and bust these walls down if we are going to see any kind of improvement in some of the above areas.

Too many of our politicians are either being led by their flesh, the world, or the devil. To those who are Christians, they are not being led by the Holy Spirit as we are told to do by the Lord in His Word to us. They are being led by their own self-interests and the political base to which they are a party of. They need to learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit so God’s knowledge and wisdom can get right in the middle of all of this and solve some of these problems.

Every single politician who is a Christian has the Holy Spirit residing on the inside of them and He is only too anxious to help guide them if they will simply pull out of their own tunnel visions and seek the truth from the one Person who has it – God Almighty Himself.

The Bible tells us that the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. And these politicians have been relying on the wisdom of this world for much too long now rather than relying on the knowledge and wisdom of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

But now is the time to change course. Now is the time to bring God back into our lives and let Him run the show. Now is the time to let God back in so He can help set the right kinds of policies so we can get our people back to work and off the streets.

Again, too many of our Christian politicians are relying on their own imperfect wisdom and political base instead of relying on the knowledge and wisdom of our Lord and Savior. And now we have seen what a real mess they have made of things with our nation now being given its first major credit down grade ever!

So far what it is worth, we are going to release our own special prayer to the Lord, asking Him to come back into our lives, into our houses, and into our political system so our politicians can see what the real truths are and from there, make the necessary changes so we can correct some of the above problems.

If you feel like we do, then we would ask every single Christian man and woman out there to also pray to the Lord, asking Him to send major revival across this land so we can get our house back in order again. Things have now gone too far and we need to petition God right now for a major revival before things get any worse.

Here is our special prayer to the Lord. We will also be asking God to help many of the other countries across the world as well, as many of them are even worse off than we are right now.

Special Prayer to the Lord for our Nation


In the name of Jesus Christ, we now approach your Throne of Grace as a Christian nation and as a Christian people.

Father, things with our nation have now gone too far. With the credit downgrade given our country by Standard and Poors, things are now at a real tipping point. Our politicians are not being good stewards with the money and material wealth You have given them over the years and they are now spending us further down into major debt.

Father, You have told us in Your Word that the love of all money is the root of all kinds of evil, and I am afraid that many of our politicians are letting their love and lust of money guide their decisions and these decisions are not in the best interests of our country. Many of them are being bought out on the back end by special interests groups, and they are trying to appease these special interest groups so they can continue to line their own back pockets with their kickbacks instead of doing what is best for our country.

Money, greed, and power are now ruining many of our politicians and now more than ever we need a change with how things are being run in Washington. And that change can only come through You. You are the only One who has the supernatural power to either change these people for the better or take them completely out of office, as Your Word tells us that you can get involved in raising up kings and removing kings.

Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, we now ask that You please hear our prayers and our cries on this matter. Too many of our people are being seriously hurt right now with how our politicians are running this country, and things will only get much worse if something is not done to stop all of this.

1. Father, in the name of Jesus, there is only one thing that is going to change any of these people for the better – and that one thing is major revival. Father, we ask that You please send major revival across this country so every misguided politician can meet You head on and see what the real truths are in this life.

Many of these politicians are Christian men and women, but they are not being led by Your Holy Spirit like You tell us to do in Your Word. They are being led by their own flesh, their own self-interests, and their own political base. Many of them are not coming direct to You on how to solve some of the major problems our country is now facing. Now, more than ever, we need Your knowledge and Your wisdom on how to solve some of these heavier problems.

Father, we ask that You please make a strong and mighty move on every single politician in this country so they can meet You head on and from there, learn how to be guided by Your Holy Spirit so they will start to see how to solve some of these tougher problems.

Show them that Your Word is the absolute truth on all matters, and that only Your Word and Your Spirit can safely guide them in this life through all of the different land mines that are out there.

2. Father, we also ask that You show every single liberal politician and liberal judge what Your real opinion is on the issue of abortion. We know that Your opinion on this issue is that life begins at the moment of conception, not when the baby is born through the mother’s womb.

Again, Satan and his demons are playing these people like fiddles on this issue. They are completely blinding them as to what the real truth is on this matter. We know that abortion is first degree murder in Your eyes and that it is a crime and sin of the highest order.

Father, please show them the errors of their thinking on this very important issue. These liberal politicians and judges are legalizing mass genocide on a scale we have never seen before. Over 40,000 million babies have now been murdered in pure cold blood right in the middle of their own mother’s wombs.

Father, please hear the cries of all of the unborn children who are never getting a chance to come into our world. Please hear the cries of all of the people who are fighting for the rights of all of these unborn children. This crime and this sin has now gone too far for too long. Father, only You have the power to be able to fully stop this mass genocide.

Father, in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, stop this horrible abomination from continuing any further. Hit every single one of these liberal politicians and judges with major conviction from Your Holy Spirit so they will see very clearly what Your opinion really is on this matter.

3. Father, half of all marriages in our country are still ending up in divorce, and that also includes Christian marriages. You have told us in Your Word that at the end of times, the love of many will grow cold and people would become very self-centered.

Father, we ask that You also make a major supernatural move on the institution of marriage. Show all marriage couples the real value of marriage, that this is something that has come direct from You, and that it is the second greatest blessing that we can receive from You next to Yourself, Your Son Jesus Christ, and Your Holy Spirit.

The family unit is the absolute, bottom-line, basic bedrock that a nation has to be built on next to Yourself – and with half of our marriages not making it to the finish line, this erosion of the family unit is also tearing down the moral fabric of our society and causing many of our children to go terribly astray. Many of our children are not finding You in this life because they had no good Christian parents to lead them to You.

4. Father, as You already know, the homosexual community is getting stronger and much more vocal with their beliefs, and they are now trying to integrate their beliefs and lifestyle into many of the main areas of our society.

Father, we already know what Your Word has to say on this particular sin. Father, many of these people are being played by Satan and his demons, and they are totally blinded as to what the real truth is on this matter.

Father, please make a mighty and strong move on each of these people. Please show them Your truth on this matter. Show them that homosexuality is a sin in Your eyes, but that You also love them very much and that they can be fully forgiven for this sin if they will just come to You through the shed blood of Your Son Jesus Christ.

Father, do not let Satan and his demons play these people any further down than what they have already done. Show them Your love, Your mercy, and Your grace so they can be saved and cleaned up by the power of Your Holy Spirit. You saved and cleaned up homosexuals back in Paul’s day, and I know You can still do it today since Your Word tells us that You do not change.

Father, these people need You now more than ever – and only You and Your Holy Spirit can show them what the real truth is and change them from the inside out so they can pull out of this abominable lifestyle.

5. Father, we are also having a major problems with many of the atheistic secular forces in our country. As You already know, they are trying to take You and Your Holy Word out of every major area of our public life. These people have now simply gone too far. And again, many of these people are also being played and blinded by Satan and his demons.

Father, please have mercy on these people and also make a strong and mighty move on each one of them. Show them that You are real. Show them that they have been played and blinded by the devil. Show them who Your Son Jesus really is and that it is only through Your Son’s shed blood on the cross can they receive eternal salvation from You. Show all of them before it is too late for them. They only have one short window in this short lifetime to find You and accept You.

6. Father, last but not least, we also ask that You help out all of the other countries across the world as well. Many of them are far worse off than we are. Many of them are battling severe recessions, severe poverty, and severe oppressions from the different evil regimes that are ruling their countries.

Many of these people have also been born into false religions, so they are dealing with major demonic strongholds that are keeping them bound up and preventing them from seeing who the real Lord and Savior is.

Father, Your Word tells us that the end will not come until Your gospel has been preached out to all of the world. Father, we ask that you break down these additional walls of resistance. Break these walls of oppression and slavery completely down so Your laborers can get in there to preach Your one and only true Gospel. Give these people a chance to find You and accept You and Your one and only Son Jesus Christ before it becomes too late for them.

Father, let major revival through Your Holy Spirit sweep through every single country that is in this world so they can all have an equal chance to accept your free gift of eternal salvation through Your Son Jesus Christ. Not by our might or by our power, but only by the power of Your Holy Spirit can all of this ever be accomplished.

7. Father, once again, we ask that you take up all of the above causes for us. As Christians, we know that only You have the power and the ability to change things for the better.

Too many of our people over the years have been trying to build up this great nation of ours through their own limited strength and wisdom. But now their efforts are falling way short of getting the job done. They are failing miserably at every corner, and this is all because they are no longer relying on You, Your Holy Spirit, and Your Holy Word.

They have forsaken You for the gods and idols of this world, and we are now paying a very severe price as a result of their transgressions and misguided thinking on how things should be set up and run.

Father, once again, we beg You and beseech You, in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, that You send major revival across this country through Your Holy Spirit. Let Your Holy Spirit sweep through every state, every city, and every town in our country so people will know, without any shadow of a doubt, that You are real and that things will only turn around if You are back in charge of everything.

Father, America needs to turn back to You right now before things get any worse, but so many of our leaders are still too bound up in their own egos and their own party affiliations. As a result, they can no longer see the truth or find their way back to You.

Father, it is going to take a major offensive move from You to break down the walls that are blinding all of our leaders. They do not know it or realize it, but they are being held captive by the devil, the world, and their own flesh. Many of these men are no longer walking in Your Holy Spirit. They are walking in their own flesh, with demons playing them on the back end getting them to do their evil bidding.

Father, let all of this stop right now so we can get our house back in order. Put all of our unemployed people back to work so they can have enough money to feed their families and raise up their children.

Father, put an end to the evil crime of abortion so many more children can be born into our world to help us out with what little time we may have left.

Father, put our house back in order so we can let the rest of Your missionaries and laborers complete the task of preaching out Your Gospel to the rest of the world so everyone will have an equal chance to accept your gift of eternal salvation through Your Son Jesus Christ.

Father, we ask all of this in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.


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  1. Amen & Amen, Father God in Jesus name, I agree!

  2. Hi,
    I am looking for some help to solve a few court cases (related to divorce) going on.I have only my mom with me. I lost my dad 2 years back. I don’t have any siblings also. So currently I am in a situation like I have got left alone in this world.

    I got married in 2010. So many fights related to dowry and other stuffs were going on from the next day of my marriage. He has taken my whole gold and told that he doesn’t want me. Because of his torture I got aborted also. After that by hearing all these stories my dad got a heart attack and he passed away. Cases are going on in the court for last 1.5 years. But nothing is coming to an end. A reunion will not work out as he was not at all interested from the beginning. He was interested only in money. So we are trying to get back whatever gold and money we have given to them. There were no progress ro the court cases till this month, some progress is there now, but the final judgment is in next month. Please pray for me to come out of all these problems and lead a peaceful life.

    Warm Regards
    Saumya S

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