What Are Your Rights and Duties Of Being A Christian

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One of the things I learned early in my Christian life is the truth that being a Christian is about more than just going to Church on Sundays. It’s more than just about being busy with taking part in Church events and activities, more than just being about reading the Bible everyday.

Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with all of these, and they’re all good, important and relevant ways to express our Christianity. Studying God’s Word is an important part of living a Christian life, and there’s nothing wrong at all about a Church being busy spreading the Word of God. Bringing Christ’s love to the people who most need it is part of the Great Commission, after all.

In fact, I love seeing a busy Church. I enjoy seeing empowered Christians at work. I enjoy seeing Christians taking the gifts that God has given them, using the creativity and ingenuity that they have been blessed with, and making the most use of it in service to His name.

It is a blessing to see or hear about how God works through his people, and through His Church.

But I also know that even Christians who do God’s work can get tired too. I know that sometimes we can get so busy doing the work that we lose track of why we’re doing it.

I know that sometimes the work becomes the focus, instead of the message that we’re supposed to be spreading. I know it, because I have experienced it myself, that I can sometimes get so busy that I forget that we have a powerful God that loves us, and that the work we’re doing is meant to spread that love.

I’ve found that the best thing to do when I get lost in that way is to find myself in God again. Instead of being lost in exhaustion and frustration, instead of burying myself in even more work, I make an active choice to find myself in His arms, and lose myself in His love. He promised to be there for us, He promised He would be our strength.

And I’ve found that when I’ve been leaning on my own strength, the best thing to do is to just let Him take over.

One of my favorite verses to help me with this is Psalm 46:10. Be still and know that I am God. Here God tells us – commands us! – that we should let go, be still, be weak, submit ourselves, and remember exactly who and what our God is. He is powerful, and He is loving, He is patient and kind.

And He is ready to pick us up and be our strength, He is there to love for us, to believe for us, to have faith for us. He is God, and he is infinite. He is God and He loves us.


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