Pulling On A Band-aid

One of the memories I have from my childhood, one of the scenes I remember was often repeated, is of getting all manners of minor scrapes and scratches. Like any active child, I would get them from playing, or exploring, or a host of other different adventures I had.

And the one who would have to patch me up, would invariably be my mother. A little antiseptic, maybe a quick wash with soap and water, and, often, a band-aid, and everything was better. All patched up for the next adventure.

And while this is starting to sound like an advert, let me assure you that I do have a point for my little walk down memory lane.

Anyway, the band-aid would stay on as long as it needed to. Scrapes and scratches would scab over, fresh band-aids would be applied; it seemed my mother knew just when it needed to be replaced, what medicines would make it all better.

But, I guess like any child, looking at that band-aid sometimes got the better of me, and I would pull it off. Even if my mother would remind me not to, sometimes I would do it anyway. Not because I was a rebellious child – though I guess sometimes I was. It was more out of curiosity, sometimes out of wondering how it was healing. Other times I wanted to scratch the scab, and soothe the itch.

Each time, my mother would admonish me, and, taking a look at the injury, would decide on the next step of action. More medicine? Cream? Another band-aid? Washing. She knew what to do, even if I had different ideas of what I wanted to do.

It reminds me of how we are sometimes in our relationship with our Lord. We’re like little children, getting our scrapes and bruises. And He knows what we should do so that those little scrapes and bruises can heal properly. But like little children, we have ideas of our own, and we decide to do something else.

And it’s not just about the scrapes and bruises in life either. God has given us a great resource in order to live our lives – the Bible. While it won’t tell us the precise steps to take in case of a fire in a building, it does give us how we should conduct ourselves in those times. It tells us how God would want us to behave, and also promises us that if we follow His commandments, we will be blessed.

We’re often a stubborn people though, yes, even Christians. God has already told us how we should live, but we sometimes get ideas of our own. And we follow our ideas, not His Word, not his commandments, and then we wonder why God has forsaken us, why we fell on the road.

Thankfully, God is patient with us, and we can come back to Him. And we wonder why we ever thought we could be wiser than God… and sometimes we do it all over again anyway. Oh, how much we could spare ourselves if we listened to God’s voice!

Life can be hard, that’s really just how the world is. But the more we listen to God, the more we meditate on His commandments, the more we study His Word, and spend time with Him, and follow Him, the easier life can be, the better we can live our lives.

You can trust God. He wrote the rulebook to life, after all. So if He says don’t pull on that band-aid, leave that little plastic strip right there.

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  1. Nomsa Mkhonza - September 3, 2015 at 6:39 am

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Thank you for the above topic it has inspired me, but you did not mention in which scripture in the bible I can read. I’ll appreciate if you can send it.


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