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My brother Chris just faxed me over two prophecies that he has just received from his friend Andrea. Andrea is another godly, Spirit-filled, Christian woman who really knows the Word and is very close to the Lord in her own personal walk with Him. You will each have to use your own discernment on both of these prophecies as to whether or not you believe they are really coming from the Lord.

Remember – the gift of prophecy is one of the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit. The apostle Paul says it is the greatest of the 9 gifts of the Spirit. A prophecy is when you receive a direct word and message from either God or Jesus. The Bible says that all prophecies have to be judged and properly discerned as to whether or not the message is really coming from the Lord or not.

In my opinion, after studying the words of both of these prophecies, I believe they are both coming from the Lord. You will each have to judge and discern for yourself as to whether or not you feel these two prophecies are the real thing.

The Prophecy

Here is the first one. The message appears to be coming direct from Jesus.

“You’ve found Me in the secret place. The Body of Christ knows not of this secret place. My Body is conformed to and in love with this world. I am a jealous God. I will not share My glory with another. Even as in My day they turned My Father’s house into a den of thieves, I will not have My secret place defiled by other gods. This secret place is reserved for My remnant – a people who will serve Me wholeheartedly, unselfishly, devotedly and passionately.

It is a lonely place for Me. Very few visit Me here. Very few want Me, just My blessings and a life of ease. So few are willing to lose their lives to find them; to find Me – in this secret place. These tears that you are now shedding are “liquid love” to Me. They are precious to Me.

These are the tears that I gather and store; not the tears of hardship and trials. Many suffer trials – even unbelievers shed tears. There are many that suffer and there are many types of tears. Some suffer because of selfishness and the tears they shed are tears of selfishness and rebellion at not having gotten their own way.

The tears that I treasure and store and hold close to My heart are those that are shed from a broken and contrite hearts that have died to themselves, to the love for this world and the things of this world and cannot – will not – live without Me.

These tears are few. My jars are empty. Thank you.”

I then had a vision in my spirit of Him in our secret place, sitting, surrounded by empty jars. They were all around Him. He was shedding tears, the sand on the beach was wet as wet as if it had rained. Indeed, His tears had fallen like rain. The jars were all empty.

He said, “These are jars of others that have not yet shed these tears. Most never will. It is these tears that I will use to rain on the earth in this last day. Not until these jars are full can I make it rain and pour out My glory on the earth. I will have a people unspotted by the world, separated unto Me.

Come often. These tears gladden My heart. I have suffered long enough through thousands of stubborn, rebellious generations. I have given all, yet I receive so little.

Ask what you will and you will be given it; for truly now you abide in Me and I in you.”


1.  The “secret place” Jesus is referring to is what I call the “inside connection.” The Bible says that the kingdom of heaven is found on the inside of you. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit lives and dwells on the inside of us and that it is through the Holy Spirit that we have a direct link, a direct connection to both God and Jesus who dwell in heaven.

Put all of the above together and the message is that direct contact with God and Jesus is made on the inside of your being through the Holy Spirit – not the outside. This is why you will see me using the words “tapping in” in many of my articles. If you want to make direct contact with God – you have to tap “in” through the Holy Spirit on the inside of you to really make this direct connection to Him.

2.  The second message that comes through loud and clear is that Jesus is wanting each and everyone of us to commit to making a full surrender of our entire lives over to Him for His direction and handling. Jesus wants to become the Lord over our lives in addition to being our personal Savior.

In the Bible Basics section of our site, we already have an article titled “The Full Surrender.” In this article, I give you all of the main verses from the Bible showing that this full surrender is what God is really wanting from each one of us.

What Jesus is trying to tell us in this prophecy in reference to the tears that are coming from broken and contrite hearts is this:

When you fully surrender every aspect of your life over to God the Father – there will be many things that you may either lose or have to give up. As a result of losing some of these things, you will end up shedding some of these personal tears because of the sacrifices you will be making by going with God’s call and plan for your life rather than your own.

Some may lose a chance to ever marry. Some may have actually lost their marriages through death or divorce. Some may lose the chance to become wealthy because God may call them to do something that may not pay much money in this life. There are many different things you may lose or have to give up because you have now sold your life out to God, and you are now going with His divine plan for your life rather than your own.

When Jesus uses the words in the above prophecy: “The tears that I treasure and store and hold close to My heart are those from broken and contrite hearts that have died to themselves, to the love for this world and the things of this world” – He is referring to the full surrender of our entire lives over to Him.

When we fully surrender our entire lives over to the Lord, we will then die to ourselves and to the world in general because we will no longer be in control of our lives. We will now be living for God and with what He will want to do with our life. We will no longer be living for ourselves, for the other people in our life, or for the world in general.

This is what is meant by “dying to oneself” – going with God’s call and plan for your life, not with your own call and plan for your life.

This full surrender is the number one thing that God is looking for from each one of us. It is only when we fully surrender everything over to God the Father that He can really start to move into our lives to make us into a better and more holy people and to guide our steps into the divine destiny that He has already set up for each one of our lives.

3.  You will notice that Jesus then says that these types of tears “are few” – meaning that very few of His people are fully surrendering their entire lives over to Him for His full control and direction. One of the things I have felt that the Holy Spirit has conveyed to me is that making this full surrender of our entire lives over to God the Father is one of the hardest things for many Christians to do.

We would rather control our own destinies and call all of our own shots rather than letting God do this for us. We would rather make our own choices, for better or worse. We do not want to listen to anyone else, including God Himself on how we should be running our lives. There seems to be something inside most of us that really resists letting anyone else have total control of our lives, including God Himself

This natural resistance is partly good, because it can help keep us from falling into any kind of heavy demonic or human slavery. However, this same natural resistance can also keep us from being able to make that full surrender with God the Father. Since God is perfect and we are not – then it only stands to reason that only God Himself can maximize our lives with what little time we still have left down here.

4.  Another very interesting comment that Jesus makes is that very few of His people really visit with Him in this “secret place.” He says that very few of His people really want Him just for Himself – for who He really is. The implication is that too many of His people are only approaching Him for communication when they are wanting something specific from Him.

Again, as I have said numerous times in my other articles, the number one thing God wants from each one of us is a close, intimate, personal relationship. He wants you to talk and communicate with Him just like you would with your best friend.

5.  Near the end of the prophecy, Jesus makes a very sad, but powerful statement. He says, “I have given all, yet received so little.” He has literally given us His entire life with His sacrificial death on the cross, all in order to be able to get us back to Himself and His Father with what we all lost in the Garden of Eden with the story of Adam and Eve.

Jesus was willing to allow Himself to be butchered, crucified, and killed on a cross just so that we could all once more be reunited with Him and His Father. However, the implication seems to be in the above message, that very few of His people are truly surrendering their entire lives over to Him, and making any attempt to establish any kind of meaningful personal relationship with Him.

6.  He then ends the prophecy by saying: “Ask what you will and you will be given it; for truly now you abide in Me and I in you.”

Per the article we have in the Prayer Section titled “Prayer Secret #1 – Your Relationship with God,” the first requirement to being able to get more of your personal prayers answered with God the Father is to establish a good, intimate, personal relationship with Him.

This personal relationship that you establish with the Lord has to be based on just wanting God for Himself and for who He really is – not for what He can do for you or what He can bring your way. The Bible tells us to seek the face of God – not His hand.

Here is the verse:

“If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.” (John 15:7)

The word “abiding” means that you have established a true, loving, intimate, personal relationship with God. If this kind of good personal relationship is forged and established with God – then you can approach Him with your specific prayer requests and have a much better chance of getting more of your personal prayers answered with Him.

Again, as I have said numerous times in my other articles, I believe the greatest thing that any of us can obtain while we are still living down here on this earth is to establish a dynamic, free-flowing, intimate, personal, loving relationship with God the Father, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Everything else is as nothing compared to the real reality of that kind of personal relationship.

Many of you have already seen what can happen to your lives once you fully surrender and turn everything over to God the Father and then start seeking after Him, His Son Jesus, and His Holy Spirit. However, the sad implication in the above prophecy is that not enough of His people are seeking after Him just for Himself. If this really is true with many of His people today, then they really do not know what they are missing by holding out and not pressing into this secret place.

7.  The last message that seems to be implied in this prophecy is that you can only find and enter into this secret place only if you are willing to fully surrender your entire life over to God the Father. It’s “your all for His all.” You have to be willing to die to yourself and to the rest of the world in order to really be able to find Jesus on the inside of you through the Holy Spirit.

It’s maximum death for maximum life. Be willing to fully surrender every aspect of your life over to God the Father (maximum death) – and then you will find maximum life, which is the “inside connection” to God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit that is available to all born-again believers who are willing and ready to step into it.


As I said at the top of this article, you will each have to judge for yourself as to whether or not you feel the above prophecy is really coming from Jesus.

As for myself, I believe that Andrea really did receive a true Word from Jesus. This prophecy has given us what I feel is some very keen insight on the full surrender and personal relationship that God is really looking to establish with each one of us.

Just more proof on how much God really does love all of us.


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  1. Too much narcissism today and everyone wrapped into their phones and distractions…we love less and don’t ask the Lord for help..I agree with another post here..we need more love in the world and we need Jesus in our hearts and go to battle with Him…we are all victims to this. Just sit and watch sometime the parents so vested in their phones and not giving attention or love to their children..Im certain this is the way that Jesus feels and it breaks my heart for them all. We all must try harder to love and break the addictions that bind us from giving of this love. I pray the Lord watches over everyone of you and teaches you what to say and do..I would ask the same for myself..thank you and amen.

  2. Just like to add that getting truley tapped in, full surrender yes.. Putting love into real world practices as Jesus tells us time and again is a huge step to getting there..Love encompasses everything that God is..He taught me to continue in love, through an impossible situation, so many amazing things happened.. in the end it sorta circled back to me, through him, Love is the answer to EVERYTHING! It’s what’s holding things together, you tap in to Agape love..☝️ the greatest feeling ever. Which in turn , taught me to hate my sin..loved this..

  3. Thank you Lord for revealing this to me and using your wonderful obedient servants to bring this Word. I’ve been all over the internet looking for a how to enter into the secret place. I am really hungry and thirsty for the Lord and I’ve been recently going through some stuff and feeling all kinds of defeated. Not that I stayed there long because we are called to be powerful and not pitiful. However, this message really touched me and yes I am sad that Jesus is sad. He did say that narrow is the path and few will find it. I believe hes talking about the secret place. I am going to continue this read on “the full surrender” because that is the “how to” part of this equation that I am excited for. Thank you for obedience to the Lord in sharing this. This is life changing for me! God bless you and your entire family! #ontimeword

  4. I have been trying to seek Jesus in that secret place and this is one of the articles that I have read. It seems like a good prophecy. I long to be in that secret place and live in it. Jesus is giving me a hunger in my heart to seek him. There are so many distractions but I used to live in the secret place and it was the best life ever. Thank you for this article..

  5. I repent JESUS that I have
    Been complacent
    Lately help me LOVE you more each day
    And help me desire your will is my earnest prayer

  6. Wow, I am thanking the Lord for you and your site tonight. My Spirit says amen to all of it and I am regarding my finding this site tonight as a Divine appointment because I have been wanting more of the Lord and working on “dying daily” or at least just got to that place of desiring it for the Lord to be able to work in me so that I can then in return pour it back out into others around me. I too was SO moved by this and will pray that others will find it as well. Thank you, your brother Chris, and especially Andrea (and Jesus the more!) for this awesome prophecy! Jesus IS Lord!

  7. Its really sad that Jesus was not popular when He was on earth and not even in our day. The church is so caught up into this world system it’s really hard to separate many of us from unbelievers. I was compelled to leave a comment, I was touched and moved when the article touched on how lonely Jesus feels. I can only speak for myself but I have desired His presence more than ever before. I seek to live in that secret place with Him and not show up only when I need something from Him…Love you Jesus see you soon!!!

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