Testimony and Battle Prayer to Break a Generational Curse Line

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This 4-article series will serve as followup to the article I just did titled, “4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits” that is listed in the Spiritual Warfare section of our site.

If by chance you have come across this article before reading the article on what those 4 levels are all about – it would be my recommendation that you first read that article so that you can see how this particular level will fit into the big picture.

This article will be dealing with the 4th level mentioned in that article – and that is how to cast out demons who are attacking someone as a result of a generational curse line that has formed out between that person and one or both of his sinning parents.

The Bible tells us that the sins of the father can be “visited” down to 3 or 4 generations of future children.

Here is the verse that specifically tells us that this is a definite possibility if the sins of the father are considered to be extreme enough by God the Father:

“You shall not make for yourself any carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.” (Exodus 20:4-6)

What does God mean by the word “visiting” – visiting the sins of the father down on 3 or 4 generations of future children? The Bible tells us that the “wages” of sin will always be death. In other words, sin has consequences, and if the sins are on the heavier side, then the consequences could be extreme.

I believe that God the Father is giving all of us major revelation with this verse.

As a result of a sinning parent’s severe transgressions against the Lord – sometimes demons will be allowed to attach to the sinning parent.

Once the demons attach to the sinning parent, they will then attempt to try and jump and transfer down to some of the children in the family to form out a curse line.

If this curse line ends up getting formed out – then the demons will follow that child into his adult life and try to get them to commit the same types of sins their sinning parent had been committing.

This is why alcoholic fathers sometimes produce children that end up becoming alcoholics themselves – all as a result of a curse line that had been formed out between that child and his alcoholic father – with demons then feeding and operating on that curse line trying to influence the child to go in the same direction his sinning parent had been going in.

Here is a perfect example of how this principle will work in our natural realm.

I gave this as an example in my article on the 4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits – but I want to once more re-state this example and re-emphasize exactly what goes on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm that will give demons a legal right to start and try to attach themselves to some of the children of a sinning, dysfunctional parent or parents.

Say you have a father who is a severe alcoholic. He marries, has several children, but never breaks his addiction to the alcohol during his entire married life.

As a result of his addiction, all of his children will be forced to watch all of the negative things that will be going along with it.

Many alcoholic men end up abusing both their wives and their children – either verbally, physically, and/or sexually throughout much of their married life. As a result of this kind of severe transgression against the Lord, demons will be allowed to come in and attach themselves to the sinning alcoholic father.

The demons will have full legal right to be able to come directly after the father for crossing over into this kind of an extreme realm to begin with if God should so choose to allow this to happen.

Once the demons attach and settle in on the sinning, alcoholic father, they will then see which of the children they can try and target. What they will try and do is persuade and influence one or more of the children to become an alcoholic themselves – just like their father was.

As a result of this kind of direct demonic influence that will start early on in their lives, some of these children will then end up becoming alcoholics themselves once they are old enough to leave their home and move into their own marriages.

Some of these children then end up repeating some of the same dysfunctional behaviors as their sinning alcoholic father had done. They then have their own children, those children then see, watch, and experience their dysfunctional behavior – and then some of their children end up coming under direct, demonic influence as they did and they in turn then end up becoming alcoholics themselves.

And then the cycle keeps repeating itself as you keep going further down the bloodline of these families.

And all of this negative and demonic activity going down to at least 3 or 4 generations of future children all started as a result of the severe sins and transgressions of the one sinning father or mother.

This scenario perfectly lines up with what the above verse is trying to tell us with the sins of a father being able to travel down as far as 3 or 4 generations of future children – all because no one knew how to break the original curse line that had formed out between the first alcoholic father and some of his original children.

What initially goes on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm is that the demons, once they have attached and settled in on the first sinning father, will try and see which of the children will be easier pickings for them to try and influence to go in the same direction as they have been able to get their father to go in.

Some of the children will have stronger will power than some of the other ones will, and they will thus be able to more easily resist the temptations of the demons than some of the weaker ones will.

Once the demons have locked in on which children they think will be the more easier ones to work with – they will then try and plant their suggestions, thoughts, and promptings into that child to see if they can get him to move into the same behavior patterns as their father has been operating in.

If the child does not properly resist these demons over a certain period of time, then a curse line will start to form out between that child and his sinning alcoholic father.

And once that curse line has been formed out, then the demons can really move in to attach to the child – whether it be on the inside of that child or the outside.

And once this curse line has been formed out – then the demons will now have a full legal right to stay attached to that child until someone comes along and shows him how to properly break it in the name of Jesus Christ.

If this curse line is not properly broken before that child leaves the home, then the demons will stay attached to that child when he finally does leave the home and they will follow him into his own marriage – and then they will set up shop in the new home and try to repeat all of the above activity with his new family. And again – all of this demonic activity is being allowed to occur as a result of the original sin from the first sinning parent.

I have personally met several women who had carried demons into their married lives – all as a result of a curse line that had formed out between them and their natural mother or father who had been operating in one or more of these heavier types of transgressions against the Lord.

This kind of demonic activity can also happen with people who are heavy drug users, people who are delving into any of the dark occult arts, or any parts of the New Age Movement.

This is why it is so vitally important that parents have their act together with the Lord – especially in the area of some of these heavier type sins and transgressions. In the article I did titled, “4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits” – I gave you what some of those other heavier sins and transgressions can be. Any of those specific sins listed in that article can be major door openers to demons.

And not only will you be drawing demons to yourself if you engage and cross over into some of these forbidden areas by the Lord – but you will also be putting some of your own children at terrible risk with these same demons once they have moved into your house to set up shop.

To those of you who may have drawn demons into your adult life as a result of one or both of your parents engaging in one or more of these heavier type sins – there is a full deliverance for you. You can get delivered from these demons if you really want this kind of deliverance.

You do not have to continue to be tormented, harassed, and chased after by these demons for the rest of your life.

You can stop them dead in their tracks right now if you are willing to properly break their legal rights before God the Father – and then turn around and verbally engage with these demons operating under the authority, power, and guidance of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

In order to properly break the curse line that these demons have been feeding and operating on – you will have to take 6 very simple, but powerful steps. I will explain to you what each one of these steps will entail.

I will then give you an exact battle prayer that I had given to a young 16 year old teenage girl who had demons trying to attach to her as a result of the severe sins of her natural father.

This girl only had to say this battle prayer one time and the demons immediately left her and they have not been back since.

Once you properly break the legal rights of the demons, and then verbally engage with them – the demons will then leave you! Demons are no match for the power of God.

If this little 16 year old girl can take these demons out with the appropriate battle strategy – then so can any adult Christian who is willing to take up his Sword, which is the Word of God, and verbally engage with these demons.

In this next article, I will list out the 6 basic steps that you will need to take in order to be able to receive total deliverance from any demons who may have followed you into your adult life as a result of any severe transgressions made by one or both of your natural parents.

Table of Contents:
1. Testimony and Battle Prayer to Break a Generational Curse Line
2. The 6 Steps To Breaking a Generational Curse
3. The Testimony On Breaking a Generational Curse
4. The Battle Prayer To Break A Generational Curse Line


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  1. I am a 54 yr old wife. Mother and grandmother. Satan wormed his way into my husband’s family generations ago. Back in the. Carpathian mountains of the old country. They have lived dysfunctionalivrs for generations. I see this weaving it’s way into our children and now our grandchildren. I want to end this. NOW. He and I are separate. I allowed Satan to control me in times of darkness and emotional distraught and spent thousands. Then lied to cover it up. I still have that wellness. But. I need to find away to SYOP those generational spirits from going any FURTHER. At this time. I don’t know how to do that. You should see the way some of the. Hidden fight with me. I know it’s a spirit. And it’s attacking Me. How do I make this stop. Once and for all. There are generational spirits inu family as well. I used to eat h my mother’s face change into something Pure Evil. My kids witnessed that too. She abused me. Not physically. But very much psychology. Again. The spirit character in my husband’s family is his mother. Who both physically and emotionally terrorized her whole family. She is very wicked. And her four children are all courted from it. So… What do I do. How can I make this stop. It’s not enough knowing what it is. And the churches around mere too “soft” to listen to me. I’ve tried. I’ve pled the Blood of Jesus over them countless times. Nothing seems to change. What do I do. I can’t do this alone

  2. Please pray for me, I feel that am a failure in life.I have been sending job applications to vain. I am willing to have a serious patner to settle with , I just feel that I was born with bad luck.Iam seriously in need of your prayer.

  3. There was a prophesy in my family that none of us shall ever prosper in life no matter what we do everything turns out sour all because of a generational curse upon us. I and my elder sister have been seeking for admission into the university for years and it’s still not working out. We’ve dared to to the extreme point and pray he answers our prayers this year.

  4. But what if the curse is hundreds of years old and your ancestor did NOT sin, your ancestor was doing something good which evil people did not like and so cursed the entire line…? I am told human beings placed this curse, and someone else told me he thought a demon might have been involved as well…

    What do you do, please, if there was no sin on your families part? How do you get rid of the curse, please?

    • The answer is to become a child of God, accept Jesus Christ as your lord and savior . Study the bible. Demons or curses don’t stand a chance against a true Christian. Once you belong to the one true God you have power over them. Period. They run from you.

      • You are not a failure, that a lie from the enemy himself , I will pray that God opens doors in your life & that He blesses you with a good job & that if it be the Lord’s will that he gives you a partner to share your life with , but if He doesn’t you still have Jesus & when we have Jesus we have everything we need ☺️

  5. Has anyone whom had a generational curse, been able to leave the fam that caused it? How?

    • Yes! First and foremost. Surrender your life to Jesus, accept Him as your savior.

      Start by praying for forgiveness for your ancestral sins and your sins ( Lev 26:40-42). Fast for 3 days or 7 days, dry fast. Ask God to reveal areas in your life, husbands life, family that need your attention for divine deliverance and healing. During your fast, do the following:-

      I’m sure you have dreams, and if you don’t remember them, that’s not a good sign. Go on YouTube and search a prayer to remember your dreams. God reveals a lot through dreams. Matt 13:25. ( when man slept, the enemy came to sow bad seeds and left). Meaning the devil. Inorder for them to have a covenant with you, they have to visit you in the dream.eg ( eating in the dream, sex in the dream, talking to dead people, seeing snakes, rats, crocodiles or any animal, being chased by people or animals, flying in the dream, seeing old buildings, losing money, houses etc. Some of you wake up and tell your friends you had dreams that were movies. No it’s not a movie! It’s a covenant and if you don’t rebuke it, it manifests in the physical world then you start facing hardships such as poverty, setback, stagnation, death etc

      Never the less, once you wake up, be it from a nap, you need to start canceling your dreams . There’s a certain prayer for this.

      2. Before you break generational curses, I’d suggest that you break evil altars first. Kindly purchase this book called Overthrowing evil altars on amazon. You have to pray for forgiveness for your ancestral sins and your sins ( Lev 26:40-42).
      3. You’d have to pray at specific times. To break evil altars, you say the pray at midnight. You have to renounce, denounce, disassociate and divorce your spirit, your family, children and lineage from any evil altar that has your name.
      4. At 1 am, you have to pray inorder to break sacrifices made at these altars.
      5. Break evil covenants and curses ( this is now generational curses). Get the book Deliverance from demonic covenants and curses). These prayers are said at 2am. Write down all your generational curses, if you’re married your husbands generational curses, if you have children but you’re not with the man, you still have to write down his generational curses ( word curses, self imposed curses and generational/ family curses).
      6. At 3 am, you have to destroy family idols through prayer. On both your parents side ( You May google these prayers for deliverance from family idols) and now pray any other prayer you want.

      For those of you that have visited prophets etc. There’s a certain prayer for this. You can cancel every evil word, spell, hex, curse they placed on you but you have to ask God for forgiveness first because it’s an abomination to God to know about your future. Prophets especially false prophets work with familiar spirits/demonic spirits, that’s why you’d always get hurt breaking news and leave the place sad after the prophecy. Kindly go on YouTube and search about familiar spirits. There’s a prayer there.

      I hope this helps you in your journey with Jesus Christ . Everything is possible.

  6. Powerful articles. May i request you all to iray for ungodly soul ties to be broken between me and my abusive believer parents. For many years lack, stagnation, ladt minute delays, loss of favour. God showed me tiday i dreams that there is a severe battle going on between my family and dark powers of my father’s home. They both detest my believer wife. Too much bitterness, hatred, jealousy….jezebel and ahab type spirits …ungodly authority and control, when we resist fights and arguments happen. Lord has shown me in dream to run away far but need directions and favours. Please pray…thanks.

  7. There are no curses dear ones for those in Christ. Ezekiel 18 says that each person will be accountable for themselves if we are quoting OT which is under the law, and which is applicable to God’s chosen people at the time, not to Gentiles. It’s important to understand exactly what happened at the cross. The legal debt has been paid friends on the cross when Jesus said Paid in full. There was a transfer of authority. The devil was made a ‘spectacle’ of on the cross. There is no condemnation for those that are in Christ. Know your position that Christ wrought for you as a born again believer. “Who shall bring any accusation against those whom God has chosen” Rom 8:33. We are born again by the blood of the lamb, seated in heavenly places with Christ. In the light of what Christ accomplished, we are not guilty of the sins of our generation. We pick up natural traits that have become an example in our home lives but we are not in bondage to them. Jesus says “Come to me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Be blessed.

    • Please review these Scriptures in light of your presentation and ask God for Divine revelation knowledge and wisdom to exceed that of the world!

      My people suffer/perish/destroyed because of lack of knowledge!
      Hosea 4:6: Job 36:12:Proverbs 10:21

      The children of this world are wiser than the children of God
      St Luke 16:8

      God’s guidance and blessings surround you!

  8. Please pray for my Husbands mental Health it is in the Family Genes, he talks to people that cannot be seen When I pray for him at times he is Greatful and says Thank you, then at times he treats me badly does things to torment me and hurt. he gets cruel nasty, laughs at me is aggressive violent. he has a scary personality I pray for him all the time and his miracle healing. His illness is hurting us all and affect us His dad practice witchcraft. Please pray to break that curse off of him. I ask you this in Jesus name Amen

    Thank you

    • Alice – My cousin & I are praying for you in the ALMIGHTY NAME of Jesus!

      Sometimes storms can get so heavy and ard to see even 1 cm infront of you – but amongst the storm…

      …”Be STILL and know that I AM GOD”

      The God of the MOST HIGH

      The God who raised the DEAD



      Idk your what your personal life with Jesus looks like – but through your storm remain calm, rebuke the spirits of the evil one from your life, change the way you think & feel (fear is not a spirit of the Lord, but the Lord gives us POWER, Love & SOUND MIND).

      You have POWER over the demons that terrorize your house, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

      Also SOUND MINDEDNESS is crucial. Google what sound mindedness is, as it’s far too long for me to type out – but it will be a HUGE help in fighting the demonic attack in your life.

      Also, I’m not sure if you’ve layed hands on your husband – but Jesus COMMANDED us to lay hands on the sick & to cast out demons by laying hands.

      If you have tried and it has not worked, I highly recommend reaching out to someone who is fully baptized in the holy spirit, and has had experience casting out unclean spirits.

      Love you sister – stay strong in the Lord!

      Peace & Blessings ✌️ ❤️

  9. Hello my fellow Christian brother’s and sister’s, I have been going through difficulties, Disappointment, & Delay, Failure at the edge of success… I guess i have been experiencing this as a result of Generational Curse…..Please i really need your prayer’s to over come every Generational curse’s…. I need a help plssssssss.

  10. I am a christian and i believe in god and trust in him and have faith but what a my doing wrong lately some things have not been going well in my life, and i was told that it is because of a generational curses why i can not seems to be successful in life, so i will like to get some material to read on how to go about praying to break this curses and fully serve god.in a way that i will feel his presence when i pray to him.
    thank you Eugenie Williams.

  11. Please am under the influence of negative wave harming me everyday blocking my future (success) please pray and help me break this curse so that I can achieved my goal thanks you for your help.

  12. In the name of Jesus I greet you. Thank you for the word of God. Please help me heal my soul from loneliness. I ask for my children to be drawn closer to God our Father. Let Him be their all. Be blessed. Amen.

  13. Yes’ once you receive God as your Savior and you become born again, old things will go and new things will come, trust God that he will fight all your battles and heal all your sickness, fear not, but have faith in him.

  14. a generational curse is something that has to be broke by prayer fasting and intercession over the situation that caused the curse in itself. Also that if you are the one dealing with this curse don’t participate in the very thing that is tempting you to be apart of that you know is the reason behind the curse REFRAIN FROM IT TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY pray over it when temptation arises that god would help you to deal with the situation. THE BEST THING YOU CAN DO IS CRY OUT TO THE LORD EVERYDAY ASKING FOR HIM TO HELP YOU FIGHT THE BATTLE Bÿ PRAYER AND READING GODS WORK IT´S NOT OPTIONAL BUT A MIST IF YOU WANT FREE.

  15. Please read Ezekiel 18, the full chapter.
    I’m convinced Exodus 20 vs 4 – 6 is misinterpreted.
    Also, as a re-born child of God, you are a new creature, born of God, seed of Abraham. No curse can hold upon you, only blessings, unless you allow curses upon you by believing it.

    • Meyer,

      There are many verses in the bible that speak on deliverance. Every Christian needs deliverance from contamination of the flesh and spirit. 2 COR 7:1

    • My brother in Christ!!this warfare is a very complicated one and mind you the devil is a biblical scholar who will try to challenge you through the very own word of God! Better seek revelation in the word of God because it is open to revelation. It will be impossible for you if you have not been revealed to the ways of the devil,the depths of the devil. Please read this below.

      Exodus 34:7 God bless and open your eyes.

    • Thank you so much ma,that is what I really need and also been looking for. The way of the Lord is JUST

  16. I have a generational curse from my great aunt Dora she is into which craft and also her children know which or probably my age or a little older. Her and my grandma was fighting over my grandfather and she put a generational curse on the family she says she will be the last to live her husband left her she brung him back. No one ever keeps a relationship or the financial state is always problems. I really need to take this off my family. My grandma could of did this a long time ago and reverse this she said no because she went to church and also I remember my grandma being very sick and white powder and a white line was around my grandmas house when I was younger. It was a lot going on but I really need help to break this

  17. To Mac, I have exactly the same situation! When my bloodline realise I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord & Saviour they used witchcraft against me, speaking all kinds of curses into my life. My situation was so bad, i couldnt find job & when i found one i couldnt keep it, i lost friends, my blessings were stolen, car accident, evil dreams of all kinds, tormented by evil spirits, attacking my mind! I come from a long line of witches, but that’s not who I am, I happened to be born into it. For me to break loose it took lots of fighting, I turned to God with all my heart & soul, I cried to God for help, i still do,I repented, I confessed my sins. I went as far as breaking contact & soulties with all my bloodline because their witchcraft/occult practises were opening demonic doors in my life.It’s a warfare, but fear & giving up is not an option especially now that i know there is God & that he loves me. We’re I come from they worship the dead & perform all kinds of satanic rituals, the list goes on & on, they don’t pray to God, so I was mislead from a very young age by my own bloodline. The day I realise that there is God & he loves me, I cried like i have never cried before….was the happiest day…
    So in a nutshell my mother sold her soul to the devil, exchanged her blessings for poverty, failure & misery, and tried to sell her own children to the devil….but the Lord our God prevailed glory be to God.

    • Praise God! For he is greater than any devil and has give us all victory by the blood of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!! What an inspiration you are to read how you stood up against your family and devils…God give you strenghth and divine protection and all the blessings of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob for you too are engrafted into the blessings of God by the blood of the Lamb!!!

  18. I feel certain that there is a curse on me and my family. I want this curse to be lifted from my family and the generations to come. There has been sins in my family with my mother, father and prior generations. Until this article i didn’t know what to do. I feel that I was led here by the holy spirit and the precious mercy and grace by me savior. we have this curses both my brother and sister and i fought so many years something was wrong with us. The list of curses are emotional instability fear, family break down divorce lack poverty inability to produce debtors please any information to break the cures will help. .

    • please help me to break the curse off of my family and me we forever arguing and fighting and bigger than against one another acting like me better than each other please help me to break this curse off of me so that me and my daughter can have a better relationship we fight amongst each other help me please break this

  19. I’m born from above and love The Word Of God…I was taught holiness by my Grandma and was baptize in The Spirit….love Church and is faithful to serve Him at all times even my study of The word…but there is a stronghold of anger and rage that continuely to surface when I get upset…also, lack of finances that never goes away….I give to Lord and always for years….I pray with people every chance I get….I love ABBA with all my heart I’m tired of this begin around me…please pray I Get Finally free, please.

    • Abba Father, Give Chris the mind of Christ, your Spirit of Self Control, peace, love and joy to permeate his home in Jesus name. Romans 12 says we can transform our minds, by the renewing of our mind. I believe our brains are as computers…garbage in, garbage out. Be careful what you watch on tv, video games, music, etc. Phillipians 4:8 tells us to think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of a good report. This will help to reprogram your actions. Listen to Christian music when you are angry and want to rage. Give it to God in prayer! My husband has this same problem and he is a long time Christian who battled this over the years….I also see the link of anger and rage w/ lack of finances…they seem to go hand in hand. When he listens to Christian podcasts of teachings, preaching and music, he exhibits self control and less anger/rage and more of the blessings of God for finances. Faith comes by hearing…we are what we see, hear & say…so say out loud: By the blood of Jesus, which was shed on the cross for me, I have the mind of Christ, I have self control and patience and because I love God, I love others as myself, and therefore I do not express ungodly anger or rage. Say it everyday several times a day til you know you are an overcomer! Amen. Rev. 2:11.

  20. I want to know how to pray for someone – a relative who is under the influence of an alcoholic spirit from her father, whose father was also an alcoholic. She is my half sister. I call her my real sister though as I was there when she was born and we were raised together although I left home when she was about 12. ( I was the only one in the house who was a Christian at this time.) I know enough to know she has to break her agreement, but when I talk to her about it she says she’s scared. The last time I visited I was talking to her for the 3rd time about healing rooms and when I said I believe God would also set her free from alcoholism a demon manifested. The only think I knew to do was to keep calling my sister back and when I asked her if she wanted it to go .. well… things got a lot worse. I must admit I was scared but felt I could do nothing if she would not say she actually wanted it it go. She actually came after me, her husband and her son and she remembers nonr of this! .. The alcoholism was so bad on this visit, she could not string two words together that entire time I was there. She was apparently drinking as a youngster after I left home, then again at times when she had finally become a spirit filled Christian, and then it got very bad when she got married and drank to avoid hurts her husband was causing, she is now remarried and all the stuff she went thru at the hands of the former husband and the father of her children before that is finally coming out and there are awful things going on w her children ( things you would only see on tv) and she drinks to get rid of the stress and pain. In addition she can’t sleep and has developed crippling anxiety and panic attacks which I believed were spiritual attacks from the beginning. She has been in rehab 3 times to no avail. After this last visit which invlolved the manifestation , the entire family is sweeping it under the rug and saying it was just alcohol. Even though her husband (also an alcoholic!) , and son were terrified when this thing was manifesting they are also now sweeping it under the rug. I did what I knew to do at the time, but I was admittedly scared and having known of such things and seen it to the side while on mission trips, but never been a part of one in person, did the best I could. After reading your stuff I feel I have more tools, but we live 12 hours a part, and she hangs up on my when we talk about it on the phone. In person when it was brought up, there was snarling and growling and violence ,, it was insane. How do I pray now that I am home – 12 hours away and everyone is denying this actually happened? (At the time, she would not beak agreement and when I tried to get her to it manifested.) I am so worried for her ! And her family! She needs so much healing but will not go to a helming room even though she will cry about how badly she wants healing. I do not know what was manifesting, but because it came out when I spoke of her being delivered from alcoholism, and based on the gut feelings I already had in prayer, I believe it could be the generational alcoholism one- which I know she has agreed w on her own by persisting at drinking though being a Christian and knowing of how wrong it is.. and I think this spirit was very threatened. ( I was praying about this for a year before this last visit and have been talking to her about healing rooms for a while now.)

    • Ps, thank you for your guidance about how to be protected during this time …. so needed!

  21. Emmanuel June 22,2017
    I believe in God and i love serving him, many times when i want to serve him more it seems they are forces that is pulling me back and marriage have been a serious challenge any time i want to get marry they will be serious misunderstanding that will led to the breaking up of the relationship. series of spiritual attacks unnecessary debt, after many times fasting and prayers i believe to have being deliver from some of this experiences, but i stil battle with bad dreams and anti progress powers. such as;
    1 eating in the dreams
    2 seeing unknown faces in an unknown places
    3 making love in my dream
    4 bathing or seeing myself naked in the dream. please i need your help on how to go about this. 5 climbing hills or mountain

    • When you wait up.Cancel those dreams in the name of Jesus .those are demons trying to
      Reestablished covenant with you.

    • As it relates to the eating of food in dreams it suggests witchcraft. Go on a day or 2 of fasting so that whatever had been deposited in your realm would be exacted out/ removed through the actual fasting alongside warfare prayer. Few scriptures to suggest whilst on this fast; verbally declare Isaiah 54 vs 17 , Job 5 vs 12, Deut. 33 vs 27.

  22. I believe in curses there has been in many occasions starting at the age of 12 that there was a time that I felt demons near me and I felt it to be close but I visually saw it as a black shadow a black presences. I saw this aburition 3 times in my life up to the age of 35 after that I never saw it again I felt it as something that was following me wanting me to do bad against my will my body he visualized what he wanted me to do but first he took my soul out of my body and stood my soul next to him up in the celeing I could see Downton the floor to see the bad sin he wanted me to doI I saw my actual body doing these horrible things I just can’t believe I did that and this has been haunting me for over a decade did I actually do those things or what please help me understand what happen to me since that day when I was 13 I have felt very incomplete hollow like there’s something missing of me did this entity steal my soul if it did I want it back I want to feel whole again

  23. I have always been a curious person, I’m always willing to listen to other people’s side of the story, I come off very understand and I know most of my rights with the Lord. I came across this website for personal reasons. I have found over the past couple of months that my boyfriends mother has been into some idolatry. I instantly know not to ever touch or worship something that isn’t God. I live under the roof that these idols are sitting in, it freaks me out, strange things happen in this house but I have started to fulfill my relationship with God and I’ve been trying my best to stay on the right track walking, holding the hands of Jesus Christ and doing my best not letting that go, and knowing that can be hard for everyone and anyone. Were born sinners, and as long as I’m asking for forgiveness, then my God will forgive me. My biggest problem is, I know that I’m meant to be on mission. Possibly missionary? My mother has always affiliated me around prophetic people, I know many people don’t have that belief. And yes, don’t get me wrong, if you worship a Prophet of God and find there to be powerful strength in a mere human, you are considered commuting idolatry. I find it sinful and that was my problem. I amen to them thinking they were magical and like they could see into my future and warn me of death or I could find an answer that I wanted to hear but they are not here for those reasons. But to get to the point, I have been with my boyfriend for going on 10 months now. The first couple of months were not as troubling as they are now. Every few weeks it’s almost like something new pops up, one child sees her father steal so she finds that being a thief is okay, she’s even stolen from me. His father is also an alcoholic and I notice that my boyfriend has had problems letting his anger turn into a big bottle of liquor, he’s either happier or more angry. And I know that Satan himself is only doing what he can, I’m scared that he has demons latching on to him, sadly I know that there is a demonic presence in his life. I don’t exactly know how to fix it, it’s like cancer runs through the generations of children, along with death, miscarriages, alcoholism, whoring, lying and stealing and believing that there is a possibility of changing him is waring at me. Nearly eating me alive, but I’m seeking help, I find myself not being able to do all of this alone. I have asked him to walk right with the Lird, he doesn’t get mad, he just agrees and never commits. I love him with all of my heart and I want this generational curse to stop but I know I don’t have the power to do that

  24. To break a generational curse. That person have to renounce it. If a person sins they open themselves up to generational curses. Heres the catch we are all born sinners. So generational curses are legal until that person get saved and breaks it. The demons wait to see what you will do.

  25. It clearly says here in this scripture if the sons have not committed inequity nor come near a menstrous woman etc…so of course if someone is not doing thoes things they are living for God and surely have the tools and knowledge not to let demons in their life! Of course after Jesus died their was no more the sting of death and death was concurred therefore leaving all souls to the father no longer able to be taken to hell by satan

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