Pleading The Blood Against Physical Abuse

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Physical abuse by husbands against their wives is still a major problem in our country. Thousands of women are killed every year by abusive husbands or boyfriends. Watch how the Pleading of the Blood of Jesus in this case completely stopped all of the physical abuse this woman had been taking from her husband.

My brother Chris had called me up one day and said that he had run into a woman who was being severely physically abused by her husband. She was due to divorce her husband in exactly 2 months, but her husband would not leave the house until the actual day of the divorce.

He had been physically abusing her over the last year in the marriage and she simply could not take it anymore. However, she was too scared to try and get him out of the house, as he was threatening to kill her if she tried to get him out before the divorce went through with the courts. She was also too afraid to call the police to have him taken out and have a restraining order put on him. And all during this time, he was continuing to physically abuse her, and quite severely.

This woman was a born-again Christian, but she had no idea on how to get God’s full protection on her and knew nothing about Pleading the Blood of Jesus. I immediately drew up a special Battle Prayer for her and told my brother to give it to her. We had her come under a full complete surrender with God the Father and we then showed her how to use this battle prayer to go on the offensive against this physical abuse.

We drew up the battle prayer with her Pleading the Blood of Jesus specifically against her husband, his bad temper, and any demons who were operating behind the scenes causing her husband to physically abuse her like he was doing. We also had her completely cover her entire body, soul, and spirit with the Blood of Jesus to give her a full protective covering.

After she did all of the above, she called my brother back about a week later. She told him that all of the physical attacks had immediately stopped after she had pleaded the Blood of Jesus directly against him. Then God went one step further and had it arranged for her husband to get taken out of the house instead of him waiting for the day of the divorce. The divorce then went through without any further problems and he has not bothered her since.

To any of you who may be going through the same thing – try going on the offensive like this woman did. Plead the Blood of Jesus on your body, soul, and spirit to get a full protective covering – and then draw up your own battle prayer and plead the Blood of Jesus directly against your abuser, against his bad temper, and against any demons who may be operating behind the scenes causing him to act like this.

Many abusive husbands and boyfriends are really operating under heavy demonic influence with this kind of extreme behavior. You will need to plead the Blood of Jesus against both them and any demons who may be influencing them to give you total victory like this woman had received.

The Battle Prayer

Here is the exact battle prayer that we had given to her to war against her husband and the physical abuse that he had been inflicting upon her. We told her say the entire prayer out loud in the event that her husband had demons operating behind the scenes to get him to attack her as he had been doing.


In the name of Jesus, I now come boldly before Your throne of grace in a time of great crisis. My husband has been severely abusing me over the last year and I can no longer take it anymore.

1. Father, in the name of Jesus, I now fully surrender my body, my soul, my spirit and my entire life into Your hands. I now ask that you enter me into Your perfect will for my life.

2. Father, in the name of Jesus, I now Plead the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ over my entire body, over my entire soul, and over my entire spirit. Father, I now ask that from this moment on, that the Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ give my body, my soul, and my spirit perfect physical protection from my husband and from anyone else who may ever want to physically harm me in any way, shape, or form.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I am now going to take a very strong stand against my husband and his physical attacks against me – operating under Your authority, Your power, and Your anointing to be able to do so.

3. Father, in the name of Jesus, I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against my husband. I now plead the Blood of Jesus against his bad temper and the physical attacks that have been coming against me.

4. If there are any demons who are operating behind the scenes influencing my husband to physically attack me as he has been doing – I now come against each and every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ. I have now fully surrendered my entire life over to God the Father and Jesus Christ. You no longer have any further legal right to attack me as you have been doing.

Demons, in the name of my Lord and Master Jesus Christ, I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against each and every one of you and you are to never, ever come against me ever again! I repeat, you are to never, ever come against me ever again!

GO NOW, in the name of Jesus Christ! I repeat, GO NOW in the name of Jesus Christ and do not ever come back against me ever again!

5. Demons, I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ as a Bloodline around my entire body. I am now fully protected under the Blood of Jesus Christ and you will never, ever cross this Bloodline to attack me again.

Father, Jesus, I now have full faith and belief that You will honor this battle command and that my husband will never, ever physically attack me again.

Thank You Father.
Thank You Jesus.”


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  1. Can I use this prayer outline to pray against witchcraft and voodoo attacks on me? I will replace the directive towards the spouse with workers of iniquity and the demons that have been conjured to attack me. I’ve been under attack since 2017. I’ve confessed, repented and renounced my sins, plead the blood of Jesus, renounced unGodly soul ties and prayed warfare prayers with fasting for weeks at a time since 2017. I’m in an abusive marriage and have managed to move into my own place with the kids. We are about a month or 2 from the divorce being finalized. I don’t know if the marriage covenant has allowed the demons to continue to attack or what. My husband has an evil spirit that I was blind to initially but I stayed thinking I could pray for him and things would be better. Please help. My health is being targeted.

  2. My daughter is going through this, he hits her..i have tried to have her leave him..but he comes looking for her, convinces her he has changed..she leaves with him..and days later they are back with him hitting her. I don’t know what to do anymore…please help me pray that he leaves her or changes his ways..I’m afraid he will end up killing her..his name is Dawson and my daughter is husband died of cancer when she was 3 years old, I never remarried..So her husband has no one to fear for hitting her..thank you

  3. You plead the blood of Jesus Christ and complete prayer to God alone. Otherwise, your provoking demons and the manto react to the powerful words prayer. Look up God hears and answers prayers. Learn how to pray to God.

  4. Thank you so much for all your posts,I have learned a lot!
    May God bless you and carry on you r teachings.
    Praise God!

  5. This is amazing. I want to ask that as the abused woman pleaded the blood of Jesus against her husband, did she say directly in his presence or did she plead the blood while he wasn’t around? Just curious as to what manner this was done. Thanks for your response.

  6. Powerful. Thank you.

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