Prophetic Word on Becoming a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ

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Awhile back ago the Lord gave me a Word to give to a friend who was having problems with having to do battle against demons from time to time. The whole part of this walk has always scared her.

As we have said over and over in many of our articles, whether we like it or not, we have all been born into a war zone as a result of the Adamic curse that is still in full operation on this earth today. Not only do we have to battle other people and other adverse types of situations in this life, but we also have to battle demonic spirits from time to time, as many of them are still allowed to roam in the air until Jesus comes back to cast all of them into the bottomless pit during the entire length of His millennial reign from the city of Jerusalem.

If God allowed His Son Jesus to be tempted direct by the devil himself during His temptation test in the wilderness, then you can bet your bottom dollar that most of us will probably have to face some kind of demonic attack from time to time in this life.

That is why there is such an emphasis in the Bible that we learn how to become “good soldiers” of Jesus Christ, that we learn how to put on the “full armor of God,” and that we learn how to be vigilant, sober, and alert for any types of attacks that can come at us from the enemy.

Again, you do not want to be seeing demons around every possible corner, but you also do not want to be taking the other extreme end of this scale where you are thinking they no longer exist, or that they will not try and bother us if we do not try and bother them.

The demons who are still being allowed to roam in the air only have one goal and mission in mind – and that is to keep every nonbeliever from finding the saving grace that can only be found in Jesus Christ – and to do as much damage as they possibly can to all of the saved believers so they cannot effectively work in the divine calls that God has set up for each one of their lives.

As we have pointed out in our article on the Great Commission, the 4 things that God is looking for is that we do the best we can in trying to save, heal, deliver, and disciple – and part of that Great Commission command is that we not be afraid to engage with demons and cast them off people when it will be needed.

Every time the Lord told the apostles to go out and walk with His anointing, He always told them to cast out demons in addition to saving the lost and healing the sick. Thus spiritual warfare against demonic spirits was always a part of the Great Commission command.

As such, every believer should have some type of basic working knowledge in this area of our walk with the Lord, along with not being afraid to use the power and authority that has already been given to us by the Lord to defeat demons when we do run across these types of situations in this life.

As we have showed you in our article, “Battle Verses to Use Against Demonic Spirits,” we have absolutely nothing to fear when it comes to demonic spirits, as every single one of them has already been totally defeated by Jesus when He died on the cross for all of us.

Demons are already a defeated foe and God has already given all of His believers His authority and power to be able to totally defeat all of them if we should ever run across them in this life – whether they be attacking us direct, or attacking someone else that God may be wanting us to help out.

So far what it is worth, I thought I would do a short article on this prophetic Word that I had received from the Lord for one of my friends awhile back ago. I think this Word will be speaking direct to a lot of other people out there who also have this same type of unhealthy fear on this part of our walk with the Lord.

Here is the direct Word that I had received from the Lord for one of my friends:

Word From the Lord


Here is the possible Word that I had just received for you. Again, you will need to get your own witness on this.

1.  I see you on a battlefield. You are dressed in the full armor of God. You have the shield of faith in your left hand and the Sword of the Holy Spirit in your right hand. You have the helmet of salvation on your head, along with the breastplate of righteousness on your chest. You look like a Roman soldier. God has called you to walk with His anointing.

I see God handing out specific assignments for you to handle for Him. I see you helping get people saved, helping people with their problems through your gift of counseling, praying for people and their specific needs with your gift of intercessory prayer, and laying your hands on sick people so they can be healed through the power of the Holy Spirit.

2.  I then see you approach a person who needs some type of counseling. All of a sudden you see this person has demons attached to them due to what has happened to them in their past. You see the demons and you get scared.

You then turn to God and tell Him that you cannot take on this counseling assignment because you do not want to take on the demons. You fear them. I then see you drop your shield of faith and your Sword of the Holy Spirit to the ground. I then see you take off your helmet of salvation and your breastplate of righteousness and throw it to the ground. You then turn around and start running off the battlefield because you are too afraid to directly engage with the demons who are attached to this person.

3.  You then run about 50 feet away from this person, when all of a sudden I see God’s big right hand grab you by the back of your shirt and pull you back in front of this person. God then says to you:

“Jill, have I not given you My FULL SPIRITUAL ARMOR so you can directly engage with the enemy? Have I not told you in My Word that you will have My power and My authority to be able to trample over serpents and scorpions and that NOTHING by any means shall be able to hurt you?

Have I not told you that My Son Jesus has already defeated the devil and all of his possible works against you at the cross? Have I not told you in My Word that My Son Jesus has fully disarmed all principalities and powers and that He has fully delivered you from all of the powers of darkness?

Have I not told you in My Word that you will have My power to be able to cast out demons? Have I not told you in My Word that you will resist the devil and that he will flee from you?

By running from the demons who are attached to this person, you are doing the exact opposite. You are the one fleeing from them, when they should be the ones fleeing from you.

Satan and his demons have already been defeated at the cross. You have been called to walk with My power to defeat the powers of darkness. Do not fear them. You have My strength, My power, My authority, and my angels to defeat them and tread this course.

Pick back up your shield of faith, the Sword of My Spirit, My breastplate of righteousness, and My helmet of salvation and put them back on you. You now have My full armor to be totally victorious in whatever assignments I will be sending your way. Set My captives free.”


The other thing I picked up on this Word is that every single Christian has this full armor available to them.

1.  As a result our salvation in Jesus, we now have His helmet of salvation on our heads to help protect our minds, since our mind is the actual battlefield in spiritual warfare.

2.  As a result of Jesus’ righteousness now being imputed to us, we now have His breastplate of righteousness on us to help protect and guard our hearts.

3.  As a result of our faith in the Lord, we now have an actual shield of faith to help protect us from the attacks and darts of the enemy. This shield of faith can literally be used to block and deflect the attacks of the enemy, just like the Roman soldiers used their shields to block and deflect the blows from their enemies.

4.  As a result of having the Holy Spirit now residing in us, we now have His Sword, which is the Word of God. And this Word of God, which is now our Sword, is what we will use to defeat and cast out demons.

Demons are cast out of a person by the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. This Sword that we now have from the Holy Spirit can now be used as an actual offensive weapon to attack the enemy, just like the Roman soldiers used their swords to attack and kill their enemies.

5.  The Bible also tells us that we are girded with truth around our waist. We now have the truth of God girding our waist because we now have His Holy Word in us. The Word of God gives us the truths that we can rely upon in this life.

6.  We also have our feet shodded with the preparation of the gospel of peace because the Word of God tells us what the gospel of Christ is all about. And with this gospel of peace that we are now walking with, we can use it to save other nonbelievers in this life.

This spiritual armor that we now have available to us from the Lord is real armor. This is not make-believe or symbolic type armor, this is real spiritual armor. As such, we need to learn how to use it so we can successfully defend ourselves when we are attacked by the enemy in this life.

In the near future, I am going to do a much more thorough and detailed article on the armor of God due to the extreme importance of it. There is no question that God wants all of us to know that we have this type of spiritual armor available to us, and not to be afraid to use it when we are faced with having to do battle with our enemies in this life. And some of those enemies in this life are going to be demonic spirits from time to time.

We hope this Word will help some of you out there who are also battling this same kind of fear. Again, there is nothing to be afraid of when dealing with demonic spirits in this life since they are already a defeated foe.

Our site is loaded with good, basic, working knowledge in this area of our walk with the Lord. This knowledge should help alleviate any fears that you may have on this part of our walk, along with showing you how to successfully engage and defeat demons if you are ever forced to have to deal directly with them in this life.

7.  As a postscript to all of the above, the girl I gave this Word to called me up about 2 months after the above Word was given to her. She works at a local Christian high school.

One day she had a woman come into her office and all of a sudden the woman asked my friend if she would pray for her. This woman told my friend that she was battling with a lot of personal issues and was having a hard time getting a grip on everything.

My friend then got up from her chair and went over to pray for her. As she laid hands on her to begin the payer, she all of a sudden felt demons on her. She literally saw a dark oppressive cloud hanging all over this woman and she could immediately tell it was demons. When she first felt the demons on her, her first reaction was to want to run and get away from the woman. And then she remembered the above Word she had received from the Lord.

Realizing the first part of that Word was now coming true right before her very eyes, she knew she had to stay with this woman and finish out the prayer for her. At that point, the Holy Spirit really rose up in her very strongly and she then let out a very good strong prayer to help this woman break the demonic oppression that was trying to come against her. After she got done praying for the woman, this woman thanked her and said she felt a lot better after she had prayed over her.

My friend told me that the above Word has really “stuck” with her ever since she had received it – and had she not had that specific Word in her, she might have told this woman that she could not pray for her, and would have then left the room due to the fear she has always had on this part of the walk. But since then, she has grown much stronger in the Lord and in His might and now has no fear when having to help people who may have demons attached to them.

This is a perfect example of the truth setting someone free. Once she was told the truth by the Lord of what kind of war reality we are still dealing with on this earth, this then helped her to be able to take a bold step forward to help this woman out with some of her problems, even though she had some real, live demons attached to her.

We hope this Word will help others out there who may also be battling this same kind of fear.


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  1. Dear Mike,not sure if you received my comment. I have since childhood had a problem sleeping, terrible nightmares/dreams, attacks, am ashamed to say that I have a problem with fear, also generational curses, please may you pray for my husband, kids and myself. I really desire to be right with God,Jesus, Holy Spirit, have been struggling for years, I want to totally surrender all to Jesus, I ask you to pray for Jesus to free my mind, heart, soul, body. And to be the temple of the holy spirit

    • I hope and pray that all is okay with your family and anybody needing a hand whether it a hug or a hand to hold, we love you and you will b set free i pray

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