A Love Letter From God

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The Bible itself can be considered a collection of God’s love letters to the world. Here is one penned by my hand, inspired by the Word of God and His love for me – and for all the World.

My Child,

If there was one thing that I would ask of you today, it would be to spend time with Me. I do know that it is difficult sometimes to find the time, but that is part of what makes it all the more precious when you do take a few minutes to be with Me.

I also understand how life can be difficult, specially for those who choose to follow Me. So I understand when you cry to me, seeking my help, specially at the most desperate of times. I even appreciate it that you come to me for the little things; I find even that special. But I do hope that we can just spend time together, even when you don’t need anything from me.

Please take the time to get to know Me. Find a Secret Place, a place we can fellowship together, a place we can be alone together. I desire that time with you, and I hope you would desire it as well.

And don’t ever think that you’re not good enough, that you’re not worthy to spend time with Me. I believe you are precious, I believe that you are unique, I believe you are worthy of My love and My time.

If you ever think that you’re not good enough, turn to My Word, My promises. Think of the story of David, one who was considered a man after My heart. He was not a perfect man, he had many transgressions. But always he would return to Me, seek my forgiveness. And think of my Son. Remember that My Son came to make you worthy; His sacrifice on the cross gives you the right to be My child, to be in My presence.

I want to show you how much I love you, I want you to know them in your heart, and not just as words on a page. The greatest gift anybody can give is love, and the greatest gift I give you is My love. My Perfect Love.

Remember also not to be jealous of that love, not to keep it for yourself. Because as I love you, I love those around you, I love the world. In fact, I need you to show them how much I love them as well. As I love you, I want you to love them, so that they can know that I love them with a complete, forgiving love.

Just as I have made you worthy, despite whatever you have done, or think you have done, also remember that the Blood of Christ can make them worthy as well. Do not judge them for the circumstances you see, for the gruff nature, for what seems to be a sinful heart. Just love them, and show them that love. That’s what I need.

And if you ever feel weak, if you struggle through your life, if you feel you need My love, come to me and I will never turn you away. If you need rest, I will give it, if you need healing I shall provide it. Spend time with Me, and I will renew your strength.

And no matter what comes up against you, remember and keep this in your heart, that I will always love you, and nothing will ever be able to keep Me or My love, away from you.


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  1. This is just beautiful, it is really comforting to know that God is with us and that he will always love us. I feel my strength is renewed.

    We love you Lord

  2. I really love the message. It is so comforting specially if you are in difficult times. I love you Lord

  3. It gladen my heart reading through this peace of LOVE letter from GOD to all, now I have full understanding no matter what GOD still Love me.thanks.

  4. I just read this letter again. And for the first time, with tears running down my face, I felt His warmth for my tired and exhausted spirit.
    Thank You my Lord.

  5. beautiful nothing can separate us from the love of God thank you Jesus!

  6. What a timely message for me. God always corrects me gently with love.

    Spend time with Him and He shall renew my strength. Love people as Christ loves them and not to be judging.

    Praise Jesus!

  7. Oh! God, you mean so much to me than I rarely think. Then who am I to hold back my love for you? I would not think of the word that will describe your love but one word that I would like to say is “TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOREVER AND EVER AMEN”.

  8. Beautiful letter by our living God. In fact his love Pearce’s every transgressions and hurts of our heart, mind, body and soul. Thankyou Lord for showering your mercy and relieving our minds from all the evil thoughts. Let all our Hearts be filled with the Glorious and Everlasting LOVE of JESUS CHRIST. Amen!

  9. I just felt like nothing reading this warm love Letter, the only thing I could hear is my heart beat, I often give so much attention to my flesh and worries, i believe there is no person perfect as He is. father i have build a resting place for you and its my heart cause it seems to be the only organ that’s attracted to you and no when its you speaking it reacts with a beat that want to shut down my whole system.

  10. Just read this very touching “Letter from God”…It didn’t even occur to me to post it Facebook for others to receive healing and encouragement UNTIL I read several responses to this letter…all thanking the writer and with renewed gratitude for the forgiveness they’ve received from Christ. It’s then that it occurred to me to post it to Facebook for others to receive from. I did and I can’t wait to see the responses to this wonderfully inspired “Letter from God”. Whoever wrote this letter is doing God’s work…it is bringing healing and restored commitment to the Lord. God bless you for writing this, for allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you in its composition and for your faithfulness in sharing it here for the many to receive from. Take good care…

  11. This love letter touched me as well, I don’t think it’s a matter of not needing anything from our Father, we need him always! It more a position of gratitude that we have found him! Explaining our love for him and his love for us! That is my personal struggle!

  12. I was praying awhile ago when I suddenly saw this post and start reading. I just felt like God is talking to me!! What a wonderful letter!! 🙂 It really touches my heart very very deep. How I wish, God, I could see You physically right now so I can tell You million things about me while You’re listening beside or in front of me. Then you would reply afterwards. When will it going to happen? 🙁 I miss You so much!!!

  13. A love of God is greater afar than tongue or pen can ever tell its very easy to understand it jst open yo heart to jesus.

  14. The letter touched me,i felt God speaking to me,I got encouraged,I felt tears in my eyes.I now believe what I do of praying to God at 9pm is not a mistake,i will keep doing it again&again………

  15. I love this letter. It touched my soul. This letter makes me understand God’s heart. God bless you

  16. Dear God,
    Thank you very much for your wonderful letter. I love you too my God, and I pray for your grace to always live in me, so I can be able to please you better. Please God help your Servant with a Job, so that me and my family will sustain our lives. Thank you God.

    Your Servant,

    Joseph Turay Jr.

  17. I don’t think this is an article. It is like God was speaking to me directly when I read it. It is like His Word.
    But for next time I really prefer His true Word instead of an article. Thank you.

  18. Amen!
    Great news to share from the word of God.
    God desires relationship with His children, and many suffer from condemnation.. Confess our sins unto God and He is faithful to forgive, and keep us from repeating the same sins over again. He is always there waiting to hear from us, our praise, cries for help, or just a meaningful devotion.
    Thank you for this article, very well written.
    God Bless You

  19. I’m so touched that i cried! I prayed as i’m reading this. He touched me gently and i felt His very presence. Indeed He’s alive!

  20. I love this letter. It’s inspiring, encouraging and uplifting. Yet also somewhat convicting. However, I don’t think I can believe that there would EVER be a time that I didn’t need ANYthing from God. I don’t think God would say that either. I get that that part of the letter may not be “literal” but more or less …? I don’t know the word – just that it was expressed to mean to go to him “Just because” not to ask for anything like the things we want. So I think it would be more effective if it read “…even when you don’t want anything from me…” not “need”.

  21. I took it just as God speaking to me. Very nice and well put. In this time in my walk with him and in life. It fits perfectly. I will keep it forever. Thank you. God bless all.

  22. This Love of God is a good thing to know, Many believers are lacking this knowledge today as we hear on empowerment than the Real Word of God . Spending time with God should not be a struggle if we have the understanding. We need more of this letter now more than ever before to let us know God wants us to be closer unto Him and to come as we are. Thank you and God bless

  23. This is a beautiful article expressed as a letter from God that it brought tears to my eyes and helped me even more to truly realize how much he really loves us and wants us to love and spend that special time with him each day.

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