Michael Odle Testimony

Michael, a servant of Jesus Christ Called to be a Teacher separated unto the Gospel of God. Greetings children of God called to be saints, Grace and peace to you from God our Father through our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m writing in regards to my testimony. God put it on my heart through our Lord Jesus Christ to share it You’ll find it below. Thanks for this opportunity and May God Bless You.

A Testimony From God:

My name is Michael Odle. The reason I’m here is by the grace of God. You see I’m what God would call one of His “Fortunate’s” because I’ve always been fortunate enough to know of God… Rather my whole life ever since I could remember I’ve believed in Jesus Christ and something in me ever since I was a little kid has known that He is in fact a real person who rose from the dead and is without a doubt the Only Begotten Son of God, Our only way… Salvation for sins. But what I’ve come to learn over the years is that it’s not enough for us to know of or believe in something or someone. No, we have to take the time to build a relationship with that something or someone and come to a level of intimacy in order for us to truly know that thing or that person.

And I believe that that’s what we’ve all been born to do. We’ve all been born to love one another. To treat each other with kindness and to have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. To accept Him as our Savior and believe in Him. Isn’t it kind of funny that that’s all God is asking from us. All He wants is for us to believe. To have faith in Him as our Creator and Provider. To trust in is Son Jesus Christ. To accept His blood that He shed.

His death and Resurrection as our only way to come back to our true Father which is in Heaven. To recognize the error in our ways. To man up and take responsibility for our actions. To admit that we were wrong for rebelling against Him. To come under His grace and His love and to see that we need Him. I mean is that really to much of Him to ask of us? I think if we take the time to really think about this life. What it really means. Why we are here. then we would see that God is Love because His love is all around us. We see it at the birth of a child. On a warm sunny day and a cool summers night when we look into the sky and see the vastness of the universe. I mean that’s the only answer I can think of as to why we’re all still here.

Why the clocks still ticking and why the worlds still spinning round and round even though we live in a world that’s so utterly dark and evil. Without God’s hand in the midst of all this madness that we’ve come to know of as life we’d be doomed. An endangered species on the brink of extinction. Who’d inevitably succumb to it’s own devices of lustful pleasures and cease to exist. We live in a hate filled world and the devils working overtime to deceive us cause Christ’s return is imminent. He’s at the doors of Heaven just waiting for The Father’s signal. Do you know that the most cunning lie that the devil could possibly come up with is that he doesn’t exist. That anger, hate, evil, greed, wrath, gluttony, envy, jealousy, idolatry, and sexual immorality is just the natural order of things. That that’s just the way things are.

That in order to have a balance their has to be both good and evil. That in order to receive good you have to receive bad and that without hate love wouldn’t be because one can’t possibly exist without the other. Ironic Don’t cha think? He’s blinded us from seeing that loving is the true meaning to life. He’s tricked us into thinking that its ok to be the bad guy and for us to step on one another in order for us to climb up another rung of the ladder so we can fulfill our selfish needs and gain a higher social status of importance. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why we have this desire in us to feel important and why it hurts so much when we’re not recognized, appreciated or accepted for our achievement or what we’ve come to believe that we are.

I believe that’s because we’re an important people. satan knows this and uses this against us. I mean we’ve got to be important if God would send His only Begotten Son to die to save us from sin so we could still be allowed entry into His Kingdom. Whatever God has planned for each of us in His Kingdom is so important and unfathomable that we could never conceive it in our wildest dreams let alone believe that we could ever be entrusted with riches of such magnitude.

God’s designed each of us to inherit greatness satan knows that and knows just how important we are to God and that’s why he uses us to wage war against each other and to plant seeds of deception and to reap destruction that drives us into lying, cheating, stealing, and killing or whatever else we have to do in order for us to fill the void inside and to silence the demons. To me satans that subtle voice of reason inside each of us that tells us we’re insignificant. That we’re not important even though God knows we are as well as I.

And I believe that’s what God has told me to say to each of you. He wanted me to tell you that all of us are important and that none of us is indispensable. He loves us all with such a deep sense of agape love that His agape love is so far beyond our sense of agape love that its incomprehensible to us that somebody could ever love us as much as God loves us.

God designed each of us perfectly. Their was no mistake in the way you or I was made. God equipped each of us with distinct skills, talents, gifts, and abilities that uniquely make up each of us and defines who we are. No better yet God defines who we are. In closing its up to each of us to decide what side we want to be on. Because like it or not there’s a war going on and each of us is on the frontlines and our choice determines our future. There’s only one way to life yet so many ways to death/ Life’s Jesus Christ….satan and death’s the rest. God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!

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