Jesus Loves You Flash Mob

If you wanted to be able to share Jesus’ message in a new and innovative way, what would you do? If you were one of the members of the Word of Life Church in Armenia, you would dance! It looks like someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to have a flash mob, and use GI’s song, Lead Us To Truth to get the message of Jesus Christ out.

And I think that it’s a brilliant idea as well. And just why do I think so? Here are some of my thoughts on it.

First, I believe it was effective. Flash mobs attract a lot of attention, and can usually hold that attention if it’s done well.

Imagine, you’re surprised to find someone start dancing to music on the street. It may make you smile. And then you see someone else start dancing. And then someone else joins them. Soon, there are a lot of people dancing to the music, in unexpected choreography. The atmosphere is festive, it’s a performance that you feel that you’re almost part of.

Secondly, it uses the talents of the people involved. In one of Jesus’ parables, He talks about how we should use the gifts that God has given us. He doesn’t expect us all to have the same results, but we are expected to make good use of them.

So if someone knows how to dance, if someone knows how to choreograph, if someone knows how to plan and schedule, why shouldn’t they use these skills and gifts for the Glory of God? Even David danced in public to His Glory, after all.

Thirdly, and I think this is the most important reason why I find it to be brilliant, it preached the Word of God. Granted, it’s not the usual preaching that people are normally familiar with. It makes use of a song written and performed by a Christian music group.

But the message of the Gospel is there, proclaimed by people who aren’t afraid to share it with the people who need to hear it. And if Christians have a purpose in this world, it’s to spread the good news to the people who need it most.

Of course, the flash mob is just a way to reach these people. Jesus used different methods to be able to reach people, and through that gave them an opportunity to learn more about Him, and His message.

He took a conversation about fish to invite someone to become a fisher of men. He used parables, a method well known and often used at the time to teach, as a way to preach to people in a way that they would understand.

So at the end, the people who were part of the flash mob used the opportunity to invite people to Church, to share more of Jesus Christ. I can imagine more than a few were able to share of themselves, and to share the Gospel even more to their audience, because they were first willing to dance for the Glory of God.

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  1. Karen Stewart - October 26, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Love your site!! I am pastor of Hallelujah House Ministries in Maryland Heights Mo. We too have a ministry of deliverance and setting the captives free. Mark 16:17 is the believer’s ministry!! Thank you for your ministry.

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