Highs and Lows Of Our Christian Walk

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I thought I would drop you a quick word on the highs and lows associated with really entering this walk with God. I noticed in your email to me that you were having some of these fluctuations.

1.  First of all, these fluctuations are actually normal. Do not beat yourself up over these lows or dips when they do come. We humans are imperfect and are thus not capable of reaching complete and total perfection like God. There is no way everyone can maintain a perfect high all the time.

God knows this and accepts these lows when they do come. The only thing that He asks is that you never allow these lows to knock you out of the game with Him. The best analogy I can give you on this is the professional baseball player.

Every professional ball player will occasionally go into a slump. However, what they don’t do is get mad, quit, and walk off the playing field. They know these lows or slumps will occasionally occur. They simply keep playing the game, keep taking their turn at bat, and sooner or later they are back into their regular flow and are flying high again.

2.  We all live in a fallen and cursed world because of what happened in the story of Adam and Eve. There are a million and one things that could cause these lows, either emotionally or psychologically. Bad things happen all the time. What matters is how we deal with these adversities.

You will always have down days and up days. Just recognize the down days for what they are and do not let these types of days or seasons shut you down or keep yourself from progressing with God and with what He wants to do with your life. The show never stops with Him.

3.  As you get further into this walk with the Lord, you will find the down days actually getting less frequent and when they do occur, you will find yourself bouncing back up much more quickly than you have in the past.

This is because the Holy Spirit will start to become much stronger on the inside of you and you will find Him pulling you up very quickly if you start to sink too low for too long of a period of time.

Another one of the jobs of the Holy Spirit is to “keep us.” The Bible says that God is our keeper. This means that God will help keep us emotionally and mentally uplifted when we do start to sink too far too quickly.

The above also applies to your emotions. Everyone is always on fire for God when they first get saved and pulled in. However, after the initial blast wears off, you will find your emotions starting to subside and wind down.

Again, this is all normal. Don’t mistake this gradual winding down of your natural emotions for really losing your enthusiasm for God. Again, one of the ministries of the Holy Spirit is to keep your fire lit and going for the Lord. You will start to pick all of this up as you progress further in your walk with the Lord and start to enter into the real realm of the Holy Spirit.

Most of this does not occur overnight. God will work all of this into you at a pace that He knows that you can comfortably handle.

What you will find as you progress further in your walk with God is that your activity levels with what He will do in your life will pick up. It is God’s job to keep you stimulated and motivated so you have a desire to want to keep progressing in your walk with Him.

4.  What you may be going through on the above is how many beginning Christians backslide and eventually drop out of God’s plan and call for their lives.

Sometimes God will actually test you at times. He will allow these lows to come, and then He will see if you will stay in the game with Him or if you will bail out on Him like some newborns do when their initial emotional intensity starts to subside.

This is the time that you have to show God that you mean serious business with Him. You simply have to tell God that you are not going to bail out, that you will stay the course with Him, and that you will stay on the path that He now has you set up on.

The Bible talks about “holding fast to the Lord” in your walk with Him. This is a major key principle every Christian needs to get worked into their walk with the Lord. It will mean the difference as to whether or not you will end up being successful in whatever God will be calling you to do for Him in this life.

5.  One last thing. What you will also find is that God likes to move in what I call waves. You will feel a leading from the Holy Spirit to spend some time in the Bible.

Then all of a sudden, you will feel the anointing come off reading the Bible and then God will lead you into another book or two to read. You read those books, and then all of a sudden you will back into reading the Bible again. Then the leading comes off that, and then God may have you into something else for a little while.

You only have so much time in a day or week to accomplish everything that God wants to do with you. The Holy Spirit will lead you as to what needs to be accomplished on a daily basis. God will build you up through many different avenues and the Holy Spirit will be the One to lead you into all of the appropriate chess moves.

But always remember – the Bible will always remain the number one source from which you will learn about God and all of His ways. But just learn to be sensitive to the leadings of the Holy Spirit as to how much time to spend in each of the different ways that God will use to build you up in the knowledge of Him and all of His ways.

I hope the above has helped you out in understanding what I comically call the roller coaster ride.


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  1. Thank you , I felt so low down. I didn’t understand what was going on with me. I know I love the Lord with all my heart, with your encouragement. I began to feel and I now know it’s not about feeling. I think you so much!!!

  2. Halleluja! thank you so much for this article. for long I thought there is something wrong with me, but something kept telling me it is the devil trying to get me off the small and narrow path! for everybody new on this path, hold on for your life! never give up even if you dont feel like reading bible the day, just read 1 verse anywhere in the bible! just keep pushing on! your breakthrough will come! God bless your website. thank you again. kind regards.

  3. After getting saved recently I’ve faced my little share or trials. Right now I seem to be at an all-time low but reading this makes me know that God hasn’t forgotten me, I may be just be going through a test and by His grace I will pass through unscathed. Thank you so much for this and God bless your soul Mike.

  4. Thank you,
    This a geat blessing for me.It is an encouraging message from Lord.It is an uplifting message come to me while I have been in that difficult situation.

  5. This is awesome! Sometimes we need a refresher that God Grace is still very strong.

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