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A Healing Room Close to St. Louis, Mo

For what it is worth, I thought I would pass this information to all of you. A very good friend of mine works for a very anointed healing room located in Washington, MO. For those of you who do not know, Washington, MO is located just on the outskirts of St. Louis, MO and is within a very reasonable driving distance from St. Louis.

The healing room my friend works for is part of a larger organization called International Association of Healing Rooms out of Spokane, Washington. This organization was founded by a man named Cal Pierce and he felt he was given instructions by the Lord to carry on the healing ministry that John G. Lake was involved in years ago. For those of you who do not know, John G. Lake had a very powerful healing ministry for the Lord during the early 1900’s.

This organization not only has a healing room located in Washington, MO, but they also have many other healing rooms located throughout the rest of country as well. I cannot attest to any of these other healing rooms across the rest of the country since I have not been to any of them, but I can personally attest to the healing room that is in Washington, MO.

My friend and the other women who work with her all walk with a very strong healing anointing from the Lord and the Holy Spirit is definitely in this healing room where she is currently working at, as there have been some really good healings in there during the short time they have been open.

We cannot recommend this healing room and the people who are now working in there highly enough, as I have been very good friends with this woman for over 12 years and can personally attest to her very close and powerful walk with the Lord. Her and the rest of the people who are working in this specific healing room are the real thing in the Lord.

If there are any of you out there who have been battling any kind of significant disease or illness and you still have not been able to receive a full healing from the Lord as of yet, you may want to consider giving this place a try.

Per our article titled, “Prayer Secret #5 – Ask, Seek, Knock,” sometimes when you have been “asking” the Lord for something specific and you are still not receiving any type of answer or breakthrough from Him, then what that may mean is that you will then need to go into some type of seeking mode to get Him to answer the prayer.

If you have been praying all by yourself to the Lord for your own healing, and have also asked others to pray for you with the prayer of agreement, along with your church, and you still have not received any type of healing from the Lord, then do not be afraid to try out this next strategy, and that is to start seeking after other people and ministries who actually walk with the gift of healing from the Lord.

I believe there is a division of labor in the Body of Christ and sometimes you will need to seek out other people who actually walk with this gift before God will sometimes manifest the healing. You will have nothing to lose if you have already tried for a healing all by yourself with the Lord, or through your other friends or church. Sometimes God will sit back and see if you will put forth any type of strong “seeking efforts” in your personal prayers with Him.

If you will put forth this kind of extra seeking effort trying to locate specific people or specific ministries like this one who do have this type of healing anointing on them, then that could be the thing that will create an intense desire in God the Father to want to heal you. Sometimes when you go into a strong seeking mode, you will then find what you are seeking after with the Lord – and in this type of case, a full and complete healing for you on whatever kind of illness or disease you are currently battling.

You will have absolutely nothing to lose in trying this kind of seeking approach with the Lord, as I always tell people to leave no stone unturned once you start seeking after God for something specific, especially in the area of divine healing.

Again, I cannot recommend this particular healing room highly enough. The anointing of God is definitely in this place and it could mean a full and complete healing for some of you if you will just make the seeking attempt to have these people pray for you.

Though I have not been to any of the other healing rooms across the country, I believe this man, Cal Pierce, is on the right track with what he is doing for the Lord. I believe in the near future that God is really going to start to pour Himself out on His people, and the gift of healing is going to be one of the gifts and blessings that He will be pouring out on His people. So do not be afraid to check out one of these other healing rooms if there is one close by to where you live at.

Again, you will have absolutely nothing to lose in trying one of these healing rooms out if you have had no success to date with the Lord on whatever sickness or illness you are currently battling. “Seek” and you may just “find” your healing from the Lord.

1. Here is the link and website address to this main organization which is located in Spokane, Washington – www.healingrooms.com

If you want to find where all of their healing rooms are located at across the country so you can see if there is one close by to where you live at, just click on the icon at the upper right where it says “Local Healing Rooms.”

2. Here is the main information on the healing room in Washington, MO. You can call and set up an appointment at your convenience. At this time they are only open on Monday nights from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm and Saturday afternoons from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

A Healing Room
1811 East Fifth Street
Washington, MO 63090
Email address: mercytruth AT sbcglobal.net

There is no cost for their services. However, they do accept donations. Walk-ins are welcome on Monday nights, but only by appointment on Saturdays.

Also, note they do not do any type of counseling or ministry over the phone. Everything has to be done in-person. This is a direct, hands-on type ministry.

Again, I believe God Himself is raising up healing rooms like this one across much of the country, especially through this specific organization, and you will have absolutely nothing to lose in visiting one of these healing rooms if you are battling any type of serious illness or disease and still have not received any type of healing from the Lord.

These healing rooms also do deliverances from demons if there are any of you out there who are battling this kind of a problem.


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  1. I live in Washington MO. I called the number you gave, it rang rang rang and finally voicemail came. I left a message but never got a response. I drove by the address. No cars are nothing around, looked pretty empty. I’m a Christian and I’ve seen a lot of miracles and been to many revivals. I’m a healer but the person has to be a believer or it doesn’t work. Sometimes people get healed and sometimes they don’t, that’s God’s call not mine. I was really looking forward to a healing. So I don’t know if this person is still around. When Jesus was here he would 1)preach 2)teach 3)lay hands on the sick 4)and CAST OUT DEMONS. I go to many different churches and they are falling very short.

  2. thank you that last statement is so powerful thank you again

  3. Ummm….you cannot “create an intense desire in God the father to want to heal you”. For 1 you can’t create anything in God. 2 your actions do not make God love you more or less. 3 It is Gods will for everyone to be healed. 4 Jesus already did the work for healing to manifest.
    If I showed you how to cut a cake, then gave you a knife and a cake to cut and told you to cut it, would you ask me to do it? No. Jesus already did all the work for people to be healed. He showed us, He gave us the authority, and we have hands and the Holy Spirit. We need to be doing the work like He told us to. Not asking God to heal people. Read the Bible and see how it’s done. I learned that from John G Lake ministries.
    Also, Jesus said to go out into the world and do these things. Not bring the world to you. Sadly their aren’t enough people doing it so places like this are set up. “The harvest is plenty but the workers are few”

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