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15 Year Old Boy Healed From Autism by the Lord

We just recently received a very powerful testimony from a woman by the name of Aneta Harris. Her son had autism and he just received a very dramatic healing from the Lord.

Since I know there may be many of you out there who may have children who have autism, we thought we would pass on this incredible testimony to all of you, as you should never give up on situations like these with the Lord and continue to press on and pray for your child’s healing.

The last statistic that I had heard said that 1 out of every 133 children are now coming down with this condition. I don’t know if it is being caused by the vaccines the medical profession is using or something else, but this rate just seems to be way too high. But in either event, we still have our powerful God and He does still perform mighty and powerful miracles in this day and age and this incredible testimony will show you that without any shadow of a doubt.

Aneta has given us permission to release this to all of you. Here is her word-for-word testimony that she had recently given to us.

“It’s really long and hard to put in writing but I’m going to give it a shot. Close friends and family just have to look at my son and they know instantly that he has had God’s surgical hands all over him inside and out. First of all my son’s name is Curry and he is 15 years old and was considered high functioning autistic.

We have tried for the last 10 years to get help for him. We tried a
variety of medical doctors, homeopaths, school for kids with disabilities and ended up in a really good program called Brain Balance. Through a glutten free dairy free diet, lots of exercise and supplements this program got Curry to a better place but still he was autistic. He had been in the Brain Balance program for 9 months and still had more to go.

Well, we had visited a home church once and decided we liked it and was going back 4 Saturday nights ago when Curry came to me and said he wanted to be healed and he wrote down on a piece of paper his labels (autism, aspbergers, ADHD). When my husband found out what Curry was up to he ended up on the floor in tears.

So, off we go to this home church with Curry on a mission to ask the pastor if he could pray for him to be healed. Curry approached the pastor and asked to speak with him but he asked Curry if it could wait until after worship. Curry said yes, still with his piece of paper in his pocket.

After singing a few worship songs, pastor starts telling everyone that God had been speaking to him that he needed to speed things up and then he began telling stories of God’s healing and these included 2 stories of autism. One of which he was still praying for. Curry was in the back of the room weeping the whole time and finally he ended up with my husband and I in the center of the room being prayed over. It was beautiful.

God’s children pleaded on behalf of my son. We had to go through lots of generational curses like peeling an onion. My husband and I didn’t have to come up with any of those curses because most of them we never really thought too much about. But, God used other peoples hearts to voice what curses needed to be broken.

This was a very humbling experience for me! But, let me get to the best part; the next day Curry woke up not autistic anymore! God physically changed the way he walks, stands, thinks, talks and looks. He looks at peace now. I have and still am posting all the changes in Curry since healing.

This is a long message already but you are more than welcome to befriend me on facebook so you can read all the changes. He has shared his testimony with our Sunday morning church, our home church, a disciple now group, a singles small group, a senior citizens sunday school class, father of an autistic, and is meeting with a youth pastor on Thursday to talk to him about coming to youth night at his church where there are about 300 kids who come.

Curry’s not so sure about this yet, that’s why youth pastor wants to talk with him first to encourage him. I went to God when Curry was about 8 and pleaded for healing in Curry but God told me he could but it was to be Curry’s testimony someday. Curry is so gracious for now not only Curry has the testimony but our whole family does as well. His timing is perfect. Not only is Curry mature enough to handle it but his 12 year old brother is also. I have a son now that can give me hugs and carry on a conversation with me! He has been made new!! Thanks for responding and I hope this gives hope and grows stronger faith in others.

To God be the glory,
Aneta Harris”

Again, if any of you know anyone who has an autistic child, please pass this incredible testimony on to all of them. Per all of the good articles we have in our Prayer Section, God can still answers many of our prayers, and sometimes actually do it in a very dramatic fashion like He did with this boy.

Michael Bradley


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  1. This is truly what I needed to hear, my son is 4 and us on the spectrum. He is a happy, non verbal, very intelligent, self sufficient, playful and is really a beautiful gift from our Father in heaven. Please pray for his healing to manifest in the physical, I will keep your children in prayer as well. We serve a good God. At the name of Jesus, autism shall bow its knee

  2. How do we connect? Praying for healing for my son, also on the Autism Spectrum.

  3. I read this post so many times and it never gets old. It’s always encouraging so thank you for sharing. I have a 6yr old son with autism & I know he will be healed. I believe he’s already healed in his spirit & I’m just anxious to see it in the flesh. God has spoken to me, gave me dreams & a vision about his healing. Although he’s come a long way he’s got a long way to go & sometimes I feel doubt creep in when he goes back to old behaviors. But I cannot deny what God has revealed to me & I believe & know one day my son will be healed 100%! I pray that all of our children will be healed in Jesus name Amen.

    • I believe with you for your son’s healing. I have a daughter who dealt severly with a social anxiety disorder. Her disorder was so bad, she was mute to everyone accept me for a long time. I prayed and prayed over her. God begin to gives me dreams about her talking all the time. God begin to give other people dreams about her talking as well. I counted one time and about 18 different people came to me and said the same thing

      “I had this dream about Reilly and she was just talking and talking.”

      I knew God was going to heal her, I just didn’t know when. Then one day it happened a little after her therapy ended. She wanted to be in a play at church where she played the role of Mary the mother of Jesus. It was at that play where she begin talking by saying several lines in front of 300 people.

      I say all of this to hopefully encourage you and to remind myself of God’s healing power. Sometimes I have to remind myself of what God has done in the past because I have a 3 year old son (Jakob) who will be diagnosed with autism. I don’t accept it for him because I know our God is the one who has the last word. There is nothing God can’t do. He can heal autism and I’m believing and fighting for my sons healing and yours as well.

      I’m asking God to speak to me about my son. I would love it if He gave me a dream. I’ll take anything from him because I’m not giving up.

      I believe God will heal your son too. Those dreams means something and I would hold on to them.

  4. Parents dont loose your faith first of all your children are already healed 1peter2:24 by his stripes you are healed go to Andrew wommack listen to him on healing my daughter was healed by me calling for pray and Minister to me my daughter was healed has adult woman she is 34years old. And i tell you i feel better i no longer have autism i can communicate just i was not high funching my mom did the sonrise program schools did not like me nor idid not like them just believe command in Jesus name it’s a process me and my

  5. I have an 11year old son his name is Miguel he’s non verbal. I just took him off risperdal he has withdrawal symptoms. We gave him that to help him sleep. We came out of a 7day fadting and prayer abd decided to stop the meds abd trust God. He’s not sleeping well. We are so drained and exhsusted pray for us.

    Thanks & Regards


  6. Just know God is true love, he is the only love that can make you whole. I have one autistic daughter. Really, i am impressed from this testimony which give hope healing from this troubling impairments. I hope one day the LORD may recover my daughter. WE NEED YOUR PRAYING WITH US.

  7. THANK YOU for your testimony. I am believing God to heal my daughter of autism and to all that are seeking a miracle for their loved ones.

  8. We can well understand what Devon’s parents are undergoing,heart really bleeds,but our suggestion is give God the Praise in singing and encourage Devon to join the process no matter how tiring the process is.i kW he has no speech ,but miracles do happen.

  9. To Roger:
    Please read the section on Trials and Tribulations – testing of your FAITH. It truly opened my eyes when I lost the only child.

    God Bless you.

  10. My son is autistic and he does things that cause me to yell and i feel so bad it drains emotional.Believe oneday ill give a testimony of his healing

  11. For those who are going to reply to my comment, I previous stated I was 25 and now I am 26. I want total healing from autism. I’m not going to put blind faith to accepting someone unknown plan from God. I wouldn’t accept an unknown plan from some I didn’t know, and I won’t accept that from God. I want a detailed plan that allows me to be healed totally from autism. My life is also really crappy atm and I have hardly anything going for me. Currently I am attending university and that’s the only thing that’s happening. I want enough money to move out, I want complete healing from autism and I want to be good enough to someone I like for them to like me back, so I’m not a relationship-less spec in the universe.

    • Hi Jesse,

      I just read your post; sorry for the delay but I just now received this email (about Curry) from someone who knows my son (18 years old) has high functioning autism otherwise I would have responded to you sooner. I was moved by your post and want you to know I immediately felt lead to pray for your healing which I did. I will now believe God for your healing; keep in mind sometimes healing is instanteous and other times it’s a process that takes time. Also right now you may not know the plan God has for your life (hence “unknown” to you). This is just fine as most people don’t know the plan God has for them; especially people only 26 years old. With that said I believe God does have a plan for you but he probably won’t lay it out before you like a table setting, however he will reveal it to you in time. I suggest (and this worked for me) that you live your life in accordance to the way God says to live it; if unsure how read the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) and they will show you. Once you start living the way God says just continue on with your daily life (keep going to school, work, keep looking for that someone special etc, etc) and God will begin to reveal his plan for you in steps (as much as we’d like to know everything all at once God normally doesn’t do this). Part of the reason God doesn’t just instantly lay his plan out for our lives is that he wants us to continuously stay close to him (again reference New Testament gospels) which is actually part of the plan. Also I want you to know you are good enough for someone; there’s no rush as your young (just let it happen). As well, going to college is doing something, so saying you have nothing happening is not accurate. I hope this response helps you and remember God does love you (even though he may seem distant in this messed up fallen world).


    • I don’t know if you will get this message it’s been awhile. I just want you to know you are loved by God, and are definitely worthy of love, and it take awhile to find true love but you will know it one-day. Just know God is true love, he is the only love that can make you whole. I have an autistic son, I’m believing he is about to be healed. My advice would be to make a relationship with God first then develop a relationship with a person because if God is in it, it will last.

  12. my five years old boy child is also diagnosed autistic. i was hurt the first time i heard about the name and also was confused that my child is not normal like other kids. I’m still absorbing it and im telling myself that if i don’t accept it, it will weaken my strength to help my innocent boy. i have taken a step for therapy and invited God to intervene in this situation. i trust him that he is God who brought him in this world. he has a plans for him. Jeremiah 29:11

  13. Hey guys! I often come back here and share with others on facebook what I sent in over 5 years ago (and I cringe every time at my spelling and grammatical errors lol). But anyway, thought I’d give you an update, Curry is now 21. He’s going to college (3.0 gpa), working, loves to offer help to those in need, works out at the gym a lot and is just plain awesome!
    There’s not a day that goes by that I’m not totally blown away still by what God did for Curry!
    Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Hi,
      My son has autism.He is 4.Can you tell me where to go to get help please?I and his dad pray every day but we feel we need help.Where should we go to get help?

    • Hello my brothers and sisters, i am a mother of a six year old autistic boy. And i cried almost every day, sometimes i feel so bad because of the way people look at him. I pray daily for him, please help me with your prayers.

    • Great news of hope. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Im the mother of a four yr old autistic son. I pray that God release him from this demon. If God could cast demons out and heal the mentally ill in the Bible surely autism is nothing for Him. Please all help me pray for my son to be delivered. Thank you.

  15. i just found out that my first son is having autism this year.i still find a ways if autism is cureable.my husbands tell me that we must accept our fate and we try everything we can but it is still doesn’t work.My son is 4 years old.i was hoping that he can grow up like a normal person.i can’t take care him for the rest of my life.i will become older someday.

  16. I have twin boys with ASD. It’s been two years since they were diagnosed and it’s been a learning experience for me spiritually. At first, I would ask God the ‘why’s. But along the way, I have learned to face this challenge with a positive mindset. Lessons learned include (1) God is soveriegn. He know what He is doing. (2) God is sanctifying me to be more Christ-like each day. (3) Trust and Obey Him. (4) Romans 8:28

    And I will continue to face this challenge with His strength for as long as I live. I love my boys no matter what. Healing or not, God holds their future.

  17. Jesse I do feel for you and I know the social stigma it carries. We as a family suffer that with me (ADD or “borderline autism”) and my son (autism or savantism). One thing you do have is the DESIRE. One thing that helped me was focusing on my strengths. Do you have a special skill that stands out? I was incredibly physically inept but I did have early language skills and I have used that to a high degree. I once taught English in a foreign country and I have married and have two children and love the Lord. “Cast your cares upon Him, for He cares for you” is one of my favorite verses. It really hurts being inept sometimes physically and socially and driving is almost out of reach and my son is currently very “unfunctional” but I believe God has a plan for him and for us as a family. Depend on that and on Jesus, and He will carry you through. Don’t take your ideas all from the “world” because the “world” judges on the surface and how close we conform to THEIR ideal. That is impossible for me, so I have put my trust in Jesus. That’s what you need to do. I don’t know how old you are. If you are young, take heart. What you see now is NOT necessarily what the future holds. Two psychologists tried to convince my parents to put me in an institution and said I would NEVER function in society, but here I am married, with two kids and did teach English for a time and held many jobs and once had a part time business. Don’t take what is now to be what the future will be. Trust in Jesus and try your hardest. If you are young, then you are not fully developed yet. If I were to believe my son would never be any different, I would be in despair, but since he’s only six I am clinging to Jesus. The “experts” don’t always have the final word, trust in Jesus. And if you don’t drive, take heart, neither do I. That didn’t stop me from working, having a family, doing ministry, or even going overseas for a little while. I won’t be driving truck, or playing on a team or taking a bike ride any time soon (let alone operating heavy machinery or a sewing machine!) or working in public relations or any job that requires great interpersonal skills but there’s always something you can do. Don’t let other people who misjudge you based on what they think you lack get you down. Look to Jesus instead.

    • Hi I want to pray for my brother Alejandro he’s 16 to break any bondages of autism and his angry ways towards my mother and I rebuke any curse that’s been passed down generations all things holding him I have faith my brother will heal in the name of Jesus Christ

  18. I was diagnosed with it as a kid or some thought I had ADD, but I am very functional. My son, however, is not. He is improving, but it’s heartbreaking to see the way he struggles and he doesn’t have the drive I had to learn and mature. Once I understand I was different, I tried VERY HARD to make myself as “normal” as possible. I don’t want him to feel very badly about himself, but I wish he had the same drive I had. That’s my biggest prayer for him. I think if he had the drive I had to learn and develop as much as possible and to be more obedient to elders and those in authority I think he would go far. He has a huge talent for music and can memorize any song or chant instantly. If only he would push himself further! I have tried but I can’t seem to make him do it. I WILL and DO work with him, but something MORE is needed…

  19. I am 25 and have autism. I have been asking God to take it away and have even cried while doing so. I saw that he healed him over night. When will God do this for me? I hate autism and I refuse to have it.

  20. My heart goes out to all those who have posted here . I have a 6 yrs old autistic boy. Roger when I read your post I broke down … We share the same pain. We as a family are so much involved in ministry and now I am bargaining with God … I am telling him you must heal my child. I have found a church with special needs class so we are still involved in church. We all need a godly body of Christ who will support and pray for us. But I want to tell you a secret that I discovered . … For miracles to happen there should be love . Love your child as much as you can …love brings healing and miracles and remember god is love. Can you please post the name of pastor and church where the healing took place. I would love to bring my son.

  21. My son has been diagnosed with autism but we know it has a spiritual component. I have been praying for him and we know that whether it is part of the autism or not, there is an irrational spiritual fear. It showed up the same time we had my mother living with us, who was in the throes of dementia and hating people and full of jealousy and envy and unforgiveness though we tried to work with her and wanted to see her delivered. We don’t think this was a good experience for our son, who was 3/4 years old at the time and though he was a little slow, he was otherwise quite normal–but during that time he became non verbal, sullen, stubborn, regressed and had irrational fears that I would die or disappear. I can only guess, after having done much soul searching with the Lord, that my son resented the loss of certain activities he really enjoyed before my mother came to live with us–playing educational video games and other game at the library, every day visits to parks, the free museums, etc. my (mostly) undivided attention, which he only shared with his sister (I was homeschooling her at the time). My mother around kept us mostly inside and I had to spend much time cleaning her up every morning, cooking her meals, helping her bathe, washing her clothes, bedding and her bed (she messed it every night–even if I got up several times in the night to take her to the bathroom). It was very EXHAUSTING and I am afraid my son resented the lack of attention. My mother also resented my stable family and start hating and envying ME. She had had a falling out with her estranged husband who had spent most of their money on drugs and legal problems and committed continuous adultery and was in and out of prison multiple times and took part in crime and did things that even scared her. She hated him and would not give any of her burdens to Jesus, because it might she might have to forgive him, but the result of all that was she started hating ME it seems. I don’t know if she hated my son, but he certainly seemed to have resented the time I spent taking care of her and we also wonder if she and he were blaming me in some way for her problems. My mother was caught by my daughter behind my back doing a hexing type gesture and when she was watched by my brother and sister in law, we found out they had put her a facility after three days with them and they thought continuing to care for her would wear me out. Well, it had, but what concerned us, especially more, was the effect it seemed to have on my son. Only this effect has not gone away even though it has been mid-2012 since she was put into the care facility and son has not changed. I read to him the Bible and try to work with him and so do his teachers, but they think he has autism. We aren’t fighting that, but we are certain some of his problems are spiritual, especially the fears centered on myself and the following odd behaviors. Please pray for his that he receives and becomes a servant of Jesus Christ, because I am convinced that will help him. He has some limited understanding of the Gospel and God has revealed to me that the fear expression (both facial and verbal) that precedes some of his behavior is spiritual and would be helped if he places his trust in Jesus.

  22. My sons name is Devon and is a non-verbal autistic child. He is a happy, energetic boy, but it crushes my soul to think what his adult life will be when his mother and I pass away. We went to Church regularly, were active in music and fellowship, until he was diagnosed. It really affected our faith and we have not been to Church for over 10 years. We don’t hate God, we just don’t know how to worship Him in faith when we’ve lost that part of our lives. From time to time we pray together but it’s uncomfortable as we don’t know what to say other than to thank Him for what we have.

    Devon is now 11 years old and requires a full time assistant at school to keep him from running away when he gets bored or to calm him down when gets agitated. We were blessed with kindness in this regard. I would give up everything for him to talk with me, praise God at the top of his lungs, to be able to get an education and have a good job and family. Without God’s mercy, none of this will ever happen. Whomever is reading this, please pray for my son, Devon. Every day until God tires of hearing what my soul cries out for.

    • I prayed that Devon finds healing too as I myself am asking the Lord to heal my 10 yrs old daughter who is on the spectrum.Today is the first I have fast and pray.God will hear us.Amen

      • I pray to God to heal Devon and all autistic children. Let’s just have faith and wait in prayer and may the Good Lord heal our children. Just start attending church and pray again, God will definitly hear your cries one day

    • I am praying for your son Please pray for mine his name is joey

    • I prayed for Devon
      When it was not HIS time yet, Jesus still performed a miracle at the wedding of Cana at his mother’s behest. Pray to Mary for her intercession for total healing of your son. Pray for all the healing of your bloodline for generations and the sins of ancestors to be forgiven. God bless and heal Devon, in Jesus’ name Amen

  23. Oh Heavenly Father i pray that you lay your hand to my 5 year old son he is autistic & also have adhd.He is violent & he does’nt have speech IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST AMEN!

    • Leila and i my just said a prayer for your son in Jesus name when you pray for your son you rebuke it you rebuke it and you bind it and you rebuke and bind it at the roots you said it off at the spirit of autism to leave pack up your bags and leave and loose in your son in Jesus name loose his IQ loose in Jesus name his understanding his destiny his language aware alert do day and night and read if you want Rain drops on Roman Elizabeth Scott Burton is the author she towards her son at home and now there’s no autism my daughter did the same thing running up and down and laughs and had the teacher I did the Sun Rise program another book by Gina Walden a brand new day and and another book defying autism Karen Mayer Cunningham she went to a church and had her son delivered and she also went through Deliverance her son is fine now you can watch her on Sid Roth have a great blessed day

  24. To God all the Glory! Check this out: 1. What does “Curry” means? Why did the parents gave him that name (what thought?)? 2. Yoga, Lodge membership (freemasonry), etc. … by ancestors? WILL CAUSE CURSES/ANCESTRAL CURSES for their children, grandchildren, etc.!!! … F.e. Autism! (Yoga practises such as: “fully concentrate on … Whatever! And block every other idea, etc!!!” That’s a sort of autism generator in your genes for the next generations?!!! Furthermore: Jesus Christ and Yoga (devilworship!) are enemies forever!!! Nothing personal, just Bible facts!!! God bless)

  25. Dear Sister,
    Praise to the Lord Almighty for the wonderful thing he has done. I am already in tears as I read through your testimony. I have a four and a half year old son who is autistic.We are praying at the Lord’s feet for his healing too.
    Your testimony has been very faith inspiring.

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