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Healed From Autism

15 Year Old Boy Healed From Autism by the Lord

We just recently received a very powerful testimony from a woman by the name of Aneta Harris. Her son had autism and he just received a very dramatic healing from the Lord.

Since I know there may be many of you out there who may have children who have autism, we thought we would pass on this incredible testimony to all of you, as you should never give up on situations like these with the Lord and continue to press on and pray for your child’s healing.

The last statistic that I had heard said that 1 out of every 133 children are now coming down with this condition. I don’t know if it is being caused by the vaccines the medical profession is using or something else, but this rate just seems to be way too high. But in either event, we still have our powerful God and He does still perform mighty and powerful miracles in this day and age and this incredible testimony will show you that without any shadow of a doubt.

Aneta has given us permission to release this to all of you. Here is her word-for-word testimony that she had recently given to us.

“It’s really long and hard to put in writing but I’m going to give it a shot. Close friends and family just have to look at my son and they know instantly that he has had God’s surgical hands all over him inside and out. First of all my son’s name is Curry and he is 15 years old and was considered high functioning autistic.

We have tried for the last 10 years to get help for him. We tried a
variety of medical doctors, homeopaths, school for kids with disabilities and ended up in a really good program called Brain Balance. Through a glutten free dairy free diet, lots of exercise and supplements this program got Curry to a better place but still he was autistic. He had been in the Brain Balance program for 9 months and still had more to go.

Well, we had visited a home church once and decided we liked it and was going back 4 Saturday nights ago when Curry came to me and said he wanted to be healed and he wrote down on a piece of paper his labels (autism, aspbergers, ADHD). When my husband found out what Curry was up to he ended up on the floor in tears.

So, off we go to this home church with Curry on a mission to ask the pastor if he could pray for him to be healed. Curry approached the pastor and asked to speak with him but he asked Curry if it could wait until after worship. Curry said yes, still with his piece of paper in his pocket.

After singing a few worship songs, pastor starts telling everyone that God had been speaking to him that he needed to speed things up and then he began telling stories of God’s healing and these included 2 stories of autism. One of which he was still praying for. Curry was in the back of the room weeping the whole time and finally he ended up with my husband and I in the center of the room being prayed over. It was beautiful.

God’s children pleaded on behalf of my son. We had to go through lots of generational curses like peeling an onion. My husband and I didn’t have to come up with any of those curses because most of them we never really thought too much about. But, God used other peoples hearts to voice what curses needed to be broken.

This was a very humbling experience for me! But, let me get to the best part; the next day Curry woke up not autistic anymore! God physically changed the way he walks, stands, thinks, talks and looks. He looks at peace now. I have and still am posting all the changes in Curry since healing.

This is a long message already but you are more than welcome to befriend me on facebook so you can read all the changes. He has shared his testimony with our Sunday morning church, our home church, a disciple now group, a singles small group, a senior citizens sunday school class, father of an autistic, and is meeting with a youth pastor on Thursday to talk to him about coming to youth night at his church where there are about 300 kids who come.

Curry’s not so sure about this yet, that’s why youth pastor wants to talk with him first to encourage him. I went to God when Curry was about 8 and pleaded for healing in Curry but God told me he could but it was to be Curry’s testimony someday. Curry is so gracious for now not only Curry has the testimony but our whole family does as well. His timing is perfect. Not only is Curry mature enough to handle it but his 12 year old brother is also. I have a son now that can give me hugs and carry on a conversation with me! He has been made new!! Thanks for responding and I hope this gives hope and grows stronger faith in others.

To God be the glory,
Aneta Harris”

Again, if any of you know anyone who has an autistic child, please pass this incredible testimony on to all of them. Per all of the good articles we have in our Prayer Section, God can still answers many of our prayers, and sometimes actually do it in a very dramatic fashion like He did with this boy.

Michael Bradley

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Oluwakayode Abiola

Wednesday 29th of December 2021

This was so super inspiring.

I've been living in denial since my son was diagnosed and just finally started accepting the fact that he will always be different.

It hurts me a lot when I cannot hold a conversation with him or give him a hug or even get him to be calm but I know that God is working in him mightily and his testimony will stun the world and bring many to God’s Kingdom

Please, share her Facebook address so I can follow her.

God bless you for sharing

Vincent De Silva

Sunday 5th of September 2021

Father I come before Your throne of grace by the blood of Jesus. In Jesus name I ask forgiveness for my sins of commission and omission. Please cleanse my conscience , thank you for the fifteen graces from the power of the blood covering.I Jesus name I plead the blood of Jesus to bless and heal the brothers and sisters here of their need. Thank you Father in Jesus name . Amen

Vincent De Silva

Sunday 5th of September 2021

I read the Hidden Power of the Blood of Jesus to really understand it and to be blessed I need to lead a God fearing life and love one another. I read years ago By His stripes we are healed and we can obtain help in time of need. Praise God for His blessings on your family

Donna Huntebrinker - Veninga

Tuesday 20th of July 2021

My name is Donna I have a son Austin who is 24 and has autism and started having seizures a year and a half ago please 65 and 315 lb when he has a seizure he falls like a tree in the forest straight down nothing holds him up for the grace of God he is not been injured more. I have always felt like I prayed and asked God for healing for Austin I always feel like I don't pray enough or don't pray hard enough or don't pray right but God knows my heart and I pray that all of you on here and these are old posts these are from 2013 some of them and my heart just goes out to all of you because I know what it's like parents and kids and spouses I still believe that God has a plan and a purpose for these kids with or without autism of course we all want healing but God can use anything for his glory and while I still pray and ask God for healing I also ask him for wisdom on what to do with my Austin I love him with all my heart sometimes I feel like he's fading away from me but I'm going to hold on I'm 62 he's 25 this year God bless you all may the Lord answer each and every one of y'all's prayers


Wednesday 17th of February 2021

Oh dear God please heal and hear the prayers of all this parents who have commented hear.. Heal there kids from autism by the power of your blood by the power of the Holy spirit in Jesus name amen.

Your children are healed in Jesus name according to your faith Jesus has made them whole.