Harry Potter And Witchcraft

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The following article on Harry Potter and the Bible was written several years ago after the very first Harry Potter book came out on video. Since then, there have been 5 other books released in this series, with the sixth one actually being released this week.

Since this first article was written up, there have been several other good resources that have come to our attention from several other Christian ministries that have dug up some additional information. We have put links to their sites at the bottom of this article. Here is the article that was written up several years ago on all of this.

The first Harry Potter movie was just released last week in the video stores. The author of these books has written 4 books at this time, and apparently has a total of 7 books planned to complete this story line.

I would imagine that Hollywood will be making a movie for each one of her books. As you will see in the arguments I will list below, Harry Potter and witchcraft is definitely a deadly combination.

I am sure you have all heard that these books have been a huge success and there are millions of kids throughout the world who are “hooked” on these books, as well as quite a few adults themselves.

The publishing industry has never seen anything quite like this. What is the fascination with these books and now the movie? Why are so many children and now some adults drawn to these books?

There have always been movies and fiction books on witchcraft, wizardry, and sorcery, but none of them have ever obtained this kind of popularity. What is so different with this line of books? Why are they so much more popular than anything else that has ever been written?

Many Christian ministries are up in major arms about these books and now the movie. They say these books are a lure to lead children and adults into witchcraft and the other dark occult arts.

However, we have always had these types of movies and books coming at us. Why all of a sudden are so many Christians coming out against these books, where they have never really done this before in the past with all of the other fantasy movies Hollywood has made?

I have always felt in my spirit there really was something different with these series of books, but I had never bought or read any of them.

I went ahead and rented this movie and watched it in its complete entirety to see if these Christians were right in their criticism of this movie and these books, or if they were just getting too carried away with what at first glance just appears to be harmless fantasy entertainment.

I asked God to give me good discernment before watching this movie and asked Him to show me what the real truth was on this matter. After watching the entire movie, I believe God gave me the proper discernment and several analogies to properly understand what is really being orchestrated with these series of books and now the movie.

As I have stated before in some of my other articles, each Christian is responsible for getting their own answers and their own discernment direct from the Lord themselves.

I will go ahead and give you my own personal opinion on these books and movie, but you will each have to get your own answer direct from God yourself, especially if you have children that are wanting to read these books and see the movie.

After watching and reviewing this movie very carefully, it is my own personal opinion that the Christians who are up in major arms over these books and movie are right! This movie, and especially the series of books themselves, is a definite lure from the dark side to entice and trap people into not only witchcraft itself, but also into some of other dark occult arts as well, which are expressly forbidden by God the Father in the Bible.

As God’s ambassador, representative, and defense attorney, I will give you my arguments and reasons as to why these books are so dangerous – just as a defense attorney would do in a closing argument before a judge and jury to try and win a case.

The Scripture Verse

First of all, the Bible specifically tells us, without any other possible interpretation, that witchcraft is an abomination in the eyes of God, and that none of His people are to engage in it or to try and practice it in any way, shape, or form – no exceptions!

Per the article that I have already done titled, “Dangers of the Occult,” I will go ahead and re-state the Scripture verse that will specifically tell us that we can have absolutely nothing to do with witchcraft or any of the other dark occult arts. Here is the verse once again:

“There shall not be found among you anyone who make his son or his daughter pass through the fire, or one who practices witchcraft, or a soothsayer, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, or one who conjures spells, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord ….” (Deuteronomy 18:10)

Notice the words that none of His people are to be found engaging in this type of activity, and that all who practice these types of activities are an abomination in His eyes.

I believe that whenever God uses the word “abomination” to describe something He does not want us doing – He is giving all of us a maximum intense warning that we are not to do that specific activity. The words “not anyone, all, and abomination” in the above verse is telling us that witchcraft, along with all of the other dark occult arts being mentioned, is forbidden territory for all Christians – no exceptions!

And that if we do try and cross over to practice any of these dark occult arts being mentioned in the above verse – that we risk incurring the judgment and wrath of God not only when we die and cross over to meet Him face-to-face for our own personal judgment, but possibly incur His wrath and judgment on us in this life.

What this means is that there will be very serious consequences for anyone who will choose to cross over into this forbidden territory – which will now lead us into the next topic.

1. Why The Occult Arts Are So Dangerous

There are only two sources of supernatural power that people can experience on this earth. The first and only reliable source is direct from God Himself. The second source is from Satan and his demons. There are no other sources! Many of the New Age and occult arts will try and dupe you with the idea that we can all tap into an “impersonal, neutral, cosmic type force” to draw supernatural power from.

They think they are drawing supernatural power direct from this cosmic force, but in reality they are simply tapping into and drawing supernatural power direct from demonic spirits who are hiding behind the scenes.

Some of these practitioners believe they are drawing this supernatural power direct from good spirits who mean them no harm. However, the Bible tells us that Satan and his demons can appear to us as “angels of light” – in other words, as good spirits, all with the intention of helping us spiritually grow and progress as we journey through this life.

The reason that God gives such strict warnings about engaging in any of these occult activities is because all of these occult activities are major “door openers” to the dark side – where Satan and all of his demons roam and operate on this earth!

Demons cannot just come in on you to try and attach themselves to you without you doing something first that will give them some kind of a legal right to be able to do so. The Bible talks about a protective hedge that we all have around us. However, demons just wait for people to do something stupid that will open up a hole in their protective hedges, which will then give them the full legal right to be able to come in and start their attacks.

And one of the biggest door openers that anyone can do to draw demonic activity into their lives is seeking after and actually practicing any of the dark occult arts mentioned in the above verse.

Many deliverance ministers who specialize in casting demons out of people have all said that some of the meanest and strongest demons they have ever faced have been demons who have come on the inside of a person as a result of that person engaging in some type of occult activity.

The Bible tells us that there are levels of wickedness in Satan’s kingdom. In other words, there are some demons who are more evil and wicked than others will be.

This would help explain why it seems to be a much tougher battle for a deliverance minister to cast these types of demons out of someone as compared to a battle involving less wicked demonic spirits.

It seems to be a fairly well documented fact among deliverance ministers, that demons who specialize in attaching to humans who practice any of the occult arts are some of the higher-ranking, stronger, meaner, and more evil demonic spirits in Satan’s hierarchy. In other words, if you draw these types of demons in on you as a result of engaging in some type of occult activity, you are going to be in big trouble! And then it is going to take the power of God to drive them off you.

This is why engaging in any form of the occult is so highly dangerous – because you are literally inviting, giving open invitation to, opening a door, breaking your hedge, giving legal right to some of the most powerful and destructive demonic forces that hell can unleash against you!

And this is why God is giving all of us such an intense warning in the way the above verse is worded! He is doing it for our own good and for our own protection.

I believe that any Christian who decides to experiment with or seek after anything to do with the occult is committing spiritual suicide – especially if he knows what God’s Word and opinion is on the matter beforehand.

I believe this is why God has so many of His people sounding the horn and alarm on this movie and series of books – to give His people fair warning that they are dealing with a trap and lure from Satan himself to try and get people to experiment with witchcraft and some of the other dark occult arts.

And once you start to enter into any kind of a “seeking mode” with the occult – you have just broken your protective hedge – you have just opened the door – you have just given legal right in the spiritual realm for some of the more evil and wicked demonic spirits in Satan’s realm to be able to come directly after you to start their attacks.

This will now lead into the next topic.

2. “Seeking” is the Door Opener to the Dark Side

One of the analogies I feel God gave me to fully understand the dangers of these books is the fishing analogy. To catch a fish, you need two things. You need a hook, and then some kind of bait that will cover the hook. If you throw the hook out into the water to try and catch a fish without any bait on the hook, the fish will not bite.

Some kind of bait has to be put on the hook in order to be able to lure, entice, and draw the fish to the hook in order to get him to bite down on it.

Once the fish bites down on the bait, his mouth will go right through the bait and hit the hook. And once he hits the hook, the hook will immediately drive into his mouth and he will now be caught! He literally cannot get away now unless he is strong enough to break your line. And even if he is strong enough to break your line, the hook will still remain in his mouth!

In the case of the Harry Potter books and movie – the bait is the Harry Potter books and the movie. Why? What is so different about these books and movie as compared to all of the other books and movies that we have seen and read on witchcraft, sorcery, and wizards?

After watching this movie, it becomes quite obvious why this movie and books are so different than anything else we have seen in the past. There is a spiritual law that is in operation in the spiritual realm. What gets us into the spiritual realm with either God or demons is one thing – and that one thing is “seeking” after it.

The Bible says “to seek and you will find.” The Bible tells us to seek the face of God – in other words – to seek directly after God, who He is, and what His personality is like. The Bible says that if we seek directly after God, we will find Him!

The Bible says to draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Drawing near and seeking after God means we are pressing in, we are trying to find Him, we are trying to make some kind of direct contact with Him. And according to Scripture, if we keep on seeking and pressing in, we will find God, we will make some kind of direct contact with Him.

I believe the Bible is giving us a major spiritual law that is in operation in the spiritual realm. To really find God, to really make any kind of direct contact with Him – we have to spend some kind of quality time directly seeking after Him.

This is why some Christians do not have much God-activity in their lives, because they have never spent enough quality time seeking directly after God. As a result, they have never really found Him.

However, this same spiritual law also applies to the dark side – where Satan and all of his demons roam. In order to make any kind of direct contact with demonic spirits – you first have to seek after them.

And once you start playing with ouija boards, tarot cards, seeking after fortunetellers, and trying to engage in witchcraft – you have automatically placed yourself into a major seeking mode with the dark side.

And once you have placed yourself into this major seeking mode with the dark side – you have just opened up the door – you have just given demons the legal right to be able to enter your world.

Here is what is so different about these books and movie. The emphasis on the story is that Harry Potter is learning how to become a master wizard. In the first movie, he goes to an occult school called Hogwarts, which will teach him how to become a wizard.

In the books and movies we have seen in the past, Hollywood and different authors would tell and portray what witches and wizards would do – but there really was not much of an emphasis on learning how to actually do some of the things a witch or wizard may do.

This Hogwarts School has different types of classes teaching you how to do different types of occult activity. One class teaches you how to cast spells, another class teaches you how to move objects with the power of your mind, etc.

At first glance, it just looks to be harmless fantasy entertainment. However, here is the hook. After watching this kind of movie and reading these types of books – all emphasizing the possibility that supernatural power is real and that you can learn how to tap into it – some children, teenagers, and adults are going to really wonder – does this kind of supernatural power really exist and if so, can I learn how to do it?

Once the desire to find these answers is imparted into someone as a result of the suggestions planted by these books and movie – what do you think someone is going to do next? This person is going to start seeking after more information to see if witchcraft is real and if this kind of supernatural power can be obtained through their methods.

And where all they going to turn to?

The bookstores and the internet. And what are they going to find if they go to their local bookstore – tons of books on witchcraft, how to become a witch, how to form a coven, how to cast spells and make love potions, etc.

And once they start seeking and digging for this information – they are going to find out that there really are people who practice real witchcraft and that real, supernatural, demonic power can be obtained by actually performing some of their rituals and spells.

And once they find this information and that this kind of supernatural power can be obtained and experienced – what do you think they are going to do next? They are going to actually try and do it. And once they do, they have officially crossed over into enemy territory.

They are now into an official “seeking mode” with the dark side. They have now legally and officially opened the door of their life to allow the entry of demonic spirits into their lives. Their protective hedge has now been fully broken because they are now trying to actually practice and engage in an occult art expressly forbidden by the Bible.

The bait is the Harry Potter books and movies. This bait will cause a desire in some to want to seek out this information. Once they find it, some will succumb to the temptation to actually try it out.

And once they do, the hook will be the demonic spirits themselves. Once the door has been officially opened up by trying any of these occult activities, the demons will be free to come in and “hook you” – and once they “hook you” – only the power of God is going to be able to deliver you and set you free.

And when I say they will “hook you” – I mean this literally. Demons will be able to make direct contact with you. They will either enter in on the inside of your physical body if they can go that far with it, or they will attach themselves to you from the outside and follow you around like a dark cloud.

Getting someone to go into an official “seeking mode” is what will eventually drive you into the realm of the dark side. And guess what title Harry Potter is given about a third of the way into the movie? He is given the official title of a “seeker” in a game that is played in the school.

He is given this title due to something that he does to actually earn it – he gets on his broomstick to fly after someone that has done something bad. The head witch realizes that Harry is not afraid to experiment and use his supernatural powers – so she labels him a “seeker,” which is an honorary title to have on this team that he now gets to play on.

I recently went to a Borders bookstore to see how many books there actually were on just the topic of witchcraft alone. You will not believe how many books I saw.

I actually counted 363 books just on witchcraft alone – not to mention all of the other books I saw dealing with other occult subjects right next to all of the books on witchcraft.

I then checked the Borders website to see how many books they had listed under “witchcraft” and there were a total of 1846 books listed. With just a few clicks of a button, a child will have access to a wealth of information on how to get started into witchcraft. If this is not an invasion from the dark side, I don’t know what is!

For those of you who want to check this out, go to the section titled “metaphysical studies.” For those of you who do not know much about witches and witchcraft, I can tell you that this art is real and that is has been around for centuries going all the way back to Old Testament times.

These witches can cast real spells – they do have a certain amount of demonic supernatural power at their disposal – obviously with all of it coming from demonic spirits – and they are only too anxious to teach anyone who will want to learn their art.

I wrote down some of the titles of these books and will list them below. If you will notice, these titles are not some kind of general, folksy type titles. These titles are very specific in that they are meant to draw people in who want to actually learn how to do all of this! Here were some of the titles:

  1. Wicca – a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner
  2. Witchcrafting – a Spiritual Guide to Making Magic
  3. Everyday Magic – Spells and Rituals for Modern Living
  4. The Book of Spells
  5. Silva’s Spells for Protection
  6. True Magic – A Beginner’s Guide
  7. Complete Book of Spells, Ceremonies and Magic
  8. Witchcraft for Beginners

There were numerous books dealing with how to actually get started into the practice of magic and witchcraft. Once someone starts to go into a seeking mode by reading these types of books – and then starts to actually try out what is being taught in these books – the door to the dark side has now been opened and the hook has now been implanted into that person.

If you look at all of the above in reverse – here is what you will see. There are obviously enough books on how to do witchcraft that are out there for the people who will want to try it out. But how does the dark side get more people into these books so they can get them into that seeking mode? They need some kind of bait or lure.

This bait or lure has to create some kind of desire in the person to want to check these kinds of books out.

And what better bait or lure to use than either books and/or a movie dealing with the possibility that not only is there supernatural power and magic out there for people to be able to tap into – but that the obtainment of this supernatural power can actually be learned and taught!

And this is exactly what the Harry Potter books and movie are doing! And once this person starts to check out the bookstores and websites to see if there are any books that will really teach them how to obtain this kind of power and magic – look at what they will find per all of the above titles listed. I only listed 8 titles, but there were a total of 1846 of these kinds of books just on the Borders book site alone!

3. The One-Two Punch Analogy

The other analogy I feel God gave me to fully understand what is trying to be done with these books is the one-two punch analogy. In boxing, there is something called the one-two punch. It is a left jab followed by a right cross.

The left jab is not meant to knock the opponent out. It is meant to open up his defenses, to set him up so that the right cross can follow up and get through. The right cross is the knockout blow – it is meant to knock the opponent out because there is more power in the right hand of someone who is right-handed.

The left jab is the Harry Potter books and movie. The right cross are the demons themselves who will come in for the attack once a person starts to seek after and try out any type of occult activity as a result of the desire that has been implanted in them by reading the Harry Potter books.

Mark my words – in the coming years ahead – you will be seeing some serious casualties arise out of the seeds of desire that these books will be implanting into some people. There are quite a few young adults who are in jail right now – either on death row or in jail for the rest of their lives without the chance of any type of parole – all because they have killed friends or family members as a result of coming under the direct influence of demons while practicing Satanism or some of the other dark occult arts.

The Bible tells us that Satan and his demons only have one thing in mind when it comes to us humans – and that is the total destruction of not only us and our own personal lives – but also the destruction of anyone else they can get us to destroy. That is why in some of these cases you will see the person kill as many other people as they can before they end up taking their own life.

Too many Christians want to hide their heads in the sand when it comes to talking about the reality of demonic spirits and how active they really are in our world today. But with the advance of the New Age movement, and now the Harry Potter books and movies hitting the streets, there are going to be quite a few people, including some gullible Christians, who are going to experiment with some type of occult activity and will end up drawing demons in on them as a result.

And then God is going to have to come to the rescue with some of these people as He has always done in the past. Right now, I believe God is raising up more of His people on how to do deliverances with demons. I believe God will have enough of these anointed soldiers in place when the need really arises in order to be able to get some of these people delivered out of the demonic torment they will find themselves in as a result of engaging in some type of occult activity.


I really hate to be a spoil-sport on a particular movie or series of books like the Harry Potter books. The movie itself was actually well done. The children who played the main actors did a great job. The special effects were very well done. At first glance, the movie appears to be completely harmless in its tone and makeup.

However, it is what is lurking behind these books and movie that is so dangerous. Demons and the knowledge of witchcraft and the dark occult arts are just waiting behind the scenes of these books for anyone who wants to try and take the next step to actually try any of these things out.

With the emphasis in these books being on learning how to actually do and perform these different types of occult activities – I believe these books will be planting the seeds of desire in some to want to try and take the next step – and that is to start seeking out the wealth of information that is already out there on witchcraft and the occult. And once they find some of this direct knowledge on the occult – some will then take the last and final step – and that will be to actually try and engage in witchcraft or any of the other dark occult arts.

And once they cross over to try any of these occult activities out – then all hell may just literally break loose in their lives!

As I said in my article on the “Dangers of the Occult,” not everyone who engages in the occult will actually draw demons in on them. Only a certain percentage will have the misfortune of drawing these demons in on them.

But to take the chance hoping that you will not draw demons in on you by seeking after and engaging with any of these occult arts is literally playing Russian roulette, not only with your life, but also with all of those who may be very close to you.

The risk is too great, and that is why God the Father has given all of His people such strict warnings in His Word that we are not to engage with any part of the occult whatsoever.

As I said at the top of this article, each Christian will have to judge and discern for themselves whether or not they feel these books and movie are possible door openers to the dark side per all of my arguments as set out above. For those of you who have children, or for those of you who are really worried as to whether or not these books are safe for your children to read, I will leave you with one last piece of advice.

Go direct to God the Father in prayer, and ask Him to show you if these books and movie are safe to read and view, or if they really are a trap and lure from the dark side. I have to believe that God will somehow give you His direct answer, opinion and truth on this matter if you are truly interested in knowing what He really thinks about these books and movie.

All of the above is what I feel that God has personally conveyed to me after I had pressed in and asked to receive His thoughts and opinion on this matter.

I thought I would pass all of this on to the rest of you in the event that any of you were wondering what all of the fuss was about with so many Christians taking such a strong stand against these books and movie.


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  1. No matter where you stand on this matter, can we not aggree that there is good and bad in everything that exists?

    Your perspective might be that Harry Potter is evil, since it may encourage who are essentially very young children to want to learn witchcraft, or it may be that Harry Potter is described as a character who acts in ways that are aligned with Christian Principles.

    Either way, it shouldn’t matter. If God uses Harry Potter to fill your life with happiness and motivation, then it shouldn’t matter about the “but what if…?” God is our creator, he knows who we were, who we are and what we will be. He knows the best ways to reach us and put us on the path to reach Him. If Harry Potter does that for someone in a positive manner, then it cannot be all bad or all good. It’s just the way you look at it.

  2. So what is the difference between Potter and The Hobbit? Or The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?

    • I cannot speak for the Author, but in my opinion, fantasy does not equal witchcraft. Besides the obvious allegories, Lewis creates characters that engage in a fantasy while using them to illustrate deeper, distinctly Christian principles. There is no power within them that does not come from the “god” character and it is always that “god” character that gets the “glory”. Additionally, the characters represent principles like “depravity of the soul” – Eustace, sin and forgiveness – Edmund, and the inherent knowledge of right and wrong (Romans 1) – Digory, among others.

      Rowling and other fantasy others create characters who are inherently supernatural in and of themselves. There is no glory going to God. They are their own gods. Additionally principles of various
      occult practices are apparent in their works.

  3. This article is great and I’m really please to have had the chance to read it. I am surprised at some of the comments here where people were claiming that some magic is good. It isn’t. Previous to reading this article I was reading one by a former witch, now born again Christian who explained that all magic is evil and that Wicca, the religion she used to practice is in fact satanic. She also stated that many of the words and names used in Harry Potter are those of actually demons.

    I was also surprised that a Mormon person claimed that Harry Potter was the best thing that happened to them, shouldn’t that be the bible or the book of Mormon?

    The fact is that JK Rowling herself stated that she didn’t know that she was writing fiction when the Harry Potter books first started taking off. At the time because of how poorly the books are actually written other fantasy authors here in the UK thought that she was ignorant. But she wasn’t, clearly she knew what she was saying. It’s not fiction, it’s fact.

    The school motto is: Draco dormiens nunquam titilandus or “Never tickle a sleeping dragon.” Sounds silly but with this motto plastered on the first two pages of each book. Funny isn’t it how before getting to the story the reader has to get pass two seals which warn against waking “draco” please anyone who doubts this go and research the word and it’s mythological connections with:

    1)A tree around which it was coiled protecting the apples thereof whilst sleeping.
    2)The giants of the past, a bit like the nephelim of the bible.

    Does this not recall the serpent from Genesis?

    The first Harry Potter book is plagiarised from a book called Groosham Grange by Anthony Horowitz published in 1988. Please read this book and see the first attempt to do all that is described above. When the author found out about the similarities between his book and JK Rowlings did he sue? No, he said that he thanked her for encouraging children to read. Does that sound plausible? How about encouraging children not to plagiarise?

    These books are much more evil than you stated but thank you for writing this article and publishing it online, may God richly bless you and keep you and your family.

    • Awesome reply Candice.
      I am and then I am not shocked and surprised at the response and acceptance from some of the stricktist Christians and their pastors of the Potter series.
      Their neivity, ignorance and deliberate ignoring of the warning signs both seculary culturally and fundamently basically Biblically they turn a blind eye or walk under influence and commit a kind of suicidal walk into the abyss of the dark side.
      IT is true about opening the door to the demons though they are under a masquerade of an entertainment industry of the past American Christian cultural heritage that is now eroded to have been taken over. The same thing happened with Rock and Roll when witchcraft was illigal to broadcast, even interviews have been recorded by musicians that got their evil message out by music. Not only has the church fallen but Christian believers have followed their pastors prophets and teachers rather than God’s Word. Not only have the scriptures warned us about spiritual abomination manifesting through crafts and practices but it is also mentioning ‘ abomination connected to masculine and feminine clothing styles to be worn by Christian believers. ‘ where do you begin and where does it end ?
      John 1:1 Mal. 4:5,6

  4. Thank you for your very well written article. The majority of the comments left herein demonstrate how far the church has fallen. Many of the comments are from people who have zero discernment and are already trapped deep in the occult/new age web.

    I was looking for some points I could share with my grandson who recently became a Christian and wants Harry Potter anything for Christmas. You have made the arguments crystal clear. Also, anytime you write an article like this, there will be an avalanche of negative comments coming from the dark side, so no surprise there. Thanks again. Many people will appreciate your article but not leave comments!!

  5. First off, I wasn’t allowed to read this series until I grew up. Now I have read it. It is very imaginative and entertaining and encourages being courageous, protecting others, and self-sacrifice. I don’t think it is the best series to read, though, because the morals are unclear (Harry and Ron seem to get away with cheating on homework and telling lies) and it might make some people interested in witchcraft, although the magic is more like the force in Star Wars.

    One of the main reasons I read Harry Potter was because I was hoping to find another Chronicles of Narnia. HP is not Narnia, and though sometimes the writing style reminded me of C.S. Lewis’, it doesn’t have the charm of Narnia or the beauty of Lord of the Rings. It is a story of a boy trying to fight evil within a corrupt system, raised by grown-ups who have faults. Although it was fun to read about another world, the corruption of the wizard society in Harry Potter felt similar to our world today. Many of the suspense is created by grown-ups not telling Harry what he needs to know. But maybe I’m just wishing the boy under the cupboard had found a wardrobe instead.

  6. It’s not just kids who are sucked into this stuff but even adults. I have seen grown adults that have a weird obsession with these. They don’t actually attempt the practice of witchcraft but I have known those who seem to be choosing to experience it vicariously through the books and movies. I don’t think it even takes actually doing the stuff presented to open the door to demonic influence in ones life. Or maybe demonic influence already there is what causes it to be so attractive. I have known people who say they are christians who are obsessed with these books and movies who displayed a dislike for gods word and commandments and truth in general, ignoring standards of holiness and morality and picking and choosing what they like and ignoring what they don’t. They seemed to have a spirit of rebellion. This is not normal for a Christian to love that which god calls sin and an abomination. There was something spiritually dark in them. This should not be surprising because the bible says rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.

  7. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I

  8. In some ways I agree with the author. In others I do not. Spiritual power exists in angelic, demonic and all manner between. And witchcraft is prevalent in many forms. But because it exists, it is senseless to state all Christians should maintain their hedge. When you hide from what exists, you’re nothing but a bystander.

    That works if you want nothing more then protection. But think about it, can you really understand troubled waters you’ve never dared even look at? Let alone know how to swim in it. Or indeed when to hop out when there are sharks in the water? Knowing the craft us necessary if you wish to understand the spiritual world. If the practitioner can stay true to their moral code and retain faith in god, are they still abominations?

    I think the flip-side of the Author’s argument is most people of the general public don’t take what looks like a fun craft seriously. 90% of people don’t inherently have power of their own. So for most people making things happen means manipulating the spirit world. They don’t realize it’s not just goldfish lurking under the surface. I’d never serf the web on a completely unprotected Win XP computer. The same applies to the spectral arts, or magic.

    There’s no stopping the Harry Potter movies or their influence on culture. Christians can be up in arms all they want. That doesn’t ultimately accomplish anything. The better tactic is to make people aware of the dangers inherent with craft like this. Then far more would think twice before choosing to levitate things for real.

  9. Hello, folks at Bible Knowledge!

    I’d like to thank you for your article! It was very interesting indeed!
    I must say the list on Witchcraft books you provided to your readers was very helpful.
    I’ve always desired to start learning witchcraft, but whenever I searched the web for some instruction, I was faced with books or websites too technical or too advanced for me, which was a major setback. Now – thanks to your assistance – I was able to start studying and practicing witchcraft from the foundantions of the art, as a begginer.
    The book that helped me the most was “Witchcrafting – a Spiritual Guide to Making Magic”. I really loved its simplicity and begginer-friendly language!

    Thanks again for making this possible. As you said, I’m now a “seeker” of enlightenment!

    Keep up the good work!

  10. First off i am 16 years old and have gone to church for 16 years. I am a very strong christian in knowledge and faith. Harry Potter is not evil. In fact, he shows many characteristics a christian should show. He is caring, brave, and willing to die for a cause. Harry Potter has gotten me out of bad times and saved me from depression. I truly believe God used Harry Potter to make me happy, and would God use something evil for the good of his children? Oh and to all you christians who condemn christians who enjoy Harry Potter: Have fun watching The Lord of the Rings and please continue to support Gandalf THE WIZARD

  11. Actually, The first book does not send Harry to hogwarts to “learn to become a wizard”. In the books, wizards are born wizards and the schooling is how they learn the different types of things they can do, and the history of wizards and whatever. Its a fictional world entirely. It doesnt say that people can become-or should try to become wizards. If youve read the books at all you would know that it is very clear that some people are wizards and some people are not. There is no changing it if you are not. So basically even if someone thought the books were real, or wanted to be like the characters in the books, they would know-according the book they aparently believe-that it is impossible.

    I just do not think that J. K. Rowling was trying to lure anyone into the kinds of things mentioned in your post.

    The books are very against evil, and all about love and goodness and overcoming evil. In the very end when everyone thought Voldermort to have killed Harry, and said that everyone would come to his side or die-what did everyone do? They stayed on their side prepared to fight to the death, because they would not join evil. Isnt that what God wants? That we are to stand up to evil in the face of anything-even death? Arent we to fight evil in the end too?

    I think the magic in the books is just there because it adds a lot of fun and interest to the story. It makes the books different, and Im sure it was very enjoyable to write- making up all kinds of spells and a whole imaginary world. I does not seem to be evil in any way to me.

    And having read all the books and seen all the movies.. I never once felt that I should “seek” magic. I know perfectly well that here in the real world any form of “magic” is from the devil. But even if I didnt know-I would have probably accepted the stories for what they were-stories. Fictional stories.

    Just my opion I supose.

  12. No this article is not going overboard. When I was a little girl I saw the movie the Craft. I was only in JR High and after watching that movie I tried witchcraft. I know a lot of young girls who tried. The lie that Hollywood is telling people is that there is Good Magic verse Evil Magic. That lie makes a weak or baby Christian think they could learn about the Good Magic with out being against God. Because the so called good magic fights evil. the lie is that their is no good magic.

    See once you dabble you break your shield and once your shield is broken you may fall into the second trap and that is thinking that you can fight demons yourself with the so called good new age magic. Sure not every person who watches that movie will seek not everyone but some might.

    Also be aware of this Some of these movies and shows that you think are doing pretend magic are using actual spells. We are called not to watch because if we do we participate. It might not seem like it because of special effects but Hollywood does a lot of research behind things and there is some facts behind it. My mom who is really into new age will sometime watch a movie or listen to a song and she will commit that the show or song is really into the “metaphysical” That the producer or artist really knows about the “energy and magic”

    images, symbols, curses/spells and ritual found in some movies and books do have real roots from the occult and are not just fantasy. If you were going to right a book about construction workers you would do research on construction. Make no mistake will it may look like mere entertainment many of the stuff portrayed in the movies are real practices.

    I have never read harry potter. I suggest not to but if you are going to. I would further suggest not reading it out loud. Secondly if there are any symbols on the book realize that those symbols may not just be interesting art. Think of it like this. If someone gave you a magic amulet or stone would you take it. Be aware that some of the pictures in some of these books are like taking an amulet.

    To further drive my point. I would not make a movie or write a film about Hindus with out learning about Hinduism and using some of it arts and possibly prayers. The same goes about the occult. The writer, editor, script writer, producer, actors, everyone practically did research of the occult to put some sort of truth into this film.

    I have been threw some serious crap. You don’t want to open doors.

  13. OMG What the hell is wrong with you?!?! Harry Potter has opened so many new doors for me and my friends, and I am mormon. I am the president of the Harry Potter club at my school, and I have made so many new friends from it. Harry Potter is one of the best things that has ever happened to me! I have a friend down the street who won’t let her daughter read Harry Potter. It turns out that she thought Harry Potter was demonic, but later that very month she was sent to a home for the mentally insane! I have done research on Harry Potter, and J.K rowling (Who I idolize, by the way) had nothing more in mind than create a book on the adventures and friendships of a teenage wizard! I am a strong Christian, but you, my friend, are going overboard!

  14. I agree, except that I do not believe magic exists in that way. Healing herbs, for example, have actual, scientific medicinal properties, just like aspirin or tylenol. Performance magic is based on illusions and sleights of hand. I have a book that tells you exactly how to perform any trick you know. It isn’t magic, just a trick, and the audience is meant to understand it as such.

  15. First of all, you need you need to get your facts straight. Magic is not all dark and evil. If you were to actually have a talk with someone who has studied the craft or practices it, you would understand that most Pagans or witches DESPISE the devil. Magic is only as “evil” as the holder. It relies completely on the intent, or from within. Magic is also a healer. There have been many cases where potions or herbs have been used to heal an injury.

  16. Well…I do believe in withcraft, I just do not believe witchcraft is the practice of occult magic. Rather, I believe a witch is someone who welcomes in demons and Saitin and tries to get others to let in demons. That should clear that up.

  17. And lastly, I just wanted to clear something up. I do believe in demons. I don’t believe in occult magic. I do not believe in occult magic because I do not believe demons can give you power. They leach power from you. The only power the devil has is that which you give him. That is a basic doctrine of my faith and a doctrine that I uphold very strongly.

  18. Actually, your article tempted me to ‘seek’ occult magic more than Harry Potter ever did. Do not create the evil you seek to destroy.

  19. I’m sorry, but I find the idea that Harry Potter will lead people to become witches laughable and absurd. I’m not trying to upset anyone,but rather I am trying to point out that the books are not dangerous. Tshe main point of the books is the power of love and goodness. God is the manifestation of love and goodness, is he not? Countless times Voldemort is roundly defeated by his own lust for power and the emotion of love which he cannot understand. It is a classic novel about good v. evil. The ‘Dark Arts,’ as they are called in Harry Potter, are not promoted in the slightest. Anything ‘evil’ is denounced in the books. Harry himself is of the highest moral caliber in many regards. For example, in spite of Avada Kedavra curses whizzing past his head, he still demonstrates a remarkable reluctance to return fire with anything more powerful than a simple stunning spell. The spell that killed Voldemort did not come from Harry either. Harry cast Expelliamus, the most benign combat spell in the books. All it does is sends one’s wand skittering across the room or to the caster’s hand, depending on the proficiency of the caster. No, Voldemort was killed by his own curse. Even against his nemesis, Harry would not cast a fatal curse.
    The main theme is love. Every defeat Voldemort suffers can be attributed to love. The night Harry’s parents died, it was his mother’s love that saved him. The night Quirrel tried to get the sorcerer’s stone, Harry’s mother’s love saved him again. Harry’s fierce courage and ‘love’ for his friends drove him down into the Chamber of Secrets were he single-handedly defeated both the Basilisk and the Diary without the aid of a wand. In the third, he saved a handful of people including Hermione, Ron, Serious Black (twice), Buckbeak, and his past self for similar reasons. In the fourth, Rowling takes several opportunities to reinforce that aspect of Harry’s character. For example, he took last place in the second event in order to ensure everyone got up safely and risked both his life and his chances at winning in the third task to try to ensure the safety of each of the other three competitors throughout the event, and even wasted valuable time in the graveyard to make sure Cedric’s body was returned. In the fifth, it was memories of love that Harry used to force Voldemort out of his mind when Voldemort attempted to assume control of it at the end of the book, and it caused Voldemort a considerable amount of discomfort. In the sixth, his use of the sectumsempra curse against Malfoy resulted in a serious emotional upheaval for him, and in the seventh, he sacrifices himself to prevent anyone else from dying at the Battle of Hogwarts (even though he survived due to tha fact that Voldemort used his blood in the fourth book). Many of the characteristics Harry possesses are characteristics highly prized by God, such as love, loyalty, and benevolence. The fact that magic is involved is irrelevant. It is just the way the idea manifested itself. When you have a good idea as an author, you cannot afford to completely change it or you will lose it. To take out magic would have completely changed the idea that inspired J.K. Rowling. The books are not promoting occult. They are promoting the values of Christianity. I guarantee you they will not turn people into witches. No one reading Harry Potter thinks that the magical aspect of it is actually possible. Also, the values held by true witches are anathema in Harry Potter. I think also that the ‘seeker’ title has no significance. Any significance mentioned in the above article is invented. The term seeking was injected at strategic points throughout the article in an attempt to give the impression that it is an official step in becoming a witch. It isn’t. It was just used because Rowling decided to use the term. Also, Harry got the position because the first time he’d ever ridden a broom he dove about 100 feet and caught a glass ball approximately the same size as a snitch without damaging either himself or it, not because he was going after Malfoy. The ‘Head Witch’ gave him that position not because he is not afraid to experiment. If that was all she thought she would have made good her threat and expelled him. No, she gave him that position because he demonstrated a talent for catching small balls that are whizzing through the air at a hundred miles an hour. That is what a seeker does, and he showed an inherent talent for the position. Seeker also is a position, not an honorary title. Every quidditch team has a seeker.
    If you read the entire series, you find the emphasis is not solely on learning magic. The books have two phases that they smoothly transition through. The first phase is the phases that deals with the wondrous wizarding world and the wonders of it. Harry is suddenly introduced to an amazing new circumstance at a young age. The emphasis on things such as the house cup and learning magic is high at this point because these things create a wondrous tone to the books to the audience, which is meant to be about the same age as Harry. As the books progress, they transition from the wondrous and good aspect of magic to the malevolent aspects. It becomes less and less about the introduction to the good and more and more about the responsibility to keep the bad in check. The transition is made complete by the sixth book, possibly the fifth, and begins with the introduction of Voldemort right off the bat.
    Finally, occult magic does not really exist. The devil has no power save that of manipulation. He has no power except that which he can convince us to give him. For him to be able to give us supernatural powers requires him to have more powers than we possess. He doesn’t. Don’t be duelist! I explained the faults of that on my post on the thread “The False Doctrine of Universalism.” I challenge anyone to show an example of occult magic being performed (and please don’t try something from the Salem Witch Trials or related events. Those people were innocent, victims of hysteria not witchcraft). Occult magic does not exist. People do have mental issues on occasion, but that is not because they were practicing magic.
    (Please do not try a sola scriptura approach. The old testament is not historically accurate. Once again, my post on the false doctrine of universalism deals with that. Also, the old testament was subject to human alteration during the time period at which it was passed down by word of mouth. People from that time had such a limited understanding of science that the vast majority of today’s technology would have been considered witchcraft by them.)Harry Potter is not dangerous. Once again I do not intend to upset anyone, I am solely trying to defend a series I find really good and its author. Rowling is not an agent of the devil. She is simply a struggling single-mom who had a good idea and got lucky.

  20. May i just say, I dont see how this relates to harry potter. Im not trying to insult or upset. But there are no comparisons within the actual article. Why is it that the focus of this fanaticism with harry potter being related to the occult never focuses on the other messages that the book sends. The ability to stand up against evil. And protect others from the demons that we all face. (The evil being Lord Voldemort and his supporters.)Harry potter has never used his “Magic Powers” To act in any way EVIL. he always stands for what he believes is right. These are qualities that should be instilled in the youth of today. I am 21 no, Ive been reading harry potter since i was si or seven. I was bullied severeley in school. and through these books i learned that i can stand up for myself and be strong in the face of the bad things in my life. Youll probably say because im not religeous. (And im not. In any way. I believe in evoloution) That my opinion has no value. Well thats fine. But i think The focus that the christian community puts on the “Magic” side of harry potter takes away from the other messages that J.K.Rowling tries to send. These are messages of Fighting for honour, conquering over the “evil” in our lives and everyone elses. Working together and forming a bond as friends that can never be broken.

    As bill gates said “Harry Potter is about triumphing in the face of adversity, Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.”

    • The problem is that Harry Potter uses his occult magic to engage with the evil. As Christians we are not allowed to use occult magic to deal with adversity. We have to totally rely on God’s strength and anointing, not ours. All occult magic, whether it be white magic or black magic, all comes from demons, it does not come from God.


  21. Thank you for your awesome article. And praise God for His discernment in you. We must never forget what Jesus said about the mill stone tied around anyone’s neck whom causes the children to stumble

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