God Will Forgive All of Your Sins

I’ve  received an email from a friend who is apparently has a friend who is having a hard time in dealing with whether or not God will really forgive her for some of the bad sins that are in her past.

He had asked that I send him over some of the Bible verses on forgiveness showing that God will forgive all of your sins.  Here’s what I wrote to him.

I am assuming your friend is already a Christian and that she has already confessed each one of these sins before God the Father and has asked for His forgiveness.

If she has not, then that will be the first step she will need to complete.

She will need to go before God the Father in prayer, confess each one of the sins individually, and then ask God for His forgiveness.

If she confesses each one of these sins from her heart, and is really serious with God about each one of these sins – then she will be fully forgiven – no questions asked! This will be a done deal.

However, if she has already done all of the above, but is still wrestling with God as to whether or not He has fully forgiven her, you can pass over to her the Scripture verses I will list below.

These verses will show her that God will fully forgive any sin with the exception of the sin of the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

I am assuming that she is not anywhere close to having had committed this sin – so whatever she has done, no matter how bad she may think it may be, God will fully forgive her. Tell her that her slate is completely clean as far as God is concerned.

However, what may be bothering her is trying to handle the guilt of some of these past sins.

What she has to learn how to do is to let that guilt completely go. God has, and so should she! If handling the guilt of these past sins is really her problem, and she can’t seem to let it go or get it off of her – then tell her to go direct to God the Father in prayer telling Him exactly what the problem is, and then tell her to ask God to help take these guilty feelings away from her.

This is the job of the Holy Spirit to break those guilt chains off her back!

She may not have the mental power to do this for herself, so tell her to ask God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, to do this for her.

If she will simply ask God to do this for her, I have to believe that He will do it. It could literally be that simple.

In this next article, I list out all Bible Verses on Forgiveness and my conclusion.

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