Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Have you ever wondered why our daily bread, and not our weekly bread?

Or our monthly bread?

Being creatures of habit, desiring independence rather than dependency on God, we tend to forget to connect every day when the pressure is off.

But if we have enough for that day, as the Israelites experienced in the wilderness with the manna, we need to come back to God, in faith, the next day to receive what He promises and provides (see Exodus chapter 16).

Notice the understood subject of this verse–God!

God is the one providing the daily bread–not us.

So we go to Him daily to receive His provision by faith, understanding that He is the great Jehovah Jireh. And He is faithful to His word…indeed, He watches over His word to perform it.

We may not see it in the way we would expect..we may not have the physical evidence manifested, but He will always give us our daily bread.

Bread can be any number of things you may be needing, including physical food, money to pay bills and buy necessities, mental and emotional as well as physical healing (healing is the children’s bread), relational blessings to name a few.

With God, there are no limits or restrictions.

He does not play favorites if you are a child of God.

Jabez asked that he might be blessed indeed, and according to scripture, God answered in the affirmative, and increased his influence and delivered him from evil!

And he was an old covenant believer…we have a better, more sure covenant, built on better promises.

Our job, through faith and patience, is to inherit the promises, by which our advocate, Jesus Christ the righteous, says yes and amen.

So don’t hesitate, come boldly to the throne of grace and claim that daily bread that belongs to you.

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  1. Hanah - August 27, 2013 at 11:24 pm


  2. Duncan D'Abreton - August 28, 2013 at 3:47 am

    Good day.

    Firstly, thank you for this, as I believe that we need pray to strengthen our walk with Christ from more that just our friends and family.

    Just a view suggestions:
    – Spent sometime praying for a few requests, and did click the “I have prayed” button, although it did not update in the counter (is it updated immediately or daily – state so in the introduction)
    – Possibly put category in the pray request (as a dropdown), as I know I am stronger in the spirit to pray for certain categories.
    – How long does it take to have a pray request posted, as I have submitted my request and recived the confirmation email, yet it has not appeared on the list.

    Thanking you in advance and God bless!

    • Chris - August 28, 2013 at 6:45 am

      Hi Duncan, good suggestions and some of them will be in place once I upgrade the software to a higher version. I wanted to test to make sure this would be something people would use and so far, it has blown me away of how many people are requesting and even better, how many are praying for them so I praise God for that! The updated version will also give you more flexibility where you can edit, close and even send in a praise report for it. And “I THINK” I can have categories. It says I can have multiple pages so I am hoping this would be a way to categorize the request which I think is a great idea.

      As for the issue of the updates, it is automatically but the problem is a technical issue. It’s called caching. It stores data so it won’t have to load again, thereby making the site faster. But on a page that is more dynamic like this, it won’t unfortunately show up till I go in and clear the cache. And I’m usually working on the site every day so I do clear it a few times a day so you can always check back to see updated numbers later in the day.

      I will be updating both prayer pages today with that info. You were the 2nd person to bring that up and I thought if you refreshed your page, it would show real time results but I had to go into a different browser to test and then I realized what the issue was.

      If you want a technical term on caching, here it is 🙂

  3. Rati - August 28, 2013 at 5:07 am

    Powerfull..right now l need my daily bread to pay my debts and bills.l know God will provide in His own time.l pray for wisdom to handle and use wht God gives me.stand with me.Ameb

  4. Ewa - November 24, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    OUR DAILY BREAD means only 1 thing and that is Eucharist.
    Our Father gave us Eucharist so that we can become followers of Jesus Christ.
    This is what most Christians don’t understand if you don’t find time
    to feed your soul every day you won’t be growing in your Faith; Isn’t this great ! Praise the Lord every day and say “YES” to HOLY COMMUNION. That is why all churches who don’t offer Eucharist are False churches because they lack the MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT: Holy Eucharist. Because of our sinful nature we can’t fight the temptation and evil by ourselves, it is NOT possible to overcome sin by ourselves. Only Jesus Christ will win the battle. That is why is so important to receive HOLY COMMUNION daily (with pure heart of course). This should be #1 priority for every Christian. Without Jesus you can do NOTHING.

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