Deliverance from Satanism

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Since we have opened up this site, we have received many emails from people all around the world who have got themselves stuck behind enemy-demonic lines as a result of crossing over into forbidden territory with the Lord – with some of it being of their own choosing – and others being actually born into it and having no idea of how bad it really was until they got older and saw the horrors of what they were actually raised up in.

Without question, the greatest enemy stronghold that we will ever encounter upon this earth has to be the real live cults of true satanists. These people not only fully believe in the devil, but they also actually worship and fully serve him with the full consent of their free wills.

Just like we are to fully worship and serve our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in the same way a true hardcore satanist will fully worship and serve their almighty god, which is Satan himself. And if these people are fully serving Satan direct, then you just imagine what kinds of evil acts he and his demons will try and get these people to commit on their behalf.

I believe Satan, after he was cast out of heaven by God, has now become nothing but pure evil. I do not believe there is one ounce of goodness left in his personality. Both he and the rest of his demonic horde have now fallen into the lowest depths of evil and depravity that a created being can fall into.

As such, there is no saving grace left for Satan and the rest of his demonic horde, and they will all eventually be cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone after the millennium has passed. The millennium is when Jesus will be in full control and ruling this earth for a thousand years from the city of Jerusalem.

When Satan and his demons are finally cast into this Lake of Fire and Brimstone after the millennium has passed, that will be the last that we will ever see or hear from Satan and the rest of his demons, and he will never, ever bother another created being – ever again!

But until that final and glorious event actually occurs with the Lord, we are all going to be stuck with having to do battle with him and some of his evil demons from time to time.

As I have said numerous times in my other articles, we have all been born into a pure war zone as a result of the curse of Adam and Eve that is still in full operation on this earth.

And until that curse is fully and finally removed in the New Heaven and New Earth that we will eventually be getting with the Lord, it is going to be war with the devil on all fronts in our lives, as he and his demons are very active across every spectrum of our lives.

We are still seeing heavy demonic influence in the media, politics, some of our churches and ministries, along with our schools and courthouses across this country.

We still have liberal politicians, judges, and doctors who have no problem with ordaining the wholesale slaughter of innocent young children still in their mother’s womb, with abortion still being a legal right for any woman who still wants to get one in this country.

We have politicians in Washington who are just bloated with pure pride, arrogance, and greed, and who are only looking to serve themselves and their own special interests instead of the real interests of the American people.

We still have very liberal judges who are trying to pass liberal laws that are going against the will of the majority of the American people, along with us still having own problems in our own churches with liberal pastors and ministers thinking God has no problems with them having gay and lesbian pastors in some of their liberal churches.

We also have many atheistic professors in many of our colleges who are still trying to turn our children against the basic Christian beliefs they were raised up in by their good, God-fearing parents, not to mention some of the people in our media who are trying to lead this country down into a secular and socialistic style government.

Until Satan is finally taken out of the big picture, it is quite obvious that he is not going to stop these kinds of direct attacks and assaults on every major area of our daily lives.

For those of you who are plugged into the main daily news outlets, you can see this script being played out every day across every segment of our society. It truly is a battle of good versus evil, of God versus the devil.

In this article, I want to concentrate on one very special group of people – and that are all those people who have either been raised up in a satanic family, or who have unknowingly fallen into one of these types of evil cults and have done some really horrible and evil things as a result of being under their direct demonic influence.

Whether you were born into this kind of an evil cult or have fallen into this kind of a cult at a later age, I am here to tell you, as God’s representative, that there is a full and complete pardon for you for the sins you have already committed while under this group’s evil influence – and that there is full freedom and deliverance for you – if you will only be willing to take the saving hand of Jesus Christ and allow Him to pull you out of the death trap you have fallen into. You do not have to continue to remain in bondage and slavery to Satan and his evil demons.

No matter how horrible, how evil, and how vile some of your acts may have been while under this group’s evil influence, there is still full forgiveness and a full deliverance for each one of you if you will only be willing to accept the sacrifice that Jesus has already made for you on the cross.

There is no sin or evil act that cannot be fully forgiven under the blood that Jesus has already shed for you on the cross – even if you have already been directly involved in real, live, human sacrifices!

Satan and his demons are no match for the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus has already defeated Satan at the cross where He was specifically crucified for all of your sins.

The only power that Satan now has over you is the power that you allow him to have over you with the consent of your own free will. Jesus has already come to set the captives free, and that includes any of you who have either fallen into or have been born into these types of death cults.

What I can give you in this article is exactly how to receive your salvation in the Lord and how to cast off any demons who may be still attached to you as a result of your direct involvement in these types of cults.

Some of you may have already broken away from the cult, but you just need deliverance from the demons who are still following and attacking you. However, there are still some of you who are still caught up in the webs of these cults and you want out, but you are too afraid to try and get out on your own for fear that some of the members of the group may try and kill you.

Fear is one of the main tactics they will try and use to keep their members in the cult, especially in the generational families that keep passing this abomination down into their future bloodlines.

If you are trapped in this type of death cult and are too afraid to try and leave for fear of your life, what I can give you in this article is exactly how to receive your salvation from the Lord. But what I cannot give you is exactly how God will get you safely pulled out of these kinds of groups once you have become saved and born again under the blood that Jesus has already shed for you.

You will each have to get your own specific battle strategy on how to get out of these evil groups directly from the Lord Himself after you receive His gift of eternal salvation.

If you are willing to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, then Jesus will complete your deliverance by arranging a way for you to be able to escape. But you will each have to get that specific battle strategy directly from Him, as each one of these types of situations are going to be completely different and unique.

We will show you how to come into a full surrender with the Lord so He can then start to arrange for your escape. We will also give you an actual testimony of a young man who was born and raised up in an actual satanic family.

I will give you the exact battle prayer I gave him to free him from the demons who were still following him and attacking him. But you will each have to make up your mind as to whether or not you want to work with the Lord on this, or continue to remain bound up and in slavery to this group and the demons who are guiding them. The choice will be yours to make.

Now I will list the 9 steps that you will have to take if you want Jesus to set you completely free from this horrible curse and lifestyle. These 9 steps will show you how to break fully free from this horrible lifestyle, along with the additional things you will need to do to start your brand new life with the Lord.

1. How to Receive Your Personal Salvation From Jesus Christ

If you have been raised up in a satanic family and are still stuck in it, or if by chance you have already been able to escape their evil clutches, but are still having demonic spirits follow and attack you, the very first step in being able to receive your personal deliverance is that you have to be willing to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

Jesus Christ is the only One who can cast these demons off you. Neither you or any of the members of your satanist group can cast these evil spirits off you. Only Jesus Christ, through the power of His Holy Spirit, has the power to be able to do this for you.

If you are not willing to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior, then there will be no deliverance for you from these evil spirits.

If God has already prepared your heart for this by the time you are reading this article – if your heart and spirit are crying out to Jesus for the forgiveness of your sins that only He can give you and the full deliverance that only He can grant you – then you are now ready to accept His gift of eternal salvation and He will now fully save you – from both yourself and your sinful state, the evil satanist group you have either been raised up in or have fallen into, and any demons who may still be following and attacking you.

Jesus Christ has come to set you personally free and it can begin right now – right where you are sitting at in front of your computer!

Bottom line – you were born into this world in sin and iniquity, and only the blood that Jesus has personally shed for you on the cross can wash away all of those sins, including any horrible sins you may have committed while in this satanic group.

If you would like to accept the full pardon that only Jesus Christ can offer you – if you would like to accept His full redemption for all of the sins you have ever committed and will ever commit in the future – here is the basic salvation prayer that will get you fully saved and fully born again under the blood that Jesus has already shed for you on the cross,

Say this prayer out loud, believe it from your heart, and you will immediately become saved and born again:

Dear Father,

I now believe that Jesus Christ is Your only begotten Son, that He came to our earth in the flesh and died on the cross to take away all of my sins and the sins of this world. I believe that Jesus Christ then rose from the dead on the third day to give all of us eternal life.

Lord Jesus,

I now confess to You all of the wrong and sinful things I have ever done in my life. I ask that You please forgive Me and wash away all of my sins by the blood that You have personally shed for me on the cross. I am now ready to accept You as my personal Lord and Savior. I now ask that You come into my life and live with Me for all of eternity.

Father, Jesus – I now believe that I am truly saved and born again.

Thank you Father.
Thank you Jesus.

To fully understand the basics of your salvation in the Lord that you have now received, we ask that you go to our article titled, “The Basics of Eternal Salvation Through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,” in the Bible Basics section of our site. This article will give you additional information on who you really are now in Jesus Christ!

2. The Full Surrender

The next step you will have to take is to be willing to fully surrender your body, your soul, your spirit, and your entire life into the hands of Jesus for His full control and direction. Jesus must now become Lord over your life, not just your Savior. Making Jesus the Lord over your life means that you will now turn the reigns of your entire life over to Him and He will now be the One who will guide your life into the specific direction that He will want it to go in.

We now ask that you go to our article titled, “The Full Surrender,” in the Bible Basics section. We ask that you take your time to read this article in its complete entirety.

If you are in complete agreement with it, we ask that you do the full surrender prayer that is in there. If you can say this full surrender prayer from your heart and fully surrender every part of your being and every part of your life over to the Lord for His direction and handling, then you are now ready for step

3. Throw Away or Burn All Objects Associated With the Occult

The next thing you must do is throw away or burn all objects associated with any kind of occult activity, which obviously will include anything having to do with the worship of the devil. This will include all books on this subject matter, along with tarot cards, ouija board, and any kind of candles, incense, rings, jewelry, statues, and pictures used in the worship of Satan.

These types of objects, since they have been used in the realm of Satan and the occult arts, are all considered cursed objects and they must either be burned or completely thrown away. As cursed objects, demons can still stay attached to them, and the demons can thus end up still staying in your house until you either burn or throw away all of these cursed objects.

4. Battle Prayer to Cast the Demons Off You

You will have one of two options on this next step. This next step will be where you will attempt to cast the demons off you who have been following you and attacking you as a result of your direct involvement with this satanic group.

You can either get connected to a good, Spirit-filled church in your area and allow the pastor of this church to work with you on this, or you can try and do this on your own. If would like to try and do this on your own, we ask that you look at the testimony we have titled, “Battle Prayer For a Man Raised up in a Satanic Family,” in the Spiritual Warfare section of our site.

This testimony is on a young man who was able to free himself from the demons who were still continuing to follow and harass him after he had left the satanic group that he was raised up in. We drew up a very special and powerful battle prayer for him, showing him how to fully break the legal rights of the demons and then how to cast them off him for good.

Each of your cases will be unique and different, so you will have to use the basic outline of that prayer, and then form out your own personal prayer, plugging in your own appropriate words and the specific set of facts that you are directly dealing with on your end.

5. Plead the Blood of Jesus on You For His Divine Protection

The next thing you will need to do in order to keep God’s protection on you is to plead the blood of Jesus on your body, your soul, and your spirit, along with some additional items I will give you in the article I will recommend below. I would do this prayer once per month, on the first day of every month.

From time to time, the demons may come back to check you out to see if you have any holes in your protection. If they see the blood of Jesus still on you as a protective covering, they will not be able to touch you or harm you, and they will then more than likely leave you alone and try to find someone else they can torment.

It would be our strong recommendation at this time that you read our article titled, “How to Plead the Blood of Jesus for Deliverance and Protection,” in the Spiritual Warfare section of our site. This article will give you the full explanation on how to properly plead the blood of Jesus on both yourself and the other main areas that you will need His protection on such as your house and your car.

6. Start to Read and Grow From the Word of God

Now that you have been truly saved and born again, you will now need to start to grow in your walk with the Lord. And the number one way in which you will grow in the Lord is by reading and studying from the Word of God – which is the Holy Bible.

I would first start out by reading from the New Testament. After you finish the New Testament, you can then go back into the Old Testament and start from the very beginning of it, which is the Book of Genesis.

I would also read many of the articles in our site, as our site has been set up to get Christians up and running in the Word as quickly as possible. This site will help accelerate your learning curve in the Lord, as we cover all of the main basic areas of a true walk with the Lord.

7. Start An Active Prayer Life With the Lord

Once you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, the number one thing that God will be looking for is to establish a close, intimate, personal relationship with you. He wants to become your best Friend. You will need to start praying and talking to Him on a very regular basis.

We recommend that you read all of the articles in our Prayer Section and Sanctification Section, as this will give you some good additional insight and information on how to approach the Lord and establish this kind of close, intimate, personal relationship with Him.

8. Join a Good, Spirit-Filled Church

As soon as you can, I would also seek to join a good, Spirit-filled church in your area. Ask the Lord to guide you to the church that He would like for you to join.

If you have never been to a good church, you might want to start off by looking at some of the more non-denominational type churches in your area from either your yellow page book or through the internet.

Start checking out each one of these churches and the Lord will then guide you as to the one He would like you to join as you go into this seeking mode with Him.

9. Be Led by the Lord On How to Escape if You Are Still a Part of the Cult

If by chance you are still a part of the cult and are still too afraid to try and leave on your own, what you will have to do is go to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to guide you out. This part we cannot give you specific advice on, as each one of these specific situations are going to be completely different.

You will have to be totally guided by the Lord on exactly how to break free from this evil demonic group without getting yourself hurt or possibly killed. God will give you the appropriate battle strategy in which to escape if you will fully submit this to Him and then be fully guided by Him as to exactly how He will want you to do it.

You may want to start off by contacting the pastor of your church once you join one. Explain your situation to the pastor and then see if he can help or assist you in any way in being able to break free from this evil group without getting yourself killed or harmed in any way.


Again, I want to say to anyone who has either been raised up in a satanic family, or who has fallen into this kind of a evil group through a process of seduction, blackmail, or some type of brainwashing or mind control – that there is complete and full forgiveness for each and everyone of you for any evil and vile acts you may have committed while under this group’s evil influence – along with a full and complete deliverance from the members of the group, and from any demons who may have become attached to you during your involvement with this evil group.

The above 9 steps will give you the key to be able to start this deliverance process through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Remember, Satan is already a defeated foe. Jesus has already defeated him at the cross. Satan will be soon cast away from this earth and you will never, ever have to be bound up and tormented by him – ever again!

Thus any power that he is currently holding over you at this time can be completely broken right now through the pure power of Jesus Christ.

The only power left that the devil now has over you is the power that you are allowing him to have over you with your own free will. His power and hold over you can be completely broken right now if you are willing to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior.

Do not be deceived. The devil is a liar, thief, and murderer. There is not once ounce of goodness or love left in Him. He has totally malfunctioned to the dark side where he has now become nothing but pure evil.

The devil was cast out of God’s heaven long before we were ever created and he will never, ever get another chance to get back in. As a result, he hates God and all humans, and his only goal in this life is to destroy as many lives as he possibly can, and then drag as many souls down into hell as he can before his day in the sun is finally up. His days are now numbered and he knows it.

If by chance you have come across this article by doing a google search, it is not by accident! God has led many of His captives to this site and they have been completely set free from the information that we have in this site.

The Bible tells us that our God is no respecter of persons.

What this means is that if God has set other captives free from the clutches of pure evil, then He can also do the exact same thing for each one of you – if you will only be willing to cooperate with Him and work with Him during the deliverance process.

The Bible tells us that God desires that no man should perish – and that also includes each one of you!

If you have come across this site and have decided to get yourself set free by going through the 9 steps outlined above, God will now take full and complete control of your entire life and He will now move to give you a brand new life with a brand new fresh start.

If however, you are still not sure, or you are just too afraid to try and take this bold step, just approach the Lord in prayer and start talking to Him like you would a best friend.

He will hear every word of your prayer and He will somehow show Himself to you and get through to you so that you can see that He is truly alive and real – and looking to set you completely free from this foul and evil group so He can then give you the incredible life that He has already planned out for you before you were even born into your mother’s womb.

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is pure love. The devil and his mindless followers are pure evil. The choice is now yours.

Who do you want to follow and serve in this life – the Lord Jesus Christ, who will then lead you into the most glorious and holy place you can ever imagine when you die and cross over – heaven itself?

Or do you want to follow the devil straight into the pits of hell, where the Bible says that the smoke of your torment will ascend forever and ever?

I will now leave you with one of the most powerful verses in all of the Bible:

… I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live, that you may love the Lord your God, that you may obey His voice, and that you may cling to Him, for He is your life and the length of your days …” (Deuteronomy 30:19)

Notice that God is giving you a personal choice to make with your free will. God really respects your free will and He will never run against it. Satan and his followers do just the opposite. They seek to control your free will so they can fully dominate and control you for their own pleasure and profit.

Choose the Lord Jesus Christ and you will live for all of eternity in heaven with Jesus and all of your saved loved ones! Choose Satan and his followers and you will then end up in the most horrible place imaginable where there will be no escape for all of eternity.

You must choose this day whom you will serve and follow. Your eternal destiny will be forever decided on the choice you decide to make in this area.


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  1. My husband was diagnosed with clinical depression 7 years ago and refused to acknowledge it or take his meds. He left me after 5 months of his diagnosis and moved into a lavish home provided by some “new found” friends… After 6 weeks, they evicted him.. By then, he was involved with a girl from his childhood whose reputation preceded her immensely.. We finally divorced after 34 years of marriage( by his choosing) 4 years ago. I studied depression , worked with his doctor and employer and devoted all to bring him home.. He refused. I firmly believe he is involved with the occult His wife is suspected of long term involvement (he married his affair). He denounced Jesus right after he left and has no communication with our children or grands..or and very little with his own mom. I’ve prayed for him throughout this time. I don’t know what else to do for him. I saw him at our daughters wedding last month. His eyes are totally blank… This waste first time we’ve seen him in3 years.. He threatened suicide and claimed I am better off without him. He was a Christian and could recite bible stories and scriptures. his co workers shy from him now and all of his friends have changed drastically. Any advice to possibly help him is appreciated. Thank you for your time

  2. I thank God for such teachings, i believe this is the information that the Body of Christ needs, its not just for people that are trying to escape from satanism. I believe as the Body of Christ we can use such information to help our brothers & sisters that are bound by the devil not knowing what to do.

  3. i accidently got a santanic exercism pray for me i didnt know that exercism was a ritual oath look it up terrible things are happening to me dont ever do it i have been involved in false religion as well they are evil please pray for my soul and spirit thanks…i love your article he does come to steal kill and destroy they stold everything i ever wanted but can not keep me .if God still wants me .i hate that he masqurades as light so does his ministers they profess christianity.evil never says im going to destroy you it just trys.

  4. Dear Sheila
    I pray for your family and yourself that God will help and
    guide each one of you. Joinging cults is so dangerous and
    becomes the snare laid by Satan to deceive.
    God is greater though than any cult and if we all pray for
    you, and you believe in His help, then the outcome will be
    a blessed one.
    Remember though that we each have free will given by God.
    It is up to each person to turn to God.
    God will intercede if you pray. Believe it and accept it.
    God bless you.
    I know of two people that joined the Jehovah Witnesses and
    gave up good lives and study to go door-knocking, and giving
    their time, energy, money and beliefs over to what was in
    fact brainwashing.
    Because these two believe it is God’s will, they don’t even
    try to imagine they are in such danger. I suppose they lead
    happy lives in their ignorance. Yes, they are happy and
    satisfied. All we can do is to ask for God’s help and
    accept that one way or another to trust He will show them
    the Way. Our faith is tested this way too. We can only
    pray and then let God take over.
    Many Christians have families that don’t believe. It can be
    heartbreaking. Indeed this would be the major amount of
    problems within Christian belief.
    Most people have no belief at all, and never think about God
    or salvation.
    Catholics are brainwashed into believing much falsehood and
    so it has been for centuries. Lovely, sane, and sensible
    people who take on board all the lies given.
    The Jews rejected Christ, not all, but many.
    The muslims are taught something else again.
    So nobody is immune from Satan’s snares.
    Remember, we are chosen. Find strength to keep yourself
    faithful and strong, and allow God to take over. Amen

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