Christmas Treasures

Christmas Day dawned crisp and clear as light stole away the night. Slowly, a small, dim, cold, whitish orb ascended the pale abyss.

By mid-morning the sun’s masquerade of promised warmth provided no hope of comfort relief in a pure cerulean sky. Christmas Day was born, lived, and would pass all too soon.

The uncle arrived with his family and Grandma. Other relatives and friends came to visit; another adventure unfolded. Amber was hitched to the red sleigh adding fanciful delight to the day’s events in reminiscent reflections of yesteryears. Bapa had attached bronze sleigh bells to the harness which he had purchased at an Amish village years ago.

The adventurers enjoyed sled riding on the hills and ice skating now that the pond had frozen thick enough; Z. Tyler put on an Ice Capades display to rival the professional traveling troupe.

When frozen fingers and toes and rosy cheeks required thawing, the ice cubes retreated to the warmth of the farmhouse where a feast of Nanny’s Christmas delight was indulged. At last, dusk overtook the day, then night ushered in silent respite as peace covered the earth. The farmstead lay quiet under the watchful sentinels of tiny faceted-diamonds on a black velvet canvas.

Yesterdays were saved memories; tomorrow, the promise of even better times. Those remembrances are the keys to a warm tradition built on love of Faith! Family! Freedom!. And, “Someday”? Well, that’s today, right now…Right Now!

Do not wait for that elusive “someday” to perhaps arrive, delivered in a pre-planned package of perfection to be opened and maybe experienced and enjoyed; it may not appear.

Or, it may show up in a form neither anticipated nor recognizable. Today is important! Please live it, experience it, push it, challenge it, cherish it. Celebrate the gift with living, laughing, loving. Like Christ‘s birth, each new day is the best—

Christmas Magic!

So be it. Amen? So it is. Amen!

Merry Christmas!

This was a small excerpt from the book., Christmas Treasure.

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