Chrislam – Christianity and Islam Can Never Merge

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This article is being typed up on 5/24/11. The other night I was watching a prominent Christian teacher on TV and he then brought up a subject that I just about fell out of my chair on.

He said there is now a growing movement within the extreme liberal end of the Body of Christ to try and unite Christianity with the false religion of Islam. The name they are using to describe this movement is – “Chrislam.”

Just when you thought things could not get any more crazy, we now have this crazy demonic movement coming out of the woodwork and starting to gain more traction within the liberal end of the Body of Christ.

This teacher then went on to say that there were several liberal Presbyterian ministers who had taken out all of the verses in the Bible about Jesus being the Son of God – and then gave this revised Bible to some of their missionaries so they would not offend any of the Muslims they would be preaching to, since the religion of Islam thinks it is blasphemous that God would have a Son.

Bottom line – to tell God the Father that Jesus Christ is no longer His only begotten Son just so we can appease a false demonic religion is heresy and blasphemy at its absolute worst.

As we have said in our article titled, “The Basic Tenets of Christianity,” there are certain basic fundamental beliefs that we can never, ever throw out or attempt to try and compromise on.

Since we are living in such a politically correct climate where everyone is trying to compromise and appease everyone, there are some Christians, including some of our leaders and pastors, who are falling into this demonic trap. They are playing right into the hands of Satan when they do this, and this particular movement of trying to combine our Christian faith with that of Islam is definitely one of those traps being laid by the devil.

The Bible tells us that in the end times, that many will fall for the doctrines of demons, and this new movement called Chrislam is a perfect example of this actually occurring.

The other thing I want to point out on this is that if we are living in the end times as prophesied from our Bible, then there eventually will be a real, live, living Antichrist who will be coming onto the scene to rule the entire world during the last 7 years of it. And if there is going to be a real live Antichrist who will rule this entire world under a one-world governmental system, then you know there are forces working right now behind the scenes trying to set up this one-world government.

And if there are forces trying to do this right now, then you can logically conclude that they will try and push a strong ecumenical agenda that will try and combine all religions with one another so they can eventually end up with a one-world religious system to match up with their one-world governmental system.

However, as we all know, this is just a trap and a ruse, as eventually during the midpoint of the Tribulation, the Antichrist will seat himself up in the Jewish Temple that has been rebuilt by the Jewish people and then proclaim himself to be God. From there, he will then persecute and kill everyone who will not accept his mark and worship and serve only him. The Bible calls this one evil horrific event the “Abomination of Desolation.”

So if this is all going to eventually happen, then I guess we should not be too surprised to see a movement like this trying to work its way into not only our faith, but eventually into all of the other false religions of the world so Satan can then try and get everyone under a one-world, governmental, religious system.

For those of you who would like some basic information on this demonic movement called Chrislam and how we as Christians can never fall for it, I will use this article to show you some of the basic fundamental differences between our Christian faith and Islam. Once I point out some of these basic, hard-core differences between the two of us, you will see why God the Father will never accept or tolerate this kind of compromise with Islam.

Again, this kind of movement of trying to combine Christianity with Islam is heresy and blasphemy at its absolute worst.

Why Christianity Can Never Merge With Islam

To fully understand why our faith can never merge or combine with the religion of Islam in any way, shape or form, all you have to do is look at some of the main basic differences between our basic beliefs and their basic beliefs.

Here are 5 major differences between what we believe in and what they believe in. As you will see when reviewing some of these main differences, these main differences are so extreme and so far apart with what we believe in, there is simply no way that any true, born-again, Bible-believing Christian could ever fall for this kind of compromise or merging.

There are many more differences than the first five I will now list below, but these first 5 differences are attacking the most important basic fundamental tenets of our faith. These first 5 differences totally disqualify this religion as anything that God the Father would ever accept, as they are all attacking the very heart and soul of our faith in the Lord.

These 5 basic tenets are the absolute bottom-line, basic foundations of our faith in the Lord – and woe to any man or woman who will try and replace any of these 5 tenets just to try and appease another false religious system.

The religion of Islam:

  1. Does not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God
  2. Does not believe that Jesus Christ is God and Lord Himself
  3. Does not believe in the Incarnation, where Jesus Christ came down to our earth in the flesh as fully Man and fully God
  4. Does not believe that Jesus Christ was ever crucified on a cross to die for all of our sins
  5. Does not believe that Jesus Christ rose bodily from the grave

As we pointed out to you in our article on Islam, this religion all started out when a demonic spirit appeared to their founder Mohammed as an angel of light in a cave. Leave it to Satan to make sure and attack all of the main basic tenets of our faith if he was going to try and create a new false religious system that would try and rival ours. And that is exactly what he did as you look at the main fundamental differences between the two of us.

Satan went right after the heart and soul of our belief system in the Lord. This is why we, as Christians, can never attempt to compromise or merge with any of the other false religious systems that are still operating in the world today – as every single one of these false religions will deny the divinity and deity of Jesus Christ, along with denying what His death on the cross really means for all of us.

How any true, born-again Christian could fall for this kind of trap, where they are literally trying to take out some of these key verses from our Bible just so they can try and appease another false religion is beyond me.

This is why all Christians, now more than ever, have to really be grounded in the Word and know exactly who they are in Christ, and exactly what our fundamental basic beliefs and tenets are in the Lord. If they are not truly grounded in the Word of God, they could easily be swept up into a false doctrine or false movement like this particular one is.


With radical demonic forces now working behind the scenes to try and set up this one-world government so the Antichrist will eventually have this kind of platform to step into, look for more of this kind of compromise and merging to try and occur between many of the different religions in the world today.

As Christians, we already know what our Bible has to say and why we can never attempt to try and merge or compromise with any of these other false religious systems.

Jesus has already told in His Word that He is drawing a major battle line in the sand for all of us. We either believe directly in Him and everything that He stands for or we do not. Every single person in this life will eventually have to let Jesus know which side of the line they are going to stand on.

With that kind of a major battle line now being drawn in the sand for all of us by our Lord and Savior, we can never attempt to try and cross over it, or try and wipe it out in any way just so we can appease some of these other false religions.

We can try and live next to one another in harmony and unity, but we can never compromise any part our faith in the Lord. As Jesus has already told us, we have to be willing to be His light to the world. We cannot attempt to hide His light underneath the table. Now, more than ever, people need to be told what the real truth is and who our Savior really is in this life.

When Jesus tells us that He is the only One who is the real way, truth, and life to God the Father, He is not leaving us with any room to include any other persons, religions, ways, or movements. Jesus Christ is the only way to eternal salvation with God the Father, and He will not tolerate, accept, or compromise with any other ways or religions that are going to go directly against Him.

As such, the movement of Chrislam cannot be accepted in any way, shape, or form by Christians. Its intentions are obviously good, as they are trying to build a bridge between us and those who follow Islam. But when you get into the real heart and soul of our belief system with the Lord, I am afraid there is no room or slack with the Lord on this issue.

The Bible is very clear on how we are to receive the gift of eternal salvation from God the Father. There is only one true Savior and Mediator between man and God – and that one true Savior and Mediator is Jesus Christ. As such, we cannot have any of these other false religions enter into our house with the Lord under the guise of trying to promote unity, brotherhood, and harmony with one another.

Remember – one of Satan’s greatest tricks and traps is to try and appear as an angel of light – and this particular movement labeled as Chrislam is a perfect example of him trying to do this once again. Do not fall for it as some of the liberal Christians are now doing.

If you belong to a liberal type church that is starting to fall for this kind of demonic compromise, and they will not stand to be properly corrected on this issue, then I would leave this church at once and join another one that will hold true and firm to the basic fundamental beliefs of our Lord and Savior.

Time is slowly running out, and we need all of the strong and grounded Christian Churches we can build up, as I believe God is going to make one more big move upon this earth to get as many people saved as He possibly can before this short window closes for all of eternity for all of the people who are living on this earth.


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  1. Muslims do not believe in Trinity but if you can convince them that God the Father and Jesus are one and the same, then they will accept Jesus Christ because Muslims believe in God the Father who they call as Allah and Jews as Yahweh. In fact, Muslims believe that Christ will return again on Judgement Day to defeat the evil. Christ is even mentioned more in the Quran than Mohammad. Remember that Christians and Muslims both came from Abraham. Abraham has two sons: Ismael where Muslims came and Isaac where Jews and eventually the Christians came. Both are loved dearly by Abraham. Finally, Christ said “love thy neighbor just as you love yourself” – Mark 12:31.

    • “Muslims believe that Christ will return again on Judgement Day”
      Yes! They do. You need only research the moslem “Isa”s role when he returns to find that he is not Jesus Christ. Unless… you think Jesus is moslem, will remove all other forms of worship other than islam, will testify that he is not the Son of God and did he die on the cross.

  2. AMEN.

  3. as far as chrislam being repsonsible for the fall of many ppl in the end times…no. all religions are the doctorines of demons, christianity and islam included. the most high gave us divine understanding from birth (common sense).

    the The Bible tells us that in the end times, that many will fall for the doctrines of demons, and this new movement called Chrislam is a perfect example of this actually occurring.

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