Calling on Jesus In The Middle of a Crime

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We just recently received an email from a woman by the name of Rose. She had found our site, read some of our testimonies, and wrote in letting us know that she wanted to share two powerful testimonies she had several years earlier with the Lord.

In both of these incredible testimonies, she got caught not once, but twice with several criminals who were attempting to rob her and the people she was with.

And in both of these instances, she immediately called out and prayed for Jesus to come and help deliver her.

As you will see when reading both of her testimonies, Jesus did show up and completely deliver her from both of these criminal acts. Rose has now given us permission to release both of her testimonies on our site.

Here is her word-for-word testimony on exactly what had occurred with both of these criminal acts, and how Jesus Himself had come to miraculously deliver her.


1.  I read some of the testimonies on your website and I thought I would share mine to tell the goodness of our Lord, and the power of the name of Jesus.

I am a born again believer. One Sunday in 2009, my fiancé (now my husband) was dropping me at my parents home at about 8pm after a trip. My parents house is the first house on their lane and there is a rounded corner as you get onto their lane.

As we rounded the corner, I saw 2 men who held some plastic bags at the end of the street and I immediately got uneasy and very uncomfortable and told my husband that the 2 guys looked dangerous and we should be careful. He however said that I had nothing to worry about since it wasn’t late.

So we approached my mum’s house and turned at the corner to park at a vintage place. My husband switched off the engine and got out of the car before me.

When I got out, I saw the 2 men standing next to my husband with a gun pointed at his head. One of the men came round to my side and forced me to seat at the drivers seat while the other one sat with my husband at the back.

At that moment I was gripped with fear and panic as they took our ATM cards, credit cards, camera and jewellery. Suddenly, a thought came to my mind – where is Jesus in all this? I suddenly felt very calm and started praying in my heart calling out to Jesus to save us.

A few minutes later, the guy seated next to me at the front got all panicky and started telling his friend that he was very afraid and that they needed to get out of our car and leave! So they left us unharmed. Praise God!

Another point to note is that these guys had gotten our ATM passwords out of us. They however did not withdraw a single cent yet the ATM’s were a mere 2 minutes walk from my parents house! I believe God had everything to do with this because of His mercy and maybe because of a little test He had given us earlier on in the day.

We had gone to church and when the offering basket came round, I realized I had left my purse in the car. I thus told my husband to give for both of us.

He only had $1,000 in his wallet and didn’t want to give it saying its all he had. We got into a small argument in church and I told him to give that money considering all that God has done for us. So he gave and we were left with almost nothing at hand..I believe we honored God in that small way and he spared us a bigger loss had those thugs gone to the atm. God is so good!

2.  Testimony Number 2

Before I was a believer, there is a time I took a bus from town at about 7:30pm to my parents house. However, when I got inside the bus, something was telling me to get off but I ignored and thought that I was just being

I regretted ten minutes later when the guys at the back row suddenly whipped guns out and commandeered the bus to a dark dingy dangerous slum area. They took everything we had – ID’s, cash, jewellery, phones, wallets, etc. These guys were really high on something and kept laughing in a way and with voices that sounded like those of evil characters in cartoons!

For real! I was terrified and even more so when they threatened to rape the ladies (we were only 2 ladies in that bus). I didn’t know Jesus then, but I started calling out Jesus over and over again softly. Shortly afterwards, they got off the bus and even gave us back our SIM cards for the phones…

God is truly amazing. Later on I read the verse that says that whosoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. Literally! Who is that who dare say that Jesus is not Lord?


With the way these criminals immediately backed off after Rose had called upon the name of Jesus, I do not think it is any question that it was the Lord Himself who had caused these criminals to back off like they did.

We also have another article like this in our Testimonies Section. The title of this article is, “TBN Testimony #2 – Abduction of a Local Weatherman.”

The same thing happened to this man. He literally got abducted by several criminals and put in the trunk of his car. He then immediately started to pray to God to help deliver him, and God moved in very quickly to save him from any physical harm as you will read in this testimony.

We simply cannot emphasize this point strongly enough. If any of you ever get caught up in the middle of a criminal act like a robbery, abduction, or car-jacking – immediately call out to the Lord like these two people did, and ask Him to immediately help you and deliver you.

We have seen other cases like this before. One testimony I had heard years ago was of a man was being choked to death by an assailant. He said he could not even begin to speak anything out of his mouth, as he could not talk as this criminal was literally choking him to death. He then started to think inside of his own mind the words, “Jesus, Jesus.”

As soon as he said both of those words in his mind, the assailant immediately let go of his grip, stepped backwards, and then all of a sudden his eyes got real big like he was seeing something behind the man. The assailant then ran off, screaming at the top of his lungs.

I do not know if he saw one of God’s battle angels, but he saw something that really terrified him and he then immediately stopped trying to take this man’s life.

Another testimony I had heard from one of our local pastors was that a group from his church went to downtown St. Louis to attend some type of Bible Seminar. As this group was walking to the building where it was being held at, they were approached by two men who were wanting to rob them.

Instead of handing their purses and wallets over to the two men, one of the older women stepped forward and told both of the men to immediately leave them in the name of Jesus. Again, as soon as she said this, both men’s eyes got real big, and they immediately ran away from the group and did not attempt to rob them.

Again, to any of you who ever get caught up in this kind of a predicament, do not be afraid to call out to the Lord for His immediate help and deliverance.

In the Spiritual Warfare Section of our site, we have an article titled, “Battle Verses of the Bible.” In this article, we give 100 of the best verses from the Bible showing you that God the Father does have a war side to His personality, and that He will not hesitate to come to the aid to those who will call out for Him to help them.

The above testimony from Rose is just more proof that our Lord will come and help us out when we pray and call out for Him to do so, no matter how extreme the situation may appear to you in the natural.

We want to personally thank Rose for allowing us to do an article on this very powerful testimony. This is the kind of testimony that can actually save people’s lives.

If God helped Rose out like this on these two types of occasions, then He can also help any of us out if we will just do the same thing she did – immediately call out to the Lord to come and save us when we get caught up in the throes of pure evil.


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  1. I discovered a couple months ago, and it has been beyond helpful to me. I have been a born again Christian for many years, and I have had certain spiritual gifts since I was a child. I have always had abilities to discern spirits, demonic and angelic, gifts of prophecy, and dreams (also writing and singing). When I was little I would see angels, but unfortunately, I also have experienced demonic attacks many times too. I have read numerous articles on this site and have directly utilized the strategies for such things as breaking generational curses and to pray against a demonic attack against someone I am especially close to. These spiritual warfare tactics have proved successful and have been so helpful for me. Although I have been saved for awhile, unfortunately, none of the churches that I attended truly taught about spiritual warfare tactics. Therefore, although I was saved for awhile, I do not feel that I was truly living in the fullness of God’s blessings for my life. I was saved, but I was sometimes living defeated. I have had some amazingly powerful spiritual experiences since I discovered this website as a resource. There are some things that have occurred that I know for a fact were done only by God. So my question to you, Mike, is can I email you one or some of those testimonies? I noticed that the woman in this testimony emailed it to you. I’m not expecting anything to be posted unless you feel in your spirit that God is leading you to do so, but some powerful things have occurred in my life and the lives of others over the past few months, and this website has been especially helpful so I wanted to at least email those testimonies to you. I want you to know that your website is making a difference in many lives, including my own.

  2. Hi Natalie. GOD did show up for this woman in the way HE was supposed to for her. HE heard her prayers and comforted her through all that happened. In the world sense it probably looked as if HE should have saved her life but something bigger beyond our understanding was taking place as only her flesh life was taken. Why I can’t honestly answer that for you but be sure that She will LIVE AGAIN! I can tell you one thing for sure that GOD is good even when we think we don’t see him answering our prayers. HE is Love and he really does love us!

  3. Yeah God is always on time. What I want to know is.. why doesn’t he show up sometimes? I read a story where this lady was being raped and later got killed (by someone she knew), and in the middle of it she prayed.. but he still killed her. Why didn’t God show up? I understand he’s always on time and he helps people.. but why didn’t he help that lady? I’m not bashing God, i love God and I pray to him everyday, but I’m just wondering.

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