Testimony – God Restores a Broken Marriage

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One of the more frequent type of emails we have received over the years since we have been online is from married couples, where one of the spouses has left the other one for another partner. The one spouse who has been left behind then starts praying to God to bring their spouse back home.

The pain adultery causes in a marriage relationship is extreme and traumatic, as a broken heart is one of the worst kinds of pain you can go through. For those of you who have been on the receiving end of adultery, you know exactly what I am talking about. You feel like your whole world has been shattered and that you will never be able to trust your spouse again, even though you are asking God to bring your mate back to you as you cannot stand the pain of that broken heart.

For those of you who are still praying to the Lord for the restoration of your marriage, below is a powerful testimony we have just received from a woman by the name of Crystal. Crystal had what she thought was the perfect marriage when all of a sudden her husband tells her one day he wants out of the marriage, as he had been having an affair with a woman online.

As you will see when reviewing her testimony below, Crystal was determined she was not going to lose her good marriage over something like this, so she stormed the throne of God asking Him to move to bring her husband back. Here is her word-for-word testimony, and then I will point out a few key things she did to get God to move on this extreme situation.

My name is Crystal and I’m here to let you know that with man it may seem impossible……but with Almighty God…..NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE…

I made a promise to God and to myself that WHEN he restored my marriage, I would testify and tell the world….I would share EVERY single detail no matter how shameful and embarrassing it would be, in the hope and knowledge that I would someday be able to bring some kind of hope for a hurting wife or husband who would’ve been going through what I once was.

I’ll try to be as brief as possible but I really don’t want to leave any detail out….no matter how small, because it may be the very thing God wants to use to inspire and encourage a stander or prodigal spouse.

I don’t want to apportion blame too much here but suffice it to say we had some in-law issues which contributed greatly to our demise….but that is another story and I want to concentrate on how God showed up and showed off in the mist of my situation. Today is March 16th 2011…. My husband of 1 year and 5 months left me on November 30th, 2010… .BUT…. all thanks and all praise be to Almighty God, he is now back home and we are rebuilding a marriage that from all counts and to the naked eye in the natural realm was dead.

As far as I could see we were the perfect couple……went out together…….stayed home together……laughed, joked……..we were like two peas in a pod……of course we had our regular marital problems….no marriage is perfect……..in addition to the above we also….. argued and sometimes told each other some harsh words…….LIKE EVERY OTHER COUPLE……it isn’t right but it happens…..

In spite of all this , I believed he loved me just as much as I loved him……you could imagine my surprise and heart break when one day after a short disagreement……and I mean short….lasting no more that a few minutes…..my beloved husband packed his clothes and walked out of my life…….

All this happened on Nov 30th 2010…..I held off from calling him because I was still upset and I figured I didn’t do him any harm…..he was the one that stepped out in our marriage and on our marriage…..ours wasn’t a physical stepping as in outside sex….it was an on-going 5 month relationship on the internet, with someone he had been previously involved with.

The days went by and he didn’t call so on December 5th 2010….I called him…..he refused to take my calls so I texted him only to be told that he wasn’t interested in me and I should go on with my life….that I should never call or text him again……..that was like a dagger through my heart……I felt as though someone had literally ran a knife straight through my stomach and was twisting it repeatedly…..but that isn’t the worse yet…..

I persisted in calling him that same day and eventually he picked up the phone…he was as cold as ice……I felt frightened even listening to him……he told me….I NEVER LOVED YOU……I AM SORRY WE GOT MARRIED…..I FELT TRAPPED IN THIS MARRIAGE…..I DON’T LOVE YOU LIKE A MAN SHOULD LOVE A WOMAN…..THE FEELINGS I HAVE FOR YOU IS THAT OF A “GOOD” FRIEND……I DON’T WANT TO BE WITH YOU AND YOU SHOULD GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE…..I’M

I have never felt pain like I did then in my entire life……..it is amazing when you are down on luck how quickly you remember that GOD does exists.

I was a regular church goer and I tithed but I still didn’t have that personal relationship with God…..well God has a way of getting our attention in ways unimaginable….and he got mine.

I cried DAILY AND HOURLY……I felt all hope was gone….I mean how do you get someone to love you again when that person is saying I never loved you at all…..YOU CANT….BUT GOD CAN……

I had built my life around my husband and now he was gone……I felt like I lost the better part of me…..I couldn’t eat….I couldn’t eat ….I didn’t want to socialize and I forced myself to go to work…..but God had a plan…….even though all seemed lost……God was turning my situation around even as I was hurting…..what the devil meant for evil God was turning around for good.

I enlisted the help of three persons…….a Prophetess, an Apostle, and a church Pastor…..these were all spiritual people I knew……and strong men and women of God……I knew I wasn’t strong in my spirit and my faith was way less than even that of a mustard seed.

I still cried every day but I also engaged in some radical and spiritual warfare for my husband…..I spoke the word of God over my marriage EVERYDAY and I prayed hedges of thorns around my husband EVERYDAY…..I pleaded the blood of Jesus over him and claimed my marriage in the name of Jesus.

Remember I wasn’t rooted in God so my prayers wasn’t as flowing as other people but everyday I gain more and more strength and my faith began to soar…..I prayed that God would soften my husband’s heart and remind him of the love we once shared……I asked God to send Godly people in his life to speak to him even when I couldn’t and God heard me….

I think I either bought or borrowed every book on marriage…warfare….prayer…you name it ….every website I could think of…….. And I just wrapped my husband up and prayed what ever pray I could even verbatim from some of those same books…….I became like a one man army…..

At times the devil whispered in my ears and unbelief and doubt settled in….I would call my prayer warriors for encouragement and go to God crying and in a few hours would be right as rain and ready again to go up against the gates of hell for my boo. To make a long story short……Sunday January 16th 2011….I got a text from my husband….who accidently had AGAIN on the 14th January 2011…..told me he felt the same way and I should go on with my life.

He said he wanted to talk and wanted to know if he could come by the house…he wanted to know if I could forgive him for what he did and for us to try again at our

I had released my husband and my marriage to God and I knew God was going to do something…. but I thought it would be perhaps a Hi hello…how are you….or perhaps a few weeks down the line he might drop in a call or something……….I had no idea that MY GOD was bringing my husband home that day….that instant…

He told me that after he spoke to me on Thursday….he went to God himself and talked to him and asked him to speak and show him what he should do……..he said from the time he said that everything just went crazy…..everything he saw reminded him of me….. when he went to sleep his dreams were constant replays of our life together….. he started thinking about stuff that happened before and after our marriage that were nothing short of miraculous…..

In short…..God was speaking to him all along but he was too proud to just walk back and admit that he was wrong but he wanted to so much….. He wanted to give our marriage a chance and he loved me and wanted to be with ME.

I give all the thanks and praise to God for what he did……it doesn’t matter what your situation looks like….it doesn’t matter how impossible and dead it seems……it doesn’t matter what your husband or wife is planning……..we plan but God is also planning and he works EVERYTHING out together for those that love the LORD..

DO NOT GIVE UP….THE DEVIL AND EVEN YOUR OWN MIND IS GOING TO TRY TO TELL YOU TO MOVE ON…LEAVE HIM/HER ALONE…HE/SHE DOESN’T WANT YOU…..THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO…..THERE IS NO ONE THAT CAN HELP YOU NOW…..DO NOT LISTEN……even in your tears….cry out to God….when you don’t know what to say…..just say JESUS….nothing more……tears is a language God understands and he is going to work it out…..

This isn’t every single detail of what happened there are parts missing…but my short journey has been nothing but incredible and miraculous…but I want you to know that with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE…

Be encouraged

Notice several key things Crystal did to get God to move on her behalf.

1.  The first thing she did was to fully surrender the entire matter into God’s hand. Notice she said she had faith less than the size of a mustard seed when she first started to approach the Lord for His help.

As we have showed you in our article titled, “Bible Verses on Faith,” the Bible tells us that faith the size of a mustard seed will move mountains. This means that you do not have to have large amounts of faith with the Lord to get the show going with Him. God will take whatever level of faith you are operating at with Him and then move to help you out with your current situation as long as you are directly seeking after His help and are willing to fully surrender the entire matter into His hands.

2.  The next thing she did right was to enlist the aid of three powerful prayer warriors to help her with her prayers to the Lord. This is what is called the prayer of agreement. We already have an article on how powerful of a strategy this is with the Lord. The title of this article is, “Prayer Secret #6 – The Prayer of Agreement.”

3.  Also notice she went into a very heavy seeking mode by searching out every good book she could find on marriage, prayer, and spiritual warfare. The Bible says to “seek” and then you will find what you are looking for. And this woman went into a very heavy seeking mode. I believe when God sees this kind of intense seeking activity, He is really moved, and sometimes that is what will get Him to move to answer the prayer.

4.  Another thing she did when she went on the offensive was to plead the blood of Jesus around the situation. If you have a spouse that has left you for another person, it would be our recommendation to plead the blood of Jesus around them, and then plead the blood of Jesus against any demons who are trying to get in the middle of this, along with pleading the blood of Jesus directly against the person they are having the affair with.

All in all, as you read her incredible testimony, the thing that stands out is her fierce determination that she was not going to let her marriage go, and that she would take a hold of God and keep praying to Him until He brought her husband back home to her.

We want to personally thank Crystal for allowing us to release her testimony on our site, as it will help show others that God can move to restore broken marriages, no matter how hopeless things may look in the natural.


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  1. Hello,
    I was involved in a 2 year relationship with the woman I love. We were intimate only a few times in the beginning but decided that we want God to bless our union. She and I have never been previously married nor any children. I am 39 she is 36. We live in the same building but not the same suite. 1 month ago she ended our relationship and immediately began a relationship with a very not nice man. She then moved him and his son into her apartment the next week. I read scripture and pray and talk to Him often. I have since cried out to Him many times. Before meeting her I asked Him that the next lady whom I open my heart to may she be the one He willed for me. Then there she was! I was going to marry her and if it was His will have children with her. It has been 1 month and I just wanted to say that reading these posts boost my faith that He will intervene and soften her heart and bring us together. I know I am not married yet but again thank you so much for reaffirming my belief that God will help soften her heart to me. There was never any abuse of any kind in our relationship. She was my princess. This man she is with is very bad. I know I am not supposed to say anything negative about others but he is a very not nice person. Anyways, thank you for all the posts and knowing that there are others who know what believing and praying and keeping faith in Our Lord can and will do! God bless you all. Praying for you all. May Jesus Christ keep holding our hands through our trials and tribulations.

  2. Kim,

    Thank you for your testimony! It is such a blessing to me! and I know it will be a blessing to all the other ppl that have been posting on this site. Thank you for being obedient to God by giving your testimony 🙂 What an encouragement!

    U started off by saying “Let Go & Let God” – that has been my mantra for a while now… I know im on the rit track. Everytime somebody posts something encouraging I feel its been confirmation after confirmation of how God wants me to stand & trust in HIM no matter the circumstances!

    I know that one day soon I will rejoice & sing Gods praises as I give my testimony.
    This morning in my devotion I confessed Gods word – & i told God that I will build my life, my marriage & my family on the solid foundation of God, He is my rock & my support! He is my joy & my strength today as I trust HIM to remove my husbands heart of stone & give him a new heart of flesh. Ezekiel 37:26-27 What struck me the most was about these verses is that it says God says ” I WILL ” “I WILL give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you, I WILL remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh. And I WILL put my spirit in you and move you to follow me decrees…
    Gods word is soooo amazing!

    God bless you all
    PS. Sendy, Crystal, Robert, Barry, Marlette & all the other ppl I think I missed out on quite a few others, how are you all? What is God doing in your lives? 🙂

  3. “Just Let go and Let God take over.” I have been “seperated” from my husband for almost 4 years, 3 hours away, 4 kids on my own all week. I See my husband on weekends only. He drives 3 hours every weekend to see me, I have never gone back to our old home, I never looked back. He still lives there, he driven to see him. I make him come to me, our children. This has worked well in strengthening our marriage. Before I left him, the “other woman” was his controlling mom who hated me. I had to wait 20 years to escape. I got my chance, I left with the kids and what I could put in the car. I cried the whole way to our vacation home 3 hours away my step-dad died and left me the money to buy it. God provided my way out. My husband and I have slowly built a marriage just us, not his mom. His mom saw the error of her ways since I left. She struggles to stop her controlling ways even from 3 hours away. My children and I and my husband had our lives ripped apart because of “the other woman” I had to let go, and walk away and God has taken over. Some could not believe I could do it. Some said it was not God. No one knows but the person in a painful controlling and abusive relationship. I followed God. I let go. I let God take over. My marriage has been restored completely. It took a LOT of prayer, and Lots of Faith. You think you are kissing your mind, but its just You letting go, and God taking over. Your mind then is restored, your family and marrriage gets stronger, better, more blessed, and you are much stronger, I am too, if you are obedient to Gods call to walk with Him, and Him alone, God will give back to you His best and God will bring restoration that no man can know or understand, God comes through like no other, and all will See, All will know, All will then believe as you then open your mouth to give power-filled testimony of what the Lord has done. Great things He has done. You can See his Will as you speak His Word, and you can too and will overcome even as I have, and my children and new and wonderful husband of 22 years have All come through stronger and healthier in Jesus, and Very Blessed too. Thanks Be To God, Great things He has done.

  4. Ruby, thank you for that word, I had not checked these posts for about 3days but on Sunday I had actuali clicked to go into another site & came across your post. Thank you at the time your post really spoke to me. I feel that since I found about my situation God has been repeating the same things ova & ova to me & FAITH is definiteli 1 of the 1st thingz I feel I was ministered to by God when I 1st found out. I believe God brings us back to the basics of our faith over & over again! When get this light bulb experience moment every time we go thru our trials & tribulations & in most cases that light bulb moment was something we learnt about when we first became saved by the blood of Jesus – & once more we hav to put what we have learnt to practice! Here is Charlynnes Cares devotional for today…. its back to the basics! 🙂

    The Torn Curtain
    There are many events in the Crucifixion story that stand out as significant in our Christian faith. The ‘Torn Curtain’ is one such event. In the temple in Jerusalem, there was an area known as the Holy of Holies or Most Holy Place. In this area resided the Ark of the Covenant and the Mercy Seat. It was where God resided as He sat on the Mercy Seat to judge the Israelites. Once a year, the Chief Priest could enter the Holy of Holies behind a thick cloud of incense seeking atonement for the sins of the Israelites. So fearsome was this event that a rope was tied around the ankle of the priest so if he was struck dead in the Holy of Holies, his body could be retrieved by pulling him out using the rope. Such were the events that occurred on the Day of Atonement, also called Yom Kippur.

    The Holy of Holies was separated from the Holy Place by two overlapping thick curtains from floor to ceiling. At the time of the Crucifixion, the moment Jesus gave up His Spirit, there was a great earthquake and these curtains were torn from top to bottom. Jesus’ death ushered in a new access to God…that all believers could approach God directly for the veil of separation had been removed. Mankind now had direct access into the Holy realm of God. Of significance was that the curtains were torn from TOP to BOTTOM showing that this was God’s action, not man’s. Symbolically, the torn curtain represents Jesus Christ’s torn (broken) body by which He gives His followers direct access to His Father.

    But Jesus, again crying out loudly, breathed his last. At that moment, the Temple curtain was ripped in two, top to bottom. There was an earthquake, and rocks were split in pieces. Matthew 27:50-51 (MSG)

    The torn curtain…probably next to the event of the resurrection and the empty tomb, is the second most important event in the Crucifixion story. For with the torn curtain, an action initiated by God Himself, mankind acquired direct access to God. No longer was it necessary for mankind to need to be ritually cleansed by a priest by a blood sacrifice and then have his petitions presented to God by a priest. With Jesus Christ’s death upon the Cross, Christ as our Great High Priest became our perfect, unblemished sacrifice presented once and for all time to God for the atonement of mankind’s sins. No longer did we need to have the blood of lambs or goats to atone for our sins. Jesus Christ’s death on the Cross ushered in the New Covenant between God and mankind, allowing believers direct access to our Heavenly Father. Now clothed in Christ’s righteousness, you and I can come before a Holy God and sit at His feet and worship Him, presenting our petitions directly to Him. The curtain that kept mankind separated from the throne room of our Heavenly Father has been destroyed by God Himself. God welcomes you and I as believers to come into His presence, clothed in Christ’s righteousness, for we are no longer covered in sin, but are forgiven sons and daughters of the King. How awesome is this! Direct access to our Heavenly Father!

    We have a great high priest who has gone to live with God in heaven. He is Jesus the Son of God. So let us continue to express our faith in him. Jesus, our high priest, is able to understand our weaknesses. When Jesus lived on earth, he was tempted in every way. He was tempted in the same ways we are tempted, but he never sinned. With Jesus as our high priest, we can feel free to come before God’s throne where there is grace. There we receive mercy and kindness to help us when we need it. Hebrews 4:14-16 (ERV)

    When Christ came as high priest of the good things that are already here, he went through the greater and more perfect tabernacle that is not man-made, that is to say, not a part of this creation. He did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves; but he entered the Most Holy Place once for all by his own blood, having obtained eternal redemption. The blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a heifer sprinkled on those who are ceremonially unclean sanctify them so that they are outwardly clean. How much more, then, will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death, so that we may serve the living God! For this reason Christ is the mediator of a new covenant, that those who are called may receive the promised eternal inheritance—now that he has died as a ransom to set them free from the sins committed under the first covenant. Hebrews 9:11-14

    At this Easter season, let us remember that we serve a risen Lord who is Jesus Christ. He is the sinless Son of God. Remember God’s action of tearing the temple curtain from top to bottom so that we might have direct access to our Heavenly Father. The temple curtain under the Old Covenant separated mankind from God. However, as believers in Jesus Christ and the work He did for us on the Cross, our Great High Priest under the New Covenant has opened up our Heavenly Father’s throne room to you and me.

    Praise be to God that we now have direct access to our Heavenly Father to be able to petition Him with all our needs, especially those dealing with our marriage and family problems.

  5. I’m a believer of Jesus.2yrs back i started talking with a guy through mobile messages. he is a catholic. we have not met each other. i alone had seen him through Facebook photos. i started loving him due to his good character. one day i told him.actually he is not in love with me.he has never asked me to message or think about him. but um always thinking and praying to Jesus for him.the thing is God has planned good for both of us. bible tells that ‘ Jesus fulfills the desires of the heart and He said ask and it shall be given to you’ . i have a question like um i selfish to get my wish to be done first and not thinking that guy wish?. i could not able to force God to fulfill my wish. Jesus cares for me a lot. i love this guy’s heart.then another thing is bible tells that have faith that you have received everything whatever you ask in prayer. if i think that surely i would have this guy in my life.will it be nice?.i know Jesus would give this guy.but um thinking that even Jesus has a heart and that guy even.i should not be a selfish one. um really confused what to ask Jesus and what not to….. do pray for me to Jesus and let me to know what He tells on this issue.please.

    i have a special message for u guys from God…i have been following ur messages in between as i get time(Robert-i hope u remember me-thanking u for the hedge of thorns prayer)…its not exactly something new,but its very important and the Holy Spirit wishes to remind u guys about it..

    Well,there are different ways we can pray,but the prayer that catches God’s attention is praying with FAITH! THE FAITH that GOD is ABOVE ALL,HE is in CONTROL and HE can DEFINATELY TURN THE SITUATION AROUND,TIME is NOT A MATTER FOR HIM!(Hebrews 11:6)

    i know that u guys know this already,but i also know what it is to pray with INTENSE FAITH(fervent prayer-James 5:15,16) and to pray just SIMPLY CRYING out to God but LACKING FAITH in the HEART!

    please read PSALM 13…u see David begins the prayer by crying out to God,but He ends it with words of faith!! He rejoices in his heart for God’s miracle! If u read the many psalms written by David,u will see in all of it he cries out to God about whatever is troubling him KNOWING THAT GOD CAN DELIVER ME and GOD ALONE can deliver me! And he always ENDS his prayers with words of faith and thanksgiving!

    let me conclude with a small experiance i had some time back-i heard of a matter concerning my relationship which shocked me and i couldn’t accept it to happen..i prayed that night very INTENSELY/FIERCELY to GOD for that not to happen with FAITH that HE is in control and HE can turn it around!GOD turned the matter upside down in a way beyond my imagination!
    (that was only one the matters i had to deal with,my relationship is still in the moulding process in the hands of the GREAT POTTER JESUS!)

    conclusion-NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD!(Jeremiah 32:27)

  7. Barry Barry oh Barry! how your devotion has spoken to me & blessed me today! its what God has been ministering to me this whole week & weekend, it has been confirmation for me over & over & over again! I must STAND! No matter what the circumstances!

    Sendy, Crystal, Robert, Hollis & everyone else who has been following these posts let me give you an update of what’s been happening in my life:
    Well my husband & I eventually had “the talk”. He has refused to go for counseling & for a weekend together. He wants to be with the OW. He asked me to get a place for myself & my daughter which I agreed to as we are living with his parents at the moment & it was our intention to get a place of our own anyway. It will be good for me, a fresh new start as I STAND! Where my husband will live I don’t know as yet he hasn’t volunteered any information to me as yet.

    What I do know is that God is on my side  as I found the most wonderful little place for myself & my daughter – it’s got the most awesum seaview! & I know that when I pray STANDING – looking at that sea view I will feel so close to my Saviour! So I will be moving into my little place at the end of March.

    God has been ministering to me as before work one day last week I was reading my devotional & it spoke about how the Israelites worshipped our God in heaven & how all the other nations in the Old Testament had their own false gods they worshipped. It said that when Jesus died for us on the cross – when the New Testament came into being all that changed as Jesus became a Saviour for everyone – no matter the religion, creed or race. This devotion spoke so loudly to me as my boss was speaking to myself & another lady in our office one morning about having a 15min prayer time in the mornings at work. This devotion confirmed it for me – so I want to go ahead with it this week – please pray for willing hearts in the office to attend these prayer times – I know God is going to answer many prayers!

    I felt so convicted thru this devotion to live my life completely for Jesus its true what Marlene says “Seek first his kingdom & his righteous and all these things shall be added unto you”. I am going live my best uprightly, righteously, always making Jesus the centre of my life. I made that decision no matter what decisions my husband had made concerning our marriage.

    I have been concentrating on praying for my husband’s salvation, I spent Saturday & part of Sunday digging into Gods word on Salvation, I found some lovely verses on the Restoration Marriage Ministries website to pray for my husbands salvation so I’m inserting my husband name into these verses as I pray – Gods word is sharper than a two-edged sword! My husband is so far away from God, he is double-minded & is living a lie, has told many many lies to live this adulterous life but let me tell you that satan is the father of lies! He is a defeated foe! Let us not forget who we are fighting against here! We have to put on the Armour of God everyday for ourselves, our marriages & our families! Ephesians 6:10-17 Put on your Armour!

    God bless you guyz – hava God-filled & God blessed day!

  8. Sendy, I’ll look more into that Yeshua/Jesus thought.

    The very next day after I posted last, I got this in my email which really hit home –

    “For that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard – if this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue godly men from trials and to hold the unrighteous for the day of judgment. 2 Peter 2:8-9

    In the simplest of terms, “standing” means honoring the vows you made on your wedding day regardless of your circumstances. In the world’s view, it is “I will love you, if you love me.” This is not what God expects of us in our covenant marriages. In a Christian marriage, we vow“to have and to hold, until death separates.” God was a witness to the covenant vows you made on your wedding day and these vows are not to be taken lightly:

    If you make a vow to the Lord your God, do not be slow to pay it, for the Lord your God will certainly demand it of you and you will be guilty of sin. Deuteronomy 23:21

    As Christ loves us unconditionally, we are to love our spouses unconditionally regardless of how they treat us, including separation and divorce. If your spouse walks out on you, this has no bearing whatsoever on your part of the covenant. You and your spouse are “one flesh” until death separates – PERIOD! During your time of separation from your spouse, you need to be praying that they turn from their sinful ways and return to the Lord. This is your duty and responsibility to God and to your mate! I have encountered countless individuals that spend their time searching scripture for escape clauses from their marriage vows. As explained elsewhere in this book, do not waste your time searching for excuses. Your time would be better spent searching God’s Word for his promises for your marriage. God only blesses obedience to his Word. It pains me that many in the Body of Christ do not seem to understand this principle. God will never bless disobedience to his Word.

    The book of Hosea is a perfect illustration of how “standing” works. Hosea’s marriage to his unfaithful wife, Gomer, is used as a metaphor of how God loves us unconditionally regardless of our waywardness. Gomer leaves Hosea to enter a life of prostitution and worshipping idols. Hosea is faithful to his wife in spite of her actions. He prays for her daily. Finally, after many years of sinfulness and debauchery, Gomer is brought to the slave market to be sold. She is broken, haggard and thin. She stands there naked but no man looks at her lustfully. In the crowd is Hosea, her husband. He bids the top price for her and takes her home. Hosea nurses Gomer back to health and daily reads God’s Word to her. Through Hosea’s faithfulness to his wife and to his God, Gomer is restored to health, God and to her children. What would have become of Gomer if Hosea had “gotten on with his life” as the world tells us to do? What will become of your spouse if you do anything less than what Hosea did for Gomer? What would become of us if God were not faithful to us in spite of our waywardness?”

  9. Robert, since the day that I read your commentary, I had been trying to write to you but I don’t know what to say. God  knows what he is doing and how He must work, and sometimes when find ourselves in darkness as the result of our sins, but other times, he is the one that bring us in darkness because that’s where he will be able to mold us depending on how we surrender ourselves to Him. We can become soft clay  in the Potter’s hand and take the shape  he wants to give us, or a harder clay, where the potter will have to break us before shaping us. But You know what, our shepperd is always guarding his sheep, and in darkness you can be sure that he will be even more closer to you because there is nothing that can surprise him or defeat him, since he already conqered all forms of wickedness and he will not lead you astray.

    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. Psalms 23:4
    I had a hard week, no difference in my family, but bless be the Lord there have been no fight. On my end, I always experience doubt. That is my greatest weakness, because I am a science student and I am naturally curious. I need to know and study and decompose and explain stuff.  Even when accepting Our Lord,I tried to rationalize everything and explain what was happening with what I already knew. So, I had an amazing  day on the day  that my brother’s first diagose was said, but on the day after I felt so weak, so blah in prayer. I  mentionned it to one of the members of my church and she told me to keep praying because it might be  the enemy that did not want to have me praying   but also to know that God knew my heart and even if it was a small prayer, he would still listen to it. I started my fast, though I tweek it a bit for my circumstances, but I am doing it because I want to do it, not because I felt call to do. And this week I was just bombarded with temptations left and right. I had no idea chicken could be so seductive OO
    I also kept receiving (which my pastor found funny because I think I am the only one that notice, that we receive twice the same devotional on wednesday and thursday. So he told me that God really wanted me to understand that message) The theme?
    But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear.” Matthew 13:16

    So I have been  questioning myself if fasting has been the right thing to do. I mean when will I know that I have to end it, and maybe deep down, am I doing it more as a ritual or something? I cannot say that my eyes see or my ears hear apart from rare times, like this wednesday that I was going to go buy a rice cooker, I have one but the one I was going to go buy was even better (same brand) and super cheap. Instead of 200$ it would cost be 60$, and was lightly used. I had prepare everything when I suddendly felt this guilt and I remember that I had told God multiple times that everything that I had was His so I was uncertain if he was telling me something. When I remember again a verse about seeking the council from the wise not the exact wording but the essence of it. So I called my mother because I told myself, I will be honoring her opinion, setting an example for her and seeking her council. I end up not buying that beautiful machine (;_;). But I think that this was a moment that I heard from God, what do you guys think? Another trouble that I was having is that there is much controversy on the name Jesus. The correct name should be Yeshua. And I found many articles concerning the study of the name, and how properly traduce Jesus means Hail Zeus. This apparently happen theoretically because of the conversion of romans (who where deep believers of greek gods). So again I enter in huge doubt, it is quite sad, I would like to have more faith and that my foundation be unshakable  but bless be Our Lord, I believe he gave me the answer to my concern the prophet Daniel had his name change to Belteshazzar which represented one of the gods of this society when he was taken by Nebuchadnezzar yet the essence of Daniel, who he was was never lost. He was still God’s chosen prophet. He knew who He was, just like we know to whom we are praying, by whose blood we have received salvation through grace, by whom we are redeem and who is our Eternal High Priest, the Son of God sitting at the right hand of God the Father and whom sends us the Holy Spirit to dwell in us.  So in view of this I decided to end it today, my fast (not anything else). And as I am writing a verse came into mind  “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same beareth much fruit: for apart from me ye can do nothing.” John 15:5
    But I don’t see how this applies other, than I was doing the fast out of my will and not his?

    Sonnette, how is it going, this is the weekend right???


  10. Robert, how well I know this pain! It’s all part of the journey, and you will be ok. I have to echo what Martette said. You have to get to the point where you truly release it all to God, knowing he has your best interest at heart and will work it all out for your good.

    You must rest in knowing that God perfects that which concerns you. Let your hope be in God, not your spouse. I thought for years I could control my ex’s decisions, but we all have free will, so you must learn to rest in knowing that God is restoring your life, and it will be better than it was before. Rest in knowing that you’ll be ok no matter what happens with your marriage. When we rest, God works. When we work, God rests.

    When you get weary–and believe me—I’ve been there, done that more times than I care to count…center yourself and just start praising the Lord. The devil hates that. But never mind the devil; he is already under our feet. Remember, he has already been defeated. We don’t have to fight him any longer. Jesus already did that and won. We need only to STAND. Stand on the truth that he is a defeated foe. Stand on that little imp’s head because he has already been made YOUR footstool. Offer a sacrifice of praise when you’re falling apart and worn down because when the praises go up, the blessings come down. I’ve been known to start praising him for my comfortable bed, clean air to breath, food…the most basic things because it felt like everything else was a catastrophe. Lift your hands and praise him! Sing songs to him. Worship him for being him. Pray in the spirit when you feel defeated and dont know what to do. Read the Psalms where David encouraged himself when he was down.

    Let your hope be in the One who saved you, not in what your spouse may or may not do. Make peace with the fact that this is where your life is at the moment. But things are always changing, and take comfort that God is taking you from the pit to the palace just like he did Joseph. Joseph was in prison one minute, then in an instant he was the ruler of Egypt!

    Keep telling yourself—outloud—that you are His beloved in whom He is well pleased. You are His beloved disciple and His delight. He didn’t withhold his most precious thing from you, His Son, so please know He isn’t going to withhold anything else good from you. Know who you are in Christ and that He will make all things new (and at least seven times better!).

    Continue to pray that hedge of thorns and for God to touch your wife’s heart. But you have to let go and give it all to Him. Cast all your cares on HIM, put your hope in HIM that you’ll be ok no matter what, and rest at His feet knowing you are highly favored and have all the blessings of Deut. 28. Favor surrounds you like a shield!

    Praying for everyone here!

  11. Hi everyone! I just wanted to give a little of my own experience of what I had to learn. I had to learn to love God my savior and be IN LOVE with him more than my spouse! I know to some this may seem odd but sometimes we put God on the back burner when we are so consumed with these trials. If you love Him more than anyone or anything else you will have a contentment that you have never had before. He has to be above all !!! So the best thing any of us could possibly do is ask ourself how much we love God and really trust Him! Love him above all others and put Him in the very start very middle and very end of your day!!! Surround your home with scripture about His love and you will start believing it and them you will start to be able to trust Him! Fall in love with Jesus!!! Seek he first the kingdom of God and his righteousness THEN all these things will be added in to you!! God bless everyone!!! Put Jesus first in your life and everything else leave in His hands!!!!

  12. Thank you, Robert! I’m here. Just get busy from time to time. I’ve always felt God’s perfect will for marriage (and everything else) is directly expressed in the Bible. His words there are the #1 source of any indication of God’s will for us. However, there are sinful people and circumstances that affect us and carry us outside of His perfect will. We still need to roll with it and continue following Christ’s example.

    An issue of mine right now is kinda crazy and it makes me feel like such a hypocrite. There have been periods when I’ve walked the straight and narrow and some when I’ve succumbed to fleshly desires. I’ve dated off & on since my wife divorced. From what I’ve researched Biblically, I’m justified to marry someone else. Because after all, my wife left & divorced. She has always claimed to be a Christian but I’m wondering if it is safe to conclude we were unequally yoked and if I am without obligation towards her because of her actions of lying, cheating, leaving, divorcing & remarrying someone else.? When I look at & think of our sons, I feel like I shouldn’t be with anyone other than their mother. Odd because it still makes me physically ill to my stomach to look at her or even think about it.

    I feel she’s lost – completely. But I married for life. At what point not stand anymore? Am I obligated to honor my vows to her for life despite a legitimate & biblical “out”? I feel prepared whether I am, or not.

  13. Interesting… no comments since Tuesday. How is everyone?

    I’m still exhausted. Tuesday was one of the biggest attacks on me yet. I’ve reached a point where I just don’t care what happens to my marriage… or myself. Not in a way that I’m going to disobey God, but I’ve just given up other than praying because I feel nothing I do matters. One friend told me I have finally surrendered to God’s will completely. I would have to agree. I say “Let Your will be done in my life and my marriage, not mine” probably about 100 times a day.

    However, another friend said I needed to pray for 3 things for the next week:

    1. For God to reveal His will to me about my life
    2. For God to reveal His will to me about my marriage
    3. For the Hedge of Thorns around my prodigal spouse

    I’ve already revealed the “Hedge of Thorns” prayer I use on this site. In separate posts below, I will reveal the other prayer for His Will, plus another prayer called “Enough is Enough.” These are the 3 prayers I have been praying since Tuesday for myself and all of you.

    It’s a very sad and lonely place where I am now, spiritually, physically, in every way I can think of. Yesterday morning, at 5:27 AM, I instantly woke up from a deep sleep and blurted out 3 question sentences. I wish I could remember them word for word, but the basic message was this “Do not My people know each other, yet not pray for each other the way they’re supposed to? Don’t they understand the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much? Then why are they not doing so for each other?” (James 5:16)

    I have no idea who that was meant for other than me (because I’m sure it applies to me in some way), but I’ve never had that happen to me before and I did ask for His will to be revealed to me. Oh well, I’ll file that in the “things I probably should know but don’t know what to do with” box and ask for Him to reveal the lottery numbers next time.

    Sorry for sounding so sarcastic. I don’t mean to depress anyone or bring them down. I just feel like I’m laying down in the street… naked, cold, being rained on, and just telling God to do whatever He wants with me, my life, my family, my wife, and my marriage. To edit my post otherwise would be a disservice to anyone reading this WHEN (not if) they encounter the same feelings. I told God, as part of my covenant with Him restoring my marriage, I would document everything for His glory. I’m guessing/hoping He’s using this to give people hope when they feel they’re in the same place and see Him bring me out of it. Because I can tell you – I am NOT feeling more than a conqueror. I am NOT feeling like His yoke is easy or His burden is light. I am NOT feeling loved.

    Anyway, I still need to pray for tonight (I pray 3x a day) and thank you all for being in my life. Thank you Crystal & Sendy for your latest words of love and encouragement. I worry that the silence means everyone else is being attacked too. I hope I’m wrong.

  14. Robert, this came in today, and the Lord always fulfills his promises to his children 🙂
    Restoration from the Shepherd

    Daily Devotional for Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

    He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake. Psalms 23:3

        Your Shepherd knows your every need. He knows you will grow weary in your pilgrimage with Him. He knows there are times when you need rest. Your Shepherd knows just what you need to be refreshed. At times you need to lie in lush meadows or beside quiet streams. Sometimes you need to be held by your Shepherd. At other times you need to enjoy the pleasures the Shepherd provides. The Shepherd will not always replenish you in the same way; His response to you will always perfectly correspond to your present need.

        As you follow your Shepherd there will be times when your soul becomes exhausted, perhaps because of trials you are experiencing or temptations you are resisting. The persecution you face or the burdens you are carrying for others may be wearing you down. You may be weary from the discipline the Shepherd has brought upon you. There will be times when you feel you can go no further in your Christian pilgrimage. Your Shepherd knows when you have reached this point, and He always has a remedy! There are many ways He can strengthen you: through His word, through others, or through your circumstances. He knows what you need even better than you do.

        Have you grown weary? Does your soul need to be refreshed? Don’t attempt to recover on your own. Only God knows how to heal and rejuvenate a soul (Isa. 40:28-31; Matt. 11:28-30). He will do it perfectly, sometimes in surprising ways. Ask Him to restore you, and then be prepared to respond to what He does next.

  15. Well, I’m still wiped out from this weekend… I have to be on guard against my heart hardening but it’s starting to get difficult. It’s like I’m a car, running for so long and at such a high intensity, I’m almost running on empty and about to overheat. When I start to think about it, this Saturday isn’t what drained me. And my problems have been going on since 2006 – they just came to a head on January 1st. So I’ve been running this race for a long time too.

    Then I look at what Hollis, Sonnette, Barry, Farai, Ruby, Jessica, Martette, Dewi, Lucena, and Dan have gone through – I have NO idea how they have the strength to live! And Sendy… while she is not directly impacted (and I pray she never will), she lives in a home ruled by darkness with her being the only light of God. I think about what if I was one of them looking at my situation – how many would rather be living in my “mess” than their own? Then I think of the immense pain I feel towards my situation, multiplied hundreds of times by the situations of others like you, and how heartbroken God must be to experience it at His level, times millions of people… yet He loves us so much and is so patient. I’m grateful He’s as patient as He is – MORE than any of us deserve!

    Since I feel like I’m about to come up for one more gasp of breath before I allow myself to drown (from my previous drowning story), I’ve decided to let myself die for today.

    Today, I am fasting and dedicating ALL my prayers and tears again for all of you – none for me. I pray for His miracles and breakthroughs in ALL of your situations. I have a list with each of your names and what you’ve asked to pray in agreement about. For those that haven’t specifically asked (or as I’m led by the Spirit by those that have asked), I’m also praying for other things to help you pick up your crosses, hurl them away from you as far as you can, so you can be waiting for us at the beach in Hawaii drinking your milkshakes.

    Be blessed!

  16. Sonnete….WOW!!!!…..you have the peace of God…..that no matter what the outcome you know and feel that God is in complete control…..God is doing some work on the inside of you….I am soooo happy for you…this is fabulous…..

    Hollis & Sonnette…..Rejoice ministries is absolutely great!!!…..funny enough I was thinking about that site only yesterday and I was gonna post it on the forum….that site ESPECIALLY played a major part in my getting through my marriage breakdown….up to this morning I was reading their daily mail…comes straight to my phone…I was so dependent on them …everyday I looked forward for their email and it always seemed to speak to my situation and at the exact moment…praise God for those ppl.

    Hollis….Do you see how God is working through this site!!….he is just confirming one thing after another for us….we had and receive strength from each other here….Imagine that is the word you got this weekend and it is the same word I got THIS WEEKEND too…LOLOL….LORD I love you so much…you are too wonderful for words…..When God confirms stuff like that for me about something he’s telling me….in this case through Hollis…..it just makes me feel so good….to know that he still remembers me and is still using ppl to speak to me:)))….

    Guys I love you all very much and I would never stop praying for you all…..Rob and Barry I love you guys….you two are special boys on this site……a pillar of strenghth for us girls:)
    Dont stop doing what you are doing and I pray on you the blessing s of God which maketh rich and addeth no sorrow:)

  17. Sonnette, Rejoice Ministries is an amazing site. The Lord led me there nearly 7 years ago when my husband left home. The Steinkamps got me through some very dark times and have blessed my life immensely. Sadly, mr. Steinkamp passed recently, but the ministry lives on.

  18. Crystal!!

    Yowweeeee!!! Thanks for this word! I love it & will most definitli meditate on it.

    But guess what… funny feeling I have… a feeling of assurance, a feeling of peace, a feeling of serenity & normally knowing my husband is coming home tonight would make me feel so nervous and i dont feel anxious… thinking about what do I say to him?

    I dont feel that way… its totally weird but I know its the HOly Spirit.
    You see this morning when i came to work i was thinking somehow i need to convince my husband that we must go for councilling & we must go away for a weekend away together but he has a very rebellious spirit rit now… I wasnt sure how to bring it up again… but u know what? I will bring it up with him because i know councilling wud b good for us but im not scared what his answer will be. Wateva happens now I trust God totally!!!

    You see I googled “God restores a brocken marriage” and I came across the Rejoice Marriage Ministries website & wow its a really great website and there are great resources like their daily devotional specifically geared towards healing the broken & daily encouragement for ppl going thru what we are going thru. And there are pages & pages of testimonies! & every Sat new testimonies are posted. I’m sure this is one of the sites Robert mentioned…

    Guyz have a look!

    The website also speaks alot about prodigals – like the prodigal son in the Bible (your spouse being far away from God) & in the testimonies ppl always mention their spouse as a prodigal and they encourage you to pray for your prodigals salvation 1st – which is what i have been feeling urged to do.

    Thanks for ur word! I am so ready for the shift! 🙂

  19. Good morning my sweets…..love you all:)…

    This is the very first word I ever preached and God brought it back to my memory and I felt led to share because it is also a word for somebody if not every one on this forum….ROB….Hollis…Sonette…Barry…..

    I couldnt wait to get in the office so I can share this word for today and it is this

    But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint. (Isaiah 40:31).

    Read it re-read it and meditate on it for today my friends because God is speaking…..
    A shift is taking place in the spirit world ppl….get ready:))

  20. Hi Sendy

    I have been fine, standing on Gods word. My husband wasnt home this w’end. I dont know how its gone at the tent meeting & i dont know if he has had his meeting with the Pastor from Kenya. To be honest with you I should be studying w’ends as Im doing a BCompt degree over 5yrs, im in the 2nd yr, I take 3 subjects every semester. & I work full time. But I cant study, I havent touched a book since this happend, I just cant get into it. All i can think of doing is getting into Gods word & praying.. I stil have sum time but I wil have to dig up the determination again.

    No its not this w’end past that we went away. Its this w’end coming up. I havent made plans yet & as I said my husband wil b home again this evening. I will have to speak to him about it again. Also Im waiting for a call from a Pastor this week for councilling. Please pray that my husband will still be open to the w’end away & the councilling. I am trusting God in that area.

    Im so hapi ur mum wants to go to church this w’end & im soooo proud of you for apologising to your brother even tho u werent wrong – u are showing the mind & attitude of Christ!

    Thank you for always encouraging & checking in on all of us. 🙂 thanks for your love!

  21. Dear Hollis

    I feel your pain and I know Robert does too, for the last 2 mths its been my daughter and I alone at w’ends. W’ends are the worst as before i found out about my husbands adultery we used to take our 5yr old daughter to the beach for swimming almost every w’end. I know that my little darling misses her dad & our family trips to the beach. I also think that she is too young to understand. My heart bleeds for my baby. At least this morning I cud tell her daddy is coming home tonight… I pray that God will reveal his plan for your life to you, that he will give you direction & peace.

    Father God I bring Hollis before you and Lord U are our Great Comforter & Redeemer, our strength. Give Hollis an extra portion of your strength, reveal your plans for her life to her, do not delay Lord, reveal your perfect plan!
    Your word is a light unto our paths and a lamp unto our feet. May your word perfectly direct Hollis, may there be no doubt in her mind of your plans for her as your plan is to prosper her & to give her a hope & a future & not to harm her!

    In Jesus Mighty Name. Amen

    What I love the most about this is that it tells us that God does not slumber nor sleep!! He is always watching over us! No matter what we are going thru He knows! He knows how you are feeling, how alone you are feeling, how much it hurts inside you. I have come to a point that I now tell God how I’m feeling, if it hurts inside I tell God exactly how I feel as he knows anyway. Tell your daddy Hollis, tell him how u feel, dont hide anything away.

    Know that I love & care for you, wish i lived somewhere near you & we cud spend our w’ends together 🙂 Sonnette

  22. Sendy,

    Thanks for your kind words. He did try to contact me Friday night from a hotel phone. His job requires a lot of traveling (hence the opportunity for his affair), so it’s common for him to stay in hotels. The call came at 1:30 am from a number unknown to me. I didn’t answer it, but I called it back out of curiosity. Sure enough it was a hotel. My curiosity continued to get the better of me, and I called the hotel back to see if he was staying there. Indeed he was, so it was in fact he who tried calling me from the hotel. It gave me a sick feeling because I so want to think he was reaching out, but I’ve fallen victim to similar schemes from him many times. He is very double-minded, and I continue to demand that Satan release him in Jesus’ name!

    I’ve had a very sad weekend because I miss him. Even though hearing from him always caused me such anguish, I still love him and miss him

    I am continuing to pray for all the broken marriages here and believing God that he is retiring all that has been lost.

  23. Hi everyone. I get an email the INSTANT anyone posts to this forum and I read ALL of them IMMEDIATELY. So, even if I don’t post, trust in knowing that as soon as I see a post (especially with a prayer request) I read it (and pray if there’s a request to do so). I love all of you!

    Yesterday, the Spirit inside of me was going haywire! I don’t know how to describe it – it wasn’t a bad feeling. It was like it was bouncing off the walls with so much excess energy! I was doing some heavy prayers yesterday morning (for all of you and myself) as well as fasting through breakfast and lunch. I was also under heavy attack, so I kept praying throughout the day. I thought maybe this might be my breakthrough. But, at the end of the day, everything appeared the same with my wife. I was so EXHAUSTED and disappointed – not in God, but just that I had to go through one more day of not seeing her smile at me, not holding her in my aching arms, not feeling the electricity of her kisses throughout my body, not smelling her sweet scent… so many things.

    I slept for 12 hours. Today, I’m still wiped out – just trying to recuperate. I’m not depressed as I have been in the past – just weary and tired from fighting the “good fight of faith.” I’m getting ready to go to evening church service shortly. Hopefully I will be recharged. But for right now, I’m just curled up in the fetal position under His wings, resting.

    Sonnette, if you can, you should really try to watch the video! It talks about 2 Chronicles 20 – God’s battle plan for us is to:

    1. Fear not (meaning when you do feel fear, don’t run away from the situation)
    2. Hold your peace (rest on His peace)
    3. Remain at rest (stand your ground; you don’t need to fight the battle – He will)
    4. Keep doing what you know to do (prayer, fast, praise, etc.)
    5. Let God fight the battle for you (watch God setup ambushes for the enemy and watch them destroy themselves)

    Sendy, thanks for checking in on me, sharing what’s been going on in your life, and for caring about us in the midst of your challenges too! 🙂

  24. Hollis,

    If the Lord let you to do that, he knows what is best. And if you are sure that this is the action he wanted for you to take, then just obey. He always has the best for us in mind even if we might experience pain or discomfort over it. How have you been since you blocked your husband? Has he tried to contact you by other forms? Have a bless week sister.

  25. Hello everybody,
    How have you been doing?? How has the Lord reveal himself to you these days?
    Sonnette any news on your husband? How did the service go? Was it this weekend that you went away with your spouse? And you Robert, how are you?? How is your family?
    Everything on my side looks as in standby, but my mum told me today that she would like to go next Sunday to her friend’s (the couple that has been coming at our house to spend time) church to visit 🙂
    Had some trouble with my brother, and well ask forgiveness but it was very hard. Especially when he was at fault. But everything is ok now. Have a bless week, and please brothers and sisters lets keep our walk strong!

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