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Per your phone message the other day, you ask that I send you a basic outline on how to form up a battle prayer. Before I do – a few thoughts.

1. This type of prayer can be a bit lengthy and take some “work” to actually go into. What I feel I have picked up on this type of prayer is that it is to be used on the heavier healing-deliverance cases you may came up against.

It is to be used when definitely dealing with demons and having to cast them out of either a person’s body or out of their house. It can also be used when dealing with heavier healing cases like someone fighting or dying of cancer.

I don’t think you need to use this kind of prayer to deal with small to medium type of matters. Otherwise – you would wear yourself out due to the intensity of this kind of prayer.

2. The second thing I seem to pick up on using this type of prayer is that one of the reasons it is used for heavier type cases – is that it is an attempt to “stir” God up to move Him into action to take something on – head on!

The apostle Paul says to “stir up” the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit come directly from Him. If Paul is telling us to stir up the gifts – then he is basically telling us to stir up the Holy Spirit himself because He is the one that will release the gifts through you.

I had also given you the Scripture verses about God the Father stating where are those who would try and “take a hold of me.” The picture I get is of a small child who goes up to his daddy to try and get him to go outside and play with him.

At first the dad doesn’t want to go. So then the child starts jumping on him, grabbing on him, pulling on him and verbally trying to persuade his dad to get out of the chair and go outside with him to play. Finally the dad agrees and gets up out of the chair and goes outside to play with his child – all because the child had stirred him up to do it!

That is the feeling that I get on the first part of the prayer – stating your case before God the Father. In the first part – you are trying to convince God to move into action by pleading before Him the facts of the case and why He should consider moving in on your behalf. You then start quoting back to Him His own battle verses from the Old Testament.

Chris’ friend Van said he got a reaction from the Holy Spirit when he started reading the battle verses direct to God. He said he felt like he was “stirring” God up to go to war against the demons holding this family captive.

3. The third thing I seem to pick up is to try and get a leading either from the Holy Spirit or God Himself as to whether or not you should even use this kind of prayer for the specific situation you are dealing with.

If God doesn’t want to move into the situation at the time that you are wanting Him to – you will be wasting your time, your energy and God’s time by going through all of the motions of this kind of prayer. There are a lot of reasons God may not want to move on a matter.

Maybe the timing is off. He may want to move – but not at the time that you would like Him to. Maybe someone is dying of cancer and it is His will that the person be brought home for whatever reason.

Trying to pray against the will of God is one of hardest things to do because you are not going to get anywhere – because most of the time you will not get God to change his mind. He always knows best on how to handle each situation and you have to get his will on a matter before going into this kind of prayer in order to keep yourself from getting all worked up for literally nothing.

I usually wait for Him to confirm for me not only if I should go into battle against something – but when to actually move into that battle.

These heavier type deliverance situations are battle zones. God is the commander-in-chief and he gives the orders when we are to march into battle – not us!

Now here are the 3 main parts of a good battle prayer.

The Outline

1. Stating Your Case Before God The Father

The first thing I do is try and find out as much information about the case I’m dealing with.

Once I do that – I then examine it to see if this would be a case that God may want to move on. If I think I have a good case in which to approach God with I then start asking Him and the Holy Spirit to let me know beforehand whether or not I should even attempt to go into battle on the matter.

Once I get the appropriate confirmation from God and the Holy Spirit that They would want to take this matter head on – I then go ahead and form out the battle prayer.

In this first part – I lay out all of the facts before God the Father and then tell Him why I think He should move on it. God says in the Bible to “state your case before Him.”

I then start quoting back to Him those battle verses in an effort get Him stirred up to want to move into action.

I then end this part of the prayer telling Him that I’m going to have full faith and belief that He will want to move as a result of the confirmation I had earlier received from Him before even forming out the battle prayer. I tell Him I will now turn around and attack this problem head on operating under his guidance, his power, his anointing and his strategy.

2. Pleading The Blood On You And Your Family

If you are dealing with going directly after demonic spirits – then I would do this 2nd part before attempting to go into battle. You just simply plead the blood of Jesus on your body, your car and your house along with any immediate family members like wives, husbands and the kids.

Demons will try and come after you if they find out you are the one coming after them. This blood covering should keep you protected during the battle.

If you are not dealing with demons – but just a straight healing case like someone fighting cancer – then you do NOT need to do this part if you know there are no demons involved.

3. The Battle Prayer Itself

This is the last part of the prayer. This is the part that you take on whatever it is your fighting head on. This is why I call it a battle prayer. Instead of sitting passively back waiting for God to move on your request – you proceed to take the bull by the horns and charge into battle.

Once you have the green light from God to do this – I believe that God will anoint His eagles to march into battle operating under His anointing and power in which to defeat any enemy they are going against.

At this point – you are operating under the authority of God himself to use his power to fight the enemy with!! Each of the actual battle prayers have to be worded to fit the particular situation you are actually dealing with. Read what I wrote out for Van in that part for him. That will give you an idea as to how to form it out.

Tom – if you run across something on the heavy side that may need this type of approach to it – you know you can always call me to chew it out with.

As you already know – these types of prayers can wear you out because you really are going into a spiritual battle zone. Most of the people I have given this type of prayer to have all had some type of spiritual manifestations hit them while actually doing the battle prayers.

That is why I recommend that you use it as your “secret weapon.” Use it for the heavier cases in which you know the full power of God will be needed to break someone free.

Call or email me if you have any further questions on all of the above.


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  1. Hey, I’m making a comment to you in need of desperate help I was looking to get some help on my issue. So I for a long time now feel like I’m being attacked spiritually or just being attacked. I have had these strong conclusions to do very bad things that I don’t want to do and during that day I would get terrible headaches. I found your page not to long ago and read a prayer from your page and thanks be to God that I had something lifted from me and I just began to cry after praying the prayer. But now I really can’t seem to understand what is going on I still feel attacked I need help. Please please help me I really need help!

  2. please send me the battle prayer verses i couldnt find them? thanks mark

    • Go to our article titled, “Battle Verses of the Bible” in the Spiritual Warfare section for all of these verses.


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