Battle Prayer Against Terminal Hodgkins Disease

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Here is another dramatic healing story to pass onto all of you. I drew up another battle prayer to war against a terminal cancer that had hit a friend’s 47 year old brother.

When I first gave it to this man’s sister, he had been in the hospital for 3 weeks battling pneumonia. His immune system had been breaking down and the doctors told his sister that they had literally tried 50 different antibiotics but nothing was working on him. The doctors told her they were at their wit’s end.

His sister then went into the gap with the battle prayer that I gave her below to war against this terminal cancer on her brother’s behalf. Within 3 days after she started the battle prayer I had drawn up for her – her brother’s symptoms with his pneumonia completely reversed course and he was out of the hospital in 4 days flat after she started saying this battle prayer!

His cancer then completely reversed course and went into complete remission over the next 2 weeks to all of the doctor’s surprise. He was back to work full time within 3-4 weeks after his sister had started to do this battle prayer for him. The cancer has not come back. He is still working full time and has had no further complications since the cancer went into complete remission.

She really feels that this was a full healing by God with the way his cancer all of sudden completely reversed course within 4 days after she started to war against it with this battle prayer!

This all took place several years ago and the cancer still has not come back on him. Her brother later found out about the special battle prayer that I had given her. He then asked if I could draw one up for him so that he could do it for himself if the cancer would ever come back on him again. I went ahead and drew one up for him.

Again, another unbelievable story showing how powerful Pleading the Blood of Jesus and drawing up your own personal battle prayer to fit the particular situation you may be dealing with can be – especially when you go on the offensive against the cancer as you will see on how I drew up the specific wording in this battle prayer.

His sister told me that when she was saying the battle prayer, that she was getting manifestations of her fists clenching up on her and sweat and heat protruding from her forehead area – much like a boxer in a ring would have when taking an opponent head on!

I will break this testimony down into 2 parts. The first part being the initial email I sent to her outlining the strategy that she would be taking, and the second part being the actual battle prayer itself.

This battle prayer ended up being much longer than some of the other ones you may have already read. In some of these heavier types of cases, especially when dealing with a terminal condition, you really have to pull out all of the stops, and sometimes these types of battle prayers can come in a little bit longer as versus the ones that deal with a less serious matter.

Let the Holy Spirit guide you as to how to form out these types of battle prayers. Sometimes they will be short and sweet, and other times they may come in a bit longer like this one did.

Setting the Stage


Per our several telephone conversations, you have told me that your 47-year-old brother has now been officially diagnosed with “low grade, stage 3, non-Hodgkin’s disease – lymphoma.” You stated that this is a type of cancer and that the doctors have told you that this type of cancer is incurable at this time and that he has an expected life expectancy of 4-7 years.

You said this is basically a cancer of the bloodstream and that this cancer is now in his bloodstream as well as being in his spleen, liver, and abdomen.

So far you are 4 for 4 on Pleading the Blood on your end against some real adverse situations. Each time, you have come out completely victorious. However, this one is going to be, without a doubt, your greatest challenge. Are you ready to go to war again?

For what it is worth, I will go ahead and draw up an appropriate battle prayer to try and take this cancer out and to get God to move in with a full and complete healing. As I told you on the last battle prayers I had sent over to you on your other situations, feel free to add, change, modify, or adjust any of the specific wording that I have in this prayer if you are not perfectly comfortable with any part of it.

For what it is worth, here is how I would word this kind of battle prayer to take this kind of terminal cancer head on. The battle prayer will have 2 basic parts to it.

1. Stating Your Case Before God the Father

Per our phone conversation on strategy, it was agreed that plan A would be for you to stand in the gap for your brother Larry since he does not have much of the Word in him and has not been back to church in a long time. You will be the intercessor – standing in the gap on his behalf before God since you do have enough of the Word in you.

The first part of the battle prayer will be you going before the throne of God to state your case before Him and to give Him your specific personal reasons as to why He should move in with His healing power to fully heal your brother. God says in His Word to:

  1. “Come now, and let us reason together,” says the Lord … (Isaiah 1:18)
  2. “… let us contend together; state your case, that you may be acquitted.” (Isaiah 43:26)

These two short, but extremely powerful Scripture verses tell us that we are free to approach God to state our case on whatever it is we want to talk with Him about. This is just like an attorney pleading his case before a judge and a jury in a courtroom of law.

“Stating your case” and “contending” with God means to give Him your specific reasons as to why you want Him to grant your specific prayer request.

I believe this step right here is where many Christians miss getting some of their personal prayers answered with God – especially those that are on the heavier side like this one is. They simply forgot to properly state their case before God as to why He should answer whatever their specific prayer may be. We already know that God has the full power to answer any of our special prayer requests, no matter how big or how crazy the request might be.

Many times, the victory in prayer is actually won and secured right off this first step. I will give you my opinion on how I would word the first part of this prayer on stating your case before God. However, I do not know your brother, so you will probably think of some additional things that you may want to add into it.

After you have drawn up your request, you will need to be guided by the Holy Spirit as to how frequently you will need to say this first part of the prayer before God. You may only need to say it once or twice and you will be done with it. God has heard your reasons loud and clear and you thus do not have to keep repeating your specific reasons back to Him.

However, the second part of the prayer, where you are actually warring against the cancer, may have to be repeated much more frequently than the first part.

2. The Battle Prayer

The second part of this prayer will be you turning around from God after stating your case before Him and then taking an aggressive offensive approach against the cancer by Pleading the Blood of Jesus directly against the cancer, along with incorporating some good healing and battle verses into the actual battle prayer itself.

Your goal is to arm yourself with these healing and battle verses and to speak them out loud, along with Pleading of the Blood of Jesus directly against this cancer, which is considered our enemy according to the Bible. All sickness and disease is our enemy. As a result, we all have a blood-bought right as sons of God to take any of our enemies head on operating under the full power, authority, and anointing of God Himself.

Imagine that the Pleading of the Blood of Jesus, the battle verses, and the healing verses are all torpedoes that you will be shooting directly at this cancer. They are the ammunition that you will use to go to war against this enemy that is threatening to take your brother’s life. 47 years of age is too young to die.

You told me your brother is happily married to a loving wife, has several children, and has every reason to want to continue to live with what he has with his family.

As far as frequency on how often and how many times to pray the second part of this prayer – you will have to really be guided by the Holy Spirit on this one. You may have to go into a “prevailing prayer mode” where you keep repeating the second part of this prayer on some type of regular and frequent basis. I would personally keep at this until God either pulled me off it or you get the full healing to manifest.

You may have to go into what is called a prevailing prayer mode with God the Father when going against something as heavy as this type of cancer is, especially with it being considered a terminal type of cancer.

Georgia, let me know how this all turns out. If this battle prayer gets God to move in with a full and complete healing for your brother, this will be a real trophy of a deliverance.

The Actual Battle Prayer

Georgia, here is the prayer. Since we don’t know what may have caused the onset of this cancer, I will have you Plead the Blood of Jesus directly against any demons who may be causing it to occur and against any natural causes that may have caused it to set in. This way you will be covering all of the bases.

When you get to the part of actually Pleading the Blood, hold out your right hand as you are Pleading the Blood. The right hand is the hand of power and deliverance of God the Father. As His representative, as His ambassadors, we have the legal right to be able to do this. We are the vessels in which in His power will flow through.

1. Stating Your Case Before God The Father


In the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, I now come boldly before Your throne of Grace. As I know You already know, I am approaching You on behalf of my brother Larry who has now been stricken with terminal Hodgkin’s disease. The doctor’s have told us that this form of cancer is incurable at this time and that he only has a life expectancy of 4-7 years.

Father, You have said in Your Word that “there is no one who calls on Your name, who stirs himself up to take hold of You” (Isaiah 64:7).

That You “saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor …” (Isaiah 59:16)

Father, I now come before You as my brother’s intercessor. I now come before You to stand in the gap for my brother. I now come boldly before You to take a hold of You in order to help deliver my brother out of this serious crisis. My brother Larry does not have much of Your Word in him. You already know that he has not been in church for quite sometime. However, You do know that he is saved and that he is definitely one of Your own.

Father, I am now willing to stand in the gap for him as I do have enough of Your Word in me to properly approach You for this request. I have full faith and belief that You can deliver my brother from this life threatening disease. You have told us to “come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need” (Hebrews 4:16).

Father, Your Word tells us that:

  • “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” (Luke 18:27)
  • and “For with God nothing will be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)
  • Your Word tells us that You “are a God full of compassion, and gracious, longsuffering and abundant in mercy and truth.” (Psalm 86:15)
  • Your Word also tells us that Your “mercy is everlasting” (Psalm 100:5), that You never change – that You are the “same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Hebrews 13:8)

Father, I now come before You to ask for Your mercy and that You give my brother Larry a second chance to live once again. He is only 47 years of age. His wife still needs him and his two children still need him. It is too early for him to go home. I ask, in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, that You spare his life and fully heal him from this life threatening disease.

Father, You have said in Your Word that “whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them” (Mark 11:24). If it be Your will to fully heal Larry – then I fully believe, without any shadow of a doubt, that you will honor my request and fully heal my brother Larry from this horrible enemy which has attacked his body.

Father, You say in Your Word that “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much” (James 5:16). I am now going to turn around and take this cancer head on operating under Your authority, Your power, and Your anointing.

You have also told us in Your Word that we have Your power in which to heal all kinds of diseases, that we are to lay hands on the sick and that they will recover, and that You have given us power to trample over all the power of the enemy and that nothing by any means shall be able to hurt us!

The cancer that has attacked my brother Larry is his enemy and as such, I am now going to war directly against it operating under Your authority and Your anointing. Father, before I go into actual combat against this enemy, I just want to let you know that I will be standing on Your Word and the promises of Your Word – that you

  • “… will restore health … and heal you of your wounds …”(Jeremiah 30:17)
  • that You are the One who “… forgives all your iniquities, who heals all your diseases ...(Psalm 103:2)
  • that “The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears, and delivers them out of all their troubles” ( Psalm 34:17)
  • that “Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers him out of them all” (Psalm 34:19).

Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit – the Bible also tells us that both of You are also there to help us out in a time of need – that we can approach both of You to help us intercede before God the Father on any specific prayer request that we may have with Him. Lord Jesus, Holy Spirit – I now ask the both of You to also intercede on both my behalf and my brother Larry’s behalf before God the Father.

I now ask the both of You to also go with me before this life threatening cancer to take it fully out of my brother’s body and to restore his physical body back to perfect physical health.

Father, in the name of Your Son Jesus, I now ask that You answer this petition for my brother’s life and that You allow Your healing power to flow through me as Larry’s intercessor to fully heal him in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ. I am now going to turn around and take this cancer head on operating under Your power, Your authority, and Your anointing.

2. Battle Prayer Against the Cancer

a) Father, in the name of Jesus, I now turn around to face this cancer head on operating under Your full authority, Your full power, and Your full anointing to be able to do so. Father, in Your Word, You tell us that:

  1. “The Lord is a man of war … Your right hand, O Lord, has dashed the enemy in pieces.” (Exodus 15:3-6)
  2. “The Lord shall go forth like a mighty man; He shall stir up His zeal like a man of war. He shall cry out, yes, shout aloud; He shall prevail against His enemies.” (Isaiah 42:13)
  3. “… that the Lord your God is He who goes over before you as a consuming fire. He will destroy them and bring them down before you; so you shall drive them out and destroy them quickly …” (Deuteronomy 9:3)
  4. “I will go before you and make the crooked places straight; I will break in pieces the gates of bronze and cut the bars of iron.” (Isaiah 45:2)
  5. “When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.” (Isaiah 59:19)
  6. “No weapon formed against you shall prosper …” (Isaiah 54:17)
  7. “And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me for His heavenly kingdom.” (2 Timothy 4:18)
  8. “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. I will call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised; so shall I be saved from my enemies.” (Psalm 18:2)
  9. “… the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; He is their strength in time of trouble. And the Lord shall help them and deliver them; He shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in Him.” (Psalm 37:39)
  10. “The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace.” (Exodus 14:14)
  11. “Be strong and courageous; do not be afraid nor dismayed … but with us is the Lord our God, to help us and to fight our battles.” (2 Chronicles 32:7-8)
  12. “The eternal God is your refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms; He will thrust out the enemy from before you, and will say, ‘Destroy!’ (Deuteronomy 33:27)

b) Father, I now ask that you stir yourself up as a Man of War, that You proceed to go before me like a mighty Man of War, that You proceed to go before me as a consuming fire to make this crooked path straight again for my brother Larry.

Father, I now ask that You deliver my brother Larry from this incurable cancer. I now ask that You fight this battle for us, that You dash this enemy into pieces, that You cut this cord of wickedness that has bound him up, that You thrust this enemy out quickly, and that You completely destroy every single cancer cell that has invaded his body!

Father, in the name of Jesus, anoint me with Your power to trample on this serpent and scorpion and over all the power that this cancer has on my brother Larry.

c) Father, in the name of Jesus, I now come against every single cancer cell that has invaded my brother’s body. I now come against whatever may be causing this cancer to ravage my brother’s body.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against every single cancer cell that is operating in Larry’s spleen. I now Plead the Blood of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ against every single cancer cell that is operating in his liver. I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against every single cancer cell that is operating in his abdomen. I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against every single cancer cell that is running through his blood stream.

d) If there are any demons who are causing this cancer to invade my brother’s body – I now command you to leave him right now, in the name of Jesus Christ. I have now petitioned for my brother’s life before God the Father and you no longer have any legal right to torment him any further.

I now Plead the Blood of Jesus Christ against every single demon that has any type of hold on my brother Larry. I now command you to loose him and leave him right now, and you are to never, ever come back on him again. Go now, in the name of Jesus Christ. I repeat, go now in the name of Jesus Christ.

e) If there are any other causes that may be causing this cancer that I may not be aware of – I now come against whatever those other causes may be. In the name of Jesus Christ, I now Plead the Blood of my Lord and my Savior, my Lord and my deliverer Jesus Christ against whatever else may be causing this cancer to attack my brother’s body. I now command you to loose your grip on Larry right now – in the name of Jesus Christ!

Your hold has now been fully broken. I now command the cause of this cancer to be completely broken, completely destroyed, completely severed, and completely demolished under the full healing power of God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ.

f) Father, let Your full healing power now flow through the shed Blood of Your one and only Son Jesus Christ against every single cancer cell that has invaded Larry’s body. Let Your full healing power flow through me as your anointed vessel, as Larry’s intercessor. Let Your full healing power flood into Larry’s body from head to foot, completely saturating every single cell of his body.

Father, let Your full healing power flow now into every single cell of Larry’s body that has been invaded by this cancer. Father, completely destroy this cancer right now – from head to foot – in the name of Jesus Christ!

Father, I ask that you destroy this cancer quickly! I ask that you spare Larry any more suffering from this horrible enemy.

Father, in the name of Jesus, let Larry be fully healed right now! Father, fully destroy every single one of these cancer cells right now so they never, ever come back on him again.

Father, I have full faith and belief that You will honor this request.

Thank You Father.
Thank You Jesus.
Thank You Holy Spirit.”


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  1. I’m so glad I found this prayer site. I was informed that a friend’s brother was suffering from brain cancer and given a few months to live. I used this and other personal prayers for him. At the end of 2 months, I got the news that he’s doing much better. To God be all the glory and honor. Thank you Jesus!

  2. Dear Mr. Bradley,
    Thank you very much for showing me how to pray. I have been praying, but the way you laid it out in this battle prayer has changed my outlook on how I approach God in my daily and nightly prayers.With your permission, may use this same prayer you wrote for your friend? I will only change the name.
    Thank you and may God continue to use you to serve mankind.
    Thanks and good night
    Raymond Sumo

  3. Dear Mr Bradley,
    While “surfing the web ” I was led to your site
    (All praise to God our Father in heaven) after 19years of suffering with a son who was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum,developmentally disabled with seizure disorder I was brought into enlightment by God our Father concerning “PETITIONS AND THE COURTS OF HEAVEN WOW!! what a revelation. All these years ……of NOT knowing or even discerning the truth??My reason for contacting you:Will you please assist me as was done for another in preparing a petition for my son (Erik’) salvation,healing and restoration.He has missed so much LIFE .After reading your sight and it’s testimonies .God has a plan for his life too..Thank you for continuing Gods work…

  4. My wife and I have Declared these scriptures and the Good Lord blessed us pressed down shaken together running over.
    We have come to realize that Battles once won, are required to be done for everything new war.

  5. Today, as no other, I feel blessed. I am so relieved with the Lord. I have turned away from sin and this prayer has so helped. I feel and know Jesus is standing in the gap for me. The accuser has no standing with God. I have prayed this prayer for a lost friend praying for their health and to know the True God, Jesus Christ, The Son, The Father and the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much. The Lord has healed me in such a great way. Praise God.

  6. Dear man of God
    Thank you so much for your prayer. As I went through this prayer I felt the anointing of God go through all my body and I knew that this was a very powerful prayer. I have been unemployed for the past three years after my four year contract expired. I have send more than several thousand CV’s online and until today I still have no job. in all this time I had two interviews with real companies and about 3 interviews with agents to no avail. I have sold my house, insurance policies and car and I ended up shutting down a church and ministry we have been operating. As I write to you I have no money to pay for rent, food or debts this month end.
    I currently trying to convert your prayer to suit my situation. Instead of someone suffering from cancer I am changing that to someone suffering from unemployment. I am confident that this will help.
    I however would appreciate any help from you concerning adapting this prayer to a prayer of urgent and desperate need for employment or an urgent prayer against unemployment. What I am asking you may be too much but it may help save my family of six.
    My wife is also looking for a job.

  7. this is so powerful. ….glory to the living God……!!! wow….!!! I didn’t know one has to pray this long on a matter …not to mention the knowing of verses. …cant I do it with less verses. ..?

  8. This article has really taken to another level of intercession standing at the gap of the others lord jesus help me to be close to you more and more am going through hard time in my working place and that the reason iv come across this article iknow GOD will fight all my battles and also ihave atestimony of my mother healed of breast cancer and ihave learned new tactics of praying inow know am coming back with many testimonies may GOD INCREASE YOUR ANNOITING which will continue overflowing to us.

  9. Thank you man of God for the Battle prayer.Sometimes we don’t receive what we pray for because we pray amis. The battle prayer has showed me how to pray for my daughter who hasn’t been well for a time and is supposed to go back to college.I am believing in God for totally healing through the battle prayer.thank you and God Bless.

  10. Thank you for this prayer, for/against Hodgkins Non-Lymphoma.
    I recently met a guy as a loose acquaintance, who’s teaching course I was due to go on.
    Some weeks later, I had an e-mail from him saying he’d been diagnosed with HNL and had to postpone the course.
    He’s a non believer in God, Jesus….. but I found your prayer and plucked up the courage to e-mail him this Prayer.

    This is the reply I got from him yesterday……

    but I had to postpone it due to my cancer diagnosis that you were very understanding of. I felt I had to experience at least one 3 week chemo cycle to fully understand how I was going to react to it physically.

    I have now completed that 1st three week cycle and I have experienced none, not one, of the potentially debilitating side effects that I was warned of. In fact, I have felt completely and perfectly healthy within myself, which is pretty surreal really.

    One crazy thing is that, far from feeling physically drained and overwhelmingly tired, I have had more energy than normal; some days I have really been buzzing…how does that work?

    Last Saturday, Sandra had to ask me “have you got a secret stash of steroids and popped a couple today, because you are just bouncing?” I hadn’t of course.

    I am finding this whole experience just fascinating, from the point of view that I have been given an opportunity to conduct a real life experiment with regard to what extent the mind can be used to influence and control what occurs in the body.

    • Thank you so much for this. I’ve been searching on how to come The court of Heaven for my marriage. And I believe that God brought me to your prayer so I know how to present my case❤️! Thank you Heavenly Father

  11. Thanks for this article. I will intercede on behalf of my mom who was diagnosed of liver cancer. I will be back to share my testimony.

  12. Thank you for compling this battle prayer it shows the stages and order how it should be done in order to uproot the enemy and his diseases. It contains the relevant scriptures which leave the enemy bare in the presence of our Father our God of War

  13. Man of God,God is using u to bless us.I am happy that we still have men of God like you.

  14. Like every one has said this website has been a blessing for me I come back and come back to read different situations , but I have a question is there a Battle Prayer to get your love ones who has been incarcerated for many years out of prison?.

  15. This prayer is a true blessing. It is a gift from God. POWERFUL. Like Andrea has said, this website has been a real blessing to me also, it has taught me a more deeper insight of how to connect to God and has inspired me to read my bible more and take my prayer life more seriously. Thanks & God bless.

  16. I just completed this powerful prayer standing in the gap for my brother/inlaw Ray Castillo of El Centro, Ca. I felt the Holy Spirit engulf me as I prayed for complete destruction of the Non Hodgkins Disease he is fighting. I claim his complete healing, Ray is a Man of God and he will be and is healed, for the Glory of God. Thank You for this Powerful Prayer and God Bless You.

  17. This is so wonderful. I am having a day of prayer and fasting and this article, and in fact, this whole website, has been a true blessing to me.

    Thank you.


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