Battle Prayer Against An Unjust Situation At Work

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I have another real good story to pass onto to all of you – once more showing the power of intercessory prayer and how God will not only answer prayer, but sometimes very quickly like He did in this story!

This story happened several years ago with a woman who I used to work with. She called me up one day and said her husband had been under a lot of pressure at work and that it was really starting to get to him.

He works for big airline company and had been employed with them for a long time. He was only 5 months away from retiring, so he did not want to quit with what was going on. He was one of the foremen in the department he was working in.

To make a long story short, this company had hired a guy about 6 months ago to basically be a headhunter and hatchet man. This new man had a very demeaning attitude towards those who were working under him. He acted just like a drill sergeant would if you were in the marines. He was calling his employees all kinds of demeaning names, constantly ridiculing and harassing them, and making their lives at work completely miserable.

My friend’s husband was working on this man’s shift and he was her husband’s direct boss. After about 6 months of working under this kind of severe demeaning dictatorship, my friend said it was really starting to get to her husband and that he could not take much more of it.

Her husband is a good Christian man, but he did not have much knowledge on the real power of prayer, or how to engage with an enemy by going on the offensive against it operating under God’s anointing.

I had immediate leading from the Holy Spirit to give her the following advice.

  1. Since her husband really did not have much knowledge on spiritual warfare, I told her that she could stand in the gap on his behalf and go directly to God the Father to handle this bad situation for them. I told her with her being his wife, that there was a real good chance that God would honor her prayer on his behalf and that He may just move very mightily to completely take care of this adverse situation.
  2. I told her to do 2 things. I told her to Plead the Blood against this drill sergeant and any demons who may be operating behind the scenes influencing this man to act like he was doing. I then told her to Plead the Blood with the intentions of stopping any further demeaning attacks coming against her husband from this man.
  3. I then told her to ask God to take complete care of this situation and for Him to bring complete and total deliverance to her husband from this man. I told her to tell God that her husband could no longer take it anymore, that you were standing in the gap on his behalf, and that you are asking Him to bring complete and total deliverance to him so that he would not quit or possibly get fired from his job by this man.

She went ahead that night and Pleaded the Blood of Jesus and petitioned God the Father with the above request. This prayer was done on a Tuesday night.

The next day – Wednesday – her husband went into work on the regular 8-5 shift that he was working. You won’t believe what happened next when he walked into work that morning!

As soon as he arrived, one of his other bosses called him in to speak with him in private. This other boss told her husband that this drill sergeant that this company had just hired was indeed a hatchet man, and that they had hired him to get rid of some of the dead wood in the place. This drill sergeant was getting ready to fire 6 people on her husband’s shift.

His boss then told him that he was not on the list to get fired – yet! He told my friend’s husband that this drill sergeant did not like him and that he was just looking for a good excuse to also fire him along with the other six people that were definitely going to get fired.

He then proceeds to tell my friend’s husband that he considers him to be a keeper, that he has always been a real good worker for the company, and that they did not want to lose him due to the fanatical whims of this drill sergeant.

So in order to protect him from this hatchet man, they tell him that they are going to transfer him to the third shift, which is the night shift.

This meant that he would no longer be under this man’s dictatorship and that he would be completely set free from him. He would now be working under a completely new and different boss.

My friend said she just about fell over when her husband came home that afternoon and told her about what had just happened.

She had just Pleaded the Blood of Jesus and asked God to take care of this situation the night before – and God literally moved in the space of about 12 hours to completely set her husband free from this man!

What are the odds of all of this happening in just 12 hours after she went on the offensive with the type of battle prayer I drew up for her below? Coincidence? I seriously doubt it!

Just more proof that not only does God answer prayer – but sometimes He can move very quickly like He did in this story. This story is another one to add to our ever-growing list on the power of Pleading the Blood of Jesus and engaging with an enemy head on when we are forced to do so.

Prayer warfare will work if you are willing to step into the arena with God and take your enemy head on like my friend did on her husband’s behalf since her husband did not know how to do this for himself.

This story also shows the power of intercessory prayer – that we can stand in the gap for someone else and pray to God for their deliverance.

I really believe that God loves it when we move into intercessory prayer on behalf of someone else. I think the reason He likes it so much is due to the fact that we are praying for someone else, not for ourselves! Intercessory prayer is a completely unselfish type of prayer since you are not praying to God for your wants and needs. You are praying for someone else’s need. This fact right here is why I believe God will sometimes answer intercessory prayer for someone else very quickly and very powerfully like He did on this story.

The other positive thing about the above story is that it really elevated my friend’s faith in the Lord. It showed her that God could answer one of her prayers – especially if she is standing in the gap for someone else and praying to God for their deliverance.

When you see God move to answer a prayer so quickly and so supernaturally like He did in this case, it makes you want to try it again with Him!

I will let you know if any more good stories like this come in. The above story is just another good faith-booster showing all of us how active God can really get when we properly approach Him with our prayer requests, and are willing to take an enemy head on by Pleading the Blood of Jesus directly against that enemy. I will end this article with the Battle Prayer that I gave to her to set her husband completely free from this adverse situation at work.

The Battle Prayer

Here was the battle prayer I gave her to war against this adverse situation at her husband’s place of work. Notice that she will Plead the Blood of Jesus directly against this foremen, directly against his verbal attacks, and directly against any demons who may be operating behind the scenes influencing this foreman to act like he was acting. I then had her Plead the Blood of Jesus as a bloodline around her husband in order to prevent any more attacks from coming his way.


In the name of Jesus, I now come boldly before Your throne to stand in the gap for my husband. As I know You already know, he has been under severe attack at work from a new foreman who seems to want to get him fired. My husband is only 5 months away from being able to retire and there is no way that he can quit his job at this time

Father, in the name of Jesus, I now ask that You take this battle up for my husband and that You bring complete and total deliverance to him from this new foreman who has been unjustly harassing him.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I now Plead the Blood of Jesus directly against this foreman. I now Plead the Blood of Jesus against all of his verbal attacks against my husband.

If there are any demons influencing this foreman to harass my husband, I now Plead the Blood of Jesus against each and every demon that is operating behind the scenes causing this to happen. Demons, go now, in the name of Jesus Christ! I repeat, go now in the name of Jesus Christ!

Father, in the name of Jesus, I now Plead the Blood of Jesus as a Bloodline around my husband. Father, from this moment on, I believe this Bloodline will now protect my husband from any further attacks from this foreman.

Father, I now ask that You move as quickly as You possibly can to end this harassing situation with my husband, and ask that You bring complete and total deliverance to this adverse situation.

Father, I have full faith and belief that the Blood of Your Son Jesus will now protect my husband from any further attacks from this man, and that You will now move in the time frame You so desire to set my husband completely free from this man.

Thank You Father.
Thank You Jesus.
Thank You Holy Spirit.”


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  1. Hi I’m working in a public service my supervisor wrote a letter to me today as for why disciplinary action cannot be taken against me because I have remitted the money late to the bank 2 months back and it is against the financial instruction to do that as I may face the dismissal from work.she is always giving me workload and pretend as if everything is ok even when I ask to take some offs in the office she is refusing.please pray for me to overcome the devil in the office and my life please I’m always in tears don’t know what my life will be if I loose my job

  2. I have worked for this company for 7 years. I was referred to this job by a friend/former co-worker who now worked in HR. This position paid more money & would allow me to support my family after divorce. I knew after the 1st week the job wasn’t for me but haven’t been able to find employment with comparable pay in order to leave…I have been battling with unfair treatment from a boss who found everything wrong with how I did my job all because I was quiet, did my job & went home. Fast forward, a few years & the very friend that brought me to this job now mistreats me the same as the old boss who is one of the reasons she does it. We are no longer friends because I felt the relationship just wasn’t worth the hassle in the work environment. She continues to pile work on me & although I do the work she looks for every opportunity to find something wrong with everything I do. It was an incident where she thought I had dropped the ball for a patient when it was the supervisor who was at fault but just for the simple fact that she was going to write me up & possibly fire me, when she realize it was not my fault no action was taken against the person who was at fault. She even tells new staff that we use to be friends and not to talk to me. This is a for of trying to ostracize me in the workplace. I have a good working relationship with everybody else except this one person and even though she tries to ostracize me staff quickly learn that I am not the person she makes me out to be. Our organization is closing for good in a few months & thankfully they’re offering severance packages for the staff who stays til the end…I feel like this is another attempt to pick at me to keep me from getting what I have worked so hard for. Its as if she spends her time plotting evil against me because she has the power to carry it out in the workplace. I would like advice on a battle prayer for this person who is head over me.

    • Prayer and once you pray stand still and watch God do what he do best the Q is stand still once you pray and let God handle the issue

  3. Do you have any “Battle Prayer Against An Unjust Situation At Work” for “Yourself” as I am the one that’s battling some unjust forces on my job after been on the job for less then two weeks. I know my God has blessed me with the position… The more I try to be a team player, stay professorial the more the enemy is attacking me through the two of ladies here… for no reason…. the last two things they tried to get me fired on did not succeed. and today one of the young ladies put her foot out in front of me as i was walking in hope of me falling. I brought it to my Sgt attention but of course she denied it happen and refuses to apologize…
    One of the ladies I don’t have to work with on a daily basic but the other one I have too… As we do the payroll together… Please pray for me, with me and provide me with a “Battle Prayer Against An Unjust Situation At Work” concerning “Me as the individual. Thank you! I will check back tomorrow

  4. I ask for prayer to help me with my co-worker. He is not a team player, he is always trying to get me into trouble talking directly to our supervisor, telling stories and not doing his job leaving it for me to do.

    I ask for him to be transferred or replaced by a good teammate.

    I ask for peace and harmony in my life and work life.

  5. Unfortunately bullying and harassment at work is very common, especially by Management. I have had enough and quit my job and working my notice, but God is good because when I quit I had no other job to go to, but now I have.

    I believe that God knew the only way i could be free was to take a leap of faith, and he has rewarded me.
    Thank you Father

  6. I request for prayer for myself and my workmates as our boss is very mean and he treats everyone unfairly except a few staff who gossip with him about the rest of the employees. He has a weakness of insecurity and therefore he frustrates every sharp knowledgable staff till they get disgruntled and they leave for other jobs. In the recent past he has set about four traps for me, wanting to put me in a place he could use such things against me. We agreed as an operations team to come together in prayer against his weired acts. Plz join us as we battle this belittling boss.

    • I will stand by and pray in the name of Jesus that all who stand against you will be dealt with in a timely matter by God Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit In The Name of Jesus Amen

  7. Could you pray for where I work it is a place were we care for people with developmental problems. There really has nether been employees that cared what happens. We losing the battle for the residents well being. I just prayed this pray. Could see if someone else could pray for the whole company that finishes the employment at these homes.
    Thank you

  8. Please pray for my wife who faces difficult challenges at work with the Vice President (her supervisor). She has been belittling her and bringing her down as of late for no rhyme or reason. My wife is she is her second in command and has been loyal to the company for over nine years, the VP is mistreating her more and more and causing my much distress on her. Please pray for her as we navigate through these hard times and let the father guide us and clear the path or present a new door of opportunity for her. God bless you all and thank you.

  9. I am really surprised at how much people are being treated unfairly in the work place.

    My husband has been in his organisation for 30 years. His boss’s supervisor likes him and speaks well of him. There is restructuring going on in this major government sector.

    He was surprised to see his department on the structure but his name as head of department is not there.
    They say they have sent an appeal.

    Please pray for restoration of his name in Jesus name.

  10. My name is Joy and I too am a victim of bulling and discrimination at work and I am requesting prayer on my behalf in my situation with my supervisor for two years and another female employer they bully together against me and two employees and management does nothing they welcomed the unfair acts and I am requesting a strong prayer to stop this unfair treatment and behavior, been treated unfair unjust discriminated against These are some very evil and unjust people I work with and for and they will not cease, so I am believing God to prevail and move in a mighty way on my behalf.

  11. I need prayer for my company. My Boss past away and the stepmom and the children cannot get along therefor the company may close. We have about 45 employees that will be out of a job! I know my God can close one door and open another. But I have been here for years and I don’t want to leave. I pray for the children and the stepmom to come to a settlement and save the business. Our business is suffering in every way right now because of this. we need more business that pays well. We need God to come on the scene.

  12. Hi. Fellow Christians! I graduated last year and got a permanent job. But the problem the evil spirits at work are making my life difficult , my manager is bad mouthing me saying bad things to me to my senior manager , hr and the whole unit department are aware of it. Now the whole department is asking how is the relationship with manager I can’t say anything because of the insulating I’m getting from him . I have been in HR meetings for something which I haven’t done but I had to admit because I’m afraid of getting fired. I issued a document of the way he was treating me saboting my work. I have been served with verbal warnings and now is written warning . Alright might good grant power. We need to stand up together against evilness at the workplace

  13. Amen! Praise the Lord ALL Mighty who STILL sits in the throne and is in control of EVERYTHING!
    I’ve been at my job now since December 2017. Since working here, I’ve had death spoken over my life, lies spoken over my life, harsh words spoken to me to bring me down and break my spirit, humiliated, persecuted, accused, and nearly everything else you can think of. But I praise God for His promises. They’ve gotten me through and I know that even though man may THINK he has a say over my life, he doesn’t. The Road to Calvary is not for everyone, but take heart, because just like Jesus overcame, SO WILL WE!
    I’m thankful for this prayer, because I feel and believe a change being shifted in the spiritual realm. Praise GOD!

  14. I believe in God and have been praying about my terrible work situation since June 2016. I have been bullied by my colleagues and my Unit Manager has condoned and encouraged that bullying. It was ignored by my Campus Manager, by HR and now by my CEO. It is nearly three years now. I can’t give references from work so I can’t find secure employment. I haven’t been able to pay my home loan for 6 months now and the bank will foreclose my home soon. I plead the holy blood of Jesus Christ to deliver justice to me and my family. Only he, the Angels and Saints really know what happened, how it has affected our health, livelihood and life. We need justice, closure and to be able to move on. I plead the holy blood of Jesus Christ, to open the eyes and ears of persons responsible, so they can recognize and acknowledge the bullying I have suffered, we have suffered. I ask this by the holy blood of Christ Our Lord. Amen.

  15. Thank you for this prayer. I feel the power in this prayer. I am being attack by my supervisor who has now influenced her supervisor against me. I could not take my vacation when it was scheduled because I had surgery. and was out for 6 weeks. I followed the rules of rescheduling my vacation per the contract. Management is now trying to forfeit my earned vacation time. My supervisor has always been very unfair in many situations in the office. She has twisted my words and relayed that to her supervisor which has made her supervisor have a wrong perception of me. I know God knows the situation and will have the victory.

  16. I thank you for this prayer. In the mighty name of Jesus I strongly believe that God will deliver me.I am new at my work place and while I was on training my supervisor as been pressuring me, shouting at me and she curses whenever I make a mistake. I tried my best to look pass all that but from time to time things have been getting worst. She starts to get very bitter towards me. It is two of us that she supervised and she is really nice to the other person. She councils him, speaks good of him, smiles with him and tries to build conversations with him. While she does the opposite to me. She has been getting to me, I cried a lot of nights, I’m unhappy in the workplace sometimes I question God as to why he placed me there. She extended my probation from three months to six months saying I did not catch on completely at my duties. I have mastered my major duties now and this month I’m suppose to come off probation and she’s giving me hell.. she made complaints to my hr how much I can’t learn, she’s tired of me and I’m complaining how my job is hard. Last night she pass her remarks how I haven’t been doing my work from morning I came to work I was on phone. Which was a lie and it got me really upset and I shouted back at her. Whenever I reach at work I work nonstop. She has a problem with me talking to others in the workplace. She only wants me to work like a slave and does nothing atall. Just stay by my self no talking. She treats me like I’m the worst, everything I do is a big problem even when it’s small .. if others make the same mistake as me she doesn’t curse them. I need God help before it’s too late because I have a feeling she won’t confirm me in the job. She’s taking things about me to higher persons so they can get rid of me but the power of God is why I am still here

  17. I am new in my work and I have a co-worker that I feel like he is just looking for my mistake. He right away telling to my supervisor. Just recently there is a situation that I’ve done completely innocent. I am not sure if he goes to my supervisor again. I am praying Lord, in the blood of Jesus that he will help me instead of telling what I’ve done wrong. I am scared that I will be fired. In the name of Jesus let him be quite and my supervisor will treat us fairly. I believe GODs victory and He will protect me from my work. Amen

  18. Thank you so much for this prayer. I just prayed and I believe that Father God has delivered me from the harassment I have been dealing with at work for the past year. There is no one more mighty and powerful that our Heavenly Father. I am a parent and I respond with quickness if anyone hurts my children… how much more will God do to defend me his Blood bought daughter. This day!!! will my Heavenly Father deliver me from the plans and actions of these demons and I will testify of his deliverance, grace and mercy for the rest of my life…Amen

  19. Lord Jesus, you know how rude our boss is, the things that comes out of her mouth to some of the workers are very mean, she lies a lot, she does not appreciate those who work hard on the job. God, this morning I put her before you again, and ask you to take control. I am not asking you to remove her, but deal with her, because you know what she is and how she is. Thank you God.

  20. I am under the attack of a boss I have been reporting to for the past 3yrs. Things have gotten so bad that I know the entire department has lost trust in what I do. Last week already he got mugged at gunpoint after a rude conversation with me. Yet the next day as I tried to be part of the conversation following his incident he spoke so bad I regretted taking part as a concerned colleague. I will definitely jot down this prayer and say it later. I believe in a God who punished the Egyptians for their mean actions towards the Israelites.

    • please know that God loves you and hears your prayers &please remember that to forgive someone else sets you free. Jesus said to love those who despitefully use us and pray for them. Do good to them. for this reason I hope you will pray for the salvation and healing of this boss. I am praying for you too. I had a terrible situation with a Christian co worker who was higher up than me. God lead me to forgive her because I was tormented by the anger and resentment for the unjustified hurt I felt caused by her. When I talked to God he seemed to tell me to let Him have it and I would understand when we were in heaven and that she and I would only love each other there. I didn’t feel forgiving but I began to pray for her and well, finally I had peace in the midst of adversity and then things got better. I pray that your reputation will be restored for God’s glory. In our weakness He is strong. try to do good and work hard knowing that God recognizes your efforts and will reward you in this life or the next.

  21. Lord, I want to thank you for leading me to this prayer. I’ve been on my job for awhile and they recently hired a new person. He’s my boss and I’ve noticed things are being done by him that isn’t right and it bothers me. I’ve mention to him that these things aren’t right alone with being put in the position doing more work for what he’s not doing. Because I care about this job i find myself being used because he know i would do it. Lord i turn to you to first forgive him and not become bitter and let you handle this. I have spoken up about it but understand it’s up to above if they want to step in. I will use this prayer daily to humble me lord

  22. I am dealing with similar circumstances at my job. My new manager and her Manager has been undermining my capabilities to do my job. I’m always second guessing myself and on edge all the time that I can’t keep my focus. My stomach is always cringing I cat go on like this my level of stress from the 3 of them is very overwhelming. I lost all my confidence and I feel so discouraged. I will say the above prayer and trust God to move in a mighty way.


  23. I am believing God through this prayer, and the by the blood of Jesus Christ that my supervisor who has been harassing me and is now trying to give me a written counsel to go in my personnel file will be stopped in her tracks and all other spirits and people who bring false accusations will be silenced in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.. I believe God for the Victory, He is my all and all! Please remember me in prayer as I Trust In Him

  24. 2 Chronicles 20:15b do not be afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s.

    My daughter is going through a lot of intimadation and frustration..l am inviting God to be her buckler and fight agaist those who fight against draw out the spear and stop those who pursue her..let those be put to shame and brought to dishonor Psalm 35

    Thank you for this prayer l have just gone through it putting in my daughter’s name where appropriate

  25. I have prayed this prayer for my daughter two work days. The Lord had provided her this new job in October after graduating college in May 2018. It was entirely new with much to learn and much of that entailed asking questions, reading and applying that daily. However, she had a thorn in her side; a woman who was harrasing her at every turn. My daughter thought she had an “ odd” personality and tried to overlook a lot while continuing to make every attempt to befriend her. Nothing she did seemed to change the situation and the attitude of this woman was affecting my daughter’s work performance. It seemed that this woman was attempting to sabatoge her work effort by giving her instruction then denying she did that. She would be uncooperative when my daughter asked questions. She was “ bossy” even though she was not in charge. She seemed to be undermining my daughter at every level……..until I began praying this prayer. Even before I told my daughter, she told me that this woman was “ different” and the next work day told me how “ nice” this woman had become in just the last two work days! I then told her about this prayer and she could hardly believe the changes right before her eyes seemingly from one day to the next! She asked me to keep praying because it is working! Praise God for His word and His blood! We ARE overcomes by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony!!

    • My husband has been with same company for 30 years he has a manager that is constantly yelling at him and others he doesn’t like my husband had sought after a promotion everything was going in his favor with several people saying he’s going to get offer when all of a sudden everything turned on him this manager sabotaged his career. Now he’s stuck with this harassment and daily yelling; however we serve a Mighty Powerful GOD that with intercession and duplication to our LORD JESUS he is going to make all wrong doings right in the powerful name of JESUS he will bring forth promotion and bring forth justice to the unjust. I plead the holy blood of JESUS in this situation for his manager to be taken care of on my husband’s behalf on JESUS CHRIST name amen!

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