Why Are You Anointed To Lead Worship?

So many times we have a conceited idea of who God is and isn’t. So you have the best voice in the church, best saxophonist in the region, what does that mean to Him if it doesn’t glorify Him.

People think that God was so desperate to make them what they are, all that anointing and affirmations from people and If you don’t serve on Sunday things always go wrong and your absence can be felt and you feel happy.

I have to lead worship because I have the best voice in the whole team.

Realize today that God doesn’t NEED to use you at all, that is a truth you need to understand.

Paul knew that the Lord could do this with anyone, yet God chose to use the Apostle Paul. It was his love and divine choice that made him to be that.

It’s easy to become a God statistic, to be part of Saul’s club. The once glorious individual now in the doldrums of life it happens and let’s choose not to be that kind of people…

The day we realize that God doesn’t need us, we learn to enjoy the privilege of getting to be part of God’s work on earth and that He allows us participate in His wonderful work, it’s our privilege to serve Him..

Then you would ask a question Why were  we anointed to lead worship?

God has a desires to get people to spend time with him in his presence hence he blessed you and me to be able to draw them into that place. You may be standing every Sunday at the back row of the choir or maybe you are the errand boy for the whole choir.

We were anointed and equipped to help people connect with Him in worship. The day we think we are it, God will raise someone who is just as good if not better. Look at Saul and David.

Don’t think you are irreplaceable the day we think we have arrived Saul knew that God has already started to prepare  David to take his place.

Why we lead worship is so we can connect heaven and earth, allowing earth and creation to bask in his presence and glory.

God’s heart is his people thats why you where anointed to lead worship.

If you Truly meet God, you will worship and if you worship others will be drawn to God… #TeamJesus

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  1. Opeyemi - January 18, 2014 at 5:42 am

    Thank God for you sir. I have been blessed by this article. wish u can write more on topics like this. thanks

  2. Loletta - March 27, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    Because of these articles that the Lord has inspired you to write and posted, I found myself more indulge in the word and know more of who He really is. Thank you so much of doing this honor. I will alwaus read your articles. Blessing to you.

  3. Kevin Wicker - January 17, 2017 at 7:15 pm

    ANOINTING in the original Hebrew is “masah” — which means “rubbed in”. Prophets and kings were anointed with a fragrant oil that seeped into their clothing. This clothing was worn for days, so that the fragrance from the oil would rub into the skin. Hence, the fragrance would permeate their presence, even after bathing. It became a part of their chemistry. You could sense where they were by their essence first.
    Whatever it is that you choose to make a part of your character and spirit is what you exude when you step before a congregation. God requires those who lead in worship to permeate His Presence — wich means a life devoted to prayer and worship every day of the week. It’s not a show. It’s not charade. It’s not something you conjure. It’s part of your life. What you live is what comes forth from you.
    It was true for the Levites of old. It remains true today.God will not pour out His Anointing into an unworthy vessel. Sounds a bit old fashioned. But some of America’s greatest revivals and dispensations were in times past. It’s time the church goes back to the old landmark.

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